Former USAF Officers Claim Aliens Disabled America’s Nuclear Missiles in the 1960s

Scientists, astronomers, and common folk alike have been intrigued by recent sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). On Oct. 7, a group of former United States Air Force (USAF) officers announced that they will present evidence that UFOs have breached American nuclear missile sites over the past few decades.

The submitted evidence will be used to support the claim that nuclear missiles were “inexplicably disabled” by mysterious crafts flying overhead.

Former USAF Captain and nuclear missile crew commander Robert Salas, former USAF captain and nuclear missile crew commander David Schindele, former USAF captain and nuclear missile targeting officer Robert Jamison, and former USAF lieutenant and missile test photographic officer Robert Jacobs will hold a press conference to discuss the matter on Oct. 19.

The panel was organized by Salas, who raised more than $13,000 for the press conference and congressional lobbying through GoFundMe. The officers will present declassified U.S. government documents and witness testimonies as proof of ongoing UFO incursions on nuclear missile sites. 

The ex-officers claim that UFOs disabled weapons systems at nuclear bases. The missiles were even activated by starting launch sequences before the trespassers decided to shut them down.

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Unearthed Recording Alleges that Einstein Was Enlisted to Examine Roswell Wreckage

In a recently unearthed recording of an interview conducted nearly 30 years ago, a former assistant to Albert Einstein alleges that the famed scientist was enlisted to examine the Roswell wreckage, including the ET occupants of the downed craft. UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia uncovered the remarkable revelation when he tracked down ufologist Sheila Franklin, who interviewed Dr. Shirley Wright in 1993 about her time working with Einstein in the summer of 1947. As luck would have it, Franklin still had the tapes from her conversation with the former assistant and what she told the researcher was nothing short of stunning.

According to Wright, she accompanied Einstein to what had been dubbed a “crisis conference” that was hastily held in July of 1947 at a remote army airbase in the American southwest. Upon their arrival, the duo entered a hangar that was under heavy security and, when they entered the building, they discovered that it contained a rather curious craft that appeared to have sustained significant damage. “It was disc-shaped, sort of concave,” Wright recalled, “its size stood up to one-fourth of the hangar floor.” While her response to the strange scene was one of “wonderment, half curiosity and maybe half fear,” she said that Einstein was “not disturbed at all” and, instead, was primarily concerned with what sort of insights about propulsion and the universe could be gleaned from the vehicle.

The strange event took an even weirder turn, Wright claimed, when the pair were then presented with the bodies of five nearly indistinguishable beings that had apparently been aboard the craft. The scientist’s former assistant observed that they “were about five feet tall, without hair, with big heads and enormous dark eyes, and their skin was gray with a slight greenish tinge, but for the most part their bodies were not exposed, being dressed in tight-fitting suits.” The duo were then taken to another area where there was a still-living being that was struggling to stay alive and making strange sounds, but no coherent words or communication.

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UFO Investigation Office to be Considered by Congress

Congress is considering a permanent UFO office devoted to investigating terrestrial threats.

In House Bill HR. 4350 under section 1652, the bill states that “not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Director of National Intelligence, shall establish an office within the Office of the Secretary of Defense to carry out, on a Department-wide basis, the mission currently performed by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force as of the date of the enactment of this Act.”

The act “Establishment of [an] Office to Address Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” alludes that the term UFO or unidentified flying object will be replaced with the term “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAP, which” means airborne objects witnessed by a pilot or aircrew member that are not immediately identifiable.”

According to The Washington Times, the bill, however, was delayed on Wednesday due to other pressing budgetary concerns.

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Military and Commercial Pilots Report Strange UFO Sighting Over Canada

In an intriguing case out of Canada, pilots from both a military and a commercial aircraft reported seeing a strange green UFO in the night sky. The puzzling dual-witness event occurred at around 2 AM on July 31st and was made public in an incident report issued this week by the Canadian Civil Aviation Authority. The department indicated that the sighting unfolded over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence as a military transport aircraft was flying from Ontario to Germany and a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines passenger jet was en route from Boston to Amsterdam. The normally routine flights took an unexpected turn when the pilots of the two separate planes noticed that they had some strange company as they passed through the area.

The incident report states that they each told air traffic controllers that they had spotted “a bright green flying object” that “flew into a cloud, then disappeared.” Alas, that brief description of the sighting is all that was officially revealed by the Canadian Civil Aviation Authority, which ultimately classified it as an enigmatic ‘other,’ meaning it could have been a “weather balloon, meteor, rocket, UFO.” Although the report also states that there was “no impact to operations,” aviation researcher Steffan Watkins looked into the incident and found a rather surprising detail that goes unmentioned in the official report.

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The Strangest Encounters With Unidentified Aircraft We’ve Found In The FAA’s Huge Database

The War Zone has begun to analyze some of the thousands of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drone and unidentified aircraft incident reports collected in our new mapping tool. Several of these reports describe incidents that have been featured in our previous stories, including one that showcased nearly two dozen unusual incidents involving military aircraft or training ranges. However, many of them have provided leads on new and highly unusual incidents, ranging from puzzling high altitude encounters to craft described as cylinders and even discs.

