Google goes woke! Search engine launches ‘inclusive language’ function to cut down on politically incorrect words

Google has launched an ‘inclusive language’ function designed to avoid the use of politically incorrect words.

Users typing ‘landlord’ will see a warning that it ‘may not be inclusive to all readers’ with the suggestion they should try ‘property owner’ or ‘proprietor’ instead.

The word ‘humankind’ is a suggested alternative to what the online giant apparently sees as the controversial term ‘mankind’.

Gender specific terms such as ‘policemen’ or ‘housewife’ should also be replaced by ‘police officers’ and ‘stay-at-home spouse’, according to the new Google Document style programme. It is now being rolled out to what the firm calls enterprise-level users.

Many computer document systems use methods to correct spelling and grammar. 

But nudging users towards woke language is being seen by critics as a step too far. Tests on the system have also thrown up major flaws.

A transcribed interview with ex Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke, in which he uses offensive racial slurs and talks about hunting black people, prompted no warnings.

But it suggested President John F Kennedy’s inaugural address should say ‘for all humankind’ instead of ‘for all mankind’.

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Lawmakers strike the word ‘marijuana’ from all state laws, calling term racist

“Pot,” “weed,” “grass,” “Mary Jane,” “flower” — there is no shortage of terms to describe cannabis. However, Washington state is taking one word officially off the table: “marijuana.”

Legislators recently passed a law that changes every Revised Code of Washington with the word “marijuana.” The change gets rid of the term, swapping it out for the word “cannabis.”

Supporters say the word “marijuana” has a long history of racism.

“The term ‘marijuana’ itself is pejorative and racist,” said Washington state Rep. Melanie Morgan during testimony in 2021. Morgan is a Democrat representing the 29th Legislative District and sponsored the bill — House Bill 1210. Morgan discussed the history of the word, which originates from Spanish.

“As recreational marijuana use became more popular, it was negatively associated with Mexican immigrants,” Morgan said.

Governor Jay Inslee signed the bill that passed unanimously into law March 11. The changes will take effect in June.

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Marxist Reset: Federal “Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force” (Yes, Really) Announces The US Will Rename 660 Mountains, Rivers, and landmarks to Remove “Racist” Language – More Surely to Come

For Marxism to take hold, everything that came before it must be burnt to the ground, according to the standards of today’s radical leftists. No matter the historical background, if it does not serve the purposes of the Great Reset’s dystopian agenda, it must be torn down to the ground. Even if it’s something as simple as a name.

This has been proven across the culture, from iconic food brands like Aunt Jemima, which is no more – to Sports, where the Cleveland Indians have gone the way of the dodo – across all areas, the illiberal left is on a crusade to cancel anything that poses any sort of threat to its narrative, usually by employing the standard “racist” ballyhooing.

Well, that’s exactly what has happened once again, however, this time, it’s on a much larger scale.

This past month, a recently created federal task force that solely focuses on “derogatory geographic names” announced that the US will be renaming a whopping 660 mountains, rivers, and other landmarks in order to remove all traces of “racist” language.

The upcoming changes signify the first cuts that the Biden Regime will make at the behest of the newly formed task force, which is operating within the US Department of Interior (DOI) under the Secretary of DOI Deb Haaland.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, Haaland and the DOI published a list of proposed names for the designated sites in a press release last month. The statement also announced the establishment of the 13-member “derogatory geographic names” task force that includes members from several different federal agencies.

The changes will completely eliminate the use of the word “squaw” – a highly common landmark name in the South West – in the naming of any place in the US. According to the task force, the term, which means “an Indigenous woman of North America,” per Merriam Websteris a “derogatory” and racist term that should not be allowed in polite society.

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Home Depot hammered for shaming employees for their ‘white privilege’

A Canadian branch of Home Depot sparked outrage after it posted a notice to employees about the benefits of “white privilege” and included a checklist for those who are “white, male, Christian, cisgender, able-bodied, and heterosexual.”

The notice, which is titled “Leading Practices — Unpacking privilege,” was posted in an employee lounge at a Home Depot in Calgary, Alberta.

A spokeswoman from Home Depot’s US headquarters confirmed to The Post that the white privilege notice was material from its Canadian division. She said it hadn’t been approved by the company’s diversity and inclusion department. The flyer had a Home Depot logo at the top.

The Canadian staffers who were apparently given the learning material were encouraged to acknowledge “societal privileges that benefit white people beyond what is commonly experienced by people of colour under the same social, political, and economic circumstances.”

Workers at the Home Depot branch were also urged to discuss their “white privilege” while being told that “the word ‘white’ creates discomfort — especially when individuals are not used to being defined or described by their race.”

Hoping to celebrate Christmas? The flyer says: “If you can expect time off from work to celebrate your religious holidays, you have Christian privilege.”

Staffers were also told in the notice that “if you’re confident the police exist to protect you, you have white privilege.”

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Saying You’re ‘Colorblind’ About Race Is Now Considered Racist By The Federal Government

A race-based training program used by federal agencies claims, among other things, that saying one is “colorblind” to race is itself racist.

The training is part of a newly revealed federal diversity program that greatly expands on previously critical race theory trainings within the federal government, the Washington Examiner reported. Part of the expansion comes in the form of opposing “microaggressions,” or words and actions by one person that unintentionally upset another. As the Examiner noted, training provided to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that offering a black student a basketball is considered offensive.

“Not only are federal workers urged to consider what they say, but also how their comments are received. In one chart, a white male is shown saying he is ‘colorblind.’ The black woman shown beside, however, takes as an insult that the white is denying her ‘racial/cultural being,’” the Examiner reported. “And, it advised men, don’t interrupt a woman speaking because they hear, ‘Women’s ideas are not valued.’”

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Professor no longer teaching education class after quoting the N-word during a lecture

A George Washington University professor recently stepped down from teaching “Anti-Racist STEM Education” after reading the N-word aloud during the class when discussing the 1964 Norman Rockwell painting The Problem We All Live With.

The incident occurred Jan. 18 at GWTeach University, the institution’s teacher training college geared towards STEM majors. The incident was brought to the attention of the university after students filed numerous complaints, as reported by The Hatchet.

Professor Alicia Bitler reportedly said the N-word during a discussion of the painting that depicts Ruby Bridges, the first African-American child to attend a white school in Louisiana. In the painting, the N-word can be clearly seen in the background in the form of graffiti on a wall.

Alicia Bitler reportedly described the incident as an “oops-moment” soon after it happened. Bitler then continued to teach the class. Three days later, university officials acknowledged the students’ complaints.

Incidents like these have been around the country for years. In 2020, Campus Reform reported that a law professor at Emory University was suspended for using the N-word in an “academic context to illustrate the effect language has on the severity of a civil wrong” during a lecture. 

As reported by Inside Higher Ed, University of Southern California Professor Greg Patton was suspended for “saying a Chinese word that sounds like a racial slur in English” during a lecture on Chinese “filler words.”  

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University language guide says ‘grandfather,’ ‘housekeeping,’ ‘spirit animal’ are ‘problematic’ words

A University of Washington language guide is calling everyday words used by Americans “problematic.”

The University of Washington Information Technology department released an “inclusive language guide” that lists a number of “problematic words” that are “racist,” “sexist,” “ageist,” or “homophobic.”

According to the guide, words such as “grandfather,” “housekeeping,” “minority,” “ninja,” and “lame” are considered “problematic words.”

For example, the language guide states that the word “lame” is considered problematic because it’s “ableist.”

“This word is offensive, even when it’s used in slang for uncool because it’s using a disability in a negative way to imply that the opposite, which would be not lame, to be superior,” the guide states.

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