The US Has As Much Moral Authority As Saudi Arabia On The Legitimacy Of Elections

“Let there be no mistake – Sunday’s regional and municipal elections in Venezuela are nothing more than a sham,” reads a recent statement authored by Republican US Senators Jim Risch and Michael McCaul. “The illegitimate Maduro regime has taken drastic measures to dismantle or control every independent institution in the country, including hijacking political parties and the National Electoral Council to ensure state-sponsored electoral fraud.”

“Today’s elections in Venezuela are as illegitimate as Maduro’s tyrannical regime,” reads a tweet by Republican Senator Rick Scott. “The Venezuelan people deserve free and democratic elections NOW. The U.S. and all freedom-loving nations must stand up, condemn these sham elections and support the people in their fight for freedom.”

The imperial media are lining up behind the official US government line on Venezuela’s gubernatorial and mayoral elections, with The New York Times assuring us that conditions “are far from freely democratic” and The Washington Post reporting that opposition parties “say the elections have been stacked against them by the socialist government of President Nicolás Maduro,” who sees the elections as “a chance to reassert strength while projecting a veneer of legitimacy.”

This level of intrusiveness into Venezuela’s heavily internationally monitored democratic process is typical of what we’ve been seeing from the US political/media class with regard to electoral contests in empire-targeted Latin American nations like Bolivia and Nicaragua. Which is really silly, because the US has no more moral authority over the legitimacy of democratic processes than a totalitarian monarchy like Saudi Arabia.

US elections are of course corrupt and fraudulent, entirely dominated at the federal level by legalized oligarchic bribery in the form of campaign contributions, manipulated primariesgerrymanderingvoter suppressionshutting out third parties, and the worst voting system in the western world.

More than this, though, the United States is also the world’s single most egregious offender when it comes to interfering in foreign elections. As Claire Bernish has observed in The Free Thought Project, the US government’s own data shows that it interfered in no fewer than 81 foreign elections just between the years 1946 and 2000. You’d never know it from the shrieking of the political/media class post-2016, but this would also include brazenly interfering in Russia’s elections in the nineties to ensure the presidency of Washington lackey Boris Yeltsin.

And that’s just election interferences. It doesn’t include more brazen interferences in who governs foreign nations like direct military invasions, staged coups, color revolutions and proxy wars.

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Votes to count even if they are mailed in on napkins in Washington state

Interesting voter protocols came to light during a recent election review training in Seattle, Washington which had many question the integrity of elections throughout the state of Washington.

While reviewing ballots that were improperly filled out, an official with King County Elections admitted that if a voter were to mail-in a candidate’s name on a napkin along with the position that they were running for, the vote would be counted.

The example the official showed during the training on whether or not a ballot should be counted was for a voter that was allegedly attempting to vote for Seattle mayoral candidate Lorena Gonzalez (D) in the November 2021 elections.

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All US Elections Are Fraudulent; Shut Up About Nicaragua

Western media are blaring headlines today about a rigged election, not in the United States or any of the other powerful nations allied with it whose elections are consistently fraudulent from top to bottom, but in the small Central American nation of Nicaragua.

A Google search brings up only news stories disparaging the Nicaragua election and its results. As flagged on Twitter by Left I on the News, CNN’s coverage of President Daniel Ortega’s victory featured a chyron with scare quotes around both the words “election” and “wins”, and a newscaster flatly stating “Ortega got 75% of the vote, results that we know are illegitimate.”

New York Times correspondent Natalie Kitroeff reported that Ortega has been “arresting all credible challengers; shutting down opposition parties; banning large campaign events; closing voting stations en masse” and that “there were no billboards or campaign posters” for the opposition, all claims that have been squarely refuted by observers reporting on the scene like Wyatt ReedBen NortonMargaret KimberlyAhmed KaballoCaleb Maupin and others.

This mass media concern trolling about Nicaragua’s elections would not be so outrageously absurd were the elections of the US and its allies anywhere remotely close to free from fraud and manipulation.

There’s a common misconception that nothing ever changes in the US political status quo because an ideological tug-of-war between two equal and opposing factions keeps things in a state of stasis where it’s impossible to advance changes which would benefit ordinary Americans. In reality those two “factions” are in complete alignment in all but the most superficial ways, the electoral contests between them are dominated by a donor class with a vested interest in protecting the status quo, the candidates who compete in them are pre-selected by a corrupt and meticulously vetted primary process to ensure the public only ever gets to cast votes for those who will preserve oligarchy and empire, and third parties are constitutionally prevented from ever becoming politically viable.

