Biden’s disgraced non-binary nuclear official promoted graphic sex ed for kids

Sam Brinton, the infamous non-binary-identifying Biden Energy Department official, was revealed to have previously partnered with organizations that are pushing to indoctrinate children with explicit sexual “education.”

Before joining the current administration as a deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition, Brinton worked for the Trevor Project, an organization that purports itself to be an LGBT youth “suicide prevention” nonprofit while operating an online forum where adults instruct minors on how to hide their transition from parents and ask them about sex. While working as the Trevor Project’s Vice President of Advocacy and Government Affairs, Brinton partnered with organizations such as the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). 

On May 11, 2021, Brinton participated in an online seminar with SIECUS and GLSEN on “Mental Health, Sex Positivity, and Youth in the Time of COVID-19.”

The problematic inclusion of “sex positivity” and “youth” in the same title aside, the dark nature of the partnership of the organizations was shared by parental rights and homeschool advocate Kelly Ske.

On Twitter, Ske shared a link to a 1987 article in which it was reported that Playboy Enterprises, the lifestyle company founded by Hugh Hefner, had funded SIECUS’s “research in sexuality” for two decades.

“So, were they connected to the porn and/or sex toy industry? If they were, are they still?,” Ske posed.

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NJ High School Hosts Secret Student Drag Show For Adult Staff During School Hours

Parents are outraged after high school kids in New Jersey performed in drag for their adult teachers in a secret, student-led drag show on school property during school hours.

The performance, which took place on October 27th at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ, was put on by the Student club P.U.L.S.E. (People Understanding Love Serves Everyone), and led by faculty advisor Heather Baldwin, Libs of TikTok reported on Thursday.

The community learned about the students’ drag performance three days later when an internal school email was leaked to The New Jersey Project, an organization that advocates for parents’ rights in public schools.

The New Jersey Project wrote about the event on its Substack blog, Chaos and Control.

In the email, Baldwin invited select adult “staff” to attend an “invite-only” drag show performed by the students of the P.U.L.S.E Club. Reportedly, not all faculty were invited to watch the teen transvestites perform, nor were parents, or fellow students.

According to witnesses, students were taken out of class to prepare for the secret show, and “a teacher stood watch outside the door to the theatre while the show was going on to ensure those not invited would not enter.”

A professional transvestite known as Phoebe Manntrappe reportedly performed alongside the students at the drag show as well.

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Michigan Department Of Education Provided Educators With Materials On How To Create A ‘Gay Straight Alliance’ Club

The Michigan Department of Education (MDOE) promoted resources for educators on how to start a “Gay Straight Alliance” (GSA) club in their schools, according to training materials.

The MDOE’s LGBTQ Students Project includes trainings and resources for LGBTQ students as well as educators on getting a GSA club “up and running,” according to the materials. For starting a GSA club, the department promoted a GSA resource list and brainstorming activity for educators to teach them how to advertise the club and insure student confidentiality.

An activity titled “what are some best practices to help your GSA be successful?” encourages educators to find a “safe space” for a club by reaching out to a school counselor or band director. To advertise the club, the activity suggests school announcements and putting the information in school newsletters.

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School district official declares that using the wrong pronoun is an ‘act of psychological violence’ that ‘needs to be dealt with accordingly’

A Rhode Island elected school board official involved in promoting a diversity, equity, and inclusion agenda in the district, recently came under fire for claiming that intentionally “misgendering” someone is an “act of violence” that “needs to be dealt with accordingly.”

Jennifer Lima, elected member of the North Kingstown School Committee, shared a social media post from an activist group on November 12 that read, “Purposefully misgendering students is an act of violence. Respond accordingly.”

Lima added to the shared post, “I recognize that some may find the use of the word violence in this post extreme.”

“Any act of violence in our schools which creates an unsafe environment (physically or emotionally by or for any member of the school community) needs to be dealt with accordingly,” Lima continued.

Lima was consequently slammed online by critics who interpreted her post as advocating a violent response to using incorrect pronouns.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Lima explained, “I also believe that purposely misgendering someone is an act of psychological violence when done deliberately and consistently and should be responded to accordingly.”

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Maryland school district unveils LGBTQ propaganda targeting toddlers with highly sexual concepts

The largest school system in Maryland has unveiled a new book list loaded with LGBT-activist propaganda aimed at elementary schools and tailored to children as young as 4. The objective of the sexual content is to “reduce stigmatization and marginalization of transgender and gender nonconforming students.”

What are the details?

Fox News Digital reported that a recent Montgomery County Public Schools PowerPoint presentation referenced a set of activist books that will be distributed to classrooms, from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. The books seek to undermine the concept of a gender binary at an early age and immerse children in the vernacular of LGBT activists, teaching toddlers words like “drag queen” and “intersex.”

