New York City Spending $5 Million PER DAY on Housing and Feeding Illegal Immigrants

New York City is reportedly spending five million dollars a day on the feeding and housing of illegal immigrants now living on the city.

In what world is this kind of figure acceptable or even sustainable? How long can this possibly go on?

Think about the size of that number and imagine what could be done with that money to help American citizens.

If New York City has that kind of money to spend on illegal immigrants, why are there homeless people in the city? How is anyone in the city going hungry?

The New York Post reports:

NYC official says city is spending an estimated $5M a day on housing, feeding migrants

New York City is spending nearly $5 million a day to house and feed thousands of migrants — but the Big Apple is still barely getting a dime in aid from President Biden and Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The mind-blowing cost of the crisis was revealed Friday afternoon after city Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol told a City Council panel that Gotham’s Department of Homeless Services and Health & Hospitals each spend an average of $363 daily to provide food and shelter for just a single migrant.

Given that there are more than 30,000 migrants currently being housed in city taxpayer-funded facilities, that would amount to a daily staggering bill of $10.89 million.

City Hall then waited until Friday night to officially correct Iscol’s comments.

After Mayor Eric Adams’ administration refused for several hours to go on the record, a spokeswoman, Kate Smart, finally wrote in an e-mail to The Post that “$364 per household is the per diem for asylum seekers.”

Based on what City Hall would only say on background earlier, “there are 12,700 households currently in our care,” that puts the daily migrant cost for the city still at a colossal $4,622,800.

This is insanity.

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The UK will treat online images of immigrants crossing the Channel as a criminal offence

On 17 January, the United Kingdom (UK) government announced that online platforms will have to proactively remove images of immigrants crossing the Channel in small boats under a new amendment to be tabled to the Online Safety Bill. The announcement, intended to bolster the UK’s hostile immigration policy, has been met with concern among the British public and charities working with people on the move . However, it does helpfully confirm the way that this Bill could be manoeuvred to political ends.

How will the new amendment be enforced?

In fact, the proposed amendment says nothing about small boats crossing the Channel. It supports an existing provision in the Bill under the heading of “Assisting Illegal Immigration” Schedule 7 (22). It relies on the interpretation of an obscure text from a 1971 law, and on an opaque requirement for online platforms to “prevent users encountering” this content.

The amendment is to be tabled by the government in the House of Lords. in response to a politically-motivated amendment proposed by 24 Conservative Party members of Parliament (MPs), and led by the MP for Dover, Nathalie Elphicke.

Mrs Elphicke’s amendment called for the removal of content that may result in serious harm or death to a child while crossing the English Channel with the aim of entering the United Kingdom in a vessel unsuited or unsafe for those purposes.”

It was positioned within a provision about content harmful to children. Despite the clumsy drafting, the intention was clear and it won sufficient support to force the government to re-draft it.

As a result, the government’s proposal will amend the illegal content provisions in the Bill.

The content to be removed under these provisions is defined by a list of 33 criminal offences. The government wants to add a new offence under Section 24 of the 1971 Immigration Act, which is about unlawful entry to the UK. The amendment will support the reference to Section 25 of the 1971 Act that is already in the Bill.

The 1971 provisions have been updated in Sections 40 and 41 of the Nationality and Borders Act 2022, the government’s most recent change to immigration law.

In order to force providers to remove the content, the government is relying on “Inchoate offences”. These include aiding and abetting those offences. The government argues that aiding and abetting would include posting videos of people crossing the Channel from France to the UK in small, over-crowded boats. It would also include videos of people trying to enter the UK by climbing aboard lorries.

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Lawmakers Propose ‘Dream Act,’ Amnesty for 1.9 Million Illegal Immigrants

Two senators have introduced the Dream Act of 2023 seeking to provide legal status to illegal immigrants who were brought into the United States as children—a move that would provide lawful permanent residence to almost 2 million people.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, have introduced the same legislation in the last three sessions of Congress, but it failed each time.

In June 2012, the Obama administration implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which seeks to protect “Dreamers,” illegal immigrants who came to America when they were children. The Dream Act of 2023 would allow roughly 1.9 million people to receive legal status to live and work in the United States.

