Congresswoman Says She’ll Break the Law if Her Daughter Needs Medical Cannabis

In the United States, cannabis is legal for recreational use in 11 states while 33 other states allow some form of medical use. One would think that with this widespread legalization, which seems to be speeding up, that police officers would start concentrating their efforts elsewhere and arrest actual criminals who hurt people — not kidnap and cage innocent people for using a plant. Sadly, however, the incentives for arresting cannabis users are too addictive and the police state marches on, laying waste to all the lives it touches along the way.

Despite a massive number of anecdotal accounts coupled with an equally massive amount of research on the medical benefits of using cannabis as medicine, most states in the “land of the free” still kidnap and cage people for using it.

Sadly, in the land of the free, realizing the true benefits of cannabis is limited by the plant’s schedule 1 classification by the federal government. As cops continue to kidnap and cage people for cannabis, this plant’s life-saving potential is hindered. This seems especially egregious knowing the plant’s promise for alleviating the horrific opioid epidemic we are currently facing along with its numerous other potential treatments.

The good news is that most people now see cannabis prohibition for the tyrannical horse manure that it is and are willing to disobey. After all, most positive change comes — not in the form of begging politicians — but when good people choose to disobey bad laws.

This disobedience seems to be spreading too — all the way to Congress, aparently.

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Nebraska Supreme Court Just Killed November’s Medical Marijuana Initiative

Nebraska’s Supreme Court just ruled that a previously approved measure to legalize medical marijuana is “unconstitutional” and therefore cannot appear on the state’s election ballot in November. This is, of course, anti-democratic and infuriating, but let’s take a look at how this happened. 

First off, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts is an idiot. Just last week he declared, “There is no such thing as medical marijuana.” Ricketts proclaimed this falsehood as the leader of a state where 77 percent of residents support legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Now on to the nitty gritty. Last July, the activist group Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana (NMM) collected more than enough signatures to qualify a medical weed bill to be included on the November election ballot. 

Then, on August 28 the Secretary of State made it official: Nebraskans could decide for themselves whether or not to legalize medical marijuana by voting on Nebraska Medical Cannabis Constitutional Amendment (NMCCA). 

Three days later, however, Sheriff Terry Wagner filed a lawsuit to block the measure, claiming it overstepped constitutional boundaries by covering too many topics for a single initiative. A state court initially tossed out the challenge. Yesterday, however, Sheriff “No-Pot” won.

The Nebraska Supreme Court declared that it agreed with Sheriff Wagner — a man who puts people in jail for possessing and using cannabis. With only two justices dissenting, the Supremes formally removed the proposal from the ballot.

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Disabled Veteran Sentenced to 5 Years for Using Legal Medical Marijuana to Treat War Injury

Due to the archaic cannabis laws in the Land of the Free, a disabled veteran was sentenced to 5 years in prison for possessing medical marijuana that he had a prescription for in one state but got caught with in another state.

Sean Worsley, 33, who is a disabled veteran who has PTSD and a traumatic brain injury from his time in Iraq, will now spend the next five years in a cage for using a plant to heal himself.

While Sean was traveling with his wife Eboni to visit family in Mississippi and North Carolina, they stopped for gas in Alabama when they were in between their destinations. While they were parked at the gas station, a police officer spotted them and decided that the music coming from the Worsley’s car was too loud. He also seemed upset that Sean was playing “air guitar.”

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