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Late-Night TV’s Unbearable Politics Isn’t About Amusing People, It’s About Indoctrinating Them

It’s no secret that the American entertainment industry is an entity almost entirely dedicated to generating profit off of the dissemination of regime-backed ideology. Unless you have the bliss of complete ignorance, you should be well acquainted with the overt virtue-signaling that saturates every album, show, and movie that finds its way into the canon of popular culture. 

More often than not, in the pursuit of creating such content, nominal artists sacrifice the quality of their products to make space for social messaging. This trend is common in comedy and is especially apparent in late-night television, which is one of many reasons why the dinosaur of a format struggles to remain relevant. 

This past week, “The Late Show” hosted by Stephen Colbert on CBS featured Democratic U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the former Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz. With such a star-studded panel, it’s hard to believe Colbert can’t retain the top spot in the ratings.

Because late-night television is little more than a retelling of current events in front of an audience consisting of left-wing focus groups, the conversation between Warren and Colbert emphasized the senator’s opposition to Elon Musk’s business interests in Twitter and her resentment of Musk as a billionaire who “doesn’t pay his taxes” while “dabbling in conspiracy theories on Twitter.”

“Somebody is going to make the decisions about what we see on Twitter,” Warren said. “It can be made out in the open, it can be made in public, it could be made by a commission, we could decide to do that. We could make the rules out there and for anybody to see.”

She went on to posit that she believes decisions about how to regulate Twitter “ought to be made in the open” but didn’t elaborate at all about what that might entail or why the man who purchased the company shouldn’t be able to do what he wants with it.

Colbert’s segment with Moniz opened with the former energy secretary explaining the difference between “tactical” and “strategic” nuclear weapons.

If this sounds stupid, it’s because it is, indeed, rather stupid. From start to finish, watching shows like Colbert’s is a waste of time. Programs like this are seldom written anymore with the intention of entertaining people; after all, when was the last time someone genuinely found joy, let alone relief or escapism, in watching them?

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What Some Schools Are Teaching Kids Is So Obscene, Parental Rights Activists Can’t Even Read It On TV

Parents and parental rights advocates seeking to shed light on what is being taught in schools say television stations won’t even broadcast what’s in their school curriculums because it’s too obscene.

It is against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines to describe sexual conduct or feature any “grossly offensive” language on a radio or television broadcast. Parental rights in education advocates told the Daily Caller News Foundation that television and radio stations do not allow them to talk about the obscene curriculums and books allowed in schools.

“When my kids were younger or just in my earlier life, I can’t think of a time that I would be talking about a children’s book, and I couldn’t discuss it on the radio,” Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at Parents Defending Education, told the DCNF. “This is a new phenomenon where you cannot discuss what is in a book used for children.”

Sanzi told the DCNF that a producer at a television station told her she could not discuss the different types of sex that 10-year-olds learn in the “Human Growth and Development” curriculum of a Wisconsin school district due to FCC regulations.

“There was anal sex, oral sex and vaginal sex,” Sanzi told the DCNF. “She was like, ‘oh, my God, like you can’t say that.’ The main thing that she was telling me was that I couldn’t use explicit terms for body parts and I couldn’t describe these different types of sex that that the kids learn about.”

Sanzi said other television stations and radio stations have made similar requests, citing FCC guidelines.

Schools around the country often feature sexually explicit content in their curriculums; the New Jersey Department of Education’s sexual education standards teaches fifth graders all the ways “pregnancy can be achieved” and introduces eighth graders to all the types of sex, including anal sex.

Some school districts feature books such as “Gender Queer,” which depicts illustrations of the main characters masturbating and receiving oral sex, and “This Book Is Gay,” which teaches “boy-on-boy sex” and is described as an instruction manual for LGBTQ students. 

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Why Are Virginia Students Studying Sexuality, Body Size, And Privilege In Spanish Class?

Earlier this month, spies and sleuths walked through the doors of the Central Intelligence Agency’s top-secret headquarters here in the D.C. suburbs for a day of work fighting foreign threats to the United States. Around the corner, on Georgetown Pike, teens shuffled through the doors of classroom No. 1208 at Langley High School for 90 minutes of Spanish II.

“Hola!” the teacher said to them, as they started class.

What the teens got instead of a normal tutorial in Spanish was a surprise lesson on “Identidad,” or “Identity,” with students handed a two-page worksheet created by the University of Michigan’s Program on Intergroup Relations. It included a list of “Social Identity Groups,” not teaching the students about Spanish-language communities, but probing personal, intrusive, and even shaming questions right off a Buzzword Bingo card in identity politics, and asking them to pen their self-identities into a “Social Identity Wheel.”

