Flying saucers to mind control: 24 declassified military & CIA secrets

Government and military secrets can range from terrifying to amusing to downright absurd, but most are nothing short of intriguing. From a secret U.S. Air Force project to build a supersonic flying saucer to a now-famous World War II-era research program that produced the first atomic bombs to a plan to train domesticated cats to spy on the Soviet Union, here are 24 declassified military and CIA secrets.

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US Military Spy Plane Spots Metallic-Looking Orb UFO over City in Iraq

A tantalizing image, said to have come from footage captured by a US military spy plane, shows a metallic-looking orb UFO over a city in Iraq. The peculiar picture was released by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and C2C’s George Knapp in conjunction with the launch of their new podcast Weaponized. “This is an example of the UFOs that our military and intelligence community is looking at,” Corbell said, explaining that the image is a still from an approximately four-second-long video which has yet to be released.

Detailing the circumstances surrounding the strange UFO encounter, he revealed that it occurred over the Iraqi city of Mosul in April of 2016. According to Corbell, the video features the moment when “this orb or metallic ball runs alongside a spy plane, and it’s shown moving beside the plane without dropping altitude at all.” The footage of the incident was reportedly included in a classified briefing to Congress by the Pentagon’s UAP task force and the object, dubbed the ‘Mosul orb,’ is believed to have been under some kind of intelligent control when it was caught on film.

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UAP Report Reveals 171 UFOs That Seem to Defy Natural Laws

The August 2022 Unclassified Annual Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) has surfaced, revealing a number of unexplained UFO sightings. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 required the Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Defense to submit a report on UAPs to Congress. The renewed interest in UAPs comes on the heels of the May 2022 House Intelligence Committee hearing requiring transparency on UAPs and their potential threats to national security. A classified version of the report has also been presented to Congress. UncoverDC reported on the 9-page preliminary report that was released in June 2021. 

A Department of Defense news report from December 17, 2022, detailed the formation of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Established in July 2022, the Office is tasked with identifying and analyzing UAPs that might pose a threat to the military and other federal agencies. It is an “interagency” effort “to document, collect, analyze and, when possible, resolve reports of any unidentified anomalous phenomena,” said Sean M. Kirkpatrick, the Director of AARO.

According to a memo from Ronald Moultrie, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, AARO will “leverage” DoD capabilities in coordination with the Intelligence Community to “tackle the unique challenges posed by the presence of anomalous objects across all domains…following along [6] lines primary lines of effort.”

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Former Intelligence Director says UFO report raises concern U.S. behind on military technology

Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe is suggesting a new Pentagon report on UFOs should raise concerns about more than alien life, saying it might highlight possible weaknesses in America’s current military technologies.

“I know everyone gets caught up on the alien life and all of that, but my concern as the director of national intelligence was, if anyone, foreign adversary, regardless of how you define foreign adversary, have technologies that the United States don’t have, we need to find out more about that,” Ratcliffe stressed during an interview with Fox & Friends on Sunday. 

Ratcliffe said he disclosed the existence of an unidentified aerial phenomenon task force to the Senate Intelligence Committee because “I wanted there to be greater transparency to the American people about the number of sightings of things that are unexplained.” 

He explained that during his time as DNI the government he learned that “Navy pilots and Air Force pilots were discouraged from reporting” UFO sightings because they thought that it would ruin their careers.

“We need to have information if there are technologies out there, and very clearly, as this most recent report reveals, the sightings are increasing, which is a good thing, because that means we’re getting more honest reporting from our Navy and Air Force pilots,” Ratcliffe said. “But it gives us more information… there very clearly are now hundreds of unexplained sightings, meaning that there’s no natural phenomenon involved.”

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US government has received more than 360 new UFO reports

The US government has received 366 new reports of “unidentified aerial phenomena” — commonly known as UFOs or unidentified flying objects — since March 2021, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence noted in an unclassified report released Thursday.

The 11-page document noted that about half the sightings remain unexplained.

The new sightings are in addition to 144 reports during the previous 17 years, bringing the total to 510.

According to the report, “initial analysis and characterization of the 366 newly-identified reports, informed by a multi-agency process, judged more than half as exhibiting unremarkable characteristics.”

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Pentagon Releases Annual Report on UFOs

A highly anticipated report on the Pentagon’s efforts to study UFOs has been released to the public and, sadly, it seems that the phenomenon remains as mysterious as ever. Meant to serve as an update to their preliminary assessment issued in June of 2021, the annual report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) for 2022 provides an enlightening look at the progress that has been made by the DoD’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Remarkably, they indicated that the group have received an additional 366 cases since their initial assessment, bringing the total number of UAP accounts collected by the office to a whopping 510.

In noting the increase in reports, the office seemed to indicate that this did not necessarily mean that there were suddenly more UFOs in the skies, but that witnesses are now encouraged to share their accounts “due to a concentrated effort to destigmatize the topic of UAP and instead recognize the potential risks that it poses.” Breaking down their investigation into the fresh batch of reports, the AARO revealed that their analysis “judged more than half as exhibiting unremarkable characteristics.” To that end, they explained that 26 were drones, a staggering 163 were “characterized as balloon or balloon-like entities,” and 6 were simply classified as “clutter.”

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Questions remain 75 years after mysterious Fort Knox UFO incident, downed pilot

His 2,867 flight hours, much of it in combat, and Distinguished Flying Cross and four Air Medals weren’t enough to avoid a fatal crash near a Franklin, Kentucky farm.

Exactly 75 years later, Capt. Thomas Mantell’s flight that afternoon still remains shrouded in mystery. He died while pursuing a UFO that was seen in the skies over Godman Army Airfield by countless people throughout the region surrounding Fort Knox.