As might be expected, the degree of severity of the incidents in the data set varies dramatically. Many of the reports describe common but nonetheless concerning safety hazards posed by errant recreational drones flown at low altitudes. Buried within the reports are also much more concerning incidents involving aircraft operating near sensitive facilities, such as nuclear installations and military bases, or at highly peculiar, and illegal, altitudes. The reports also vary considerably in terms of the type of aircraft described. Beyond the expected menagerie of commercial and recreational drones, a number of unusual vehicles are mentioned, including some balloon-drone hybrids, and a small smattering of references to what pilots described as UFOs.

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Mutilated Cow Discovered Following UFO Sighting in Argentina

In a curious case out of Argentina, an unfortunate cow was discovered mutilated under mysterious circumstances the day after a puzzling UFO was witnessed in the same location. According to researcher Jorge Gabriel Roman, the odd incident occurred last month in the rural province of La Pampa when a man working in a field spotted “a dim light moving beneath another brighter object that was suspended in the air.” The two UFOs subsequently “melted into one” and departed from the sky at an incredible speed. The wondrous event took a dark turn the following day when the witness returned to work and made a grim discovery.

Around 1,500 feet from where he had seen the UFO, the worker stumbled upon a cow that had been mutilated in a manner all too familiar to those who have studied the strange phenomenon as it seemed to have been sliced with surgical precision and its soft tissues removed. When the man tried to bring his dog near the downed creature, it refused to go near the dead animal and that would appear to be the case with any other natural scavengers as the carcass remained untouched for days.

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New Navy Witness Says He Saw a ‘Tic Tac’ Operating Underwater

The USS Carl Vinson is the United States Navy’s third Nimitz-class supercarrier. It was first commissioned in 1982, deployed in 1983, and it’s famous for being the ship from where the body of Osama bin Laden was buried at sea in 2011. Since 2009, the ship has been the flagship for Carrier Strike Group One.

E-4 Petty Officer John Baughman served in the U.S. Navy from 2008 to 2013. In January 2010, he was stationed aboard the Carl Vinson, assisting in humanitarian aid to Haiti after an earthquake had destroyed a large portion of the country. A Gunner’s Mate, his job description called for him to “mount, stow, and secure all weaponry, repair and calibrate defense systems, maintain guided missile launching, rocket launchers, gun mounts and all other ordnance.” In other words, the job carries serious responsibility and is only given to serious people.

Working as an E2 Blue Shirt on the flight deck one day, he was dangling his legs off the SAM Launcher Deck on the Forward Starboard side of the ship, taking a short break. He’d often look for sea life when things were at ease. “I’d often see all kinds of wild stuff swimming and floating under and on the surface,” he says. “Everything from sharks, dolphins and whales to giant squids, sea turtles, and swordfish.”

Baughman stressed that he had grown accustomed to identifying what was in the ocean and at what depths. “I had a pretty good reference point on how big or deep something was in the water, especially when you can see the water line on the side of the ship.” On this day, however, something caught his attention in the calm and clear water, unlike anything he’d ever seen before.

I was staring into the water from above when a large, fat, white ’Tic Tac’ object, approximately twenty feet in length, suddenly appeared in my view below me, moving right and darted into the depths as fast as it appeared. I couldn’t really comprehend what I saw. It was definitely a solid object, but when it descended, its forward end rapidly collapsed in on itself and disappeared.”

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UFO Witnesses From Mississippi and Alabama Disapprove of Recent UFO Report

Some folks from Mississippi and Alabama are not buying the federal report about UFOs that was released on June 25 by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The report was about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sighted by members of the military since 2004. It doesn’t deny the possibility of some of the phenomena being extraterrestrial life forms visiting our planet, but neither does it doesn’t suggest the theory as a possibility.

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House Intelligence Subcommittee Chairman Carson Says He Will Hold Hearings on UFOs

House Intelligence Subcommittee Chairman on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Rep. André Carson (D-Ind.) said Sunday that he wants Congress to conduct hearings on sightings of UFOs after the release of the Pentagon report that examines “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs).

“We have a pretty ambitious schedule. Chairman Schiff has a pretty ambitious agenda and my own committee we’re planning on having a series of hearings … and hopefully we will discuss UAPs in the very near future I can’t give a definitive date right now,” said Carson.

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British Parliament Discusses Pentagon UFO Report

The much-discussed Pentagon Report on UFOs wound up becoming a topic of conversation in Britain’s Parliament this week as multiple politicians questioned an official with the country’s Ministry of Defense about the potential threat posed by the phenomenon. The enlightening exchange reportedly occurred during a House of Lords session on Wednesday when MP Lord Sarfraz detailed how the DoD assessment “does not rule out that these could be military aircraft with very fast capabilities or even extraterrestrial phenomena.” He then asked defense minister Baroness Goldie if she could “reassure members of the public that the Ministry of Defense takes reports of unidentified objects in our airspace very seriously?”

In response, she acknowledged the findings of the report and indicated that the MoD “holds no reports on unidentified aerial phenomena, but constantly monitors UK airspace to identify and respond to any credible threat to its integrity, and is confident in the existing measures in place to protect it.” Goldie went on to express what appeared to be a fairly skeptical take on the phenomenon, stressing that “the MoD deals with actual threats substantiated by evidence.” The conversation continued when another MP, Viscount Ridley, argued that “the idea that in an era of mobile phone cameras, drones and frequent travel there could possibly be alien spaceships whizzing about undetected in our atmosphere on a regular basis is not, I think, very plausible.”

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