The Guardian Could Help Assange By Retracting All The Lies It Published About Him

The Guardian has joined The New York Times, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and El País in signing a letter from the five papers which collaborated with WikiLeaks twelve years ago in the publication of the Chelsea Manning leaks to call for the Biden administration to drop all charges against Julian Assange. This sudden jolt of mainstream support comes as news breaks that Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been personally pushing the US government to bring the Assange case to a close.

The Guardian’s participation in this letter is particularly noteworthy, given the leading role that publication has played in manufacturing public support for his persecution in the first place.

If The Guardian really wants to help end the persecution of the heroic WikiLeaks founder, the best way to do that would be to retract those many smears, spin jobs and outright lies, and to formally apologize for publishing them.

This is after all the same Guardian which published the transparently ridiculous and completely invalidated 2018 report that Trump lackey Paul Manafort had met secretly with Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy, not once but multiple times.

Not one shred of evidence has ever been produced to substantiate this claim despite the embassy being one of the most heavily surveilled buildings on the planet at the time, and the Robert Mueller investigation, whose expansive scope would obviously have included such meetings, reported absolutely nothing to corroborate it. It was a bogus story which all accused parties have forcefully denied and no serious person believes is true, yet to this day it still sits on The Guardian’s website without retraction of any kind.

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NYT Has Found New Neo-Nazi Troops to Lionize in Ukraine

The New York Times has found another neo-Nazi militia to fawn over in Ukraine. The Bratstvo battalion “gave access to the New York Times to report on two recent riverine operations,” which culminated in a piece (11/21/22) headlined “On the River at Night, Ambushing Russians.”

Since the US-backed Maidan coup in 2014, establishment media have either minimized the far-right ideology that guides many Ukrainian nationalist detachments or ignored it  completely.

Anti-war outlets, including FAIR (1/28/223/22/22), have repeatedly highlighted this dynamic—particularly regarding corporate media’s lionization of the Azov battalion, once widely recognized by Western media as a fascist militia, now sold to the public as a reformed far-right group that gallantly defends the sovereignty of a democratic Ukraine (New York Times10/4/,  10/6/22).

That is when Azov’s political orientation is discussed at all, which has become less and less common since Russia launched its invasion in February.

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Sam Bankman-Fried Reveals Massive ‘Dark Money’ Donations To Republicans

Former crypto billionaire and Democratic Party megadonor Sam Bankman-Fried revealed he gave large sums of “dark” money to Republicans in a Nov. 29 interview.

He told crypto YouTuber Tiffany Fong that “all my Republican donations were dark” because “reporters freak the fuck out if you donate to a Republican” and that he “didn’t want to have that fight” with “super liberal” journalists. He claimed he was the third largest Republican donor and gave “about the same” to both parties. He did not specify how much he donated to Republicans or which GOP politicians he supported.

Campaign finance watchdog group OpenSecrets reported that Bankman-Fried donated over $36 million to Democrats and over $39 million in total, making him the sixth largest donor of the 2022 midterm election cycle. He was Democrats’ second-largest donor behind George Soros, who contributed over $128 million to Democrats this cycle.

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NY Times Claims Balenciaga Pedo Scandal Is QAnon Conspiracy Theory

In the wake of the ongoing Balenciaga pedophilia propaganda scandal, the New York Times produced a piece Tuesday that essentially claimed the entire thing is some sort of QAnon conspiracy theory.

In the report, the Times suggests that only the likes of QAnon, Tucker Carlson, The New York Post, and Fox News are spreading the idea that the luxury fashion brand condones child exploitation.

The piece states “they ignited a firestorm that traveled from the internet to Fox News, fueled by allegations that Balenciaga condoned child exploitation. The controversy has become one of the most explicit collisions of internet culture, politics, fashion and conspiracy theories to date.”

It further posits that “As online criticism of the campaigns spread, the story was picked up across right-leaning media outlets, including The New York Post and the prime time Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight. The show has helped to publicize and mainstream QAnon, the internet conspiracy theory that ‘a group of Satan-worshiping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media.’”

The report adds “Here you have a major international retail brand promoting kiddie porn and sex with children,” Mr. Carlson told viewers on Nov. 22, “and not promoting it subtly but right out in the open.”

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Gay Huffington Post contributor arrested for making threats against Atlanta LGBTQ nightclub

Atlanta police have arrested a suspect who is alleged to have made terroristic threats against local gay nightclub The Heretic. That man is Chase Staub, who is a contributor for Huffington Post, and a college admissions consultant with The Ivy Dean. 

