A Teacher Writes: Too Many Teachers See the Indoctrination of Children With Leftist Ideology as Fundamental to Their Role

“Aren’t we supposed to be agents of societal change?” were the words which greeted a colleague of mine recently during a meeting with his line manager. And it is true that teachers are agents of change, but the issue is what that change actually is. It is one thing to help children understand mathematical problems or show them ways in which to structure their writing, but it is another matter entirely to embark on some moral crusade in the name of social justice and political activism. I have worked in education for several years, having taught in both secondary schools and universities, and it has been ever more apparent that so-called professionals see the indoctrination of children with Leftist ideology as fundamental to their role. The woke brigade is, I can assure you, on the march in education and it is winning more ground over time. This article stems from a series of experiences and observations, though the core of it was triggered (as one might say in woke world) by a recent experience with PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education). It is intended in the first instance to provide a snapshot of some of the work which happens in schools, though I am sure readers here could very well already have a good idea about that. In the second instance, it outlines why that work is (to use another woke word) problematic before theorising why such problems arise in schools.

Whilst there is plenty of evidence that Leftist ideology either has permeated or is permeating academic subjects, my focus here is on some teaching resources which were recently sent out by management to all form tutors at my school for use in PSHE. In times gone by, this tended to focus on issues like drugs and drug abuse. However, over time it has increasingly covered issues like sex education, bullying and relationships (one might wonder how previous generations managed to get by just fine without being specifically ‘educated’ about such matters). In still more recent times, PSHE has been used to teach children about the hundreds of different genders which supposedly exist and which defy biology, and it has also been used to scare them about the impending doom which awaits us all with climate change. It might come as no surprise that, yes, PSHE was also used to put the fear of Covid into children by instructing them on the dangers of not wearing a face mask. It was not, of course, used to warn children about the risks of wearing face masks or indeed of the risks of mRNA vaccines (even though PSHE used to educate children to, in the words of Nancy Reagan, ‘just say no’ to drugs).

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Wiener Vows to Stop California Bill Requiring Schools to Inform Parents About Gender Transition

California State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) is vowing to stop a proposed bill that would require schools to inform parents in writing that their children have chosen to change their gender identity.

The bill, AB 1314, proposed by Assemblyman Bill Essayli (R-Norco), would provide that

the parents and guardians of pupils enrolled in public schools have the right …  to be notified in writing within three days from the date any teacher, counselor, or employee of the school becomes aware that their child is doing either of the following:

(i) Identifying at school as a gender that does not align with the child’s sex on their birth certificate, other official records, or sex assigned at birth.

(ii) Using sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, or using facilities that do not align with the child’s sex on their birth certificate, other official records, or sex assigned at birth.

The bill is motivated by the case of physical education teacher Jessica Tapia, according to NBC Palm Springs, who was fired after challenging a school district policy that required her to “lie” to conceal information from parents about students who wanted to transition to a different gender. She is currently suing the Jurupa Unified School District.

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Oregon Considers Mandatory Lessons About Climate Change in Public Schools

Lawmakers in the state of Oregon are considering legislation which would mandate the teaching of climate change in public schools.

The only other state that is already doing this is the solidly blue state of Connecticut in liberal New England.

Public schools across the country are struggling with students who can barely read or do basic math but advancing the left’s political agenda on claimte change is being given special attention in blue Oregon.

FOX News reports:

Oregon eyes mandate for climate change lessons in schools

Oregon lawmakers are aiming to make the state the second in the nation to mandate climate change lessons for K-12 public school students, further fueling U.S. culture wars in education.

Dozens of Oregon high schoolers submitted support of the bill, saying they care about climate change deeply. Some teachers and parents say teaching climate change could help the next generation better confront it, but others want schools to focus on reading, writing and math after test scores plummeted post-pandemic.

Schools across the U.S. have found themselves at the center of a politically charged battle over curriculum and how matters such as gender, sex education and race should be taught — or whether they should be taught at all.

One of the bill’s chief sponsors, Democratic Sen. James Manning, said even elementary students have told him climate change is important to them.

“We’re talking about third and fourth graders having a vision to understand how this world is changing rapidly,” he said at a Thursday state Capitol hearing in Salem.

Connecticut has the only U.S. state law requiring climate change instruction, and it’s possibly the first time such a bill has been introduced in Oregon, according to legislative researchers. Lawmakers in California and New York are considering similar bills.

Manning’s bill requires every Oregon school district to develop climate change curriculum within three years, addressing ecological, societal, cultural, political and mental health aspects of climate change.

This is a recipe for disaster.

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TV Channel Had To Cut Feed When Gov. DeSantis Read Pornographic School Book, Reporter Says

On Wednesday, a TV channel had to cut its live feed after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) read aloud a pornographic book kept in Florida schools, according to a reporter.

DeSantis held a press conference Wednesday, titled “Exposing the Book Ban Hoax,” in which he presented a five-minute long video, reading from books the administration had banned from classrooms across the state.

The books include “Gender Queer,” which depicts masturbation and oral sex between girls; “Flamer,” which describes explicit sex acts between boys; and “Let’s Talk About It,” which explains how men and women can masturbate and shows how to perform anal sex.

“Some of the media had to cut their feed when books with graphic content were displayed that were found in K-12 school libraries,” DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin said on Twitter.

