Air Force general predicts U.S. will be at war with China in 2025

Afour-star Air Force general told officers that he predicts the United States will be at war with China in 2025. 

“I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me [we’ll] fight in 2025,” Gen. Mike Minihan, Air Mobility Command leader, wrote Friday in a memo obtained by NBC News.

Both Taiwan and the U.S. have presidential elections in 2024. Minihan predicted in the memo that America will be “distracted” and Chinese President Xi Jinping will seize the opportunity to invade Taiwan.

The Air Mobility Command says it has approximately 110,000 personnel who focus on “Airlift, Air Refueling, Air Mobility Support and Aeromedical Evacuation.”

In the memo to all Air Mobility Command air wing commanders and other Air Force operational commanders, Minihan directed all AMC personnel next month to “fire a clip into a 7-meter target with the full understanding that unrepentant lethality matters most. Aim for the head.” 

He also ordered all personnel to update their emergency contact information and records.

A Defense Department official said the general’s “comments are not representative of the department’s view on China.”

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CIA Agent Cloaks Lockdown Propaganda in Concern for China

On January 24, 2023, Dr. Michael V. Callahan published an opinion piece in The New York Times entitled “The Indirect Ways the U.S. Can Help China Avoid Covid Catastrophe.”

If we assume this was written by a prominent doctor at a Harvard-affiliated hospital – an academic professional who bases his opinions on sound medical principles and scientific knowledge – it makes no sense at all. In fact, it is an embarrassment to the writer and the institution he represents.

If, however, we realize that this is just the latest in the quarantine-until-vaccine propaganda campaign of a CIA agent and top biosecurity cabal member, everything suddenly makes perfect sense. In fact, many of the points in the article map beautifully onto Robert Blumen’s helpful Covid propaganda grid.

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China proposes making “dissemination of false information” a crime in UN treaty

A new international convention on cybercrime is being negotiated at the United Nations (UN) meeting in Vienna, Austria, and China has proposed the criminalization of the “dissemination of false information.”

The proposal seems like an attempt by China to legitimize its internet controls and is likely going to be contested by Western countries, even though many of them have been copying parts of China’s playbook in recent times.

There is already an existing international convention on cybercrime that was signed in 2001. However, it was not a UN treaty and it has not been signed by Russia, China, Brazil, and India, which are some of the largest countries in the world.

In the ongoing negotiations on the new treaty, the proposals that have been suggested have been put into two categories; those with wide support and those that are contested. Proposals on controlling online content have generally fallen into the contested category and have not been part of immediate discussions.

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Hunter Biden’s $49,910 Rent Exactly Matches Deposit on Office Shared with Chinese Energy Company

Hunter Biden’s monthly rent of $49,910 matches a rental deposit at the House of Sweden related to the Biden family business venture with the infamous CEFC China Energy Co. Hunter’s $49,910 deposit also matches the amount of money he logged on a 2018 background check document unearthed by the New York Post’s Miranda Devine.

In an email on October 13, 2017, Cecilia Browning, the general manager of House of Sweden, an office complex in Washington, DC, emailed Hunter about a lease that Hunter and his Chinese business partners were trying to terminate, according to emails unearthed from Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell.”

Browning notes the amount of the deposit was $49,910 for the office space and that it would be returned to Hunter upon signing a lease termination document.

“If you are willing to terminate the lease of #507 – the owners are willing to let you out of the lease as of December 31, 2017,” Browning emailed Hunter. “Please note that there is a security deposit paid by you of $49,910 which will be returned within 15 days after the termination of the lease (after inspection of normal wear and tear).”

Hunter had apparently requested the termination of the lease after his deal with CEFC China Energy fell apart. The Biden family had previously negotiated a deal with CEFC whereby President Joe Biden (Big Guy) would receive a ten percent equity stake in the joint venture, whistleblower Tony Bobulinski stated.

