‘Crime Against Humanity’: UN Finally Confirms China’s Forced Labor Camps For Uyghurs

A U.N. investigation led by the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, Tomoya Obokata, found it “reasonable to conclude” that China is subjecting the Uyghur ethnic minority group in Xinjiang province to forced labor.

China presents the state-mandated labor programs, where subjects are involuntarily transferred to “low–skilled and low–paid employment,” initiatives to alleviate poverty and provide vocational training to Uyghur, Kazakh and other minority groups residing in the semi-autonomous Xinjiang province, but an independent analysis of available information points to forced labor, the report, dated July 19, states.

Allegations of forced labor rose in 2018 when the U.N. and others said China’s “re-education camps” in Xinjiang violated human rights of the Muslim minority group, The New York Times reported, but the U.N. has not yet likened practice to slavery

“The Special Rapporteur considers that indicators of forced labour pointing to the involuntary nature of work rendered by affected communities have been present in many cases,” the report stated.

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Princess Diana Predicted Her Death, Said Car Crash Would Be Staged

Princess Diana reportedly predicted she would die in a car crash two years before the accident occurred, a new documentary claims.

“The Diana Investigations,” a four-part Discovery+ series premiering Aug. 18, will reportedly reveal the full story around Princess Diana’s foresight, according to the Daily Beast. The princess, her partner Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul died in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France Aug. 31, 1997 as they were fleeing from a swarm of paparazzi, the outlet continued.

The princess apparently detailed her fear of dying in a car crash to British legal representative Victor Mishcon, who prepared a detailed note of the meeting dubbed the “Mishcon Note,” the outlet reported.

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Suspected serial killer doc’s alleged murders originally deemed COVID-related deaths

Previously charged with murder on March 29, 2021, for the death of an elderly patient, Ontario physician Brian Nadler is now facing three additional murder charges in connection with an investigation into deaths at Hawkesbury and District General Hospital.

Dr. Brian Nadler was arrested Wednesday. He was granted bail on the prior murder charge in July 2021 for the alleged killing of 89-year-old Albert Poidinger.

The three new charges stem from the deaths of 80-year-old Claire Briere of Rigaud, Que., 79-year-old Lorraine Lalande and 93-year-old Judith Lungulescu from the Hawkesbury, Ontario region.

The cluster of deaths had first been attributed to a COVID-19 outbreak at the facility that was declared on March 25, 2021. The suspicious deaths were reported to police by the hospital.

Previous reporting by CBC News indicated that “Medications used to treat COVID-19 patients at an eastern Ontario hospital are part of the murder investigation into Dr. Brian Nadler”.

At the time of his March 2021 arrest, Nadler has been licensed to work in Ontario for a year under a restricted licence with direct supervision of a senior experienced doctor. He was a resident at the University of Saskatchewan’s medical school from 2014 to 2018 before training at the University of Nevada in geriatric medicine. After his initial charge, Nadler’s licence to practice medicine was suspended.

A report in the Toronto Star states that Nadler had at least two professional conduct charges against him in Saskatchewan, one involving record keeping and the other for allegedly calling a female colleague a “bitch” and telling someone that he “felt like slapping” that colleague.

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Top German politician calls energy protesters ‘enemies of the state,’ ‘extremists’

Herbert Reul, a top German official and the Interior Minister of the North Rhine-Westphalia, has slammed those intending to protest against the country’s impending energy blackouts as “enemies of the state.” 

Speaking to German news outlet NT, Reul described the protesters as “extremists” and revealed that German security forces are maintaining surveillance on supposed extremists who intend to infiltrate the protests and stage violence. 

The protests are being planned through Telegram, which German authorities have previously tried and failed to ban. 

“You can already tell from those who are out there,” said Reul. “The protesters no longer talk about coronavirus or vaccination. But they are now misusing people’s worries and fears in other fields. (…) It’s almost something like new enemies of the state that are establishing themselves.” 

Reul downplayed valid concerns of impending power outages and gas shortages, stating that such issues were feeding “conspiracy theory narratives.” 

As reported by Rebel News, Germany is set to face potential blackouts in the coming winter months as gas and energy shortages have sparked a surge in electric heater purchases by Germans concerned about freezing in the cold months. 

While Reul and other German politicians may be quick to dismiss such concerns as “conspiracy theories,” Germans around the country have been panic buying electric heaters, stoves, and firewood. 

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Facebook censors claims IRS posted job requiring “deadly force”

Facebook and Instagram have censored the Heritage Foundation and others for suggesting that a job posting by the Internal Revenue Services required a willingness to use deadly force.

The Heritage Foundation’s posts were slapped with a “missing context” label reading.

The original job posting, which has since been edited, read that “special agents” in the agency’s Criminal Investigation branch are required to “carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force if necessary.”