Staub was brought to the attention of police posting a “threatening social media post,” in which he wielded a pepper spray gun, reports Fox News. He was apprehended at his home, and “faces charges of terroristic threats and acts and disorderly conduct.”

Those posts show Staub’s bedroom, in which he is pointing a gun at his bed, posing in a mirror that appears to have writing on it reading “I will judge.” The videos circulated around Atlanta’s gay community prior to the club’s call to police. Employees at the club told police that “they observed threatening remarks made towards their establishment on social media.” 

Staub posted a series of videos, including ones where he had multi-colored post-its laid out with writing on them, saying “Don’t give me something to shoot about,” and noting that Georgia is an open-carry state.

In another video, Staub shares a text message he apparently received, saying “People are calling us saying you bought a gun and are showing it online and they are fearing for their lives. What’s going on? They are getting ready to call police. They are saying you are threatening to kill them. Answer.”

After initial reports of a threat to The Heretic, which followed quickly after a shooting that claimed the lives of 5 people at Club Q in Colorado Springs, many assumed the worst, believing that The Heretic had been targeted because it was an LGBTQ nightclub. No motive has been established for the Club Q shooting, and the suspect’s lawyers have said that the suspect identifies as “non-binary.

Many posted their concerns that the club was targeted for anti-LGBTQ sentiment. These include “Self-identified historian Thomas Lecaque/@tlecaque
called for immediate censorship against rhetoric he dislikes in reaction to the arrest of a gay leftist man who allegedly made terroristic threats against a gay club in Atlanta,” Andy Ngo reported.

“This is not an accident,” Lecaque wrote, “the rhetoric that pushed the Club Q shooting has been amped up even more since that terrorist attach (it was an act of stochastic terrorism), with the goal of pushing more such attacks. Something has to be done to shut down the rhetoric immediately.”

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BBC journalist was beaten up and arrested ‘for his own good to stop him catching Covid’ while covering protests that have rocked China, local cops claim: Reporter is seen screaming for help after locals tried to stop police attacking him

BBC journalist covering historic protests against President Xi Jinping‘s lockdown rules in China was arrested and beaten by police officers, with Chinese officials later making the bizarre claim that he was detained for his ‘own good’ in case he caught Covid from the crowd.

Shocking footage from the anti-government protests in Shanghai shows Edward Lawrence, a camera operator for the BBC’s China Bureau, being dragged away by Xi’s officers as he screams ‘call the consulate now’ to a friend.

Mr Lawrence was beaten and kicked by the police officers and held in custody for ‘several hours’ before being released, as Chinese officials sought to crack down on the media and protesters in the city.

The British journalist said today that at least one local was arrested after they tried to stop the police from beating him during his arrest.

Shanghai police officers tried to dismiss the arrest as being for Mr Lawrence’s ‘own good’, claiming that he was arrested ‘in case he caught Covid from the crowd’. The BBC dismissed the farfetched explanation as implausible.

The UK’s Business Secretary Grant Shapps today denounced the officers’ actions as ‘unacceptable’ and ‘concerning’. He told LBC radio: ‘Whatever else happens, freedom of the press should be sacrosanct.’ 

Dr Alan Mendoza, executive director of the human rights group the Henry Jackson Society in London, told the Mail: ‘This latest outrage shows the true face of the Chinese Communist Party’s regime in attacking all the values the West hold dear. 

‘Media freedom is essential to our system and the Chinese crackdown against it needs the strongest of refutations from the UK Prime Minister. This is no time for him to go wobbly.’ 

China is facing its largest anti-government demonstrations since the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, with protests erupting in at least seven cities over the country’s strict zero-Covid rules. 

The catalyst for the protests was an apartment fire last week in the western city of Urumqi in which ten people died. Many speculated that Covid curbs in the city, parts of which had been under lockdown for 100 days, had hindered rescue and escape, which city officials denied. 

The largest of the demonstrations has taken place in Shanghai – home to 26million residents – with many also boldly demanding that President Xi resign. 

China’s foreign ministry today insisted the government’s ‘fight against Covid-19 will be successful’.

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Washington Post Describes Play About Pedophiles “Brilliant”

The Washington Post recently wrote a lengthy piece about  “Downstate” a play about pedophiles.

In the article, the play about pedophiles is described as “brilliant”.

The plotline in Downstate is about how pedophiles are treated inhumanely and in harsh ways after they serve their prison sentences.

Here is the opening of the WaPo article titled ‘Downstate’ a play about pedophiles. It’s also brilliant.’

