Brooklyn District Attorney Investigates Allegations of Democrat Voter Fraud

Brooklyn Democrats added peoples’ names to petitions they didn’t sign and demanded bribes, according to news reports.

Now Brooklyn’s District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez, plans to investigate.

“This matter is under investigation,” his office’s spokesman Oren Yaniv told The Epoch Times. He declined further comment.

A news report by The City, a local paper, announced that five Brooklyn citizens said their names were on petitions asking to remove candidates for Democrat Party positions from June’s primary ballot.

But they never signed them, they added.

Brooklyn woman, Charlene Davis, said when she tried to get a job as a poll worker, people told her she had to get voter signatures for petitions supporting Democrat Party executives.

Davis told The City the district attorney’s office asked if the petitions supported Democrat Party leaders Dionne Brown-Jordan and Michael Silverman. Davis told them Brown-Jordan prevented her from getting poll work.

The Epoch Times attempted to contact Brown-Jordan via Twitter but by deadline, had not heard back from her. The Epoch Times was unable to locate Silverman for comment.

Brown-Jordan has not been accused of any crimes and she has previously denied the allegations.

However, the Board of Elections reportedly confirmed she had asked for Davis to be listed on the poll workers roster as “temporarily inactive.”

Democrat Anthony Jones, the leader of Brownsville’s Community 1st Democratic Club, told The City last April that the fake signatures were a “setup.”

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WTH? Pinal County Elections Director Collects $25,000 Bonus After Reporting Inaccurate Results, Retires, Moves to Texas BEFORE Recount Discovers Hundreds Of New Votes For Abe Hamadeh

Pinal County Elections Director Virginia Ross, who oversaw the General Election discrepancies discovered in the recount of Abe Hamadeh’s race for Arizona Attorney General, reportedly collected a $25,000 bonus to run a good election, despite the significant errors and her failure to disclose the issues.

“Ross retired on Dec. 2, according to county spokesperson James Daniels, and moved to Texas the next day,” says the report below. Ross moved out of the state the day after she retired on December 2nd, and there is no publicly listed information for her. The recount was ordered by a court days later.

“If errors were known to the board, we would have not likely canvassed,” said County Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh.

This is likely why Katie Hobbs threatened County Supervisors who did not vote to certify the election with felonies and arrests.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Abe Hamadeh filed a ‘Motion for New Trial’ in the Mohave County Superior Court on Tuesday after the recount in rural Pinal County brought the margin of victory down to 280 votes. A state judge announced Democrat Kris Mayes beat Republican Abe Hamadeh by 280 votes in the race for Arizona Attorney General on Thursday, December 29.

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The Albert Sensor Systems: How Government and a 501(c)3 Tracks Real-Time Election Data in 98% of the US – Put Into Effect by DHS After Trump Won in 2016

If the Federal government lied about their censorship, what other election initiatives are they lying about?

Let’s look at their program created to gain access to local election data.

Around 2011 DHS created their own intrusion detection system called the ALBERT Sensor. It’s part of the larger Einstein System that protects federal agencies from cyber risks. ALBERT is a “black box” server installed on a County’s network. It collects the traffic flowing on their election network and transmits this data to a nonprofit in NY. DHS selected this non-profit to monitor all the election data from across the United Sates. It is analyzed around the clock with the hope they can alert jurisdictions if they find any malicious traffic on their network. Few election networks had the system before 2016.

After Trump won his election, DHS wanted access to all local election systems. They quadrupled the number of ALBERT installations in the following two years by pressuring counties over Russian election interference. ALBERT Sensors are now in 98% of our nations election infrastructure. We call it a “black box” because the counties know little about the system. They are given no dashboard to see activity, no reports on what was captured, not even what ALBERT observed. ALBERT is free to a County, but they must sign an agreement that gives CISA access too. This includes info about hardware configurations and security settings.

Detractors say ALBERT has major weaknesses and can be hacked.

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Virginia Dems’ Ballot Harvesting Manual Instructs Going After Dead People, ‘Bad’ Addresses

The Virginia Democratic Party is instructing activists to include deceased citizens and “bad” addresses when generating voter contact lists, The Federalist has learned.

A pivotal tool Virginia Dems use to target voters for their ballot harvesting and get-out-the-vote efforts is VoteBuilder, an online database of all registered voters in Virginia operated by the Virginia Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee. In the words of the Virginia Democrats themselves, “this database contains the names and other important information about registered voters – information that we can use to target likely voters for Democratic campaigns.”

Democrat activists who use VoteBuilder can look up specific information about each registered voter and group them into likely Democrat voter outreach lists, which they then use for GOTV outreach, including phone banking and ballot harvesting.

On the Virginia Democrats’ VoteBuilder website, there are instructions for how activists can use the tool to generate voter contact lists for absentee ballot chasing, a.k.a., ballot harvesting. The website describes it as generating absentee ballot “labels,” a process which also functions to collect a list of voters’ addresses.

In the instructions on the web page, however, there are screenshots of the VoteBuilder database that show activists can generate an expanded outreach list by adding voters (under “Suppressions”) with “bad” addresses, National Change of Address forwarding addresses (residents who have moved), and even those who have died to the baseline list of active and inactive registered voters with accurate addresses. From there, activists can create lists of these voters’ phone numbers and addresses so they can contact them and collect their mail-in ballots.

