Unsealed Records detail FBI/DOJ Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell cover-up

They always knew.

Today, the DOJ published records unsealed by court order in the Ghislaine Maxwell case. These included a motion and numerous exhibits detailing what the FBI/DOJ – and in particular, the Southern District of New York – knew about the criminal activities of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell back in 2016.

Recall that Epstein was given a sweetheart deal back in 2007. Notes from a meeting in 2016 – read the document here – reveal that a “US Attorney has said [Epstein] could be prosecuted elsewhere.” They failed to act for years, however.

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Former California ‘Very Progressive’ Democrat Mayor Arrested For Child Sex Crimes

Former Democrat Mayor of Sebastopol in Sonoma County, California was arrested and charged Tuesday with 11 felony child sex crimes.

The charges against Robert Emmanuel Jacob, 44, included: committing lewd acts with a child ages 14 to 15, participating in sexual penetration of a child under 16, making a child under 16 available to another person for lewd or lascivious acts, and distribution of child pornography.

Robert Jacob, an openly gay progressive cannabis businessman, has voiced support for BLM and defunding police and often lashed out on Trump on social media.

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NM Dem gov’s campaign pays at least $62K in settlement to ex-staffer who says she grabbed his crotch: report

The Albuquerque Journal reported Monday that documents show Lujan Grisham’s campaign has made four payments of $12,500 “as part of a settlement” with former campaign spokesman James Hallinan, who accused the governor of “pouring a bottle of water on his crotch and then grabbing his crotch through his clothes as she laughed, an incident he said took place in front of other campaign staffers.”

The outlet noted that Hallinan made the claims in late 2019, roughly a year after he left the campaign. The former ex-staffer says he was talked out of reporting the incident by the campaign manager, Dominic Gabello, who now serves as a senior adviser in the governor’s office.

Current campaign spokesman Jared Leopold told the newspaper that Gov. Lujan Grisham, Gabello, and the campaign organization itself “strenuously deny that there is any merit or truth to Mr. Hallinan’s claims, including his claims about difficulty finding or keeping work after the campaign.”

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D.A.R.E. Cop Arrested on 122 Charges for Raping Boys While Telling Them Not to Do Drugs

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program should better be called an hilarious exercise in how not to convince kids to keep away from substances the state deems illegal. As cops hopped on their high horses and had children pledge not to do drugs, the rate of drug use skyrocketed — thrusting the country into one of the worst drug epidemics in human history. The hypocrisy by the cops who pushed the D.A.R.E. program has been well-documented over the years, explaining, at least in part, as to why the program was such a failure from the start. Now, another cop who pushed kids to ‘just say no’ has been arrested and accused of disturbing criminal activity. 

Warminster Township Police Officer James Carey swore an oath to protect the children of Doylestown and instead of protecting them, according to a recent indictment, this cop preyed on them. Adding to the insidious nature of Carey’s alleged crimes against children is the fact that he committed them while pretending to be a role model as the school district’s D.A.R.E. officer.

Carey, 52, is facing over 100 charges, announced by Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub on Wednesday. A grand jury presented a whopping 80-page indictment against Carey detailing 122 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and other related charges.

Carey is accused of raping multiple boys while working as the D.A.R.E. officer at elementary, middle and high schools in the Centennial School District. The incidents allegedly spanned the course of decades taking place between 1987 and 2009 and involved at least four boys.

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NO JAIL for Cop Who Admitted He Raped Woman in Patrol Car to Avoid Arrest

In October of 2018, Tyneka Cephas had driven down to Wilmington to visit the grave of her daughter Tynesia who had tragically been killed at age 16 in a random shooting in 2017. Her pilgrimage of grief morphed into a nightmare of sexual abuse, however, when Wilmington Police Cpl. Thomas R. Oliver Jr. pulled her into his car and proceeded to sexually violate her.

Now, after fighting for her abuser to be held accountable for the last 2 years, Cephas found out that Oliver will not be going to jail. Instead, he was given a year of probation, despite admitting to the entire situation.

“It was a horrid thing,“ Cephas said of the incident. “He treated me as if I was a prostitute.”

“I had just come up here from Georgetown, Delaware, because it was my daughter’s 18th birthday. She was a victim of gun violence and we were celebrating her birthday at the gravesite,” she explained to reporters in a press conference.

