Second Chinese Spy Balloon Spotted

A second Chinese spy balloon has reportedly been spotted in Latin America.

On Friday evening, the Pentagon confirmed this news. Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder made a statement to CNN.

“We are seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America. We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon,” Ryder said.

This comes as a balloon was spotted moving east, 60,000 feet above the central continental U.S., last Friday.

Initially, the Pentagon had said the balloon currently did not pose a “military or political” threat.

According to a senior defense official, the United States has “extremely high confidence” that the object was a Chinese high-altitude balloon that was flying over key locations to gather intelligence. One of the states where the balloon was noticed was Montana, which is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base, one of the country’s three nuclear missile silo fields.

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‘Explosion in the sky’ above Billings Montana where Chinese spy balloon was spotted infiltrating U.S airspace – as residents report seeing jet zoom by after officials came under fire for refusing to shoot it down

An explosion in the sky over Billings Montana, where a Chinese spy balloon has been flying over the region, was caught on camera Friday. 

Mysterious video of the aftermath shows a trail of smoke in the sky where the balloon was last spotted. 

Dolly Moore, who took video of the scene, said she ‘saw a jet go by so fast and then explosion in the sky.’

As the video spread on social media, Defense officials have said the balloon over Montana has not exploded.  

It comes after the US State Department called the balloon, which was traveling over U.S. airspace at 60,000 feet, a ‘clear violation’ of U.S. sovereignty, but said it wouldn’t be shot down because it was flying over a ‘number of sensitive sites.’

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The Federal Government Is Tracking Unvaccinated People Who Go To The Doctor And To The Hospital Due to CDC-Designed Surveillance Program

The U.S. federal government is tracking people who decided not to get the COVID-19 vaccine injection, according to bombshell federal government records and video exclusively obtained by NATIONAL FILE. According to the shocking video, unvaccinated people are quietly tracked when they go to the doctor’s office or to the hospital due to a quiet new program proposed and implemented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Government meeting materials make clear that the new program is designed to “track people who are not immunized or only partially immunized.”

A bombshell piece of information was revealed at the September 14-15, 2021 virtual Zoom meeting of the federal government’s ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee (which includes representatives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, known as CMS, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics). At the meeting, the Committee discussed new categories of “ICD-10” codes that the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) wanted to create to mark people as “Unvaccinated for COVID-19,” “Partially Vaccinated for COVID-19” and “Other underimmunization status.”

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EXPOSED: Shadowy Military Operation Spied on Covid Response Critics

A shadowy military operation was launched in Great Britain to conduct surveillance on Covid response critics and treat them as ‘enemies of the state.’

Military operatives in the U.K.’s ‘information warfare’ brigade were part of a “sinister operation that targeted politicians and high-profile journalists who raised doubts about the official pandemic response,” the Daily Mail reported on Sunday.

The official documents exposing the domestic espionage operation were obtained by the civil liberties group Big Brother Watch. The documents were shared exclusively with the Daily Mail. They expose the inner workings of the Counter Disinformation Unit, which is based in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and the Rapid Response Unit in the Cabinet Office.

Influence operations were run out of the MoD’s 77th Brigade seeking to “non-lethal engagement and legitimate non-military levers as a means to adapt behaviours of adversaries,” according to the report.

 A whistleblower that contacted the Mail who claimed to work for the brigade said the unit had strayed far beyond its scope of targeting foreign powers. British citizens’ social media accounts were even scrutinised, which the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence, in public, has repeatedly denied doing.

The Mail reports that U.K. government justified its domestic surveillance and censorship activities as countering ‘disinformation’ and ‘harmful narratives… from purported experts.’

“The information was then used to orchestrate Government responses to criticisms of policies such as the stay-at-home order, when police were given power to issue fines and break up gatherings,” the Mail reported. “It also allowed Ministers to push social media platforms to remove posts and promote Government-approved lines.”

The Army whistleblower added: “It is quite obvious that our activities resulted in the monitoring of the UK population… monitoring the social media posts of ordinary, scared people. These posts did not contain information that was untrue or co-ordinated – it was simply fear.”

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WEF hears about technology that allows your thoughts to be monitored

The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering has always been a testing ground for some bizarre ideas, which nonetheless serve a purpose: to introduce, and if possible normalize all kinds of mass surveillance and sometimes extremely privacy-invasive technologies.

And monitoring people’s brain activity, including via implants – surely, it doesn’t get much more invasive than that.

Yet this was one of the technologies presented at an event in Davos this year by Duke University Professor Nita Farahany.

Brain implants are not new in and of themselves, as are used in medicine to treat some serious conditions. However, the kind brought up here at one point are the ones to be put into healthy people – basically to read their minds.

“Decoding complex thought,” is already possible, Farahany said during her “Ready for Brain Transparency?” talk at the WEF summit last week. And the tech now is also able to reveal the degree of stress somebody is experiencing, as well as what they are paying attention to. So, the goal is to know what/how a person is feeling, what they are thinking, and what draws their interest.

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First-of-its-kind ‘weapons detection system’ planned for Utah schools

The Salt Lake City School District in Utah plans to install the system at East, West and Highland High Schools. The Granite District is also planning a “pilot” system at Hunter High, which was stunned by the shooting deaths of two students near the school a year ago.

All of the new security measures could be in place in a matter of months, or possibly weeks.

“I think that’s a good start,“ said Joann Seybold, the grandmother of a student, adding the shootings are still on the minds of the school community. Last January, a teen shot and killed students and injured a third.

Deborah Servis, whose granddaughter attends Hunter, said it would be “wonderful” to have a new weapons detection system.

