How Jeffrey Epstein Wooed a Princess

Late financier and sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein maintained close ties with members of at least two royal families in the years following his 2008 felony conviction for soliciting an underage girl, personal emails obtained by The Daily Beast show.

Epstein served 13 months in a Florida prison on state charges, then spent another year on house arrest and probation, which ended in July 2010. The terms of his release required him to register as a Level III sex offender for the rest of his life. But that didn’t stop him from palling around with the global elite.

In a Sept. 21, 2013 message to Epstein from his longtime executive assistant Lesley Groff, she laid out his schedule for the day. There was a reminder to call an Eastern European violinist, a breakfast with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and a string of appointments with professors, diplomats, and a real estate broker who was showing Epstein’s opulent Upper East Side townhouse to potential buyers.

And then there was the note about the princess.

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The Jeffrey Epstein Files: Trove of never-before-seen emails and calendars gives unprecedented insight into late pedophile’s network of power and influence that includes Chris Rock, Peter Thiel, Richard Branson and Irina Shayk

A vast trove of Jeffrey Epstein‘s private calendars and emails are being revealed today by

The hundreds of pages in the files give an unprecedented insight into the late pedophile’s extraordinary network of power and influence. 

Among the revelations is that Epstein appeared to know personal details about the marriage of Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melissa – while magician David Blaine had numerous dinners with the financier.

Presidents, prime ministers, royalty and famous names previously not linked to Epstein are also featured in the hundreds of pages of documents.

They show that Epstein courted the world’s elite even after serving 13 months in jail for having sex with underage girls – and being labeled a registered sex offender.

As he sought to rehabilitate his image, dozens of powerful people were scheduled to meet him including Irina Shayk, Chris Rock, Wendi Murdoch and Richard Branson.

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel, early Facebook investor Sean Parker, artist Jeff Koons, JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon and music industry executive Tommy Mottola, who used to be married to Mariah Carey, are also among those who appear in the documents.

The files were handed over by Epstein’s estate to the government of US Virgin Islands, where he owned two private islands during its investigation into his sex trafficking operation. The pedophile hanged himself in prison in 2019 while awaiting trial.

Just like Epstein’s notorious ‘Black Book’ of contacts, the schedules contain personal numbers and email addresses that allowed him to access his associates whenever he wanted.

Here, takes you through the records in depth, broken down by each figure involved.

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Gets FDA Approval to Study Brain Implants in Humans

Elon Musks’s neurotechnology company Neuralink announced on Thursday it has obtained approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to carry out a clinical study of brain implants in humans.

It marks the first in-human clinical study for the company.

“This is the result of incredible work by the Neuralink team in close collaboration with the FDA and represents an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people,” the company said in a statement.

“Recruitment is not yet open for our clinical trial. We’ll announce more information on this soon!” it added, without providing further details about the trial.

Musk, in response, wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations Neuralink team!”

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Bill Gates ‘Blackmailed’ By Jeffrey Epstein Over Affair With Russian Bridge Player

Remember when Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he ‘only had dinner’ with Jeffrey Epstein?

Turns out (ok, we’ve known for a while) that’s a total lie – as the two also had a Russian bridge player in common, Mila Antonova.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Gates met Antonova in 2010 at a bridge competition, leading to an affair. Three years later, after Gates associate Boris Nikolic referred her to Jeffrey Epstein to help raise $500K for an online bridge business which failed to pan out, Epstein paid for her to attend coding classes.

In 2014, Antonova “stayed briefly at an apartment in New York City provided by Epstein” but claims not to have met with the guy who paid for her education.

Then in 2017, the pedophile financier allegedly blackmailed Gates over the affair – demanding in an email that the Microsoft co-founder to reimburse him for Antonova’s education. Given the de minimis amount involved for both men, Gates interpreted this 2017 email as threat to expose his 2010 affair.

So, poor boner-killer Bill was actually an Epstein victim all along, you see, and everyone interviewed for the report says they knew nothing about Epstein’s pedophile sex-trafficking operation and was ‘disgusted with what he did,’ etc.

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Peter Thiel Is Latest Billionaire Said to Have Met With Jeffrey Epstein

In 2014, the venture capitalist Peter Thiel was gaining prominence as one of Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors. He had made billions of dollars as a co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, where he was chairman; and he sat on the board of Facebook, where he was the company’s first outside investor.

That made him an ideal contact for Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender with a knack for cultivating the rich and powerful.

Mr. Thiel apparently had several meetings with Mr. Epstein that year, according to scheduling records of the disgraced financier that were reviewed by The New York Times.

The records — in the form of emails that Mr. Epstein’s assistant sent to remind him of upcoming events — show that in September 2014 Mr. Thiel was scheduled to meet with Mr. Epstein on at least three occasions, either in one-on-one meetings or with others over lunch or dinner. Two other times, Mr. Thiel was listed among more than a dozen other well-known people Mr. Epstein should try to see while at his New York mansion.

It’s unclear from the records whether all the meetings with Mr. Thiel took place. Some were listed as tentative or “TBD” — for “to be determined.”

Jeremiah Hall, a spokesman for Mr. Thiel, declined to comment.

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Google Co-Founder Larry Page Vanishes as Authorities Try to Subpoena Him in Jeffrey Epstein Investigation

The intrigue behind the shadowy sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein somehow continues to climax, despite his untimely “suicide” in a New York jail cell almost four years ago.

Via Daily Mail:

The US Virgin Islands is unable to subpoena Google co-founder Larry Page over potential ties to Jeffrey Epstein because he cannot be physically located, federal court filings reveal.

