Happy Horseshit of the moment: Marijuana use may increase risk of suicide, NIH study finds

A new study from the National Institutes of Health found an increased risk of suicide was associated with marijuana use.

The study found higher rates of suicidal ideation, suicide planning, and suicide attempts among both men and women who used marijuana on both a daily and a nondaily (fewer than 300 days a year) basis.

Researchers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the NIH, examined data from over 281,000 participants aged 18-34 in the National Surveys of Drug Use and Health from 2008-2019. The results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Editors note: If the above were true I’d be dead a thousand times over and my suicidal partner a thousand times more. Pot saved her and saved me. Get a grip.

So Much Of What The CIA Used To Do Covertly It Now Does Overtly

“If you go and Google, and I hope your viewers do, Operation Mockingbird, what you will find is that during the Cold War these agencies used to plot how to clandestinely manipulate the news media to disseminate propaganda to the American population,” Greenwald said. “They used to try to do it secretly. They don’t even do it secretly anymore. They don’t need Operation Mockingbird. They literally put John Brennan who works for NBC and James Clapper who works for CNN and tons of FBI agents right on the payroll of these news organizations. They now shape the news openly to manipulate and to deceive the American population.”

In 1977 Carl Bernstein published an article titled “The CIA and the Media” reporting that the CIA had covertly infiltrated America’s most influential news outlets and had over 400 reporters who it considered assets in a program known as Operation Mockingbird. It was a major scandal, and rightly so. The news media are meant to report truthfully about what happens in the world, not manipulate public perception to suit the agendas of spooks and warmongers.

Nowadays the CIA collaboration happens right out in the open, and the public is too brainwashed and gaslit to even recognize this as scandalous. Immensely influential outlets like The New York Times uncritically pass on CIA disinfo which is then spun as fact by cable news pundits. The sole owner of The Washington Post is a CIA contractor, and WaPo has never once disclosed this conflict of interest when reporting on US intelligence agencies per standard journalistic protocol. Mass media outlets now openly employ intelligence agency veterans like John Brennan, James Clapper, Chuck Rosenberg, Michael Hayden, Frank Figliuzzi, Fran Townsend, Stephen Hall, Samantha Vinograd, Andrew McCabe, Josh Campbell, Asha Rangappa, Phil Mudd, James Gagliano, Jeremy Bash, Susan Hennessey, Ned Price and Rick Francona, as are known CIA assets like NBC’s Ken Dilanian, as are CIA interns like Anderson Cooper and CIA applicants like Tucker Carlson.

They’re just rubbing it in our faces now. Like they’re showing off.

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Defense Department closes last federal vaccination site amid continued vaccine hesitancy

The Defense Department wound down the last of 48 federal vaccination sites manned by troops across the country with the closing of a New Jersey facility Sunday after service members vaccinated nearly 5 million people nationally.

The effort by 5,100 active-duty service members that began in February spanned medical personnel from across the services and acted in addition to the National Guard’s support of state and local vaccination sites across the nation. Guard members were called by their governors to help administer 12 million vaccines.

“The last federally supported community vaccination center, which was located in New Jersey, conducted its final day of operations yesterday,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told defense reporters Monday.

The federal effort began in February, when President Joe Biden asked the DOD to prepare up to 10,000 soldiers to fan across the country and help vaccinate 100 million people. As the national vaccination rate surpassed 60% and vaccination hesitancy remains, the Federal Emergency Management Agency effort was deemed no longer necessary.

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