The Plutonium Files: The US Government Injected Unsuspecting Citizens With Plutonium

In the mid-1940s the US was leading the world in atomic weapons development and the understanding of radioactive materials. Just ten years after plutonium had been discovered, the Manhattan Project was already close to creating a working atomic bomb. Such advances had not been made on the safe handling of such materials, however. This lack of understanding led to researchers on the project injecting people, unwittingly, with plutonium, to study the effects.

The Manhattan Project was the name of the major US research and development program that produced working atomic weapons. It began officially began in 1942, but similar, less intensive research had been ongoing since the late 1930s. The US took the idea of atomic weapons seriously in 1939 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt received the Einstein–Szilárd letter from Hungarian physicists. This letter warned the US about the potential German development of atomic weapons and was signed by Albert Einstein.

While it’s most famous for the development of the atomic bomb, the Manhattan Project encompassed a number of different paths of research at different sites.

Much of this was related to the incredibly complex development and production of the weapons themselves, but a small priority was placed on studying the health effects of the materials involved in the project.

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Ike and Leahy Were Right: The Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Were Wrong

In the summer of 1945, President Harry Truman found himself searching for a decisive blow against the Empire of Japan. Despite the many Allied victories during 1944 and 1945, Truman believed Emperor Hirohito would urge his generals to fight on. America suffered 76,000 casualties at the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and the Truman administration anticipated that a prolonged invasion of mainland Japan would result in even more devastating numbers. Even so, plans were drawn up to invade Japan under the name Operation Downfall.

The estimates for the potential carnage were sobering; the Joint Chiefs of Staff pegged the expected casualties at 1.2 million. Staff for Admiral Chester Nimitz and General Douglas MacArthur both expected over 1,000 casualties per day, while the personnel at the Department of the Navy thought the totals would run as high as four million, with the Japanese incurring up to 10 million of their own. The Los Angeles Times was a bit more optimistic, projecting one million casualties.

With those numbers, it’s no wonder the US opted to (literally) take the nuclear option by dropping Little Boy on Hiroshima on August 6, and then Fat Man on Nagasaki on August 9. Japan formally surrendered 24 days later, sparing potentially millions of US servicemen and vindicating the horrifying-yet-necessary bombings.

At least this is the common narrative we’re all taught in grade school. But like so many historical narratives, it’s an oversimplification and historically obtuse.

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The ABBA-Nazi Connection–And It’s Weirder Than You Can Imagine

In the whole of pop history, has there been a band more wholesome than ABBA? Yet if you dig into the personal history of one of its members, you’ll discover something sinister, one of the many evil tentacles of the Third Reich.

And before you jump to conclusions, although involved, ABBA is totally blameless.

World War I was brutal on the German population. So many men were killed that the country’s birthrate fell a staggering 43% between 1920 and 1932. With population-boosting immigration out of the question, Hitler and his racial purity-obsessed cronies came up with a policy called Lebensborn, a program that encouraged women possessing Aryan ideals to breed. A lot.

This effort to create a new generation of racially pure children for the Reich involved everything from stealing children to the establishing of secret birthing facilities.

Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, was positive that too many German women of solid breeding stock were having abortions. He came up with the idea of having those women carry their unwanted children to term, giving birth in any one of the dozens of secret government clinics, furnished with the possessions stolen from the homes if displaced Jews. Once born, the kids were given to families of solid, elite SS/Aryan credentials to raise as their own.

When the program began, Himmler was big on having member of the SS and the military have children with any Aryan women, both within wedlock and without. For the glory of the Fatherland, you know?

As German casualties mounted during WW II, Himmler ordered his officers to marry and have kids. Women in occupied countries were also highly encouraged to mate with Nazi officers and German soldiers.

The Lebebsborn program moved east into Poland where up to 200,000 babies were kidnapped. Those who passed the racial purity test were placed in approved homes. Those who did not were sent or orphanages. Or executed.

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