NYC Starts Enforcement of Vaccine Mandate

New York City started enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate Monday, with Mayor Bill de Blasio warning, “there’ll be consequences” for those who do not follow the rules.

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate, also known as the Key to NYC, requires people 12 and older to show proof that they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine for indoor dining, indoor fitness, and indoor entertainment.

Under the mandate, staff at these locations must be vaccinated as well. Places affected include restaurants, bars, nightclubs, catering halls, event spaces, gyms, fitness centers, pools, theaters, museums, aquariums, and zoos, among others.

“Look, you’ve got to be safe. Wherever you go—movie theater, gym, restaurant—you’re going to be safe,” de Blasio said during a virtual press conference Monday morning.

“For those who are unvaccinated, you got to make the move,” de Blasio continued.

De Blasio announced the mandate in early August and started the requirements on Aug. 17.

The mandate requires the establishments to put up certain signage and verify customers’ COVID-19 vaccine proof, such as vaccination cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New York City vaccination records, other official immunization records, the NYC COVID Safe App, or the Excelsior Pass.

According to the New York City Department of Health, establishments can make some exceptions, such as for outdoor eating, allowing customers to use the bathroom, or for other reasons that will take a small amount of time, for example, less than 10 minutes.

Thirteen agencies will send out inspectors to enforce the mandate, the mayor announced.

“What we’re going to do is have our inspectors out from 13 civilian agencies,” de Blasio said. “We don’t want to fine people. We don’t have to. We want to just get it right and keep moving forward.”

“But I think folks understand by now we are resolute. And if anyone wants to not follow the rules that everyone else has to follow, then of course, there’ll be consequences,” de Blasio, a Democrat, added.

According to de Blasio’s legal counsel (pdf), an establishment found to be non-compliant may be subject to a fine of $1,000. Repeated violations may result in increased fine amounts or other enforcement action.

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New York City to Mandate Proof of Vaccination to Enter Indoor Businesses

New York City is going to mandate proof of vaccination for people to enter certain indoor businesses.

The businesses being targeted will include restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms.

Mayor Bill de Blasio will announce what is essentially a city-wide vaccine passport on Tuesday, according to a report from the New York Post.

The Post reports, “the initiative, to be dubbed the ‘Key to NYC Pass,’ marks a significant escalation of the city’s efforts to curb the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases driven by the Delta variant, and will launch in mid-August and enforcement will begin in September following a public service announcement campaign, administration officials said.”

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BOE botched NYC mayoral primary results by including ‘test’ run

The too-close-to-call Democratic primary race that will likely decide New York’s next mayor was thrown into disarray after election officials admitted they accidentally included “test” results in the vote count, leading to 135,000 extra ballots.

The botching of the city’s first ranked-choice election was first flagged by front-runner Eric Adams, who pointed out that preliminary results from the Board of Elections showed that 941,832 votes were cast for the Democratic mayoral nomination, a huge increase from the 799,827 that were counted on primary day last week.

The BOE clarified its screwup in a tweet Tuesday night.

“It has been determined that ballot images used for testing were not cleared from the Election Management System (EMS),” the board said of the fiasco.

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Barring fans with AstraZeneca jab from Springsteen NY concert is treating them as second-class citizens – it’s a dangerous path

Banning the recipients of vaccines that are not approved by the US from Bruce Springsteen’s concert in New York may spark global tit-for-tat responses and lead to people being cast as undesirable due to their vaccine status.

Trust America’s egotistical and imperial authorities to spark another “US vs. Them” battle. The decision not to recognise the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is not only unnecessary, but xenophobic.

It’s been highlighted after a Canadian gentleman booked tickets to see Bruce Springsteen concert in New York next week, but then noticed that entry was on condition of being vaccinated – and his AstraZeneca-Oxford jabs do not qualify him to attend. 

The reason is because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only approved jabs from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. It’s no surprise that US firms manufacture all of these. 

One explanation could be they are looking to boost the income of domestic companies and hoping as a consequence to benefit American workers. Even if that is the case, it’s still ridiculous. AstraZeneca have worked alongside the world-renowned Oxford University to develop their vaccine and it’s why Britain is the country furthest forward in Europe with respect to vaccination rates

For much of the pandemic, the UK was in a panic and that was only tamed when the vaccine rollout began, powered by AstraZeneca. Notably, the vaccine is being sold at a cost price of around $3 per dose, while the American vaccines cost approx $10-25 per jab.

It’s not only AstraZeneca-receivers who are being discriminated against. There are also all those who’ve taken Russia-developed Sputnik V, which has been recognised by the worldwide scientific community as both safe and effective. The World Health Organization also judged China’s Sinovac as a valid vaccine and supports its use. 

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‘How dare you’: Ugly spat over who gets to speak for ‘black and brown communities’ erupts at NYC mayoral debate

During a debate Wednesday, a black New York City mayoral candidate accused another black NYC mayoral candidate of not having the right to speak for “black and brown communities.”

The two, Dianne Morales and Ray McGuire, are among a number of candidates seeking to succeed outgoing NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

At the final primary debate Wednesday, the two feuded specifically over defunding the police, which Morales, a far-left candidate, staunchly supports.

“Let’s be very clear. For black and brown communities, neither defund the police, nor stop and frisk, nor private security …,” McGuire tried saying at one point in time.

But Morales cut him off, saying, “You don’t speak for black and brown communities. How dare you assume to speak for black and brown communities as a monolith.”

McGuire tried replying, “Because I talk to black and brown communities.”

He was cut off again.

“You cannot do that!” Morales claimed.