“We knew of one of the kids who was shot last year,” she said, “who is still recovering.”

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FBI reveals it uses CIA and NSA to spy on Americans

The FBI revealed how the bureau uses the CIA and National Security Agency to probe the private lives of Americans without a warrant in its updated rulebook, which is the first version made public since the Obama administration. 

The handbook, rewritten in 2021, confirms a decade-old leak showcasing the bureau’s collaboration with the CIA and NSA for FBI probes that may involve surveillance without court orders against people not accused of any crimes. Such probes are known as “assessments” at the FBI.

The revelations will fuel critics who have long accused the FBI of abusing its national security surveillance powers.

The FBI’s partnership with U.S. intelligence agencies that are focused on foreign threats is expected to get intense scrutiny from the new Republican-run Congress. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and House Judiciary Committee are digging into how intelligence agencies target Americans. Plans include a new panel to examine the weaponization of the federal government against U.S. citizens.

New information about the FBI’s work with other federal agencies and state and local officials is included in the 906-page rule book authored during the Trump administration and revised under President Biden. The bureau published the updated Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide online after rejecting requests to make it public.

The words CIA and NSA are unredacted in section 20.2 of the 2021 rule book, while the full details of the section remain hidden from public view. A leaked 2011 copy of the FBI’s rule book without redactions obtained by The Intercept shows that section 20.2 covers name trace requests, which involve formal FBI requests for other agencies to conduct searches of their records regarding subjects of interest.

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Shadowy US Spy Firm Promises To Surveil Crypto Users For The Highest Bidder

Leaked files reviewed by MintPress expose how intelligence services the world over can track cryptocurrency transactions to their source and therefore identify users by monitoring the movements of smartphone and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, such as Amazon Echo. The contents comprehensively detonate the myth of crypto anonymity, and have grave implications for individuals and states seeking to shield their financial activity from the prying eyes of hostile governments and authorities.

The documents are among a trove related to the secret operations of Anomaly 6, a shadowy private spying firm founded by a pair of U.S. military intelligence veterans.

The company covertly embeds software development kits, or SDKs, in hundreds of popular apps, then slices through layers of “anonymized” data in order to uncover sensitive information about any individual it chooses anywhere on Earth, at any time. In all, Anomaly 6 can simultaneously monitor roughly three billion smartphone devices – equivalent to a fifth of the world’s total population – in real-time.

Having previously hawked its wares to U.S. Special Operations Command, as this journalist revealed on December 6, Anomaly 6 is now using British private military company Prevail Partners – heavily involved in the West’s proxy war in Ukraine – to market and sell its product to a variety of Western military, security, and intelligence agencies the world over. This is despite the company’s own founders fearing its global dragnet could be completely illegal under national and international data protection regimes.

The company’s international surveillance reach could be more sweeping – and invasive – than even that of the C.I.A. and N.S.A. MintPress can reveal individuals, organizations, and states seeking to bypass traditional financial structures and systems loom prominently in Anomaly 6’s mephitic crosshairs, and spying on their transactions is a pivotal component of its sales pitch to government and private clients. This Orwellian technology leaves cryptocurrency users the world over nowhere to hide.

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The More We Learn, the More Questions We Have: Here Are the Latest Details About the Pelosi Break-in

In the ongoing saga of the break-in at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home and and subsequent assault of her husband Paul, new information has been confirmed that raising more questions about the security and monitoring systems in place at the million-dollar home of one of the most powerful individuals in the U.S. government. 

According to Fox News’ Capitol Hill reporter Chad Pergram, the United States Capitol Police did have eyes on the Pelosi’s home from afar at the time the break-in and assault was taking place “but no one saw anything until they noticed police lights at her home.”

The Washington Post reported more on how USCP found out what was going on 2,000 miles away in San Francisco:

Inside the command center for the U.S. Capitol Police, a handful of officers were going through their routines early Friday morning, cycling through live feeds from the department’s 1,800 cameras used to monitor the nearby Capitol complex as well as some points beyond, when an officer stopped. On a screen showing a darkened street nearly 3,000 miles away, police lights were flashing outside the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), officials say.

The officer in D.C. quickly pulled up additional camera angles from around Pelosi’s home and began to backtrack, watching recordings from the minutes before San Francisco police arrived. There, on camera, was a man with a hammer, breaking a glass panel and entering the speaker’s home, according to three people familiar with how Capitol Police learned of the break-in and who have been briefed on or viewed the video themselves.

That is, there was a live video feed in which the alleged perpetrator — who has since entered a “not guilty” plea — presumably was seen lurking around the property and breaking into the Pelosi home. But no one was paying attention. And no, it wouldn’t have been on a delay or only visible after the incident. Fox confirmed what the Post reported, that Capitol Police “would have witnessed the break-in in real-time.” But they didn’t, and only saw it happening when they replayed a recording from the night of the attack after seeing police lights outside the Speaker’s house.

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U.S. Capitol Police had live video feed at Pelosi home but didn’t notice break-in: Sources

Alive security video feed at the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caught the suspect in the recent assault on her husband Paul Pelosi, but no one from the U.S. Capitol Police was watching, sources told Just the News.

U.S. Capitol Police did not return numerous requests for comment on Tuesday. 

A source revealed to Just the News that the officer who was in charge of monitoring the feed didn’t notice the break-in occurred until the flashing strobe lights from responding San Francisco police squads were visible on the feed.

Berkeley resident David DePape has been charged in the attack.

Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said that the department is currently conducting a formal review of the incident but declined to provide further detail in a statement released on Tuesday.

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