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FBI Raids NYC Building Where Communist China Is Accused of ‘Conducting’ Secret ‘Police Operations’

An Asian country has allegedly expanded monitoring of its citizens using secret police outposts in foreign countries, including the U.S.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents searched a New York City office late last year believed to be policing Chinese nationals without U.S. knowledge, according to a New York Times report.

The Daily Wire further reported:

The New York Times reported that on the third floor of the six-story office building was a Chinese outpost that the feds say was conducting police operations without jurisdiction or diplomatic approval from U.S. officials.

The raid by FBI counterintelligence agents was conducted in conjunction with the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn as part of the U.S. government’s crackdown on communist China’s notorious effort to surveil their citizens and hunt down dissidents overseas and force them to return back to China.

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THIS WILL NOT END WELL: Communist Chinese Scientists Explore Using MOSQUITOS to Distribute VACCINES, Could Create Dangerous MUTANT Insects Instead

Designing a killer virus evidently was just a little test run for the Chicoms. Now they might unleash mankind’s most notorious insect to supposedly “vaccinate” wildlife and reduce viral infections.

Hard to imagine any unintended consequences will occur. It’s not like mosquitos spread nasty infections like Yellow Fever, Malaria, West Nile, and Dengue Fever to humans.

The South China Morning Post reported Wednesday that Chinese scientists claim they found a way to turn the disease-carrying nuisance into an indispensable ally of all humanity. Of course, this required them to create a few genetically modified insects.

Here are their findings. No question they applied this trial with the same rigor and caution as their other gain of function research projects:

“The researchers found that bites in wildlife from genetically modified mosquitoes triggered a strong, long-lasting immune response. Once immunized, the animals resisted infections, thus helping to prevent the early spread of many viruses, including the once widespread Zika virus (ZIKV).”

“In their study, the researchers used CYV as a vaccine vector to construct a chimeric vaccine, which contains proteins from a different virus. They took several proteins from CYV and inserted them into ZIKV cells to create the CYV-ZIKV virus, which was not infectious (in animals, human impact unknown). CYV-ZIKV could replicate efficiently in mosquitoes and be secreted in saliva, they said.”

But don’t worry about this virus reaching mosquitos in the wild. Chinese scientists assure us they took care of the problem. You can trust the Chicoms, right?

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Jan. 6 Committee Experiment Found TikTok Went From Zero To Nazi in 75 Minutes

WHEN THE JAN. 6 committee wanted to test how easy it was for TikTok users to wander down a far-right rabbit hole, they tried an experiment. They created Alice, a fictional 41-year-old from Acton, Massachusetts, gave her a TikTok account, and tracked what the social media app showed her.

To their surprise, it only took 75 minutes of scrolling — with no interaction or cues about her interests — for the platform to serve Alice videos featuring Nazi content, following a detour through clips on the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp defamation suit, Donald Trump, and other right-wing culture war flashpoints. 

Staff described the exercise as “just one of the Committee’s experiments that further evidenced the power of TikTok’s recommendation algorithm in creating rabbit holes toward potentially harmful content.”

The experiment is detailed in a draft summary of investigative findings prepared by the committee’s social media team and obtained by Rolling Stone. The company mostly escaped notice in the public battles over the role of social media and moderation in combating extremism, including the kind that led to the Capitol attack. But the unpublished summary sheds new light on how the TikTok has grappled with the challenge of “how to moderate misleading content without attracting accusations of censorship,” in particular when “the mis- and disinformation benefitted the political right,” according to staffers.  

TikTok did not respond to a request for comment from Rolling Stone.

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A Secret War in the Making: Americans Should Not Die to Defend Taiwan

The United States might be a democracy in form, but most policies are developed without even a semblance of public participation. For instance, policymakers overwhelmingly believe that the US should go to war with the People’s Republic of China if it attacks Taiwan. President Biden has five times declared that he would back Taiwan militarily. Yet Congress has not voted.

