Sleeping With The Third Reich: America’s Unspoken “Alliance” with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union

Prescott Bush was a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co and director of Union Banking Corporation which had close relations with German corporate interests including Thyssen Steel, a major company involved in the Third Reich’s weapons industry. 

“…[N]ew documents, declassified [in 2003], show that even after America had entered the war [December 8, 1941] and when there was already significant information about the Nazis’ plans and policies, he [Prescott Bush] worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler’s rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty” (The Guardian, September 25, 2004)


Without US support to Nazi Germany, the Third Reich would not have been able to wage war on the Soviet Union. Germany’s oil production was insufficient to wage a major military campaign. Throughout the war, the Third Reich relied on regular shipments of crude oil  from US Standard Oil owned by the Rockefeller family.

The main producing countries in the early 1940s were: the United States (50% of global oil production), the Soviet Union, Venezuela, Iran, Indonesia, and Romania.

Without a steady supply of oil, Germany would not have been able to conduct Operation Barbarossa which was launched on June 22, 1941. The invasion of the Soviet Union was intent upon reaching and taking control of the oil resources of the Soviet Union in the Caucasus and Caspian sea regions: the oil of Baku.

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Hitler and The Two Popes

In the early 1930s, there was a concerted effort on the part of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party to consolidate power. The back end methods of this consolidation are well taught and well known, fear, intimidation, and street violence. However, the front part, the legitimate part, is less studied by the majority of the public.

Knowing that his radical Nazi party was in a precarious position electorally, Hitler set out to bring centrist parties into the fold. One such party was the Centre Party which had long been a bastion for political German Catholics. Hitler aimed to reduce the political power of the Catholic Church while receiving an international agreement with the Holy See. He achieved both brilliantly.

On their faces, it does not seem like the Pope and the Nazis would have much in common, and in many cases, they did not. There was one binding similarity between the two that brought them close together in the early 1930s: hatred for communism.

Both the new Nazi government in Germany as well as the Vatican in Italy were both publicly and diametrically opposed to communism. The Nazis were opposed to it for political reasons while the Catholics were opposed for religious reasons. Communism was a completely atheist system which had cracked down on Christianity in Russia and elsewhere leading to alarm in Vatican City.

(As a side note, the Papacy would remain staunchly anti-communist all the way through the Cold War.)

In 1933, Pius XI and one of his top advisors, Eugenio Pacelli who would succeed Pius XI as Pius XII, signed the Reichskonkordat with Germany. This sweeping document paved the way for Hitler to sweep the Catholic influence in Germany aside while giving him an international political victory on the world stage.

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Biden will welcome former German Stasi asset who put Antifa supporter in charge of Germany’s homeland security

Why this doesn’t even shock the conscience says more about the state of the Democrat party and Joe Biden than it says about us. What we are referring to is a White House visit by the new German chancellor, Olaf Scholz.

As previously reported in Gateway Pundit, Scholz at one time worked closely with the Communist East German regime against NATO. Now it is also being reported that Scholz’s choice for Homeland Security secretary in Germany is seeking to weaponize the Feds in Germany against conservatives, and what’s more, supports violent Antifa extremists, DC Weekly reports.

Back in the 1990s, Scholz visited the failing East German regime an estimated nine times, for the purpose of dumping on NATO while supporting the violent Communist regime.

At that time, Scholz was welcomed by Communist security head Egon Krenz, later found guilty of the murders of people trying to escape East Germany over the Berlin Wall.

In 1984, Scholz was kept under close surveillance, however given strong support by the Stasi secret police, who praised the Young Socialists who “actively oppose the deployment of Pershing IIs and Cruise Missiles in Western Europe.”

During that visit, Scholz met at the “Institute for International Politics and Economics,” which was a front for the Stasi foreign espionage department HVA, which was revealed by noted Stasi historian Hubertus Knabe, DC Weekly said.

The outlet reports that the former head of German Secret Service, Hans Georg Maassen believed that Scholz’s career had all the marks of having been cultivated as an asset for either the Stasi or the KGB.

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Black Lives Matter ‘transferred millions to Canadian charity run by the wife of co-founder Patrisse Cullors to buy Toronto mansion formerly owned by the Communist Party’

Black Lives Matter transferred millions of dollars to a Canadian charity run by the wife of co-founder Patrisse Cullors, according to a report, which was used to buy a $6.3 million Toronto mansion to house an arts center.

News of the transfer of money to the Canadian group has raised further questions about transparency and accountability within Black Lives Matter – coming days after auditors said an inquiry into the handling of BLM’s $60 million war chest was necessary, and less than a year after Cullors was forced to stand down amid questions about her own property empire. 

BLM Canada announced in July 2021 that they had recently purchased a three story Victorian mansion in the Baldwin Village area of Toronto, close to downtown. The imposing red brick house was previously the headquarters of the Communist Party.

On Saturday, The New York Post reported that the funds to purchase the property came from Black Lives Matter, and were transferred from the global network to M4BJ – a Toronto-based non-profit set up by Janaya Khan and other Canadian activists.

Khan is the spouse of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

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Wikipedia Contemplates Deleting Article On ‘Mass Killings Under Communist Regimes’

Wikipedia is asking its users to weigh in on the platform’s article discussing “Mass killings under Communist regimes.”

The article discusses mass killings perpetrated by communist regimes throughout the 20th century, including the Soviet Union, China, and Cambodia.

Two warnings appear on the article, one asking for comments on the possible deletion of the article and one noting that the article may be biased or unverifiable.

“This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy,” the first warning reads. “Please share your thoughts on the matter at this article’s deletion discussion page.

Feel free to improve the article, but do not remove this notice before the discussion is closed and do not blank the page. For more information, read the guide to deletion.”

According to Wikipedia’s deletion policy, users are encouraged to “explain their opinion” on whether the article should be deleted.

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Chinese tennis star, 35, vanishes after she was censored from the internet for accusing country’s former vice premier, 75, of sexual abuse

A Chinese tennis player has vanished a week after accusing the country’s former vice premier of sexual abuse.

Peng Shuai, 35, accused 75-year-old Zhang Gaoli of forcing her to have sex with him in a lengthy post uploaded to Weibo, the Chinese Facebook equivalent.

The post was soon deleted and all of her recent content on the site has been scrubbed. The word tennis (‘wangqiu’) was even censored on the social network.

The athlete, who became a household name after winning the French Open doubles in 2014, has not been seen since.

While China has been rocked by #MeToo scandals before, this is believed to be the first involving a high-ranking member of the Communist Party.  

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