“Oh, I just did do that,” McGuire promptly responded. “And you know one other thing? I’m going to do it again.”

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WHITES NEED NOT APPLY: NY Accounting Program Bans White People.

summer accounting program sponsored by a number of major New York universities and designed for high school students does not permit white students to apply.

The program, “Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession,” is sponsored by the Moynihan Scholarship Fund and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, as well as nine leading New York universities, including five public universities. The course intends to introduce to the accounting profession 250 “promising underrepresented high school students.”

According to Campus Reform:

“In addition to virtual sessions about forensic accounting, interviewing skills, public speaking, networking, and an ‘accounting profession overview’ featuring a panel discussion with experts in the profession.

Nine institutions of higher education in New York — including Ithaca College, Medgar Evers College, Rochester Institute of Technology, St. John’s University, Siena College, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Oswego, the University at Buffalo, and Westchester Community College — are listed as hosts for the program, which is free of charge for students. . .

Five of the nine schools participating in the program — including Medgar Evers College, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Oswego, the University at Buffalo, and Westchester Community College — are public universities funded by New York state.”

On the application form for the program, however, applicants are supposed to choose a “race” or ethnicity option with which they identify.  Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and Native American are among the options on the application form.  “White,” however, is not even an option.

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NYC PBS Airs Children’s Show Where “Drag Queens In Training” Learn To Swish Their Hips

Taxpayers are funding a NYC PBS show where a drag queen named “Little Miss Hot Mess” teaches “drag queens in training,” also known as children, how to shake their butts.

The program, “Let’s Learn,” is a collaboration between PBS and The New York City Department of Education aimed at children ages 3-8.

The episode “The Hips On the Drag Queen Go Swish Swish Swish” first aired March 31.

Little Miss Hot Mess, who is allegedly a founding member of Drag Queen Story Hour, is the author of the book “The Hips On the Drag Queen Go Swish Swish Swish.”

“I wrote this book because I wanted everyone to get to experience the magic of drag and to get a little practice shaking their hips or shimmying their shoulders to know how we can feel fabulous inside of our own bodies,” Little Miss Hot Mess told kids on the PBS show.

After singing and dancing along with the book, the drag queen said, “I think we might have some drag queens in training on our hand.”

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New York School District Says Students Must Show Proof Of Vaccination In Order To Attend Prom And Graduation

Massena Central High School in New York is forcing students to show proof of vaccination or negative COVID tests in order to attend prom or graduation.

The principal of the school, Alan C. Oliver, has given the students a deadline for getting the vaccine in order to be clear to attend.

“The prom is scheduled for June 12. Graduation has been scheduled for June 25, with a rain date of June 26. Anyone attending those events must show proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 testing,” NNY360 reports.

“Mr. Oliver said, if students wanted to be vaccinated, they had the choice of three types —Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Each had its own timeline that needed to be followed.”

In order to have the right to attend the milestone events, students would need to complete all required shots of whichever vaccine they took.

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Court orders woman to remove rock with Confederate flag – or lose child

An intermediate appellate court in New York state has ordered a woman to get rid of a rock in her garden because it has a Confederate flag painted on it – or possibly lose her child.

The extreme order came from Judges Stan Pritzker, John Egan Jr., Sharon Aarons, Molly Reynolds Fitzgerald and John Colangelo and was in a custody ruling.

The parents are unmarried and have a daughter born in 2014 that is of mixed race. The ruling was an update in the custody arrangements, which provide for joint legal and physical custody.

Both parents had asked for primary custody, but the judges made only a minor adjustment, that the mother’s home shall be considered the child’s resident for purposes of schooling.

But then they addressed that image that has been targeted by social agenda warriors across the nation already, having been eliminated from college campuses, social media and more.

“Although not addressed by family court or the attorney for the child, the mother’s testimony at the hearing, as well as an exhibit admitted into evidence, reveal that she has a small confederate flag painted on a rock near her driveway,” the judges noted.

“Given that the child is of mixed race, it would seem apparent that the presence of the flag is not in the child’s best interests, as the mother must encourage and teach the child to embrace her mixed race identity, rather than thrust her into a world that only makes sense through the tortured lens of cognitive dissonance,” they said.

“Further, and viewed pragmatically, the presence of the confederate flag is a symbol inflaming the already strained relationship between the parties. As such, while recognizing that the First Amendment protects the mother’s right to display the flag, if it is not removed by June 1, 2021, its continued presence shall constitute a change in circumstances and family court shall factor this into any future best interests analysis.”

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New York Yankees & Mets to Segregate Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Fans

Unvaccinated people are to be segregated from those who have received the COVID-19 jab at New York Yankees & Mets games, it has been revealed.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the news in a tweet, adding that capacities will be reduced to 33% in unvaccinated areas “to comply with CDC social distancing rules.”

All fans will be forced to wear face masks, despite CDC guidelines stating that those who have received the vaccine should no longer have to wear masks outside.

Cuomo provided no details on how fans would prove they have been vaccinated before attending the game.

This represents the beginning of a de facto domestic vaccine passport for Americans.

While unvaccinated fans will be allowed to attend games, albeit in a segregated area, there’s no guarantee they won’t be prevented from entering stadiums in the near future when the vaccine has been offered to everybody.

The segregation policy is also being implemented by other countries, including Hong Kong, where unvaccinated people are seated in different areas of restaurants and restricted to a total of 4 people per table.

Respondents to Cuomo’s announcement expressed a mixture of sentiments, with some saying unvaccinated people should be barred altogether, while others complaining that they won’t be able to bring their unvaccinated kids to the game.

Others pointed out that the policy is straight up segregation and will only end in disaster.

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