On Jan. 7, 1948, Mantell sat in the cockpit of his F-51D Mustang as flight leader headed north from Marietta Air Force Base in Georgia back to Louisville’s Standiford Field. He and three other pilots from the Kentucky Air National Guard’s Flight C, 165th Fighter Squadron had been participating in a low-altitude navigational training exercise when the request came from Godman Commander Col. Guy Hix to investigate the sightings.

The 25-year-old World War II hero acknowledged the request, and he and two other pilots climbed to 15,000 feet to intercept it. The fourth, a “Lt. Hendricks”, continued on to Standiford Field.

According to a Jan. 6, 2005 article by Turret editor Larry Barnes, several hundred people in Central Kentucky had already witnessed the UFO by 1:15 p.m. on that Wednesday, a day described by some observers as partly cloudy with high-altitude feathery cirrus clouds. That day is recorded by as also having relatively calm winds, mild temperatures — a high of 49 degrees — zero precipitation, and visibility for at least 10 miles.

“It would have been probably a typical winter day. If they had cirrus clouds in the sky, the visibility would have been great,” said an area weather forecaster. “There was just nothing much else going on weatherwise, so it probably made for a pretty good day.”

News agencies wasted no time turning the crash into front-page news. The big questions on everyone’s minds: What did Mantell encounter, and why did he crash?

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Russia Says It Shot Down a UFO

Amystery object described by one local news outlet as a “UFO” has been shot down in the southern Russian region of Rostov.

Vasily Golubev, the governor of Rostov oblast, wrote on Telegram that a “small-size object in the shape of a ball” had been discovered flying “in the wind” at an altitude of around one and a half miles on January 3. With the object spotted above the village of Sultan Sala in the region’s Myasnikovsky district, Golubev said “the decision was taken to liquidate it.”

“I urge everyone to remain calm. To ensure security, all forces and means are involved. The sky is covered with anti-aircraft defenses,” he added, without specifying what the object was.

In reporting his comments, local news outlet Pivyet Rostov carried a headline that said “a UFO in the form of a ball was shot down in the sky.”

Telegram channels that night described how air defense systems in Rostov had been operating. The channel Ostorozhna, Novosti (Caution, News) published a video showing a shining object flying and then exploding in the sky.

“Look, another one has gone,” someone is heard saying in the clip, which was captioned, “another video of the work of Rostov regional air defenses.” A witness told the channel how “there was a very strong explosion” and that “everything in the house shook. We realized that the air defenses were in operation.”

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Unprecedented UAP Legislation

Unbeknownst to most Americans, President Biden just signed into law far-reaching legislation that could soon confirm the existence of an alien presence on earth. The relevant provisions, incorporated into legislation needed to provide funding for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC), enjoys strong bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. This is arguably the biggest story mainstream news organizations have ever failed to cover. Among other things, this new legislation:

  1. Provides greatly enhanced authorities and resources for the ‘All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office’ or ‘(AARO),’ which now reports directly to the leaders of the Defense Department and the Intelligence Community. The organization’s unusual name is intended to clarify that its purview extends to anomalous objects regardless of their location (i.e. land, air, undersea, or space).
  2. Mandates a review of all intelligence documents involving UAP from 1945 to the present.
  3. Requires DoD, DHS, and the IC to identify any non-disclosure agreements related to UAP and provide those to the new AARO office.
  4. Directs the new AARO office to develop a UAP science plan to assess the sometimes mysterious and mind-bending capabilities being reported as well as a collection plan to leverage America’s vast technical intelligence apparatus to determine where these objects are coming from and their capabilities and intent. This aggressive UAP investigation, using America’s unparalleled intelligence capabilities, is what I hoped to accomplish when I brought the famous DoD UAP videos (“Gimbal” and “Flir”) and Lue Elizondo to the NYT and the oversight committees on Capitol Hill in December, 2017. Recall that Mr. Elizondo had just resigned his position on the staff of the Secretary of Defense in protest over DoD inaction in the face of innumerable violations of restricted DoD airspace by UAP.
  5. Provides a secure process for anyone who has signed an official US government secrecy agreement related to UAP to come forward and reveal that information to AARO and to Congress, regardless of the level of classification, without fear of retribution or prosecution. This provision is intended to determine the veracity of longstanding allegations indicating that the US government has recovered extraterrestrial technology and perhaps even extraterrestrial beings. The alleged UAP crash in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, offers the most famous example, but there are many others. For example, in his new book Trinity: The Best Kept Secret, the renowned writer, scientist and venture capitalist Dr. Jacques Vallee surfaces a new case of alleged ET spacecraft recovery operations.

The historical intelligence document review, and the review of government secrecy agreements, should be completed over the next 18 months. That process alone could validate claims the US government has been concealing proof of an extraterrestrial presence near earth. If it seems unbelievable that Congress would pass such legislation, it is only because of the paucity of reporting on the facts that caused members of both parties in Congress to join together to pass these provisions.

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Pentagon clarifies position on aliens

A new body set up by the Pentagon to look into reported sightings of UFOs has so far not found any evidence of alien life, the US Department of Defense has said.

The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), which was established this July to track unidentified objects in the sky, space, and underwater, and to assess any security threat these may pose, has received “several hundreds” of additional reports of unexplained phenomena, the head of the body, Dr Sean Kirkpatrick, told journalists on Friday.

However, according to undersecretary of defense for intelligence Ronald Moultrie, AARO experts “haven’t seen anything that would lead us to believe any of the objects we have seen are of alien origin.”

“I haven’t seen anything… to suggest there has been an alien visitation or alien crash,” Moultrie added.

The undersecretary also said that the US considers any “unauthorized system” in its airspace to be “a threat to safety.”

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