UCSB Black Student Union Holds Segregated Movie Screening: White People Not Welcome

The University of California Santa Barbara’s Black Student Union held a private screening of the new Marvel adventure Wakanda Forever on Wednesday night.

In their announcement of the event on Instagram, organizers made it clear that the event was segregated and white people were not welcome.

Organizers shared, “We are lovingly curating this space to support and affirm Black people and Black joy. We ask that our non-Black allies support our intention of creating a Black affinity and celebration space.”

The Daily Mail reports:

The University of Southern California‘s Black Student Union invited students to a free, private screening of the recently released Wakanda Forever, but asked white students not to attend.

The screening of the eagerly-anticipated Black Panther sequel was held at the local Santa Barbara Arlington Theatre.

UCSB Media Relations Manager Kiki Reyes told the College Fix that members of the BSU had not informed the school that the event was going to be segregated.

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Ketanji Brown Jackson Is A Trustee At School That Hosts Racially Segregated ‘Affinity Groups’ For Middle-Schoolers

Georgetown Day School, where Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is a member of the board of trustees, hosts racially segregated clubs, euphemistically referred to as “affinity groups,” for middle- and high-schoolers.

GDS describes these racially segregated groups as “safe spaces.” The website says that “most” of them are open to “allies” but goes on to define an affinity group as “​​a group whose members share a particular identity,” continuing to note that the groups “can help identify, interpret, interrupt and dismantle sources of oppression or discrimination.”

The only two middle-school affinity groups are for “Students of Color Mentoring,” which exclude white students. The description for the middle-school mentoring program reads:

“The MS SOC Mentoring Program continues to provide community support for any and all students who identify as Black/African/African-American, Asian/Asian-American, Middle-Eastern/Middle-Eastern American, Native-American/Native/American Indian, Latinx/Hispanic, and/or of Bi-racial/Multi-racial descent.”

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Airline CEO Calls For Unvaccinated “Idiots” To Be Ostracised From Society

Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair has declared that anyone who remains unvaccinated should be completely cut off from society, including not being allowed to travel, go to the supermarket to get food, or the pharmacy to get medicine.

“If you’re not vaccinated, you shouldn’t be allowed in the hospital, you shouldn’t be allowed to fly, you shouldn’t be allowed on the London Underground, and you shouldn’t be allowed in the local supermarket or your pharmacy either,” the airline executive said, as reported by The Telegraph 

“You can sit at home and you know, get your deliveries of medicines and food. But you should not, you know, go to work or go on public transport unless you have a vaccine certificate,” O’Leary clarified.

O’Leary admitted that making vaccines compulsory is “an infringement of your civil liberties,” but added that the way around it is “you simply make life so difficult. Or [make it that] there are lots of things that you can’t do unless you get vaccinated.”

Calling the unvaccinated “idiots,” the Ryanir boss further stated “I don’t think that governments should permit those people who are not vaccinated to go and infect everybody else.”

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The Real Story of Rosa Parks 66 Years Later: What You Learned in School Is Wrong

Unjust laws will remain unjust until they are disobeyed by good people. Had brave individuals throughout history not risked imprisonment or worse to challenge tyrannical, racist, and immoral laws, society today, would be much less free — this rule is especially true for black people in America.

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks made history by disobeying an unjust law that required people of color to yield their seats on the bus to white people. When the bus driver told the entire row of black people to move to the back of the bus because a white man boarded, everyone complied, except for Parks.

Parks was arrested and convicted for failing to obey the driver’s seat assignments. The events following her arrest, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and the federal ruling of Browder v. Gayle which ruled that segregated buses were unconstitutional, would be a turning point in segregated America.

While Rosa Parks is certainly a large part of American history, her idea to disobey the unjust bus law was not entirely original.

Can you name the first woman who wouldn’t give up her seat on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama? The answer is not Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks’ decision to disobey that fateful day was inspired and, in fact, modeled after a 15-year-old hero named Claudette Colvin.

