Neo-Nazi Pedophilic Cult Member Allegedly Coerced Minors to Make Child Porn

A neo-Nazi affiliated with a satanic pedophilic cult gave himself away on social media, including posting a photo of himself, wearing a T-shirt that read “kiddie diddler” in front of a swastika, police say. 

He has since been arrested and charged with sexually exploiting minors and possession of child pornography, among other alleged crimes. 

After being tipped off to disturbing social media posts, FBI agents raided the home of Angel Almeida, 22, in Queens, New York, in Nov. 2021 and seized a handgun along with occult texts and memorabilia that show his affiliation with Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a satanic group that pushes its adherents to commit depraved acts, including sexually abusing minors. On two separate occasions, Almeida spent months coercing two minors into partaking in sexual activities to create child porn, according to the Department of Justice. 

Almeida was initially indicted on charges relating to the handgun in Dec. 2021 but was indicted on child abuse charges Tuesday. 

On social media, Almeida posted images of himself boasting about his alleged sexual crimes, as well as pictures of dead animals, and a firearm (despite being a felon), according to the feds. 

The FBI was initially tipped off to a Facebook account under the name “Sargent Grey,” that had images of Almeida wearing a skull mask, a signifier of neo-Nazi accelerationist groups in front of an O9A flag. This led authorities to a second account under the name “Necropedocell,” with images of a child bound and gagged and a photo of a handgun with the caption “for the 2k pedophile haters.”

On yet another account, this one on Instagram under the name Stain_Lord_352, the FBI found the picture of Almeida wearing the T-shirt with “kiddie diddler” written on it. The image also included a sign that read, “I am addicted to hardcore child pornography.” The account posted another photo with the caption “no limits evil” alongside a photo of a bloody cat that had been stabbed with a knife. This account also contained several references to O9A. 

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Pedophile pop star Gary Glitter released from jail after serving half his sentence

Disgraced British pop star and convicted pedophile Gary Glitter was released from prison Friday after serving just half of his 16-year sentence.

Glitter, born Paul Francis Gadd, was set free from Dorset’s HMP The Verne prison in England, PA News reports.

The “Do You Wanna Touch Me” singer was caged in 2015 after he sexually abused three young girls, all under the age of 13, at the height of his fame in the 1970s.

The 79-year-old’s third victim was under the age of 10. He snuck into her bed and tried to rape her back in 1975.

Glitter reached global stardom in the 1970s and 80s — but his success was short-lived after he was caught downloading 4,000 child pornography images in 1999, landing him in jail for just 4 months.

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ABC Journalist Who Went Missing Last April After FBI Seized Classified Documents From His Laptop Arrested for Transporting Child Pornography

A former ABC journalist who went missing after the FBI raided his home and seized his laptop has been arrested for transporting child pornography.

As reported last year, Emmy-winning investigative journalist James Meek went missing after the FBI raided his Virginia home and seized classified information from his laptop in April 2022.

James Gordon Meek, 52, went missing after the feds raided his Arlington penthouse apartment, the Rolling Stone reported.

Meek produced the Hulu documentary “3212 Unredacted” which detailed the 2017 Pentagon coverup of the deaths of US special forces in Niger.

The “lightning raid” was conducted after a search warrant was approved by a federal magistrate judge in the Virginia Eastern District Court, Rolling Stone reported.

“If agents got hold of Meek’s records, the move would have had to have been approved by US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco.” The New York Post reported.

Meek’s attorneys lashed out at the US government for leaking information to Rolling Stone.

“The allegations in your inquiry are troubling for a different reason: They appear to come from a source inside the government,” Meek’s attorney Eugene Gorokhov told Rolling Stone. “It is highly inappropriate, and illegal, for individuals in the government to leak information about an ongoing investigation.”

“We hope that the DOJ promptly investigates the source of this leak.”

Meek’s last public statement was in the form of a tweet on April 27, 2022 – His colleagues at ABC said Meek “fell off the face of the earth.”

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Former Vermont Police Chief Cited For Sexual Assault Of Minor During Ride-Along

Following a yearlong investigation, the Vermont State Police has cited Jeffrey Noyes, 54, of Bloomfield, Vermont, on a charge of felony sexual assault arising from an incident that occurred in October 2017 involving an underage girl. Noyes is the former chief of the Brighton and Canaan police departments and was on duty at the time of the incident.

The incident was reported in February 2022 to the Vermont State Police, which opened an investigation. A detective from outside the area was assigned as the lead investigator, with assistance from the Technology Investigation Unit and troopers from the Derby Barracks. VSP worked closely on the case with the Lamoille County State’s Attorney’s Office.

According to the findings of the investigation, Noyes and the victim knew each other, and she had accompanied him on multiple ride-alongs in his cruiser. In October 2017, Noyes was in uniform and on duty when he drove with the victim to a remote area and had sexual contact with the victim, who was under the age of consent.

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Former Democrat Mayor to Get 7 Years in Prison for Child Sex Crime Charges

The former Democrat mayor of Sebastopol, California, has pleaded no contest to child sex crime charges and will spend seven years in prison.

Robert Jacob, a 45-year-old Democrat who served as Sebastopol’s mayor from 2013 to early 2016 after serving on the city council, pleaded no contest after he was charged in 2021 with six counts of child sex crimes.

