Satanic or satire? US school preaches ‘cannibalism,’ yet concerned parents are the ones branded as ‘domestic terrorists’

As further evidence that the US school system has lost the plot, students in Georgia were instructed to consider ‘eating babies’ as a way of solving world hunger. How much more depraved does it have to get before people wake up?

In the ongoing series entitled ‘US Schools Go Insane,’ one institution apparently thought that by slapping a ‘satire’ sticker on the most profane idea imaginable, the contraband would go unnoticed. On behalf of satire, I’m happy to report it didn’t work. 

As part of the inventive English lesson, which probably spoiled more than one trip to the cafeteria, high school students at Richmond Hill were tasked with finding ways of ‘raising and eating of babies to solve the world hunger problem’. Yum. Rhonda Thomas, founder and president of Truth in Education, broke down the details of the class assignment in a shocking interview with The New American. The information from the lesson plan that she divulged is nothing short of – as Thomas herself described it – “satanic.”

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Mom Says Superintendent Defended Gay Porn Book In School Library After Complaint

After one mother said she reported North Kingstown High School in North Kingstown, Rhode Island to the police for advertising gay pornography book “Gender Queer: A Memoir” in a school library display case, another Rhode Island mom says Superintendent Phil Auger has come out in defense of the book’s presence. Auger did not respond to The Federalist’s request for comment.

Erika Sanzi reported on her Substack blog that another concerned parent had emailed Auger about the “inappropriate” book, which features multiple graphic scenes of gay men having sex, discussion of sexual fantasies, and even an instance where a girl is encouraged by her sibling to “taste” herself. Sanzi posted a screenshot of an email she says is from Auger, which insists the book is not pornographic and compares the book to the work of Renaissance artist Michelangelo or an anatomy textbook.

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De Blasio Moves To End NYC’s ‘Gifted and Talented’ School Programs

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio (D.) on Friday ordered the total elimination of the city’s advanced-learning programs in public schools. The move is a major concession in the closing months of the mayor’s term to racial-equity activists who have long called for getting rid of the classes.

The classes, known as “gifted and talented” programs, group together elementary school students who perform well on an admissions exam they take when they’re four years old. Under de Blasio’s overhaul, the programs will be phased out, with the current cohort of enrollees being the last to learn in gifted classes through elementary school.

Critics of the gifted and talented programs say they enforce racial segregation in schools and stand in the way of racial equity. The gifted classes comprise about three-quarters white and Asian students, according to the New York Times. But an April poll found that a majority of New Yorkers support the programs.

“The era of judging four-year-olds based on a single test is over,” de Blasio said in a statement. The mayor proposed an alternative to the gifted and talented programs that would see students assessed at the third grade and offered “accelerated instruction” in classes with other students receiving standard instruction.

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Mass. teachers union says standardized tests have allowed ‘white supremacy to flourish’

A teachers union in Massachusetts claim the state’s standardized testing has “allowed white supremacy to flourish.”

The Massachusetts Teachers Association wants to strip the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) as a part of graduation requirements for students.

“The implementation of the MCAS and other standardized tests has had the exact opposite effect of what was supposed to occur when the system was introduced more than 20 years ago,” said MTA president Merrie Najimy in a statement.

The union is backing a bill to give students “multiple pathways” to show their educational competency apart from the MCAS standardized testing.

“Public schools in predominantly Black and brown communities have been taken over by state bureaucrats who have been using standardized testing as a tool not to improve opportunities for students,” continued Najimy, “but instead as one to pry public education from the hands of the families and educators who know best what their students need.”

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Calif. parents want answers over school board member’s ‘disturbing’ sexual tweet about teen boy

Some parents in Chula Vista, Calif., want answers from local school board member Kate Bishop regarding vile messages posted some years ago on Twitter that went viral recently after a father who was concerned about the messages posted them to his social media account.

“I’m pretty sure I hit my sexual peak today. Somebody bring me an 18-year-old boy, STAT!” Bishop wrote in 2012, adding the hashtag “#hormones.”

A second post in 2o11 said, “Off to the park to see what hot 3-year-olds my kid can hit on,” that came with the hashtag “#ValentinesDay.”

The school district’s interim superintendent has put some distance between those tweets and the school district, while Bishop herself has acknowledged the posts were “past mistakes” and attempts at humor.

But that hasn’t completely mollified some parents including Katie Davidson-Brock, a native of the city and a mother of three, one of whom attends Chula Vista Elementary School.

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, she said she believes “that someone with this type of character is unfit to serve” on the school board.

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Mayor Calls for Ohio School Board to Resign Over ‘Child Pornography’ Material

The mayor of Hudson, Ohio, said he is asking all five school board members to resign or face potential criminal charges over high school course material that was described as “child pornography” by a local judge.

“It has come to my attention that your educators are distributing essentially what is child pornography in the classroom,” Mayor Craig Shubert told the Hudson City Schools board, which oversees Hudson High School, according to video footage. “I’ve spoken to a judge this evening. She’s already confirmed that. So I’m going to give you a simple choice: You either choose to resign from this board of education or you will be charged.”

The incident stemmed from parents saying their children received an inappropriate writing prompt assignment found inside the book, “642 Things to Write About,” in a liberal arts class.

According to Amazon reviews of the book, several of the writing prompts include describing sex or similar topics, while others warned that it isn’t meant for younger writers or students. Another prompt asked students to drink a beer and describe how it tastes or how to commit a murder, reports said.

“Do not sexualize our kids! The raw filth that snuck past the gatekeeping functions of this board of ed. in ‘642 Reasons’ was disgusting,” parent Morris Norman said at the Hudson board meeting, reported News5.

“I asked my daughter if she had been reading a book with inappropriate stuff in it and she said yes,” Monica Havens, a mother of a student who saw the book, told the Akron Beacon Journal.

During the meeting on Monday, Principal Brian Wilch apologized and said teachers “overlooked several writing prompts among the 642” in the book that “are not appropriate for our high school audience.” However, he contended that “at no time were any of these inappropriate prompts selected or discussed, but still they were there and they were viewable, and you can’t unsee them,” reported the Akron Beacon Journal.

But parents, including Norman, said they weren’t convinced.

“The students were told not to take the book home. Why? So their parents couldn’t see it,” said Norman.

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