Kamala Harris Finally Goes Full Marxist: ‘Equitable Treatment Means We All End Up at the Same Place’

Sen. Kamala Harris of California was heavily criticized for championing a communist ideology Sunday on Twitter.

A member of the party that effectively supports the nationwide mandated wearing of masks let her own mask slip off with respect to her apparent embrace of Marxist ideologies in a video posted just two days before the election.

In the video, Harris explained to viewers the difference between “equality” and “equity,” and claimed that what’s important is that all Americans end up in the same place in life.

That narrative runs counter to everything this country was founded on, but Harris, already linked to radical democratic socialism by her political opponents, skipped a step and touted a model of communism.

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None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Fifty years ago, journalist Gary Allen set out to write a book to prove conservative anti-communists wrong.  But while researching, he realized he had not seen the “hidden picture.”  There indeed was a conspiracy, shielded by a narrative advanced by liberal academia and the mainstream media, both actually in the service of an elite cabal that included Rockefeller, Ford, Morgan, Rothschild, Loeb, Kennedy, and Carnegie.  No longer willing to dismiss “right-wing conspiracy theorists,” he titled his book, published in 1971, None Dare Call It Conspiracy.  It was a surprising bestseller: more than four million copies were sold during the 1972 presidential elections.  Many received it as gifts through an informal grassroots distribution system.

What Allen claimed to have discovered was that a plutocracy of 3% of the population covertly controlled the lives of the rest.  They had wrested control of the constitutional republic, with its separation of powers, limited government, and competitive free enterprise, and turned it into a system of centralized control by a few.  How was this achieved?  According to Allen, the conspiratorial clique was hidden and protected by a complicit media establishment they own and control.  Also, they are accomplished liars and farseeing planners.  Their subversive tour de force has been to advance the lies that a) communism is inevitable and b) communism is a movement of the downtrodden.  The first lie aims to destroy the will to fight, the second to gain the support of the poor masses and justify the destruction of a vigorous, innovative middle class.

Allen offers an alternative, realistic definition of communism: an international conspiratorial drive for power on part of men in high places, who are willing to use any means for global conquest.  In The Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels said a proletarian revolution would necessitate a temporary socialist dictatorship, which would give way to full-on communism if three things were achieved: a) the elimination of private property rights, b) the dissolution of the family, and c) the replacement of religion with Marxist ideology.  These, in fact, are exactly what academia and left-wing groups in America are pushing for, today and when Allen wrote the book.

But all that, as Allen claims, is an elaborate ruse.  Behind it are the super-rich.  We are blinded to this because we believe they stand to lose the most in a socialistic setup.  Allen backs his counterintuitive conclusion with the fact that communist countries are in fact always ruled by an oligarchical group — the nomenklatura — that controls wealth, production, and the lives of the rest of the population.  Thus, socialism is a movement to consolidate wealth in the hands of a few, creating not a classless society, but one with just two classes: an elite and a proletariat, with no middle class.

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Top Anti-Audit Democrats Took China Trips Sponsored By Communist Influence Group.

‘NewDEAL Leaders’ – a network of progressive state and local officials including those suppressing audits of the 2020 election – has collaborated extensively with a Chinese Communist Party-backed influence group seeking to “neutralize opposition” to the regime, The National Pulse can reveal.

Alumni of the program also include Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. Among the current chairs of the coalition, which “identifies, cultivates, and provides policy support to a network of 175 rising state and local Democrats,” is Delaware Senator Chris Coons, dubbed the “Biden Whisperer” and a “power player” among the president’s inner circle by Politico.

NewDEAL’s leaders include several high-profile Democratic leaders involved in the suppression of 2020 election audits such as Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. All three officials spoke at the group’s 2021 Annual Leaders Conference.

Fontes, who is currently running for Arizona Secretary of State, has accepted sponsored trips from NewDEAL’s partner: a controversial Chinese Communist Party-backed influence group known as the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

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