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Ctrl+Alt+Delete the Totalitarian State

There are three government narratives pushed today that are not real: (1) fraud-free elections, (2) a looming climate apocalypse, and (3) a COVID health emergency requiring total government control.  If you see through only one, then you’re not looking hard enough.  Or as Bill Engvall might say, “If you now believe COVID is mostly a hoax but are still terrified of global warming, here’s your sign.”  Conversely, if you do see through them, you’re likely being censored for expressing those points of view.  

Here’s our impasse: when governments claim to have a monopoly on truth, then citizens are expected to accept preposterous fantasies, no matter how much opposing evidence they might see.  The narrative is absolute.  Dissent is forbidden.  Total obedience is the objective.  Last century, free Westerners understood these features as telltale signs of totalitarianism.  Today, much less free Westerners have been taught to embrace — without scrutiny or wisdom — the government’s fairy tales as part of our required, if not sacred, deference to the bureaucratic State’s cult of expertise.  Whether citizens grasp this shift in individual freedom or not, the general rule handed down from governments is stark yet succinct: ask us no questions, and we will tell you no lies!

Westerners desperately need to reboot their systems of government before those systems of government delete the public’s power to make changes ever again.  It is not possible for political leaders to claim that their countries support personal freedom when they snatch that freedom away at the first sneeze, cow fart, or unapproved tweet.  It is not logical for governments to claim that they protect “democracy” when armies of unelected permanent bureaucrats run the modern State.  It is not reasonable for Western nations to claim that they cherish “free thinking” and “free expression” when their technocratic surveillance arms actively censor speech and promote State-approved points of view over all others.

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YouTube Punishes Journalist for Factual Video Showing Democrats AND Republicans Make Election Fraud Claims

In September, video journalist Matt Orfalea made two videos for TK News that highlighted election denial in the past two presidential elections.

The first video, Memory Holed: “The Election Was Hacked,” was a montage of Democrat politicians and commentators saying that the 2016 election was illegitimate, hacked, or rigged.

The second video, Memory Holed, Part II: The “Rigged” Election, compares the statements made by Republicans after Donald Trump lost and those made by Democrats after he won in 2016.

For instance, when Trump was asked if he’d concede, he said “I have to see.” Orfalea showed Hillary Clinton saying, “No, I would not,” when asked the same question after she lost.

Matt Taibi at TK News highlighted the statements that were made the video:

“This video after all is packed with clips of people like Karine Jean-Pierre saying the 2016 election was ‘stolen,’ Joe Biden saying ‘I absolutely agree’ Trump is an ‘illegitimate president,’ Kamala Harris saying ‘you’re absolutely right’ Trump didn’t really win in 2016, and even Jimmy Carter saying ‘Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016.’ Old pal Keith Olbermann proclaimed the public wouldn’t stand for this ‘bloodless coup’ called voting, Chris Hayes said Trump ‘cheated,’ and a conga line of officials from Adam Schiff to Elizabeth Warren insisted foreigners had ‘hacked our elections.’”

Initially, YouTube demonetized both videos, then reversed the decision. However, on Friday, Orfalea announced that the second video had been removed. YouTube also gave his channel a strike which is a more serious YouTube punishment as getting strikes eventually results in a channel being permanently removed.

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Massive ‘CitizenFreePress’ News Site Suspended from Musk’s Twitter for Sharing Video of Obama Admitting Election Machine Exploits.

The heavily-trafficked news aggregation site has been suspended from Twitter for sharing a clip of former President Barack Obama, campaigning in Pennsylvania in 2008, discussing potential problems with American voting machines and demanding paper trails for ballots. (CFP) was not the only account to have shared the clip, though appears to be the only one that has received a suspension for doing so. Though the video can still be viewed on Elon Musk’s platform, it now carries a warning label which claims the video is “misleading,” as well as noting that the clip can no longer be replied to, shared, or liked.

The video is still shareable from other accounts, and still available on CSPAN. But someone at Twitter appears to be trying to nuke it, at least from CFP’s account.

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Ballots Found in Santa Cruz Mountains Now in Hands of Federal Investigators

Postal inspectors in Washington, D.C. have now joined the investigation into completed ballots reportedly found down a ravine in the Santa Cruz mountains.

According to some of the people whose ballots were recovered, their ballots were delivered at the post office on Payne Avenue in west San Jose – which is now a starting point for the investigation.

Several voters said they mailed those ballots using the drive-thru mailbox at the aforementioned location because the post office lobby is closed on weekends. Now, that mail box is out of service.

Taking a closer look reveals the mailbox lock is missing.

Local post officials told NBC Bay Area they can’t comment on specifics since it is now being headed up by postal officials in Washington, D.C.

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Flashback… Barack Obama in 2008: “I Tell You, It Helps in Ohio that We Got Democrats in Charge of the Machines”

A new video popped up this week of Barack Obama campaigning at Kent State University during the 2008 election.

Obama told the crowd in Philadelphia, Ohio, that it was good that Democrats control the election voting machines.

Barack Obama: “I tell you what, it helps in Ohio that we got Democrats in charge of the machines. But look, I come from Chicago so I want to be honest. It’s not as if it’s just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past, sometimes Democrats have too. Whenever people are in power they have this tendency to try to, you know, tilt things in their direction.”

That was back in 2008. Today the elections are a total farce in America.

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