This number includes about 600,000 current DACA applicants. Graham suggested that strict immigration reforms must be implemented for the Dream Act to become a reality.

“While I continue to support relief for Dreamers, I hope my Democratic colleagues understand we must repair a broken border and address a tsunami of illegal immigration before that is remotely possible,” Graham said in a statement Friday.

“The Dreamers represent a class of illegal immigrants that have much public support because they were minors brought here by their parents and America has become their home,” Graham said. “To provide relief to this population, we must first convince Americans that the unending wave of illegal immigration will stop.”

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Rhode Island Bill Would Make It Possible For Illegal Immigrants To Vote

A new bill making its way through the system in Rhode Island would make it possible for non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

Another New England state, Vermont, is currently trying to do the same thing.

When you look at these policy proposals, the situation at the southern border starts to make more sense. Democrats seem to be trying to outnumber the people who would vote against them.

The Federalist reports:

Rhode Island Bill Would Open Elections To Illegal Aliens, In Democrats’ Latest Push For Noncitizen Voting

Democrats in the Rhode Island General Assembly have introduced legislation that, if passed, would grant localities the ability to give non-U.S. citizens the right to vote in municipal elections. The measure marks the latest attempt by leftists to give foreigners and, in this case, even illegal immigrants the opportunity to influence the U.S. electoral process.

Under the new bill (H 5461), cities and towns would be permitted to “allow all residents of the municipality to vote in municipal elections for municipal officeholders regardless of the immigration status of the residents.”

The measure also stipulates that the locality’s board of canvassers is required to coordinate with Rhode Island’s secretary of state and board of elections to “develop the forms and instructions to implement the provisions” of the new law, “as well as any rules and regulations necessary to ensure that any ballot for municipal officeholders only is kept separate and apart from ballots distributed to [citizen] voters … and counted separately for transmission to the board of elections.”

The legislation does not specify what constitutes proof of residency.

Allowing non-citizens to vote in municipal elections will just be the first step, the test run.

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Georgia ‘witch doctor’ accused of raping woman who paid for ‘cleansing’ ritual, police believe he targeted illegal aliens

A man calling himself a “witch doctor” is accused of raping a woman who had paid him for a cleansing ritual, and police believe that he targeted illegal aliens because he could threaten to report them to immigration officials.

Police say that 44-year-old Hassan Shalgheen took an appointment from a woman seeking a cleansing ritual and invited her to his apartment in Duluth, a small suburban town near Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday evening.

She said she found out about Shalgheen through WhatsApp, a social media platform.

Police said that Shalgheen took her clothes off for the ritual and then forced himself on her and sexually assaulted her.

She called police from his apartment at about 11 p.m.

Shalgheen was arrested and charged with two counts of rape. He was also charged with false imprisonment, theft, and sexual battery.

Video of the arrest was obtained by WANF-TV and showed police telling Shalgheen that they had a warrant for his DNA.

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New Biden Admin Program Will Hide Numbers of Illegal Immigrants Entering the Country

If the Biden administration tells you illegal border crossings are down, don’t be fooled. Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) fellow Todd Bensman wrote a piece for Newsweek on Jan. 24 explaining how the new CBP One program doesn’t reduce the number of illegal migrants flooding the southern U.S. border; it simply “pre-approves” those migrants so Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Border Patrol can claim the numbers of illegal apprehensions and crossings are down. As Bensman said, “The illusion would impress Harry Houdini.”

December was the worst month ever in the border crisis, according to CBP statistics, but CBP seems eager to assure America on Biden’s behalf that the crisis is improving. “The American public will indeed see sharp declines in the monthly illegal apprehension statistics, starting with the January report which comes out next month,” Bensman said. But those declines are just a clever deception on the part of the Biden administration, not an increase of border security. Illegals will be entering America in numbers as large as ever. They will just be able to achieve a sort of legitimized status before entering through CBP One.

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‘Don’t Want To Show Him The Reality Of Things’: Illegal Immigrant Camps In El Paso Cleaned Up Before Biden Visit

Illegal immigrants in El Paso, Texas, have been arrested, their camps have been taken down, and some have been sent back to Mexico in the week leading up to President Biden’s first visit to the border during his term. 