Take a deep breath and try to ruminate calmly on the position playwright Bruce Norris takes in his scintillating new play, “Downstate”: that the punishments inflicted on some pedophiles are so harsh and unrelenting as to be inhumane.

Many users on Twitter quickly pushed back at the Washington Post for praising a play about pedophiles.

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CNN analyst declares that freedom of speech is ‘nonsense,’ claims Elon Musk’s new Twitter empowers Vladimir Putin and is ‘destructive to American national security’

A CNN analyst aspersed the freedom of speech as “nonsense,” and claimed that Vladimir Putin and Russia will be “all over Twitter” dispersing disinformation to the entire world.

Former CIA case officer and current CNN intelligence analyst Robert Baer appeared on the cable news network on Friday to discuss the opening up of Twitter by new CEO Elon Musk.

“CNN Newsroom” host Boris Sanchez began by bringing up the news that Musk plans to grant mass amnesty to accounts that were previously suspended. Musk made the decision after running a Twitter poll, in which 72.4% approved of welcoming the previously banned accounts.

“The people have spoken. Amnesty begins next week,” Musk tweeted on Thursday.

Sanchez asked Baer about his opinion regarding formerly banned accounts being reinstated.

Baer responded, “Well, Boris, I can tell you one thing, Putin will be all over Twitter if there’s no regulations on this. Fake accounts, spoofed accounts, the rest of it, this is a great opportunity for him.”

Without evidence, Baer added, “And so when he’s talking about the popular voice, Musk, he’s really talking about Russian intelligence.”

“The Russians are waiting for something like this,” the former CIA agent claimed.

“They need a propaganda campaign against the United States and against our support for Ukraine,” he continued. “And they’re going to be all over Twitter. I guarantee this. Supporting the far right, plans, demands to stop arming Ukraine. You just wait.”

Baer alleged that the Russians will “put up” misinformation and it will “cascade everywhere, in India, in Europe.” He said the Russian disinformation would “appeal” to the European far right and Chinese. He said that Putin and the Russians are going to weaponize Musk’s new pro-free speech Twitter “as a vehicle to save himself and Ukraine.”

The CNN security and intelligence analyst bizarrely asserted, “And you know, this freedom of speech is just nonsense because you can’t go in a movie theater and yell ‘fire.’ It’s against the law.”

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Five-Year-Old Migrant Girl Reported Dead by German Media May Never Have Existed

A number of reports from the major German publication Der Spiegel claiming that a five-year-old migrant girl died while trying to enter the European Union have seemingly been taken down amid claims that the child in question may never have existed.

Countries across Europe are seeing a renewed surge of migrants appear on their borders as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine, with arrivals from developing nations also increasing.

Accusations that authorities have mistreated migrants have also been widespread, with EU border states Italy and Greece in particular often being attacked by legacy media outlets and open borders activists over their handling of the influx.

However, according to a report by Medien Insider, there are now significant doubts in regard to one prominent case that is said to have occurred on the border between Turkey and Greece.

According to a number of now-deleted articles published by German outlet Der Spiegel, a five-year-old girl named Maria who was looking to gain access to the European Union ended up stranded between the two countries when trying to cross.

She is then said to have eventually died when no one came to help her.

However, despite Der Spiegel‘s reporting, there are now doubts as to whether Maria ever existed.

Not long after Der Spiegel reported Maria’s plight in September, Greece’s Migration Minister, Notis Mitarachi, wrote to the publication’s editor-in-chief to express doubts about the story, according to Bild.

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New study blames VAXXED deaths on the UNVAXXED…because they cause anxiety. Seriously.

Imean, the headline says it all really. A study published in August in the Journal of BioMedicine actually claims in its abstract:

Fear mongering and misinformation being peddled by people with no scientific training to terrorise people into staying unvaccinated is not just causing people to remain susceptible to viral outbreaks, but could also be causing more side effects seen in the vaccination process. This brief review will offer data that may demonstrate that misinformation perpetuated by the anti-vaccination movement may be causing more deaths and side effects from any vaccine.

Yes, apparently all those people suddenly dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes are being stressed into it by us anti-vaxxers warning them about heart attacks and strokes.

Now, if you’re thinking that’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard…well, you’re wrong. He’s done the research:

A mini review of published literature has been conducted and found that mental stress clearly causes vasoconstriction and arterial constriction of the blood vessels. Therefore, if subjects are panicked, concerned, stressed or scared of the vaccination, their arteries will constrict and become smaller in and around the time of receiving the vaccine.

See, they’re not dying because the vaccine gave them a heart attack…they’re dying because they were afraid it might.

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