All Swedish Women Accused of Defamation Connected to MeToo Found Guilty

All of the women charged with defamation after making MeToo-style allegations in Sweden have been found guilty, according to a review of ten defamation cases.

The Swedish television programme Crime of the Week reviewed ten defamation cases linked to MeToo allegations over the last several years and found that in every single case, judges had sided against the women making public allegations of sexual abuse.

“All women have the right to their story, and you can tell what you want to a close circle of family and friends, but you can’t single people out in public,” lawyer Angel Eklund told SVT.

The broadcaster noted that eight women were convicted of gross slander, while the other two were convicted of libel. Six of the cases have seen a final judgement, while three others await appeals, and the final case has been referred for an appeal to the Swedish supreme court.

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Biden’s ICE nominee Gonzalez worked with BLM activist to push false narrative that a white man killed a black child

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, the Texas sheriff that has been nominated by the Biden administration to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) allegedly pushed a false claim that a white man murdered a seven-year-old black girl from Houston.

Ed Gonzalez, the Harris County sheriff reportedly proceeded to push the claim even though he received a tip that the actual murders were black. Gonzalez also worked closely with Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Shaun King to identify Jazmine Barnes’ killer. 

Gonzalez took it upon himself to amplify the family’s claim that the gunman was white even after receiving a tip that the killer was black. An attorney for the man King falsely identified as Barnes’ killer stated that King’s allegation might have contributed to his client’s suicide.

The Beacon also reported that King is a controversial figure who has already come under fire for making false allegations in racially charged incidents. 

This year, Gonzalez has proposed releasing 1,500 county jail inmates, hundreds of whom faced charges for violent crimes. That combined with his order to scale back cooperation with the federal government on deportations early in the Trump administration, will likely cause him to be more scrutinized by Republicans. 

In the incident where Gonzalez pushed the false claim and narrative that a white man murdered a young black girl in the back seat of her mother’s car on December 30, 2018, Gonzalez tweeted on the day of the shooting that the Barnes family described the gunman as a white male in his 40s.

On January 3, 2019, Gonzalez released a police sketch of a suspect matching that exact description. However, a timeline of the investigation shows that King received a tip that later that day that Barnes’ killers were black.

King allegedly said that he shared the tip “immediately” with Gonzalez and that neither of them could make sense of it. But, Gonzalez, who has been sheriff of Harris County since 2017, told a reporter that King shared the tip that eventually led to the arrest of the real killers, Eric Black Jr. and Larry Woodruffe, with him “midweek.”

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California bar owner arrested for selling fake COVID-19 vaccine cards

bar owner in California was arrested for allegedly selling fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards. 

On Tuesday, 59-year-old Todd Anderson was booked on multiple charges for allegedly altering a medical record, forgery of a public seal, identity theft and conspiracy, a spokesperson for the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) told FOX Business. 

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the case. 

In April, ABC began investigating the Old Corner Saloon in Clements after receiving a complaint that fake cards were being sold at the bar, ABC said. 

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Mom ‘fatally disembowels baby son and stabs daughter, 8, at least 50 TIMES’ as it’s claimed she’s ‘into witchcraft’

A MOM who is accused of fatally disembowelling her baby son and critically stabbing her daughter, at least 50 times, is believed to be “into witchcraft.”

The horrific incident took place in a home in Newport News, Virginia, where Sarah Ganoe, 35, allegedly used a pocket knife to attack the two children.

She has now been charged with the fatal stabbing of 10-month-old Zell Howard and the stabbing of her 8-year-old daughter.

According to police the baby boy, who had multiple stab wounds and was slashed in the abdomen, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The girl had reportedly similar injuries including at least 50 stab wounds and was transferred to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk.

A neighbor Clay Connell told WRIC Ganoe had told him that she was into witchcraft.

“She told me she liked to dip into witchcraft a little bit.

“I mean for there to be multiple stab wounds on both kids, it was very heartbreaking. No child deserves anything like that,” he said.

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‘Witchcraft’ Teacher Charged in Alleged Murder of Missing Mother, Whose Toddler Son Was Found Wandering Alone

A man previously implicated in the disappearance of missing mother Leila Cavett has been accused of killing her. Shannon Demar Ryan, 39, faces a count of second-degree murder, according to a partially redacted police statement obtained by Law&Crime.