A motion filed by the attorney general for the US Virgin Islands said investigators tried to identify a physical address at which Page, 50, could be personally summoned to appear in a court.

After identifying four possible addresses, none of which were ‘valid’, prosecutors are requesting the federal government allow Page to be summoned via Alphabet, Google’s parent company, as he is still a member of its board.

It seems there are two potential explanations for Mr. Page’s disappearing act: either he himself doesn’t want to testify because of personal fears of what crimes it might implicate him in, or someone or something else doesn’t want Mr. Page discussing what he knows about Jeffrey Epstein’s activities.

I recently made a half-serious petition for Elon Musk to slap a Twitter “red check” on all known Jeffrey Epstein associates. When this ordeal is said and done, there might be a new Silicon Valley tech overlord to add to the list.

The subpoena efforts are part of the ongoing Virgin Islands prosecution of JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, implicating the highest level of multinational banking as potential accomplices in the years-long trafficking ring.

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LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Spreads Misinformation While Calling For Misinformation Regulation

In a recent conversation with The Washington Post on the implications of the First Amendment and freedom of speech, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman expressed his perspective on what he thinks is the need for modern restrictions on speech to combat “misinformation.” But even his own call to action contained misinformation.

Hoffman’s argument revolves around two main points: freedom of speech and freedom of reach. He says the amplification and discovery of content, especially AI-generated content, can impact the socio-political landscape.

“We don’t really have the right discourse mechanisms for doing that. And you know, one of them obviously is freedom of speech and freedom of reach. And that’s again, within the AI content is, you know, well what gets amplified and, how is that all discovered is one of the things that will matter within the electoral context.”

Hoffman referenced a commonly misunderstood idea. He mentioned the proverbial concept of “yelling fire in a crowded movie theater,” hinting at the existence of restrictions on free speech.

However, this analogy does not accurately represent the actual US law and therefore gives an incorrect impression of the nature of free speech. The idea that you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater is one of the most erroneous statements regarding free speech.

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Billionaire Who Funded E. Jean Carroll’s Lawsuit Against Trump Visited Epstein’s Island

The Democrat billionaire who funded E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Donald Trump visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island and met him on at least two other occasions, records show.

Trump was ordered by a New York City jury to pay $5 million in damages to E Jean Carroll for “sexually abusing” her nearly three decades ago in a department store changing room.

The former president was also found responsible for defaming Carroll by calling her a “liar” after asserting that he had never even met the woman.

Trump called the case a “con job,” posting on Truth Social that he has “absolutely no idea who this woman is” and that the verdicts is “a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time.”

The civil verdict, which was overseen by Clinton-appointed judge Lewis Kaplan, is likely to remain tied up in appeal for a significant amount of time, during which Trump won’t have to pay Carroll anything.

Carroll’s secret funding source has been outed as being Democrat billionaire and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman.

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Bernie Sanders: Government Should Confiscate All Wealth Over $999 Million

No billionaires at all!

Not American ones, at least.

That’s the newly proclaimed policy of Bernie Sanders, who most definitely is not challenging the Democrats to nominate him for president in 2024, as he did in 2020. Nope, Bernie is perfectly comfortable with the policies being followed by President Biden’s handlers.

Presumably, in exchange for not rocking the boat as he did in 2020, forcing the party’s controllers to pick an already senescent Joe Biden just because he was easy to control with all these bribes that could be exposed when needed (cough! Stay tuned as Biden’s desire for re-election now appears to be a kamikaze mission), Bernie has assurances that the hard left vector will continue no matter who is leading the party as presidential nominee in 2024.

Bernie Sanders’s choice of $999 million as the permissible level of wealth and no more brings to mind Barack Obama’s words“I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

Of course, once such a wealth confiscation is announced, billionaires will depart for friendlier shores, there will be very little left to confiscate, and entrepreneurs will be creating jobs and wealth elsewhere.

That’s what happened when France tried a wealth tax, and that’s why it was repealed. 

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Billionaire T. Denny Sanford Was Investigated For Child Pornography—Newly Unsealed Documents Reveal Why

Nude photos of underage girls between the ages of 8 and 15 were discovered in the email account of billionaire T. Denny Sanford, who is the wealthiest person in South Dakota, newly unsealed documents show, shedding light on a child pornography investigation into the philanthropist which was closed without charges in 2022.

In the summer of 2019, images of nude underage girls were discovered in an AOL email linked to Sanford, prompting an investigation into the founder of First Premier Bank who is worth $2 billion and has donated large sums to children’s causes, according to documents released Thursday.

The images were revealed in unsealed court documents this week after a court battle by the news organizations ProPublica and South Dakota’s Argus Leader newspaper.

In 2019 the parent company of AOL sent information about the images to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which in turn made the referral to law enforcement, sparking an investigation that included five search warrants for Sanford’s email, phone, and internet data; one investigator wrote he believed there was evidence of criminality, according to the documents.

Sanford’s attorney Stacey Hegge said Thursday that after an “exhaustive” investigation, no prosecutable offense was discovered, partly because many individuals had access to Sanford’s devices, including, potentially, hackers.

The investigation was closed last year after the South Dakota attorney general, who was leading it, was impeached, but it isn’t fully clear why Sanford was not indicted.

Sanford fought to keep the documents sealed, but, after a years-long battle led by news organizations ProPublica and the Argus Leader to publicize the affidavit, South Dakota courts ruled to unseal them on April 6.

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