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Transgender Rachel Levine to be featured in high-profile children’s book series on women

Transgender Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, will be featured in an upcoming installment of a children’s book series about women called, “She Persisted: Rachel Levine” by author Lisa Bunker.

Levine is also the head of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and is a biological male. In the book, Levine is referred to using female pronouns.

The Biden official transitioned to female in 2011 but was previously married to Martha Peaslee-Levine. They share a son and daughter, according to the National Women’s History Museum. The couple divorced in 2013.

“And Rachel was born transgender or trans for short. That means that she was born with a boy body, but on the inside, in her mind, and in her heart, she was a girl,” the book asserts. “The first time that Rachel knew for sure that she was a trans girl was when she was five years old.”

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Disney+ Cartoon Demands Reparations And More With ‘Slaves Built This Country’ Song

Disney has gone for woke yet again with a recent episode of the cartoon series “Proud Family” — which featured kids singing a song about reparations that America “owes” to black Americans and about how “slaves built this country.”

The recent episode that aired on Disney+, titled “Louder and Prouder,” reviews the history of Juneteenth when the kids discover their town’s founder was a slave-owner. The song opens with the line, “This country was built on slavery — which means slaves built this country” — and that line was repeated over and over throughout.

“We the descendants of slaves in America have earned reparations for their suffering,” the song continued. “And continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in a systemic prejudice, racism and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not atoned for.”

In the cartoon, that last line was punctuated by four black students glaring while the only white student on the stage with them held a sign that read “still has not atoned for.”

“Slaves built this country,” they shouted again, claiming, “We made your families rich,” as they listed plantation owners, northern bankers, New England ship-owners, the Founding Fathers, and current senators among those who had profited on the backs of slaves.

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Room goes SILENT when CEO says parents ‘don’t have the right’ to know about child’s sex change

On “The Rubin Report,” BlazeTV host Dave Rubin shared a video clip from a recent House of Representatives hearing in which CEO and executive director of Inside Out Youth Services, Jessie Pocock, skirted around the question of whether parents have the right to know if their child is seeking “gender-affirming care” before finally admitting that “parents don’t have the right” — at least not in her home state of Colorado.

Asked by Texas Rep. Michael Cloud (R) if she believes parents have a right to be involved in “these sorts of discussions,” Pocock first answered that “anyone can be a trusted adult” to a child facing the “difficult problem” of gender identity. Pressed again, she said there are “about 100 parents who participate in our programs to support their young people … at Inside Out.”

“But do parents have a right to know, is my question,” Cloud stated.

“Do parents have a right to know what?” Pocock asked irritably. But when Cloud again repeated the question, she began to talk about children in abusive homes.

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California Democrat Congresswoman Katie Porter Claims Pedophilia is Not a Crime, It’s an ‘Identity’

Congresswoman Katie Porter, a California Democrat, is claiming that pedophilia is not a crime but rather an “identity” as the LGBT plague leads to children being sexualized and exploited by predators on a grand scale.

“The allegation of groomer and pedophile, it is alleging that a person is criminal somehow or engaged in criminal acts merely because of their identity, their sexual orientation, their gender identity,” she said.

Porter is calling for Twitter and other social media platforms to censor any comments that exposes pedophiles and groomers in order to protect the feelings of people who have this “identity.”

“Instead of taking [comments exposing groomers and pedophiles] down, Twitter elevated them, allowing them to reach an approximate 72 million users. This is not just about what happens online. What happens online translates into real harms into people’s lives,” she said.

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Sam Brinton helped craft model school policy keeping parents in dark about kids’ gender change

Sam Brinton, the non-binary former federal government official who is now facing the possibility of significant prison time, played a key role in developing a model school policy adopted in multiple states that instructs school districts to keep “unaffirming” parents in the dark about a potentially suicidal child’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

Brinton, a biological male who gained notoriety for being one of the U.S. government’s first non-binary officials, was recently fired from the Office of Nuclear Energy, an agency of the Department of Energy (DOE), after being charged with stealing airport luggage on multiple occasions.

Before joining the federal government, Brinton was in charge of advocacy and government affairs at the LGBTQ youth suicide prevention nonprofit The Trevor Project, where he helped craft a “Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention” in 2019 along with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the American School Counselor Association and the National Association of School Psychologists.

Brinton cheered the model at the time, saying it’s “imperative” for school suicide prevention policies to be “LGBTQ competent.”

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Cambridge Dictionary Changes Woman Definition to Push Transgenderism

The Cambridge Dictionary appears to have followed Merriam-Webster down the rabbit hole into woke oblivion by changing the definition of “Woman” to appease transgender radicals.

Though it remains inconclusive as to when the Cambridge Dictionary made the switch to include transgenderism, the definition for “Woman” now includes the following as a subset of the actual definition: “An adult who lives and identifies as female though they have been said to have a different sex at birth.”

The definition then includes the two following example sentences:

She was the first trans woman elected to national office.

Mary is a woman who was assigned male at birth.

According to the archives dating back to March 2022, the Cambridge Dictionary only featured the normative definition of the word woman to mean “an adult female human being.”

The related words and phrases in the SMART Vocabulary section of the definition included such charged words like gender reassignment and heteronormative.

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