For these teens as young as 14, they faced the task — in the early morning class of Spanish II on Thursday, Oct. 13 — of identifying their “Social Identity Groups,” including their “Sexual Orientation,” with this wide array of confusing choices: “Lesbian,” “Gay,” “Bisexual,” “Heterosexual,” “Pan-Attractional,” “Attractionality” and, in case those didn’t cover it, “Questioning.”

For their “sex,” these young students had “intersex” among their choices, along with female and male.

For gender, they had “Woman, Man, Transgender, Post-Gender.”

Despite body image being such an issue, especially among teen girls, the students were offered a “social identity group” of “Body Size/ Type,” with “Fat,” “Person of Size,” and “Thin” as examples. One irked Langley mother said, “Really? With all of the body-shaming that girls already feel?”

In the Langley High School community, many parents settled in the nation’s capital to affect U.S. and global policy in high-level posts from the White House, Congress, Defense Department, and even the CIA. These parents work at law firms, media companies, and government contractors, but, like youth everywhere, their children experience the same, complicated lives of teens, with depression, anxiety, and growing pains.

In the oversimplification of societal dynamics that activists have increasingly imposed on children, the Spanish II students also had the task of identifying their “Social Class,” with choices including “Poor,” “Working Class,” “Lower-Middle Class,” “Upper-Middle Class,” “Owning Class,” and “Ruling Class,” another judgment on the young people.

To cap off this exercise, their teacher, Teresa Quigley, instructed them to ponder if they were in a “marginalized group” that is “disenfranchised and exploited” or a “privileged group” with “unearned privileged” status in society. Students looked at each other, confused about what they were doing.

“What does any of this have to do with learning Spanish?” a local mother asked.

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Parents cannot ‘dictate what their children are taught’: School board’s lawyer says parents outraged over district’s transgender policy can ‘choose to have your child attend elsewhere’

At a New Jersey school board meeting last week, parents outraged over the district’s transgender policy were told by the board’s lawyer that it is not the right of the parents to determine the curriculum taught to their children at public schools, Fox News Digital reported.

Parents attending the Lawrence Township Board of Education meeting on October 19 expressed concern over controversial lessons and books with gender-questioning themes.

One of the books concerned parents criticized the district for was “Jacob’s New Dress” by Ian Hoffman and Sarah Hoffman. The picture book for kindergartens tells the story of a young boy who enjoys playing dress-up and wants to wear a dress to school.

Parents confronted the district about encouraging fourth-grade students to question their gender with a lesson on the “gender snowperson.” Students are asked to participate in a game where they can pretend to be any gender they choose, reported

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Trans Activists Offer Gender-Confused Minors Cash And Uber Rides To Get Them Away From Home

From coast to coast, transgender activists are working to push chemical castration and genital mutilation on minors at all costs. In September, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 107 into law, blocking officials from enforcing other states’ laws that hinder access to transgender medical procedures and drugs for minors.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, the Pride Liberation Project (PLP) is organizing resources to help confused minors whose parents are not supportive of their gender and/or sexual identity experimentation to run away from their homes to stay with a “queer-friendly” adult. The potential for predatory behavior with this initiative is alarming.

PLP leader, Aaryan Rawal, now a college student, does not seem to be concerned about the risks of sending confused children into strangers’ houses “within 1-2 days” of their separation from their families. He sent messages to PLP members, mostly high school and middle school students, that the organization could offer rides and money promptly.

As reported by Asra Nomani, on July 15, 2022, Rawal wrote on Discord, “We can pay for Ubers, Lyfts, and other passes if you need to leave immediately. … In the short term, we can provide a couple of hundred dollars … through Venmo or Zelle.” For the longer term, he offers more money. “We can also set up a dedicated ActBlue fundraising page for you and get allies to donate. In the past, this has led to thousands of dollars in donations. All of this money is yours.”

At best, PLP is helping children run away from home. But it seems there is a sinister drive behind this network. Children are among our society’s most vulnerable, and those confused and separated from their parents are ripe prey. It is suspicious that identity disagreements within families, notably during this era of the social contagion of gender dysphoria and confusion — particularly among middle schoolers, would ever justify removing children from their families and placing them with strangers. Would these same actors argue that we take away a 13-year-old conservative girl from her liberal parents who refuse to affirm her political identity and place her with a random identity-affirming adult male stranger?

This is illegal and absurd. Saying so is common sense, not bigotry, as members of groups like PLP and Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Pride suggest on social media. These groups are manipulating the political landscape to obliterate parental rights and push transgenderism on children — even in elementary schools.

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