Add Homeschooling To List Of Things The Left Says Is Racist

A leftist professor wants you to know that you’re partaking in racism if you homeschool your kids, the latest aspect of American culture that the Left has now declared racist.

On Thursday, MSNBC ran a column arguing that people who partake in homeschooling are actually helping to end public school and re-segregate society — even if they’re doing it unknowingly.

MSNBC tweeted, “It may seem harmless, but the insidious racism of the American religious right’s obsession with homeschooling speaks volumes,” while linking to the article written by University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler.

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Biden Administration Wants To Force Public Charter Schools To Select Students By Race

The Biden administration has quietly released a proposal for a new administrative rule that will require charter schools to prove their commitment to far-left politics or risk losing federal funding. 

A 14-page proposal published by the U.S. Department of Education on March 14 — with the public comment period closing on Wednesday — makes it clear that the Biden administration will make it more difficult for charter schools to open and cripple those already in existence.

The proposal includes a detailed list of requirements that charters will have to meet before they can receive funding, along with guidelines they will have to follow to continue keeping doors open. 

One of the requirements facing charter schools, should this proposal pass, is requiring partnership with at least one “traditional” public school in their area. Greedy teachers unions will be thrilled with this arrangement, as charters will be on the hook to help provide things like curriculum, “professional development opportunities,” and a “shared transportation system” with their public partner, not to mention providing for the students already in their care.

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Ketanji Brown Jackson Is A Trustee At School That Hosts Racially Segregated ‘Affinity Groups’ For Middle-Schoolers

Georgetown Day School, where Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is a member of the board of trustees, hosts racially segregated clubs, euphemistically referred to as “affinity groups,” for middle- and high-schoolers.

GDS describes these racially segregated groups as “safe spaces.” The website says that “most” of them are open to “allies” but goes on to define an affinity group as “​​a group whose members share a particular identity,” continuing to note that the groups “can help identify, interpret, interrupt and dismantle sources of oppression or discrimination.”

The only two middle-school affinity groups are for “Students of Color Mentoring,” which exclude white students. The description for the middle-school mentoring program reads:

“The MS SOC Mentoring Program continues to provide community support for any and all students who identify as Black/African/African-American, Asian/Asian-American, Middle-Eastern/Middle-Eastern American, Native-American/Native/American Indian, Latinx/Hispanic, and/or of Bi-racial/Multi-racial descent.”

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