The no contest plea allows Jacob to accept a conviction and sentence without admitting to guilt. As part of his plea deal with the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office, Jacob will be sentenced to seven years in prison.

After his arrest, prosecutors alleged that Jacob had met an underage boy on the gay dating app Grindr sometime before December 2019 after he had already left the mayor’s office. The boy told prosecutors that his being underage did not stop Jacob from sexually assaulting him in his home from late 2019 to March 2021 on a number of occasions.

Jacob was also accused of sending the boy nude photos and inviting other men to have sex with the boy. Sometime in 2021, the boy or his parents reported the alleged sexual abuse to authorities, prompting them to arrest Jacob in April of that year.

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Taxpayers to Cover Andrew Cuomo’s Defense in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Taxpayers will be left footing the bill to defend disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in his sexual harassment lawsuit.

Nearly a dozen women have accused Cuomo of sexual harassment, leading to his resignation in August 2021.

Cuomo was sued by a State Trooper last year, who alleges that he hit on her, kissed her, and “placed the palm of his hand on her belly button and slid it across her waist to her right hip.”

According to a report from the New York Post, “the former governor claimed the sex harassment accusations were made while he was governor — entitling him to a state-funded defense.”

A lawyer with the Attorney General, Andrew Amer, said they had denied the taxpayer-funded defense because “all of the conduct was to serve [Cuomo’s] own self-interest.”

“These are not allegations where the conduct occurred while they were off duty. These are work place allegations,” Cuomo’s lawyer argued.

On Friday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Hagler sided with Cuomo.

“This court grants the petition and requires that there be a defense,” Hagler said.

“[Cuomo’s] view is that everything he did was within the scope of his employment and he was just acting as the governor … when addressing trooper 1 in a friendly manner,” Hagler continued. “Did he go over the line? That is not clear cut.”

The judge said that since Cuomo has denied the allegations and claimed that he was acting appropriately as the governor, a taxpayer-funded defense can’t be denied.

“The allegations are quite disturbing,” Hagler said. “They should not be tolerated in the work place, if true.”

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‘Child Protection’ Org Fought Against Efforts To Crack Down On Childlike Sex Dolls, Cartoon Child Porn

The Prostasia Foundation, a tax-exempt nonprofit organization that claims to work to prevent child sex abuse, has fought against measures cracking down on fetish activities involving sexually fantasizing about children, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation found.

Prostasia’s stated mission is to prevent child sex abuse before it happens through research, consulting, “defending the innocent” and advocating for “effective laws” that could help prevent abuse, according to the group’s website. In practice, however, Prostasia has advocated for policies that would expand adults’ access to childlike sex toys and fictitious child pornography while making life easier for convicted sex offenders; the organization argues that these activities do not harm children and may help pedophiles avoid committing crimes.

“Prostasia Foundation is a child sexual abuse prevention organisation, led by survivors and experts,” Jeremy Malcolm, founder and former executive director of Prostasia, told the DCNF in September. “One of the ways that we can prevent abuse is by ensuring that mental health services are available to those who may otherwise be at risk of offending. We have zero tolerance for child sexual abuse, and have never offered any excuse to those who abuse children.”

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A top Border Patrol official resigned after allegedly pressuring female employees for sex, officials say

A top official at the U.S. Border Patrol abruptly resigned in October after allegations came to light that he pressured a subordinate employee to perform sexual favors, and other women have since made similar allegations that they were victimized by him, say three Department of Homeland Security officials. 

Tony Barker, who served as the acting chief of the law enforcement operations directorate for the Border Patrol, is now under investigation for his behavior by Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility, the three officials say. 

According to the sources, one woman said she had a consensual relationship with Barker that she tried to end, prompting Barker to retaliate. Barker allegedly threatened to tell others that she had illegally issued contracts if she did not perform sexual favors.

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Tennessee Christian school principal indicted on 11 new child sex charges after 2022 arrest

The principal of a Christian school in Tennessee, who was arrested last year on accusations of sexual activity with a minor, has been indicted on 11 additional charges.

Liberty Christian School principal Jason Kennedy, 47, was already facing charges in connection with his alleged sexual activity with an underage girl. He was charged in August with two counts of sexual assault by an authority figure and one count of solicitation of a minor.

School secretary and homeschool coordinator Brittney Branham, 28, was also charged with solicitation of a minor in August over incidents that occurred in Kennedy’s home. It is unclear if she will face any new charges.

District Attorney Stephen Crump told FOX Chattanooga on Friday that the new charges Kennedy was indicted on represent three more victims, which means there are now four total victims in the case.

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Openly Communist Las Vegas Commissioner Admitted to Being a ‘Minor Attracted Person’

Clark County, Nevada Democrat Commissioner Tick Segerblom, who represents the county’s Las Vegas Valley district, admitted to being a “minor attracted person” outside of a county commission meeting, in a caught-on-video exchange that’s been completely ignored by the corporate media.

Tick Segerblom admitted to being a “minor attracted person,” a left-wing term for pedophiles, outside of a Clark County Commission meeting when directly asked by a constituent if he was one. Segerblom is an avowed communist who’s blocked election integrity and accompanies drag queens to hang out with children, as documented in photographs.

He’s also been an outspoken opponent of Nevada’s burgeoning election integrity movement.

“This guy’s a minor attracted person, aren’t you?” a constituent directly asks Segerblom who, without hesitation, nods his head and replies “yes” to the question.

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