BLM Founder Who Went on Property Buying Spree Complains About “White Supremacy” in the Housing Market

After going on a personal home buying spree, including one property located in one of the whitest areas of California, BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors is now complaining about “white supremacy” in the housing market.

Cullors recently spent a total of $3.2 million on four homes, including a $1.4 million property in L.A.’s rustic and semi-remote Topanga Canyon, which has a black population of just 1.6 per cent.

Another of the homes, a “custom ranch” located in Georgia, is surrounded by “3.2 rural acres” and features a “private airplane hangar with a studio apartment above it” in addition to an indoor swimming pool.

Over the weekend, Cullors highlighted a story by NPR on the low rate of black home ownership in areas like Compton, which is 33% black.

“Thank you @npr for highlighting the history of racism inside of the housing market and why Black homeownership has always been a way to disrupt white supremacy,” wrote Cullors.

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Far-Left Connecticut Democrat Flip-Flops on Accepting Corporate PAC $$

Far-left Democrat Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-CT) received over $100 thousand in corporate PAC money after previously objecting to anyone receiving campaign contributions from corporate PACs, according to reports.

In 2018, during the Democrat’s first congressional run, as a candidate, Hayes committed to not accepting any money from corporate PACs for her campaign, according to the reports. She was part of a class of lawmakers who wanted to “clean up the influence of money in politics.”

She said, during a Democrat debate in 2018 while running for her current seat, “I would not take corporate PAC money,”  later adding, “I would not take money from firearms manufacturers or … what was the other one you said? … Private prison corporations? No.”

Hayes has also said in the past “all PACs are not created equal. …When I go to Congress, I will fight and make sure campaign finance reform is a priority.”

Now the flip-flopper, after being in Congress for two terms, has reportedly “accepted $102,000 for her campaigns from PACs run by many of the nation’s largest corporations, Federal Election Commission filings show.”

In the first three months of the 2021 cycle, the Register Citizen reported, “Hayes collected $9,500 from PACs operated by the likes of Walmart, Comcast, T-Mobile and General Dynamics.”

Barbara Ellis, the incumbent’s campaign manager, said, “the congresswoman accepts corporate PAC money,” then later adding, “her position evolved from the time she was a new candidate.”

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Joe Biden Dodged Half A Million In Taxes, And He Wants You To Pay Your ‘Fair Share’

In his speech to Congress last Wednesday and his multi-trillion-dollar plan for “human infrastructure” released earlier that day, President Biden proposed yet another tax increase, this one on purportedly “wealthy” individuals and families. In his address Wednesday evening, Biden used the words “fair share” on no fewer than five separate occasions to justify these proposed revenue hikes.

Yet with his own taxes, Joe Biden didn’t pay his “fair share.” Upon leaving the vice presidency in early 2017, he and his wife Jill exploited a tax loophole of questionable legality to dodge hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes—and used the savings to fund lavish real estate holdings.

Biden’s personal conduct raises two obvious questions: How can someone who avoided more than $500,000 in taxes to fund his luxury lifestyle demand that others “pay their fair share”? And how can someone proposing the biggest expansion of government since Franklin Delano Roosevelt claim he supports more federal spending, when he wouldn’t pay for that spending himself?

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