Brooklyn District Attorney Investigates Allegations of Democrat Voter Fraud

Brooklyn Democrats added peoples’ names to petitions they didn’t sign and demanded bribes, according to news reports.

Now Brooklyn’s District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez, plans to investigate.

“This matter is under investigation,” his office’s spokesman Oren Yaniv told The Epoch Times. He declined further comment.

A news report by The City, a local paper, announced that five Brooklyn citizens said their names were on petitions asking to remove candidates for Democrat Party positions from June’s primary ballot.

But they never signed them, they added.

Brooklyn woman, Charlene Davis, said when she tried to get a job as a poll worker, people told her she had to get voter signatures for petitions supporting Democrat Party executives.

Davis told The City the district attorney’s office asked if the petitions supported Democrat Party leaders Dionne Brown-Jordan and Michael Silverman. Davis told them Brown-Jordan prevented her from getting poll work.

The Epoch Times attempted to contact Brown-Jordan via Twitter but by deadline, had not heard back from her. The Epoch Times was unable to locate Silverman for comment.

Brown-Jordan has not been accused of any crimes and she has previously denied the allegations.

However, the Board of Elections reportedly confirmed she had asked for Davis to be listed on the poll workers roster as “temporarily inactive.”

Democrat Anthony Jones, the leader of Brownsville’s Community 1st Democratic Club, told The City last April that the fake signatures were a “setup.”

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Kathy Hochul moves to ban gas stoves in New York

On Tuesday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul gave her State of the State address which included detailing “The New York Housing Compact,” which she described as a “strategy to address New York’s housing crisis,” and part of the compact involves a ban on gas stoves, oil furnaces, and hot water heaters in commercial construction and new homes. Gas stoves are used in roughly 40 percent of American households.

In her remarks, Hochul said, the compact would mandate “all new construction to be zero-emission, starting in 2025 for small buildings and 2028 for large buildings,” and she said that her plan to use more electric appliances would help “residents struggling with high electric bills.” 

Hochul’s spokeswoman Hazel Crampton-Hays said, “Governor Hochul has been clear that we have to take bold steps on climate to protect the health and safety of our children, and 30 percent of state greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings.” 

A report from Bloomberg earlier in the week claimed that the Biden administration was looking into banning gas stoves to “reduce climate-warming emissions (such as from methane) that exacerbate climate change.” US Consumer Product Safety Commission Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr said, “This is a hidden hazard” and “Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.” 

According to Bloomberg, “peer-reviewed research published last month” connected 12 percent of asthma cases in American children to emissions from gas stoves, and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission was considering regulating gas stoves as a response.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization have claimed that gas stoves emit gasses such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide at levels that are “unsafe and linked to respiratory illness, cardiovascular problems, cancer, and other health conditions.”

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Suspect Behind NYPD New Year’s Eve Attack Was on FBI Radar – Trevor Bickford a Recent Convert to Islam

A rookie NYPD officer was stabbed in the head Saturday night near Times Square amid New Year’s Eve celebrations.

A second NYPD officer was struck with a pipe or a blunt object.

The suspect was shot by police and taken into custody.

The police officer was rushed to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover.

According to the New York Post, the injured police officer was a rookie on his first day on the job.

The suspect, 19-year-old Trevor Bickford of Wells, Maine, was shot in the shoulder and taken to a nearby hospital.

According to FOX News Trevor Bickford was on the FBI radar and recently converted to Islam.

A high-level police source also tells Fox News Digital that Bickford was being watched by the FBI’s counterterrorism task force in the weeks leading up to Saturday’s attack. The source also said Bickford recently converted to Islam and a tipster claimed he had expressed interest in going to Afghanistan.

The first cop, a rookie on his first night of policing, was slashed in the head, prompting another nearby officer to shoot Bickford. That officer was also struck, but he was not seriously injured. The first officer, identified by authorities only as Paul, is expected to recover.

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REPORT: 97% Of Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes In New York Were Committed By Other Minorities

Americans Against Antisemitism (AAA) released a report revealing that 97% of hate crimes against Jews in New York between 2018 and 2022 were committed by other minority groups.

AAA’s report was first posted on AAA founder Dov Hikind’s Twitter account Wednesday. The report documented 194 cases of assault against Jews from April 2018 to August 2022, and, in 99 of those assaults, official reports included the ethnicity of the perpetrator revealing 97% were committed by other minorities.

Black perpetrators were responsible for 69% of physical or verbal assaults, Asians made up 17%, Hispanics accounted for 11% and white attackers committed 3%.

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams: “Big Brother is protecting you”

In New York City, political rather than professional considerations seem to be dictating the way the police will proceed in fighting crime, including the degree to which this will include the use of invasive technology.

And Mayor Eric Adams must not have read the book, because, in dystopian form, he has just declared that “Big Brother” is actually the good guy.

Namely, reports suggest the mayor, now a year in office, is well aware of how the city has spiraled into crime – there’s been a whopping increase of 23.5 percent during the past year alone.

This “lawlessness” allegedly came as a consequence of the pandemic measures that among other things exacerbated the problem of homelessness, anti-police protests, and the erosion in morale among the force.

Now Adams, a Democrat, wants to please both his “moderate” supporters by dealing with crime, and the “progressives on the left” who oppose most anything that might resemble backing the police, by doubling down on methods as controversial as facial recognition and surveillance cameras.