Nine months before Parks was arrested for her choice not to give up her seat, on March 2, 1955, this brave child, without the support of the NAACP, or Civil Rights groups, took a stand on principle alone and refused to give up her seat.

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University of Maryland divides its freshman class into whites and Asians and ‘students of color, minus Asian’

Here’s an interesting screengrab from the University of Maryland breaking down freshman admissions and enrollment by race. The best part is they only needed two categories to do it: you have your students of color (minus Asian) and then white students, including Asians.

It’s a weird phenomenon that we’re sure isn’t limited to the University of Maryland. We told you about San Francisco school board vice president Alison Collins, who is black, tweeting that Asian American students, teachers, and parents are “house n****rs” who use “white supremacist thinking” to assimilate and get ahead. You see, Asian Americans are “white adjacent.”

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Australia has Fallen – Premier announces two-tier society by banning the Unvaccinated from all social, hospitality, and care settings whilst “rewarding” the Fully Vaccinated

By mid-December, authorities in Queensland are set to ease restrictions for entry into the state, citing that this is the date they expect at least 80% of Queenslanders, 16 years and older, to be double vaccinated.

However, Premier Palaszczuk has decided that restrictions will remain in place for unvaccinated people once they reach the target of 80% double vaccination.

This means that from mid-December unvaccinated people will be unable to:

  • Visit vulnerable settings, including hospitals, residential aged care, disability care accommodation, and prisons.
  • Attend hospitality venues such as hotels, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants or cafes.
  • Attend indoor entertainment venues such as nightclubs, live music venues, karaoke bars, concerts, theatres or cinemas.
  • Attend outdoor entertainment activities such as sporting stadiums or theme parks.
  • Attend festivals – either indoor or outdoor – such as musical festivals, folk festivals or arts festivals.
  • Attend Queensland Government owned galleries, museums or libraries.

The Queensland Government states that “these activities are not essential for people to meet their basic needs, but present a considerable risk to contributing to an outbreak in our community when our borders reopen”.

There is however, an exception for weddings in which the unvaccinated may attend, but only at the detriment of the entire wedding party as this will then mean the wedding is restricted to a maximum of 20 people attending.

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Noam Chomsky Goes Off The Deep End – Proving That All Socialism Leads To Tyranny

I was recently watching a new interview with 92-year-old Noam Chomsky, a figure of general worship among leftist academics, and I began reminiscing about the first time I read the book ‘Manufacturing Consent’. Though I have never agreed with Chomsky’s politics I have always appreciated his analysis on the methods the establishment uses to control mass psychology and silence popular discourse. I have long felt that this was an area where the political left and conservatives might intersect in our views and find common ground. This is why I felt an extra dose of disappointment when I witnessed Chomsky go off the deep end this week and suggest that people who refuse to comply with vaccine mandates need to be ostracized from society.

Chomsky compared people who don’t comply with the vaccines to people who don’t comply with traffic lights, suggesting we pose an imminent danger to others and that we should be removed. When asked how unvaxxed people forced out of the economy could be fed (how would they survive), he asserted “that is their problem.” Chomsky does not explicitly say that force should be used to eliminate the unvaxxed from social participation, he merely insinuates that “actions” might be required to get the desired effect.

I was around 20 years of age back in 2001 when I first read Manufacturing Consent. I was young and not fully aware at the time of a basic function of the political left and socialism that is vital to understand: Many people claim there is a “spectrum” of political beliefs on the left and that there are those that support socialism or centralization while also supporting freedom, but this is simply not so. At the core of their ideology freedom has no home, and when pressed on where they truly stand every socialist WILL eventually support tyranny as a means to achieve their Utopian vision of society.

Chomsky has long claimed himself to be a “libertarian socialist.” In the past I have found that a classic misdirection of covertly authoritarian people is to tack the “libertarian” label onto whatever they believe in. Con-men like Chomsky figure that most normies don’t actually know what libertarianism is, but they’ll assume it means that you “support liberty.” It’s a calculated abuse of the ideology designed to mask the collectivist’s true intentions

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