LAST MONTH, California Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught violating his own warnings against multiple households dining together indoors. The Democratic governor was spotted at the French Laundry, an exclusive restaurant north of San Francisco, where he was celebrating the birthday of longtime friend Jason Kinney.

The dinner controversy was more than just an opulent display of political double standards — it also highlighted the backroom efforts to maintain special treatment during the pandemic. Kinney, a veteran political operative, is a lobbyist for a number of interests seeking to shape the rules governing life under the pandemic, including what kind of economic activities are deemed essential in order to stay in business.

The inside track may have paid off. One of Kinney’s clients, Netflix, has been allowed to continue to operate during the latest round of forced closures that began last week as intensive care hospital capacity has dwindled across the state.

The entertainment industry has been given extensive leeway to operate during the pandemic, even as California now faces a stay-at-home order. The state has deemed the television and movie production industry as “critical infrastructure” and has allowed Hollywood studios to continue filming projects, including in Los Angeles, which is facing the most strict lockdown order.

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California Exempts Hollywood Movie Studios From COVID Lockdowns, Restrictions

In the aftermath of getting caught red-handed violating his own travel and gathering restrictions, California Governor Gavin Newsom has exempted an entire industry’s workforce from those restrictions citing them as “essential workers.” But are they, really?

Newsom was recently forced to eat crow after attending a friend and political adviser’s 50th birthday party at a swank, upscale Napa County restaurant for a $400 a plate dinner. Newsom apologized after being publicly humiliated by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Astoundingly, Newsom then refused to intervene when many in his own State Legislature opted to attend a summit produced by a San Diego firm that violated the travel ban in place to host the summit in Maui, Hawaii.

Newsom has issued a new round of COVID-related restrictions, including a stay-at-home order, a curfew, limiting the size of private venue gatherings, and travel bans.

However, for some unknown and suspicious reason, the whole of the entertainment industry is exempted from the restrictions, covered under Newsom’s exemptions clause.

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Let celebrity culture burn: Hypocritical movie stars and politicians break their own Covid-19 advice while shaming the rest of us

One can argue to death the science behind the risk factors of Penn’s decision. He and Dorsey could both be negative for Covid-19, they are outdoors, etc. But there are no ifs, ands, or buts to his mask tweet or his ranting interviews on CNN. He makes no exceptions, so why should we? States like California have travel advisories in place, warning people to skip out on jetting around for the holidays, and mask mandates can be found all over the US. When was the last time you walked shirtless on a beach without a mask in Hawaii? 

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a cruel, yet honest light on celebrity culture in the US. From interviews about the pandemic with Stephen King to Penn, this light has revealed an ugly obsession with the idea of celebrity, as well as the need for many to connect celebrity status with intelligence and perspective, especially on the left. 

And this celebrity cult goes far beyond the star of ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ as this obsession with public figures has also infected politics, and it’s only been worsened during Covid.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo can’t tell New Yorkers enough about how their behavior has helped spread Covid-19 in his state. While he’s been running this shame campaign, however, Cuomo has traveled out of state and been seen without a mask.

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20 Stars Who Pledged to Flee the Country If Trump Was Elected: Where Are They Now?

Several stars pledged to leave the country if Donald Trump was elected president.

Many said they’d move to Canada (Lena Dunham, Snoop Dogg), some suggested Europe (Spain for Amy Schumer, Italy for Omari Hardwick) or Africa (Samuel L. Jackson), and one even said Jupiter would be the ideal destination (Cher).

So are they planning to follow through on those promises? Here, a post-election update.

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Climate Change Alarmist Harrison Ford Flies Son to College on Private Jet

Actor and climate change alarmist Harrison Ford flew his 19-year-old son off to college on a carbon emissions-pumping private jet this week, according to a report by Just Jared, which says the Indiana Jones actor, his son, and wife Calista Flockhart were seen exiting the jet in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Harrison Ford flying hundreds of miles on greenhouse gas-spewing jet flies in the face of his constant climate change alarmism. Earlier this year — while in in Mexico City to promote his latest film — Ford praised teenage climate worrier Greta Thunberg and trashed the United States, claiming that the nation has lost its “moral leadership” on issues such as improving the environment and immigration policy.

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