Woke VA middle school bars Whites, Asians from joining college prep program

Cooper Middle School in McLean, Virginia sent out an email inviting students to apply to the College Partnership Program (CPP) offered by Fairfax Country Public Schools (FCPS). The email to parents outlined the criteria for application, which indicated that Black students and Hispanic students can apply. But the same correspondence also stated that all non-disabled Asian or White students whose family members have attended college are not welcome to the CPP.

Those who are accepted into the program can avail of academic counseling, college experiences, assistance with completing college and scholarship applications, a summer experiential learning opportunity and receive news and information related to colleges and careers.

The exclusion of White and Asian students from the CPP criteria appears to be intentional. As per the website of FCPS, a “typical CPP student” is either Black, Hispanic, native American or native Alaskan.

Cooper Middle School’s racism did not sit well with many parents in the school district. One lawyer whose child is enrolled at the school said the CPP was problematic.

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Stanford University Accused of Racial Engineering, Reducing Number of White Students

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is the end product of the left’s obsession with equity.

The Stanford Review reports:

Stanford’s Racial Engineering

Stanford’s enrollment rate for white students in the Class of 2026 was 22%, a drop from 40% for the Class of 2016 just ten years ago. While Stanford claims that “the University does not use quotas of any kind in its admission process,” a further exploration of Stanford’s enrollment statistics by the Review reveals that the university has seemingly taken part in racial engineering over the past several years—practically exchanging white applicants for Asian applicants while holding other racial group enrollment rates constant.

Over an eleven-year period, the data demonstrates that Stanford has decreased enrollment of its white students by approximately 15% and increased the enrollment of its Asian students by about 10%. All other racial groups, however, have remained roughly the same.

In 1978, the Supreme Court ruled in Regents of the University of California vs. Bakke that racial quotas were unconstitutional. Stanford claims to comply with Bakke, but the data points to a different story. Black and Hispanic enrollment rates for the Class of 2026 vary only by 0.76% and 0.44% from their enrollment rates for the Class of 2015, respectively. Whites and Asians in the Class of 2026, however, vary by 12.35% and 8.37% from their enrollment rates over a decade ago in the Class of 2015.

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Minnesota Democrat Says She’s ‘Sick of White Christians’ Adopting Native American Babies

A Minnesota state lawmaker allegedly said in an online post that white Christians adopting Native American babies were contributing to “genocide.”

“I’m sick of white Christians adopting our babies and rejoicing,” Minnesota State Rep. Heather Keeler said in a post to Facebook, according to an Alpha News report. “It’s a really sad day when that happens. It means the genocide continues.”

The Democrat lawmaker continued by saying people who care about Native American babies should advocate against “the genocide.” Keeler urged concerned people to solve issues impacting Indigenous parents. She further demanded an end to “stealing our babies and changing their names under the impression you are helping.”

“White saviors are the worst,” Keeler exclaimed. “I said what I said.”

The Minnesota Democrat sponsored legislation to include parts of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act into state law. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected this term to rule on a challenge to the ICWA’s constitutionality.

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Defense Department DEI Chief Made Disparaging Remarks About White People on Twitter

Kelisa Wing is the chief diversity officer in the education wing at the Department of Defense. She is herself, currently on defense, over some things she wrote on Twitter about white people.

This story is an excellent reminder of just how embedded the ideology behind diversity, equity and inclusion is at every level of our government.

FOX News reports:

Defense Department DEI education official claims past racially-charged tweets were ‘private speech’

The chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at the Department of Defense’s education wing defended herself against claims from lawmakers that she made “racially disparaging” statements, according to reports.

Fox News Digital reported in September 2022 that Kalisa Wing, the DEI chief at the Department of Defense Education Activity, or DODEA, which provides K-12 education to the DoD community in the U.S. and all over the world, wrote a series of disparaging posts about White people on Twitter.

In an interview with the Military Times, Wing said when she made the statements, she was not speaking on behalf of the DoDEA, but instead as an educator and private citizen.