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Investigative Journalist Claims FBI Threatened To Plant Child Porn On Husband’s Computer

Following the FBI raid on 45th President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and resort, video has resurfaced showing investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson tell Republican Members of Congress that the FBI threatened to “plant” child porn on her husband’s computer as part of an “operation” against her and her family.

Speaking to a panel of congressional representatives that included Reps. Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, and Lauren Boebert alongside Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe, Attkisson explained that federal agents intended to plant evidence of child pornography against her husband, but never ultimately did so.

“One little reported facet of my case is that one of the federal agents involved in one of the operations against me said that they intended to plant child porn in my husband’s computer,” said Atkisson, an independent journalist who has previously criticized COVID-19 vaccines. “This is the FBI.”

“There’s been a case that’s currently in litigation unrelated in which an FBI agent has testified that they did that, they had done that,” she said.

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For Its Size, This ‘Ultrafast’ Small-Scale Soft Robot Is Faster than ‘Most Animals’

Small-scale robots—which can range in size from the millimeter scale to the nanoscale—continue to develop more and more degrees of freedom. And cargo delivery methods. One new small-scale “ultrafast” bot developed by researchers at Johannes Kepler University in Austria adds a helping of speed to the mix. In fact, for its size, the bendy bipedal-ish robot is faster than “most animals.”

“High-speed locomotion is an essential survival strategy for animals, allowing [the inhabitation of] harsh and unpredictable environments,” the researchers write in a study published in Nature Communications outlining their ultrafast robots. “Bio-inspired soft robots equally benefit from versatile and ultrafast motion but require appropriate driving mechanisms and device designs,” they add.

To that end, the researchers, including Guoyong Mao, et al. created a class of “curved” small-scale robots controlled by electromagnetic fields acting upon printed liquid metal channels embedded in their soft, elastic “bodies.” More specifically, the electromagnetic fields modulated the Lorentz forces—or the forces that act upon charged particles due to electric and magnetic fields—applied to the embedded printed liquid metal channels, which themselves carried alternating currents.

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IRS Whistleblower: ‘Billionaires … Laughing’ as Biden Plan Targets Working, Middle Class with Audits

A former lawyer for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), who accused the agency of going after elderly Americans, says President Joe Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” will undoubtedly target working and middle class Americans with new IRS audits.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law on Tuesday, includes $80 billion for new IRS audits on American taxpayers. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that at least $20 billion will be taken from working and middle class Americans earning less than $400,000 a year as a result of the increased IRS audits.

William Henck, a former IRS lawyer, told Fox Business Network that executives at the biggest corporations and billionaires are “sitting back laughing right now” as Biden signs the Inflation Reduction Act.

“The idea that they’re going to open things up and go after these big billionaires and large corporations is quite frankly bulls–t. It’s not going to happen. They’re going to give themselves bonuses and promotions and really nice conferences,” Henck said:

“The big corporations and the billionaires are probably sitting back laughing right now,” he continued. [Emphasis added]

There will be considerable incentive to basically to shake down taxpayers, and the advantage the IRS has is they have basically unlimited resources and no accountability, whereas a taxpayer has to weigh the cost of accountants, tax lawyers — fighting something in tax court,” Henck told FOX Business. [Emphasis added]

Billionaires Bill Gates and Tom Steyer have both voiced support for the Inflation Reduction Act, even as the establishment media has admitted the plan will not cut prices for American consumers “anytime soon.”

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Meta steps up information control ahead of US elections

Social media behemoth Meta is beefing up its information-control tactics as the US heads into the 2022 midterm elections, tightening rules on voting misinformation and advertising. The changes were announced in a blog post on Tuesday.

The company will ban new political, social and electoral issue ads during the last week before the election, ensuring no “October surprises” – factual or otherwise – will disturb the information ecosystem. Editing existing ads will also be forbidden, and ads encouraging people not to vote or questioning the legitimacy of the results will not be permitted.

To further ensure the sanctity of the vote, Meta says it is investing in “proactive threat detection” with the aim of countering “coordinated harassment and threats of violence against election officials and poll workers.” The company is also holding regular meetings with the National Association of Secretaries of State and the National Association of State Elections Directors, state and local elections officials, and the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Meta is deploying fact checkers in multiple languages for the midterms and expanding the service to WhatsApp, boasting five new partners in Spanish, including Univision and Telemundo. This is part of a $5 million boost in “fact-checking and media literacy initiatives” ahead of November’s vote.

The platform promised to deploy fewer “labels that connect people with reliable information” during the 2022 season, acknowledging user feedback had tipped them off that such labels were “over-used” in 2020.

Bragging it had banned more than 270 “white supremacist organizations” and deleted over 2.5 million content items tied to “organized hate” in the first quarter of 2022 alone, the platform revealed 97% of the content in question had been removed by its algorithms without anyone reporting it – raising the question of how hateful it was given the absence of an offended party.

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