All US elections for positions of real power are fraudulent. None of them ever permit real opposition. It’s a one-party system controlled by plutocratic and military institutions fraudulently disguised as democracy, and yet people who call themselves “journalists” have the temerity to criticize the integrity of Latin American elections without ever criticizing their own.

Just once it would be great to hear widespread discussion of US election rigging in the same alarmed tone we hear mass media concern trolls talking about nations like Nicaragua, Bolivia or Venezuela. “Very alarming how third parties are forbidden from participation in the US presidential debate.” “Concerned about the way any real opposition to the US power structure is banned from mainstream media.”

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Powerful New Jersey Senate Democrat says ‘12,000 ballots recently found’ support refusal to concede to truck driver

Democratic New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney, who is projected to lose his bid for reelection against a little-known truck driver, is talking about “recently found” ballots to support his refusal to concede the race.

The defiant incumbent released a statement to the Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday that explained why he is not ready to admit defeat to his Republican challenger.

“The results from Tuesday’s election continue to come in, for instance there were 12,000 ballots recently found in one county,” Sweeney said in an email, not naming the county. “While I am currently trailing in the race, we want to make sure every vote is counted. Our voters deserve that, and we will wait for the final results.”

The race between Sweeney and Edward Durr was called late Thursday morning by the Associated Press. There were roughly 2,000 votes between them and 100% of precincts reporting. Durr led by 32,742 votes, or 51.8%, while Sweeney trailed with 30,444, or 48.2%.

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UNREAL: Federal Elections Commission Votes to Allow Foreigners to Fund Local US Ballot Initiatives and Congressional Redistricting Efforts

shocking report by Axios revealed that over the summer the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) quietly voted to allow foreign donors – including individuals, companies, or GOVERNMENTS – to fund committees that handle local US ballot initiatives. The unbelievable decision also paves the way for any well-funded foreigner to influence key referenda such as congressional redistricting.

Prior to Axios’ report earlier this week, the July ruling had been mostly unknown to the public and even to most lawmakers.

The commission passed the decision with a 4-2 vote to dismiss a 2018 complaint about foreign money spent on a Montana ballot initiative, citing a bogus ‘technicality’ to get around US laws that prevent foreign nationals from influencing our elections. According to them, ballot measures aren’t ‘technically’ elections, so the traditional election financing laws do not apply.

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Media Salivate Over Another Likely Racial Hoax at Glenn Youngkin’s Massive Final Rally

Last week, the Virginia gubernatorial race was rocked by a fake racial scandal in which operatives, at least three of whom worked for the state’s official Democrat Party, carried tiki torches and pledged their support to Glenn Youngkin.

Eventually, after the identities of the activists began to be discovered, The Lincoln Project took credit. But as I said at the time, no one should buy their claim of total autonomy. Terry McAuliffe’s campaign surrogates ran with the photo immediately despite it originally only being shared by a tiny Twitter account. In other words, I highly suspect they knew ahead of time and helped coordinate the stunt.

On that note, Glenn Youngkin held a massive final rally last night. That represented his final push as people head to the polls today in an extremely tight race.

But like clockwork, the media found another likely racial hoax to run with. Someone wearing a jacket with a confederate flag stitched on it just so happened to make their way right in front of the media stand. Yes, of all the thousands of other places this person could have positioned themselves last night at the rally, they ended up right where the media could get clear pictures.

And just like with the tiki-torch scam, no reporter bothered to get any information on the person at all. Amazing, right?

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Feds creating comic books to push COVID masks, fight disinformation on 5G and elections

Colorado voters perusing their Secretary of State Web site ahead of this week’s elections are directed in the “What You Can Do” section to a most-unexpected resource: a comic book purporting to educate them on “deep fakes,” “troll farms” and “election misinformation.”

If the tool isn’t surprising enough to voters, its publisher just may be: It’s Uncle Sam.

Since October 2020, the Homeland Security Department’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has published two “graphic novels” aimed at combatting what it sees as two dangerous myths in America: Elections can be stolen and 5G towers have a connection to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ranking Republican on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs said the comic books are powerful examples of ideology being placed ahead of security.

“When I helped pass the bill to rename CISA, the intent was to help the agency focus on Cyber and Infrastructure security, not establish itself as a comic book publisher or the Ministry of Truth,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., told Just the News on Sunday “This is just one more sad example of what America gets with Democrat governance: less security, more nanny state.”

CISA declined to say how much taxpayer money was spent on the comic books, but defends the work. 

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