Police Cross Paths With Innocent Mentally Ill Man, Kill His Dog, Put Him in ICU

 A disturbing video illustrating the problem with police in America and their inability to deal with the mentally ill, surfaced over the weekend. What it shows is that when your only tool is a hammer, people in a mental health crisis and even their dog will be pounded like nails. George Barlow, 32, and his dog, learned this the hard way over the weekend when their paths crossed with Inyo County Sheriff’s deputies.

According to police, “on July 24 shortly after 2:00am Inyo County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a domestic violence restraining order violation at 969 Tu Su Lane. Upon arrival of the deputies, neither the reporting party nor the suspect could be located. While looking in the area, the deputies noticed a male subject across the street at the Chevron station, which was closed; the subject was agitated and yelling.”

The man yelling was Barlow. He was alone, was not the person police were looking for, breaking no laws, and had harmed no one. Despite these facts, police decided to initiate a confrontation with him which proved to be deadly for his dog and put Barlow in ICU.

Police claim that when they approached Barlow, he “charged the deputy with his pit bull closely behind him.” This is not seen on the video posted to social media. The video shows a shirtless Barlow with his hands up, clearly frightened of what is going on and just trying to get away. According to the police statement:

The deputy continually ordered Barlow to stop charging. When Barlow came within 10 feet, the deputy deployed his Taser. Due to the heavy clothing Barlow was wearing, the Taser had no effect on Barlow. Barlow removed his heavy sweater.

The second deputy responded to the Chevron at this point and after Barlow refused to follow commands, he deployed his Taser striking Barlow in the upper abdomen. This caused Barlow to fall to the ground. Before the deputies were able to handcuff him, Barlow sat up and removed the Taser darts.

After tasering the man who was doing nothing but standing in an empty parking lot, police then pulled out their batons and started wailing on him. Naturally, this caused Barlow to attempt to protect himself from the officers, and his dog as well. As Barlow grabbed the police baton to stop it from smashing in his skull, one of the officers can be heard on the video saying, “shoot the dog.”

Moments later, an officer shot Barlow’s dog causing Barlow to jump up and run away. When police caught up with Barlow in the parking lot next door, they released their dog this time, which was not nearly as nice as Barlow’s pit bull.

In the second video, Barlow is seen on the ground as the dog can be heard snarling and tearing into his flesh. The attack was so over the top that the people filming began yelling at the officers to get their dog off of him. The deputies didn’t listen.

Barlow’s injuries were so severe that according to his family, he is currently on life support. They have since launched a GoFundMe for Barlow, who they say is a victim of racial bias in policing as he was a Native American..

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Watch Biden’s Transgender Assistant Health Sec: I’m Here to Improve Americans’ Mental Well-Being

An obese man who claims to be a woman was tasked by President Joe Biden to tend to the mental and physical health of all Americans.

This is not satire.

In a video from March 26 that went viral on Twitter this week when it was shared by talk show host Chris Stigall, U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, a man who identifies as a woman, expressed a commitment to promoting physical and mental health in America.

“Throughout my career, I have focused on the intersection between medical, mental and behavioral health,” Levine said. “And as your ASH, I will continue that focus and support policy initiatives to improve Americans’ physical and mental well-being.”

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Study Finds Magic Mushrooms As Good or Better than Antidepressants for Fighting Depression

A study carried out by researchers at the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London has led to breakthrough discoveries about the impact psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, has on depression. The study found that treating depression with psilocybin may be at least as effective, if not more effective as antidepressants.

According to researchers, in the most rigorous trial to date assessing the therapeutic potential of a ‘psychedelic’ compound, researchers compared two sessions of psilocybin therapy with a six-week course of a leading antidepressant (a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor called escitalopram) in 59 people with moderate-to-severe depression.

The results of the study were recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. According to the study, both groups had reduced symptoms of depression, however, the reductions occurred more quickly in the psilocybin group and were greater in magnitude.

After six weeks, the self-reported results from the patients suggested the psilocybin was just as effective as the pharmaceutical, and in many cases showed a slightly bigger – but ultimately statistically insignificant – improvement in symptoms.

“We strongly believe that the … psychotherapy component is as important as the drug action,” Imperial College London neuroscientist Robin Carhart‑Harris said.

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China declares homosexuality a mental illness? Where’s LeBron? Where’s Disney?

This puts China’s defenders, nearly all leftists, in an increasingly untenable position.

Where’s LeBron James, whose claim to fame beyond basketball is defending China?  He’s got business interests there, and he’s said nothing.

Where’s Disney, whose family fare these days is more than a little gay-friendly?  They too have got business interests in China, and worse still, they made a movie on a Chinese theme complete with Xinjiang’s laogai forced labor camps accidentally appearing in the background.  They may be indifferent to the laogai, but let’s hear their reaction to this news from China.

Hollywood in general is co-opted by China; China has bought up major shares in nearly every major studio.  And Hollywood is also quick to jump for causes that can be called gay.  Weren’t West Hollywood’s denizens responsible for blacklisting people who opposed a gay “marriage” initiative?  Didn’t this bunch boycott the Beverly Wilshire over the Sultan of Brunei’s purchase of a share of it, the Sultan instituting anti-gay policies back in his satrapy?  Suddenly, we don’t hear much from Hollywood about this classification of gayness as a mental illness.

There’s also the Chamber of Commerce, the charmers who engaged in the “conspiracy” to “save the 2020 election,” as Time magazine reported.  They’re big China-boosters. 

And where’s Michael Bloomberg?  Bloomberg has famously refused to call China’s leader a “dictator,” giving a Clintonian dodge of “it’s a question of what is a dictator” to a town hall audience during his ill fated 2020 presidential run.  More disgusting still, he’s tried to ruin people who’ve spoken out about the hellhole.  Remember this, from The Intercept?

I AM ONE of the many women Mike Bloomberg’s company tried to silence through nondisclosure agreements. The funny thing is, I never even worked for Bloomberg.

But my story shows the lengths that the Bloomberg machine will go to in order to avoid offending Beijing. Bloomberg’s company, Bloomberg LP, is so dependent on the vast China market for its business that its lawyers threatened to devastate my family financially if I didn’t sign an NDA silencing me about how Bloomberg News killed a story critical of Chinese Communist Party leaders. It was only when I hired Edward Snowden’s lawyers in Hong Kong that Bloomberg LP eventually called off their hounds after many attempts to intimidate me.

What about Nike, which touts every disrespect-America cause under the sun, which scotched its Betsy Ross flag shoe, but which continues to stand by China, even as it finds itself in court over its alleged use of slave labor?  Thus far, crickets.  Don’t hear a thing.

What about Apple, whose CEO is gay, and which just donated $1 million in iPads and other products to LGBT youths?  Apple just registered a blowout quarter in China, with 20% of its sales coming from the communist dictatorship.  Kind of odd to be making big bucks from a regime that now declares homosexuality a mental illness.  We won’t hold our breath waiting for their condemnation.

Where’s Tom Friedman?  The man who wished America could be just like China?  Thus far, no word.

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