“No, I did not make disparaging comments against White people,” she said. “I would never categorize an entire group of people to disparage them. I’m speaking now as a private individual, about my private free speech from July of 2022.”

Wing wrote in a series of tweets in June 2020, that have since been taken down, “I’m exhausted with these white folx in the [professional development] sessions.”

“[T]his lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too… I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS… [W]e are not the majority, we don’t have power,” she continued.

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Systemic Racism Makes Animals Abandon Black Neighborhoods, Researchers Say

White neighborhoods have greater abundance and diversity of animal life, and Canadian researchers say racism is to blame. 

“Systemic racism alters the demography of urban wildlife populations in ways that generally limit population sizes and negatively affect their chances of persistence,” write the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg’s Chloé Schmidt and Colin J. Garroway in a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  

In a study that examined 39 terrestrial vertebrate species in 268 urban locations across the United States, the researchers found “generally consistent patterns of reduced genetic diversity and decreased connectivity in neighborhoods with fewer White residents.” 

Schmidt and Garroway say racial segregation practices during the 1950s suburb boom played a major role, as they blocked racial and ethnic minorities from more desirable neighborhoods. This had the effect of sending white families in to the suburbs and concentrating blacks and other minorities in urban cores that grew increasingly dense. The effect was compounded by physical barriers, such as railroad tracks and highways.   

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University Tells Women Not to Call Police on Sex Offender Migrant Because It’s Racist

A university in Berlin told women being repeatedly harassed by a sex offender migrant male not to call the police as it may be seen as racist.

The suspect has been sexually harassing female students for weeks around campus at Berlin’s Free University, but the left-wing General Students’ Committee (AStA) has urged them not to alert authorities.

The Morgenpost newspaper reported on an email sent out to students by the group which said women should be wary of appearing racist and putting the sex offender at risk.

“We would like to point out that police operations for people affected by racism are generally associated with an increased risk of experiencing police violence,” the email stated, adding that most police officers are “not sufficiently trained in dealing with psychologically exceptional situations.”

“Therefore such engagements often ‘by unnecessary use of force are escalated.’” the statement added.

Morgenpost reported that the university’s email indicated, “the concern here is obviously less for the potential victim than for the perpetrator.”

Instead of calling the police, the letter says students should instead contact the security service of the university or the social psychiatric service.

“However, the latter can only apprehend an individual with their consent and thus is an unhelpful suggestion,” reports Remix News.

“Despite an intervention, the sex offender appears to resist any attempts to change his ways. Apparently, there was at least one conversation between students and the alleged sex offender, but he has shown no willingness to stop harassing women.”

Berlin police responded to the story by urging women to call them if they felt unsafe.

“Anyone who is in danger or affected by a crime or becomes aware of an emergency situation of others should not let anything or anyone stop them from acting. Call us – dial 110! We are here for you,” the police department tweeted.

Such behavior is nothing new in Germany, which has accepted millions of migrants, the vast majority of them young men, from the Middle East and North Africa over the last decade.

After the mass molestation of women in Cologne by migrant men on New Year’s Eve 2015, the local feminist group infamously responded by visiting the city’s migrant center and handing out flowers to asylum seekers.

Berlin was also hit by a wave of unrest on December 31st last year, although outside of the city itself the media barely covered the story.

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Elementary School Starts Student Club That Excludes White Kids

Racism remains alive and well in our nation’s public schools, particularly in dark blue states. A recently released email shows that Centennial Elementary School in Olympia, Washington engaged in blatant segregation by barring white children from a student affinity group that meets during lunchtime.

The authenticity of the email has been confirmed by school officials according to conservative talk show host Jason Rantz.

School Principal Shannon Ritter tells parents in the email ““we have a 5th grade BIPOC student group that meets weekly during their lunch time.” She goes on to mention that the group does not include white children.

Ritter also says that the school is exploring adding an additional student ally club, citing the interest of some students. The message does not specify whether this hypothetical group will exclude white kids as well.

