Meet the Fart-Fetish Tranny Activist Behind the Latest Push to Shut Down the Internet

Your freedom of speech at this very moment is controlled by an alleged child groomer with a fart fetish.

We wish this were another one of our satirical articles. Sadly, it’s not. The above lede is true, and thanks to a fart-sniffing tranny, the best resource for understanding the real nature of transgenderism just got knocked offline.

The resource in question is KiwiFarms, a largely-obscure web forum founded in 2013 by former 8chan administrator Joshua Moon. For nine years, KiwiFarms has slowly grown on the margins of the Internet. But now, it may be no more, slain thanks to a coordinated assault from media, Big Tech, and the “trannissaries” — the highly-online transgender activists who are now the most aggressive shock troops of modern wokeism.

The loss of KiwiFarms is a great blow to both freedom of speech online, both because of the content the site contained and how it died.

KiwiFarms was a lightly-moderated web forum originally created to discuss Chris Chan, the autist, transgender, and all-around weirdo arrested last year for allegedly sexually violating his bedridden mother. The forum eventually expanded into discussion of other online figures and eventually became noteworthy as a reservoir of “forbidden” online content. In particular KiwiFarms has over the past several years emerged as one of the rare venues — of any size — hosting content critical of the contemporary sacred cow of transgenderism, even though many KiwiFarms users are themselves transsexuals (or perhaps because of that fact).

In a world where thought control is more omnipresent and domineering by the day, KiwiFarms was one of the only places letting people curate and share the truth about transgenderism. The forum documented how children are groomed by transsexuals, what “gender treatments” really entail, the sickening true nature of prominent transgender activists, and so forth.

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Ex-Boston prosecutor and social justice advocate accused of rape at NYC hotel

A social justice advocate and former Boston prosecutor has been indicted for allegedly raping a woman at a New York City hotel, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday.

Adam Foss, 42, of Los Angeles, was freed without bail at his arraignment in Manhattan Supreme Court, where he pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree rape and sexual abuse.

Judge Curtis Farber granted him supervised release at the request of prosecutors, with the condition that he surrender his passport, the DA’s office said.

Foss — a public speaker and founder of the social justice organization Prosecutor Impact — is accused of raping a 25-year-old woman while she slept in a room at a Midtown hotel on Oct. 21, 2017.

He and the victim had been calling and texting for a month prior to the date, when she repeatedly rebuffed his efforts to have sex before the two fell asleep, prosecutors said.

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This Jewish Skateboarder Spoke Out About Women’s Rights. Social Justice Warriors Responded With Anti-Semitic Hate.

Taylor Silverman is grateful for all the anti-Semitic Instagram comments.

The 27-year-old amateur skateboarder made waves earlier this year when she spoke out against biological men participating in women’s sports. A self-described Zionist who is rarely photographed without a Star of David necklace, Silverman wasn’t surprised that online backlash quickly turned anti-Semitic. But she’s a little surprised by how much of it came from her friends.

“If I hadn’t spoken up, I would still be friends with people who are blatantly, and proudly, anti-Semitic,” Silverman tells the Washington Free Beacon. “I’m grateful I did, because it showed which of my old friends are anti-Semitic pieces of trash.”

The friendly fire was only part of the backlash Silverman faced for speaking publicly about her experience competing against transgender athletes. It wasn’t a political protest. Silverman had been skating for a decade, and only just began to feel that the skateboarding community was making space for women. But as soon as the community began to take shape, she felt it come under attack.

“The first time I lost to a trans man, I thought people would recognize it was unfair and speak out. The second time, I thought, ‘Someone has got to do something about this!’ The third time, I realized: I am somebody. And so, I spoke up.”

In a May 11 Instagram post, Silverman recounted losing first place in the 2021 Red Bull Cornerstone Contest to Lillian Gallagher, only the latest instance where she had gone up against transgender competitors.

“I am sick of being bullied into silence,” Silverman wrote in the post, which also included a screenshot of a concerned email she sent to Red Bull. “A biological man with a clear advantage won the women’s division,” Silverman wrote to Red Bull sports marketing manager Erich Drummer. “This took away the opportunity that was meant for women to place and earn money.”

Red Bull never responded to her email. But the trolls did.

“This argument is transphobic as fuck and shows what type of person you are,” one commenter wrote. “Hopefully you give up on life soon since you’re bad at everything,” added another.

Soon, the hateful comments began popping up on Silverman’s other posts.

“Taylor the type of girl to rat someone out at the camps just to get some extra bread,” reads one comment on a photo of Silverman at the Dead Sea, an apparent reference to the Holocaust. “It’s chill I can say this too I’m an actual Jew not some token ass white girl,” the commenter added.

Silverman’s Instagram feed is an object lesson in what happens to those who take the unpopular position on hot-button issues. The comments beneath her photos are a minefield of the left’s choice insults: “transphobe” and “TERF,” “colonist” and “Free Palestine!” As Silverman sees it, most of the vitriol comes from the same place.

“It’s anti-Semitism and misogyny disguised as some kind of social justice,” she says. “They’re just going with the latest trendy word to get away with hateful shit.”

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Cancel Culture is “Beneficial for Social and Racial Justice”, Says Training Course for Academics at 100 U.K. Universities

Cancel culture has “benefits”, academics at almost 100 U.K. universities have been told as part of an anti-racism course. The Telegraph has the story.

The Open University has devised a training programme titled Union Black, backed by £500,000 of Santander investment, which offers teaching staff lessons including “white people have a responsibility to solve the problem of racism”.

Academics taking the course are urged to become “active allies” in advancing racial justice, course materials reveal, and taught about the advantages of “cancelling” people and institutions.

Material in one online module states: “In relation to racial/social justice, cancel culture has been shown to realise benefits.”

Examples of these benefits in the material include “holding people or entities accountable for immoral or unacceptable behaviour” and “promoting collective action to achieve social justice and cultural change through social pressure”.

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