Biden Promotes EV Hummer That Pollutes More Than Gas-Powered Sedan

President Biden’s 70-person social media team tweeted a photo of the president in the new Hummer EV. They celebrated the president’s push to ‘electrify and greenify’ America.

The president has signed an Executive Order that sets a new target to make about half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles. The main idea behind the EV push is to “cut emissions,” according to the Executive Order. 

Though there’s a dirty side to clean energy, one of these inconvenient truths is the very EV the president is sitting in pollutes more than a typical gasoline-powered sedan, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). 

ACEEE revealed the inconvenient truth about the Hummer EV in a report last year: 

Emissions per mile driven are lower for EVs than for similarly sized gasoline-powered cars, but they are not zero. The Chevy Bolt EV is responsible for about 92 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per mile when accounting for emissions from the electric grid. (The CO2 calculations are based on the national average, but electric grid emissions vary considerably across the country.) The gasoline-powered Chevy Malibu causes over 320 grams per mile. Comparing larger vehicles, the original Hummer H1 emits 889 grams of CO2 per mile and the new Hummer EV causes 341 grams, demonstrating that behemoth EVs can still be worse for the environment than smaller, conventional vehicles.

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It’ll Cost You $95 to Hear Bernie Sanders Tell You Why Capitalism is Bad

Riding in on his white horse to save the left from itself — yet again! — is perma-candidate Bernie Sanders and his new, super-preachy book, entitled, “It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism.” The list price of the book is $28, and here’s what’s in store for those who are foolish enough to shell out their hard-earned cash to hear a pseudo-socialist, octogenarian millionaire pontificate on why capitalism is bad:

Reflecting on our turbulent times, Senator Bernie Sanders takes on the billionaire class and speaks blunt truths about our country’s failure to address the destructive nature of a system that is fueled by uncontrolled greed and rigidly committed to prioritizing corporate profits over the needs of ordinary Americans.

But wait, there’s more. Bernie is taking his act on the road! For a mere $95, you can hear Bernie Sanders, who’s never created a job in his life and has amassed a fortune on a government salary, preach to you about the evils of America — live and in person!

Where to start with all of this nonsense? First off, there’s the hilarity that Bernie Sanders, an extremely wealthy man who has exploited the system to his own great personal benefit, is angry at capitalism. He is no such thing, he celebrates it every day. He has managed to “capitalize” on hating the successful in our society and has monetized the misery of those who look to him for guidance.

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Doctor Who Claimed Obesity Can’t Be Treated With Diet and Exercise Tapped for Role in USDA’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, who specializes in obesity medicine at Mass General Health in Boston, has been appointed to the Biden’s Administration’s USDA panel which determines diet guidelines.

USDA announced the appointment of 20 nationally recognized scientists to serve on the 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (the Committee).

According to the release, “The Committee will be tasked with reviewing the current body of science on key nutrition topics and developing a scientific report that includes its independent assessment of the evidence and recommendations for HHS and USDA as they develop the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The Committee’s review, public comments, and input from other federal nutrition experts will help inform HHS and USDA as the Departments develop the 10th edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

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Russian oligarch keeps showing up in the most inconvenient places for FBI, Washington elites

The bombshell indictments this week alleging that a former senior FBI counterintelligence agent had an inappropriate financial relationship with Oleg Deripaska focused fresh light on an uncomfortable truth: Washington elites have simultaneously demonized and cozied up to the controversial Russian oligarch over the last two decades.

Deripaska, a protégé of Russian president Vladimir Putin and once owner of the country’s largest aluminum company Rusal, has been courted over the years by a prominent Democrat senator seeking help from his lawyer and FBI agents seeking dirt on Donald Trump, enlisted by the bureau to spend his own money to find a missing FBI agent in Iran and lured into hiring Christopher Steele for a legal project before the former MI-6 agent penned his famous dossier.

Even Hunter Biden once crafted a plan to make money off Deripaska by seeking a handsome $80,000 fee to dig up dirt on the Russian businessman for an American aluminum company.

The efforts to court, cajole and cash in on Deripaska occurred at the same time the U.S. government was casting the Russian as a potentially nefarious actor who should be kept from U.S. shores.