That day, Oliver, an 11-year veteran of the force, decided to drive up to Cephas as she walked down the 700 block of East Ninth Street on the way to her daughter’s gravesite. When Oliver pulled up, he told Cephas to sit in the front seat of his car. He then told Cephas she had a warrant for her arrest, while simultaneously exposing himself to her.

He then issued the ultimatum; perform oral sex, or face arrest. He then grabbed her by the head and forced her onto his exposed penis. These facts are undisputed by both parties.

Cephas would then file a complaint and an investigation was launched into the allegations.

Months after the incident, Oliver would be arrested and charged with second-degree rape, sexual extortion, and having sex with a person in police custody. He was ordered held on $66,000 cash bail following the nearly five-month investigation.

At the time, Police Chief Robert J. Tracy called the charges “deeply troubling and disheartening. The charge that one of our officers abused his authority to victimize a member of the public in this manner is sickening.”

Fast-forward to this month, however, and the deeply troubling and disheartening act by one of their officers, has been swept under the rug. Oliver beat all charges except official misconduct and was sentenced to just one year of probation — this, in spite of the fact that he admitted to the entire ordeal.

“It’s all undisputed,” Cephas’ lawyer Emeka Igwe said. “The officer does not dispute that this horrible incident took place while he was in uniform in his patrol car and he’s even admitted that it was wrong and he’s apologized to Ms. Cephas in court, but yet, the mayor of Wilmington and the police chief have yet to reach out to Ms. Cephas.”

The defense likely claimed that Cephas somehow consented to the act, which is as asinine as it is insidious.

Oliver had a gun, handcuffs, and threatened to throw her in jail when he demanded oral sex.

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255 ‘Transgender’ Inmates Request Transfer To Women’s Prisons After California Passes New Law

For those who are wondering how the Democrats’ “Equality Act” – requiring people to be treated according to their gender identity — will operate if passed, we’re getting some foreshadowing from California. On January 1, a law went into effect holding that state prisoners must be housed in a facility consistent with their gender identity, regardless of their anatomy. To date, 261 prisoners – 255 of them biological men – have asked to be relocated.

The reasoning behind the law wasn’t just the usual woke madness of treating transgenderism as if it’s not a sad case of body dysmorphia but is, instead, a magical change in sex. Instead, there was a  humane goal: Men who identify as women, when placed in all-male prisons, are extremely vulnerable to prison rape. One man in Australia claimed that he was raped over 2,000 times which, if true, is appalling.

However, when you place so-called transgender men in women’s prisons, there’s also a rape problem, with the men – many of whom claim to be lesbians – raping those women unlucky enough find themselves in the same cell, ward, or shower as one of these so-called “transgender” women.

England has been engaged in this transgender experiment for a while and the rape risk has proven to be real, not merely hypothetical:

The United Kingdom Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has revealed that inmates who identify as transgender are responsible for a rate of sexual attacks that is exponentially higher than their proportion of the population of women’s jails and prisons.

In response to a question that former Labour Party General Secretary Baroness McDonagh put before Parliament, the MoJ has acknowledged that, while inmates who identify as transgender make up about one percent of the 3,600 inmates in women’s jails and prisons, they have committed 5.6% of all reported sexual assaults.

The most famous transgender prison rapist in England is a man calling himself Karen White who was sent to prison after stabbing a neighbor. Despite a history that included sexual assault, exposure, sexually abusing minors, and cruelty to animals, he ended up in a women’s prison, where he promptly sexually assaulted women.

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Trans Reddit User Posted Hundreds of Pornographic Drawings of Child Characters Under 10, Mods Banned Anyone Who Criticized Them

A former Reddit moderator is blasting their former fellow moderators for protecting a transgender user that posted over 750 pornographic drawings of characters under the age of 10, and banning anyone who criticized them.

Yet, Parler and other right wing social media platforms are the problem?

The former mod of r/LesbianGaming also alleges that they do not have proper age restrictions in place to protect minors from pornographic content.

“The subreddit r/lesbiangamers is a subreddit that is dedicated to sapphic gaming. Upon joining their discord after a couple of months the discord was abruptly shut down. There were a lot of horrific rumors about how the past owner did horrible things,” the former mod wrote.

In their post, they explained that a couple of months ago, a new Discord was created under the management of the subreddit mods. This person says that they pointed out security issues they noticed, including that users were allowed to access pornographic channels without having to verify their age.

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