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The Idea That America is Overrun with White Supremacy is a Conspiracy Theory

Bizarrely, after Tyre Nichols was cruelly beaten to death by 5 black police officers in Democrat-run Memphis, Tennessee, many people on the Left immediately moved to blame racism and white supremacy. Just to be clear, it wouldn’t have made sense to claim 5 white cops were racist in the same situation without any supporting evidence, but it inspires eye rolls when you have liberals claiming that black cops are engaged in white supremacy because it’s so obviously ridiculous.

You’re racist? Based on what? In America today, it’s based on the fact that people who are absolutely obsessed with racism and think everything is racist believe that you are. It’s really weird that we give professional race hustlers such a prominent voice in our country. It’s the equivalent of giving people who think the Jews are behind everything, prominent spots in the media and then pretending like they’re honest brokers when they claim the Jews are the cause of economic crashes and catastrophes.

We’re literally to the point where liberals are trying to convince the world that conservatives who don’t consider themselves racist, are big fans of black conservatives, and who believe in a colorblind world are actually white supremacists. That would be laughable enough, but we’ve gone beyond that to having liberals claim that black and Hispanic conservatives and even black cops of an unknown political orientation are being motivated to beat black suspects by white supremacy. Let’s just call this what it is.

It’s a conspiracy theory on par with “The Jews/Illuminati/Rothschilds/Lizard people/space aliens are behind it!” It’s just as silly and toxic as, “Sandy Hook was a false flag operation,” but it’s regrettably believed by a much wider group of liberals.

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White people need to ‘work’ on their ‘whiteness’: sociologist

White people need to acknowledge their faults and fix their “whiteness,” according to an Oregon sociologist.

Professor Emily Drew will host a “conversation” in February “for white people to reflect together on what it means to ‘do our work’ as white people,” according to an announcement.

The Willamette University professor’s presentation at a local library is titled “Working on Our Whiteness.”

Participants will be asked to consider the following questions:

How can we who are white show up as more effective and less damaging participants in struggles to interrupt racism in our community? How can white people engage in efforts to dismantle racism in ways that do not reproduce or place unfair burdens upon people of color to be our teachers?

The “work” that white people must focus on “includes taking responsibility for one another, educating ourselves, and coming to view other white people as our partners—not competition—in developing antiracist identity.”

Drew also teaches ethnic studies at Willamette. “She gives presentations at universities and community-based organizations on the subjects of white privilege, gentrification, fair housing, reparations and affirmative action,” according to her bio. “In all of these capacities, she is an organizer and strategic planner, helping institutions develop and implement long term commitments to anti-racist, multicultural diversity.”

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Founder of LGBT Youth Support Group Discusses ‘White Terror,’ Says There is ‘No Such Thing’ as a ‘Good’ White Person

Marlene Pray, the founder of a Planned Parenthood-backed LGBT youth sex education group in Bucks County, PA, discussed “white terror” and stated that there is “no such thing” as a “good” white person during a Zoom meeting. Pray is the founder of the Rainbow Room, an “LGBTQIA youth program that provides a supportive and empowering environment for youth ages 14-21.”

During a zoom meeting on the topic of “systemic racism,” Pray, a white woman, was asked if she herself was a racist. “Yes, absolutely. I am a racist. I participate and function and benefit from a system of racism,” the Rainbow Room founder replied enthusiastically. “Whether we call it white supremacy, although we are in no way supreme, so white terrorism is sometimes a more appropriate term for this system that we live in.”

Pray went on to say that “white folks traded our humanity in order to gain white terror and supremacy and white superiority. That’s part of the history of the founding United States.”

“And I have inherited this white privilege that is totally unearned, that is… it’s also dehumanizing, that is the piece I was adding,” she continued. “But it’s, for me, it’s, as well as oppressive as well as oppressive, and damaging, and violent, and lethal to people of color,” Pray continued. “I can do what I can to minimize harm all the time. I am never free of harm as a white person, I am never a completely safe white person.”

The far-left activist went on to praise author Patrice Jackson, stating that there is “no such thing as a good person,” only that they can “minimize the harm” that they do.

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