Cavett’s 2-year-old son was found wandering the streets of Miramar, Florida on July 26, 2020, cops have said. There was no apparent trace of his parents. Officers soon figured out, however, that he was the son of Atlanta woman Leila Cavett. Police in nearby Hollywood, Florida took over the investigation after they found Cavett’s white pickup truck in their jurisdiction.

Enter Shannon Ryan, who was arrested in August for allegedly lying to federal investigators in connection to Leila’s disappearance. This self-described teacher of “witchcraft” had released a nearly hour-long video in which he denied wrongdoing. He asserted Cavett went down to Florida to sell him her truck. He maintained that he spoke to the police, telling them everything that he knew. Ryan alleged that Cavett was speaking to some men, and then she brought her son into their car with her. He maintained that he tried to talk her out of it, but she went anyway. Cavett never returned, he said.

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Biden’s “Sanctuary Country” policy allowing illegal immigrant sex offenders to be freed onto American streets

In February, President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued orders to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents that protect most illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.

ICE Director Tae Johnson instructed agents not to arrest or deport illegal aliens unless they were convicted of crimes such as rape, murder, child pornography, sexual abuse of a minor, trafficking firearms, and theft against Americans.

The policy did not require the arrest or deportation of illegal aliens convicted of those crimes in their home country.

An illegal alien, for example, who has been charged with sexual abuse of a child is not eligible to be arrested, detained, or deported by ICE agents because the suspect has not yet been convicted.

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Deadly California Wildfire Was Ignited To Cover Up A Murder, Sheriff Says

A Northern California blaze in 2020 that became part of one of the biggest and deadliest wildfires in state history was deliberately set to cover up the murder of a woman, officials have revealed. Now the suspect in that killing is also facing charges in the deaths of two fire victims.

Victor Serriteno, 29, of Vacaville, has been in prison awaiting trial in the death of 32-year-old Priscilla Castro, who vanished while on a date with him in August 2020. Her burned body was found the following month near Lake Berryessa in Solano County, about 60 miles west of Sacramento. 

“Based on an extensive eight-month-long investigation, we believe Serriteno deliberately set the Markley Fire in an attempt to conceal his crime,” Solano County Sheriff Tom Ferrara said at a news conference Wednesday.

The deaths of 82-year-old Douglas Mai and 64-year-old Leon “James” Bone, whose bodies were found near where Castro’s body was discovered, had been blamed on the Markley fire. Those two deaths have now been classified as homicides.

The 30,000-acre Markley Fire merged with other wildfires to become part the massive LNU Lightning Complex blaze, one of the largest ever in California. It burned 363,000 acres, killing six people and destroying 1,500 homes and other buildings.

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New York lawmakers seek major expansion of state power to criminalize sexual relations

Due to pressure from activists and political figures including President Joe Biden, colleges have made it harder for students accused of sexual misconduct to show they obtained “consent” from their partners.

Lawmakers in New York are now looking to expand this effort to criminal courts.

Bills in the state Assembly (A6540) and Senate (S6200) would nullify consent if it were obtained through “deception, fraud, concealment or artifice,” meaning a person who told a falsehood or incomplete truth in the pursuit of sex could be prosecuted for sexual assault.

Assembly sponsor Rebecca Seawright portrayed the measure, which would define consent for the first time in New York penal law, as needed to “hold predators like Harvey Weinstein accountable.” 

A press conference outside her office featured two women who testified against the disgraced Hollywood producer, Tarale Wulff and Dawn Dunning, according to ABC News. Since Weinstein defended himself by claiming “that he felt confused” about the definition of consent, “there will be no more confusion” under this legislation, Wulff said.

The Senate version, sponsored by James Sanders, invokes sexual assault trials for Weinstein and entertainer Bill Cosby. Jurists in both proceedings told jurors to use their “common sense” in defining consent, which resulted in a mistrial for Cosby, an extensive “Justification” section claims.

“Failure to define consent creates disparate outcomes in convicting sexual predators as each jury grapples to create its own definition with no guidance from New York State’s statutes,” the Senate version reads. “This vital concept cannot be left to chance.”

New York criminal defense attorney Scott Greenfield faulted their wording as being unrealistic “in the real world.”

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