In the early 2000s, it was the State Department alleging, with scant public evidence, that the Russian was tied to organized crime or brutal killings. In 2016, he became a focal point of the FBI efforts to prove Donald Trump colluded with Russia to hijack the 2016 election, an allegation that proved spurious. And in 2018, he was sanctioned by the Treasury Department as an ally of Putin and Russian influence campaigns and later indicted by the Justice Department.

Throughout the saga, Deripaska has always maintained his innocence, while his accusers have sent a tantalizing mixed message by courting his help at the same time they were vilifying him.

In a 2019 videotaped interview with this reporter for The Hill newspaper, Deripaska said his on-again-off-again relationship with the American government was symbolic of the larger drifting apart of Russia and the United States as allies after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Vatican investigating ‘sex party’ in cathedral

The Catholic Church is investigating allegations of a “sex party” that took place at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Newcastle while the rest of the UK was under strict lockdown rules, the Sunday Times reported. The probe is part of a wider Vatican inquiry into the diocese, involving multiple cases of sexual abuse.

In a letter reported by the newspaper on Sunday, the Archbishop of Liverpool said that he had been asked by the Pope’s advisers to compile “an in-depth report” into events leading up to the resignation of Robert Byrne as the Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle in December.

Byrne was made bishop in 2019, and immediately appointed Father Michael McCoy as the Dean of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Newcastle. 

When the UK was placed under strict lockdown rules the following year, McCoy allegedly approached several parishoners and asked them to attend “a party” at the cathedral, a source told the Times. This event was described by the source as “a sex party taking place in the priests’ living quarters attached to Newcastle cathedral.”

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Facebook, Instagram Just Updated Changed Their Policy To Allow Images Of Bare Breasts On The Platforms — But Only For ‘Trans,’ ‘Non-Binary’

Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram are modifying their regulations to allow transgender and non-binary users to post photos and videos featuring their bare breasts, according to an update published on Meta’s advisory board.

The same rules will not apply to biological females. The tech oligarchs will not permit women who identify as female to flash their bare breasts on the social media platforms.

Meta’s Oversight Board ordered Facebook and Instagram to rescind a ban on images of men with breasts who identify as transgender and anyone who identifies as “non-binary,” those who view themselves as neither male nor female.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg instituted the Meta Oversight Board in 2018 to act as the company’s “Supreme Court,” providing the platform’s governing body the authority to make precedent-setting content moderation decisions and censorship regulations.

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‘Dark Side Of Davos’ Revealed As Global Elite Bookings For Sex Workers Soar

This week, global elites who are supposedly tackling the world’s problems, such as ‘climate change,’ at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, will also be partying. 

Demand for sex workers by business tycoons and world leaders surges during the five-day summit. 

One escort named “Liana” told the German newspaper Bild that she dresses in business attire to blend into the crowd of elites while at the summit. She said her client is an American who attends the meeting. She charges 700 euros per hour and 2,300 euros for the whole night. 

She sheds light on the ‘dark side of Davos’, telling Bild that demand for prostitutes skyrockets during the meeting. An escort service also confirmed sex workers would be very busy this week:

“Bosses book escorts in the hotel suite for themselves and their employees,” a manager of an escort service told the Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten. The manager told the sex workers that their services would be in high demand for the next several days. 

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“Distasteful Masterclass In Hypocrisy”: Elites Swarm Davos In Private Jets To Discuss Climate Crisis

The annual conference of the World Economic Forum begins today in Davos, Switzerland. Global elites landed in luxurious private jets over the last few days in airports around Davos to discuss important global challenges, such as climate change, behind closed doors. 

“The rich and powerful are swarming to Davos to discuss climate and inequality behind closed doors using the most unequal and polluting form of transport: private jets,” Klara Maria Schenk, transport campaigner for Greenpeace’s European mobility campaign, told news website

Greenpeace International published a new report that showed 1,040 private jets flew in and out of airports around Davos for last year’s meeting, causing CO2 emissions from private jets to increase four times more versus a weekly average.

“Given that 80% of the world’s population has never even flown, but suffers from the consequences of climate-damaging aviation emissions, and that the WEF claims to be committed to the 1.5°C Paris Climate Target, this annual private jet bonanza is a distasteful masterclass in hypocrisy. Private jets must be consigned to history if we are to have a green, just and safe future for all. So-called world leaders must lead by example and ban private jets and useless short-haul flights,” added Schenk.

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