The mayor appears to be one of those who believe that law enforcement suddenly has no means to fight crime, even though it has done it before this technology became available. And so the focus of his tenure going forward will be in employing “techniques to more accurately identify common criminal patterns and develop profiles of perpetrators,” Politico sums up the tactic Adams prefers.

While at it, Adams would also like to give “Big Brother” – a symbol of ruthless authoritarian state surveillance – an image makeover.

With this in mind, he accused his fellow politicians of being afraid to “embrace technology” and of instead considering technology-driven surveillance “a boogeyman” – that many will agree it is.

Not Adams.

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Pastor Who Is Friends With NYC Mayor Eric Adams Arrested By Feds

Federal officers arrested New York Bishop Lamor Whitehead and brought charges against him alleging he conned a 56-year-old congregant of her life savings, bullied a businessman for $5,000, and lied to the FBI.

US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams stated: “As we allege today, Lamor Whitehead abused the trust placed in him by a parishioner, bullied a businessman for $5,000, then tried to defraud him of far more than that, and lied to federal agents.”

Bishop Whitehead has been a friend of NYC Mayor Eric Adams and in 2015 while Adam’s was running for Brooklyn Borrugh President he introduced Whitmore on stage asa “good friend and good brother.”

As a repsosne to Whitehead’s arrest Mayor Adams’ spokerpserson released an email from Adam’s stating “While these allegations are troubling, I will withhold further comment until the process reaches its final conclusion.”

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Still More Juicy Stuff on the New GOP Congressman Who Lied About Everything

Perhaps you saw The New York Times’s exposé on incoming Republican Congressman George Santos from the Empire State. He’s a total unknown who in November managed to flip one of a handful of House seats nationally in the fingernail-chewing battle for control of the House of Representatives. 

And, as we shall see, there is less to the man than meets the eye.  

I’d read up on Santos right after the election, and noted his consequential victory and a  historical first: Both the Republican and his Democratic opponent, Robert Zimmerman, whom he narrowly beat, are openly gay. It is the first time this has ever happened in the country. 

It also didn’t happen where one might expect. New York’s 3rd Congressional District, one of the wealthiest in the country, runs along Long Island’s North Shore, includes a bit of Queens, leans conservative, and is graced with the Gatsby-esque old-money mansions of the “Gold Coast.” All this just a short distance from the Gomorrahs of Manhattan, Fire Island, and the Hamptons. 

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Mystery surrounding Republican Rep.-elect George Santos who flipped a House seat on Long Island: There are ‘no records’ at big banks where he said he worked, college he said he attended, or of properties ‘wealthy’ candidate says he owns

Republican Rep.-elect George Santos comes to Congress in January with a degree from Baruch College and stints at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, according to his campaign biography. 

But a New York Times investigation revealed Monday that nobody by Santos’ name, or a deviation of it, graduated in 2010 from Baruch. 

Nobody at Citigroup nor Goldman Sachs had a record of Santos working at their offices. 

The Times’ reporters couldn’t even track down the Long Island Republican where he said he lives. 

Journalists went to where Santos is registered to vote and the address associated with a campaign donation he made in October, but the woman living at that address said Sunday she was not familiar with Santos. 

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NYPD Warehouse for DNA, Troves of Criminal Evidence Destroyed in Brooklyn Inferno

An untold amount of “biological evidence” linked to New York City crimes dating back decades was destroyed or damaged in a raging inferno that devoured an NYPD warehouse off the Brooklyn waterfront Tuesday, authorities say.

The fire, which broke out around 10:40 a.m. at the Erie Basin Auto Pound in Red Hook, a sprawling warehouse on Columbia Street, left a half-dozen first responders and two civilians hurt — and sent up towering black smoke plumes so thick some confused New Yorkers thought the blaze had started in Manhattan.

It escalated to three alarms within about 30 minutes, and roughly 150 fire department members were at the scene through early afternoon. Twenty people, a mix of NYPD staffers and contractors, were said to be inside the warehouse when the inferno started.

It wasn’t immediately clear what sparked the blaze, and the investigation could take some time, though investigators said they know it started on a shelf that stored evidence. Firefighters were forced to withdraw from the interior early because of the intense flames and combustible material, as well as the threat of collapse. One section of the warehouse, which may have had hundreds of e-bikes in it, did fall, officials said.

A total of eight people — three firefighters, three EMS members and two civilians — were hurt in the fire, but all are expected to be OK, FDNY Chief of Department John Hodgens said.

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Man Wrongfully Convicted of NYC Subway Stabbing in 1990 to be Compensated $18 Million

A man who was wrongfully convicted of fatally stabbing a tourist at a New York City subway in 1990 will be compensated $18 million.

Johnny Hincapie spent more than 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Hincapie was released from prison in 2015 and his conviction was dismissed in 2017.

According to reports, Hincapie said he was “coerced” into falsely confessing to the fatal stabbing.

Hincapie was sentenced to 25 years-to-life despite the fact that he recanted his confession and exculpatory evidence proved his innocence.

“I have never forgotten the loss his family suffered,” Hincapie said. “I am fortunate that my innocence has finally been acknowledged by my city and my state and I look forward to the next chapter of my life with my family.”

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