Stonewall accused of “ponzi scheme,” “coercing” brands to promote trans ideology on social media

The charity Stonewall is accused of bullying companies and organizations to adopt its gender ideology on social media for a higher ranking on its top 100 list of best employers, leaked documents revealed.

According to a report in The Times (paywall), Stonewall is using its ranking to “lobby on their behalf.” The charity is rewarding those who promote its gender and sex policies and punishing those who do not.

Hundreds of companies, organizations and government bodies, including the Scottish government and NHS trusts, apply to be included in the charity’s exclusive list. Applicants have to fill a 31-page form, which can take months to complete. The leaked documents revealed the changes applicants have to make to satisfy Stonewall’s diversity policies.

For instance, the Central London Community Health NHS Trust had to replace the term “mother” with “birthing parent” or “pregnant employee.”

The organization was also asked to make sure its social media accounts “clearly shows support for LGBT equality.” With those changes, the organization ranked 339th in last year’s list.

Simon Fanshawe, a former founding member of Stonewall said: “[The index] started out as a way of helping employers ensure their lesbian and gay staff were well looked after.

“But what it has turned into now sounds more like coercion – a way of coercing employers in their language and structure, instead of encouraging them to embrace the different needs of their LGBT staff.”

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There’s a sneaky reason why you always see red and yellow on fast food logos

If you ever feel a sudden pang of hunger as you drive past one of the millions of fast food chains across the US, you aren’t alone — and your subconscious might be to blame. Fast food companies have been using color psychology to subtly influence customers for years, including using the color red. One commonality that seems to have been overlooked until recently, though, is that almost all of their logos use the color yellow.

According to color psychology, yellow has long been associated with feelings of contentment, happiness, competence, and comfort. One simple color is responsible for that sense of nostalgia and friendliness you feel whenever you pass by those golden arches.

Red is another color that is frequently paired with yellow in fast food company logos to instill desire. Red illustrates desire, power, and love. It’s why whenever Valentine’s Day rolls around, everything gets blanketed in a layer of rose red and why, when paired with yellow, you might suddenly start salivating for a cup of perfectly cooked golden french fries.

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