Dem Mayor Hires Convicted Sex Offender Who Raped Teenage Girls To Inspect Homes. Residents: ‘I’ll Be Terrified’

The Democrat mayor of a town just south of Chicago hired a man who spent 24 years in prison for kidnapping two young teenage girls as a code enforcement officer.

“On Sept. 20, village records show Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard hired 46-year-old Lavelle Redmond as a code enforcement officer — a job in which he goes into Dolton homes and businesses to inspect them and make sure they are up to code,” Fox 32 reported.

Redmond, a registered child sex offender, is listed on the Illinois State Police child sex offender registry. In 1991, he participated in a gang rape and beating in the Roseland area. “He and three other people kidnapped and sexually assaulted two girls, ages 13 and 14,” Fox 32 noted.

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British Police End Investigation into Longtime Epstein Associate Prince Andrew, Take No Action

The Metropolitan Police of London have concluded an investigation into Prince Andrew, a British royal and longtime associate of infamous pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

The Met Police will take no action against the royal, who has been accused of sexual assault by a woman named Virginia Giuffre who was trafficked by Epstein as a teenager. The London police agency announced the investigation had ended Sunday, with Prince Andrew continuing to deny allegations of sexual assault against him.

Prince Andrew has claimed a picture of him holding a 16 or 17-year old Giuffre by the waist(pictured above) is a forgery, but computer science experts haven’t corroborated his claims of a plot to frame him through digital manipulation.

Giuffre has sued Andrew in the American civil justice system, with the British royal attempting to evade court summons documents in the matter. Her American lawyer, Sigrid McCawley, called on British authorities to reopen a criminal investigation into Andrew’s alleged sex crimes in a statement provided to the Sunday Times.

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Indiana Business Offering Pole Dancing Classes for Children as Young as SEVEN

An Indiana business is offering pole dancing lessons for children as young as seven-years-old.

The business, Tiffs Pole Fitness Inc., claims that pole dancing is not just for strippers, but is now an “international sport.”

A disturbing flyer for the classes features a likeness of Disney’s Rapunzel hanging upside down on a pole in what appears to be lingerie.

The owner, Tiffany Huebner, says that children must wear “mid/short shorts” and a tank top to the classes.

In a Facebook post, Huebner wrote “thank you to those who have shown your support for my Kids Pole Classes! I know that it’s going to take time for everyone to drop the stigma of “it’s a stripper pole” & understand that pole is an international sport now. I have patience & hope for our future generations of pole olympians & want to share an example with the public of what an international pole sport competition for kids looks like.”

They included a video of a nine year old pole dancing in a bikini.

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Nuns used crucifixes to rape girls during decades of abuse carried out by clergy in France’s Catholic Church that saw attacks on 330,000 children covered up ‘by a veil of silence’, damning report finds

Nuns used crucifixes to rape girls during decades of abuse carried out by clergy in France’s Catholic Church that saw attacks on 330,000 children covered up ‘by a veil of silence’, a damning report has found. 

The 2,500-page landmark report was released Tuesday after more than two years of investigations by an independent commission, in France’s first major reckoning with the devastating phenomenon.

A victim named ‘Marie’ testified that she was abused as an 11-year-old and that when she complained about the abuse to her parents they refused to believe a nun could do such a thing. The abuse continued for another year.

‘I was truly [a gift] for this nun… because she knew full well that she did not risk anything,’ Marie said. 

Eighty per cent of victims were young boys between the ages of 10 and 13, however many girls also suffered abuse, not only by priests but also by nuns.

Nuns used crucifixes to rape little girls or forced boys to have sex with them, according to the report.

Pope Francis today expressed to the victims his ‘great sorrow, for their wounds’, adding that he was grateful for the courage they had shown in denouncing what they had been through.  

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Terry McAuliffe Defends Graphic Gay Sex Scenes In Public School, Promises To Lock Parents Out Of Education Process

Terry McAuliffe, the far-left Democrat and nominee for Governor of Virginia, is defending gay porn in schools and says that he will further lock parents out of the education process in Virginia, doubling down on his opposition to programs allowing parents to “veto” certain education materials and vowing that he will make sure parents don’t get the chance to “make their own decisions” regarding the education of their children.

Terry McAuliffe’s Soviet-style remarks on education came during this week’s gubernatorial debate, where he faced off against GOP nominee Glenn Youngkin, who made parental rights pertaining to education a key piece of his debate argument.

Youngkin drilled down on an ongoing controversy in Fairfax County, where parents are fuming over a public school allowing gay, pornographic material to be stocked in the school’s library. According to a mother who attempted to address the issue with the far-left county school board – only to be silenced – the school library carried multiple books that included illustrations depicting gay sex acts, including gay sex acts between a grown man and a fourth grade boy.

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Alanis Morissette Admits Music Industry Is Run by Elite Pedophiles: ‘They’re ALL Child Rapists’

Singer Alanis Morissette has blown the whistle on how the music industry is literally “run by pedophiles” in an explosive new video.

In a documentary called ‘Jagged,’ which premieres Tuesday at the Toronto International Film Festival, 47-year-old Morissette claims that the entertainment industry is run by elite pedophiles who routinely rape and abuse children.

According to Morissette, she was forced to have sex with multiple men in the entertainment industry when she was just a teenager.

“It took me years in therapy to even admit there had been any kind of victimization on my part,” Morissette said. “I would always say I was consenting, and then I’d be reminded like ‘Hey, you were 15, you’re not consenting at 15.’ Now I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, they’re all pedophiles. It’s all statutory rape.”

Yahoo News reports:According to the Post, Morissette doesn’t name the alleged abusers in the film, but she faults the music industry for ignoring her when she tried to speak up. “I did tell a few people and it kind of fell on deaf ears,” she said. “It would usually be a stand-up, walk-out-of-the-room moment.” She also reportedly says that she frequently experienced unwanted sexual advances.

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Police Chief Busted Paying Woman So He Could Repeatedly Rape Her Child

The idea of a family member selling a child relative for sex is absolutely horrifying. It should shock even the most callous of individuals. In America, we are told, police are here to protect us from the likes of these monsters who would dare peddle in the exploitation and abuse of children but often times, it is the exact opposite — as the following case illustrates.

Kristen Naylor-Legg, 28, is a despicable human being who sold her own underage family member for sex. She pleaded guilty to the charges this week of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of a minor under the age of 18. The man who people put their trust in to prevent such atrocities, Chief of Police for the Gauley Bridge Police Departmen, Larry Allen Clay, Jr., was not only failing to prevent it but was participating in it as a customer.

Clay, who is the chief of police and an employee of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department was participating the the sex trafficking of a child by paying Naylor-Legg to have sex with her underage relative.

“Chief Clay’s heinous conduct in this case is one of the worst examples of police misconduct and abuse of power imaginable,” attorney Russell A. Williams told The West Virginia Record over a civil suit last week. “We look forward to holding him accountable for his unconscionable violation of our client’s rights and breaching our collective public trust in law enforcement.”

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