El Paso, the epicenter of the border crisis, saw up to 2,500 illegal immigrants crossing the border every day in mid-December. Videos show authorities patrolling and arresting illegal immigrants sleeping on city streets outside a bus station and the Sacred Heart Church shelter, NBC reported

“People are saying that if you are out in the streets the Border Patrol will get you and deport you because the President is coming to El Paso and they don’t want to show him the reality of things,” Maria Rodriguez, a Venezuelan who was living in a dumpster for three days, told the New York Post. “I hope we get shelter tonight because it took us a lot of courage to go out of that dumpster after three days…We just don’t want to keep running. All we are asking is for one chance.” 

One Border Patrol agent told The Post that 200 illegal immigrants were sent back to Mexico on Saturday. President Biden is scheduled to visit El Paso Sunday afternoon, much to the dismay of some border patrol agents who say it is too little, too late.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told Fox News Digital in a recent interview that agents are “beyond frustrated that he allowed this issue to get as bad as it is, he’s not coming to the border of his own accord. He would have done that a long, long time ago.”

Lisa Graybill, vice president of law and policy at the National Immigration Law Center, told NBC News that removing illegal immigrants in front of a church shelter violates Homeland Security policy. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas sent a memo in October 2021 stating that illegal immigrants should not be arrested at shelters like places of worship and courthouses, according to the outlet

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ICE Can’t ‘Locate’ Records of 378,000 Detainees

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are unable to locate any records of illegal immigrants taken into custody and placed in a federal program to “ensure non-detained non-citizen compliance with release conditions, court hearings, and final orders of removal,” according to a nonprofit government transparency advocacy group.

“ICE has conducted a search of the ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) for records responsive to your request and no records responsive to your request were found,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University in a Dec. 22 letter.

The ICE letter cautioned that the failure to locate records sought by TRAC isn’t evidence that the documents do or don’t exist. The inability of ICE to locate the requested records was described by TRAC in a Dec. 23 statement as a “very troubling development.”

Nearly 378,000 individuals are currently covered by the program, according to federal officials.

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‘Serious Disregard For These Children’s Welfare’: Biden Admin Policies Could Place Migrant Kids in Homes With Sex Offenders

The Biden administration’s attempts to implement a more humane immigration policy are leading it to hand migrant children over to American adults who haven’t submitted to background checks, according to a Senate report obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. That has made those kids vulnerable to everything from being placed in the custody of legal guardians who have a history of child neglect to living in homes with registered sex offenders.

The report, from Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio) and Republican members of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, paints a devastating picture of how the Biden administration has mismanaged the southern border, which has seen more than 2.5 million crossings since he took office. Biden’s attempt to strike a contrast on immigration with his predecessor may have backfired, putting in danger thousands of minors who have now lost contact with federal authorities, according to the report.

In an effort to reverse Trump administration policies that President Joe Biden characterized on the campaign trail as cruel and inhumane, many unaccompanied alien children who come into the custody of American officials are now handed over to adults in the United States without any vetting, the report says. Those background checks would verify, among other things, that alien children are not given to guardians who are on the sex offender registry.

Few executive actions under former president Donald Trump drew more ire from the media and left-wing activists than his “family separation policy.” That policy, which ordered law enforcement to separate children from illegal alien parents apprehended at the southern border was meant to deter future illegal border crossings. But Biden, who, according to the Senate report, is overseeing an immigration system that is reducing “protections for [unaccompanied alien] children against abuse and trafficking,” has avoided the same level of scrutiny from the press and Democrats.

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Biden Administration Approves Health Insurance for Illegal Immigrants in Washington State

The Biden administration has approved a waiver that will allow Washington state to offer health insurance to illegal immigrants.

The waiver, known as the “State Innovation Waiver” was submitted by the state in the spring and approved by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Treasury Department on Dec. 9 under section 1332 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to officials.

Washington requested the waiver in an effort to expand residents’ access to qualified health plans, stand-alone qualified dental plans, as well as the state affordability program regardless of their immigration status.

“The waiver will help Washington work towards its goals of improving health equity and reducing racial disparities by expanding access to coverage for the uninsured population through the state Exchange, all the while not increasing costs for those currently enrolled,” the departments said (pdf).

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