Those predicting conflict believe the hour is late, but some imagine that a tough stance would preclude war. America’s president merely needs to wave his pinky finger, or state his demands, and Chinese Communist Party officials would run screaming back to the leadership compound of Zhongnanhai, never to be heard from again. General Secretary Xi Jinping is, however, made of sterner stuff, buttressed by the People’s Liberation Army, which is rapidly expanding to prevent Washington from treating the Asia-Pacific as coastal American waters.

Even so, many Blob members assume that if Beijing were foolish enough to fight, it would (of course) be defeated. Not so. Any war over Taiwan would be won on the seas, and the PRC is much closer and can more easily reinforce its forces. Breaking a naval blockade would be difficult and would invite full-scale conflict. Beijing now possesses a larger (based on numbers, not tonnage) navy than America. And China is able to concentrate its forces in the Asia-Pacific. Reported the Congressional Research Service: “China’s navy is a formidable military force within China’s near-seas region, and it is conducting a growing number of operations in the broader waters of the Western Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and waters around Europe.”

Geography is a major problem: Taiwan is barely 100 miles off China’s shore, roughly the same distance as Cuba from America. The PRC could rely on two score mainland military bases and enjoy air superiority over the island. Beijing’s strategy would be anti-access/area denial, using submarines and missiles, especially, to keep the US Navy afar.

Washington would have to rely on allied bases, most notably Japan (Okinawa), the Philippines, and South Korea. However, none of America’s friends want to end up as targets of Chinese missiles. The Republic of Korea, confronting a dangerous North Korea, is least-likely to back the US in a war against the PRC. The Philippines is a semi-failed state; a former defense secretary once opined that his nation had “a navy that can’t go out to sea and an air force that cannot fly.”

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19 Senior Experts Of China’s Top Academic Bodies Died In December

In December, 19 experts of China’s top academies, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), died of unspecified “illness,” a statistic that is six times higher than the average number of deaths in the past years.

Official reports avoid mentioning the cause of these deaths, in what appears to be an attempt to cover up deaths  caused by COVID-19.

But Airfinity, a UK-based Health Data Agency, updated data on Dec. 30, saying that roughly 11,000 people in China are dying every day from COVID, bringing the total number of deaths from the disease to 110,000 in December.

According to obituaries published by China’s official media, in the 12 days from Dec.15 to Dec.26, 13 members of CAE passed away due to “illness.” They are fiber optic communication expert Zhao Zisen (91), environmental engineering and environmental water quality expert Tang Hongxiao (91), rare earth metal smelting and separation expert Zhang Guocheng (91), laser technology expert Zhao Yijun (92),  inorganic non-metallic materials expert Gu Zhenan (86), civil engineering and structural mechanics expert Long Yuqiu (96), ecologists and foresters Li Wenhua (90), wildlife scientist Ma Jianzhang (86), pediatric surgery specialist Zhang Jinzhe (102), thermal impeller machinery expert Wang Zhongqi (90), architect and professor at Tsinghua University Guan Zhaoye (93), welding specialist for aerospace manufacturing engineering Guan Qiao (87), and petroleum engineering expert Li Qingzhong (92).

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China could claim the moon as its own territory and BAN US astronauts from touching down, NASA boss warns – as the two countries battle in new space race to land on the lunar surface again

A chief at NASA is raising red flags over China’s ambitions to get to the moon. 

In a new interview, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson says he and others within the scientific agency are growing increasingly concerned over what the country plans to do when they make it to the moon. 

Nelson believes China could attempt to corner the market on resource-rich locations on the moon’s surface and try to block out the U.S. and other countries looking to make it to the lunar object.

‘There is potentially mischief China can do on the moon,’ said one other official monitoring the ‘space race.’ 

The concerns come less than one month after three Chinese astronauts returned from a six month trip in which they helped to build and open a new space station. 

In an interview with Politico, Nelson said he and others are concerned the Communist nation will attempt to claim territory over the moon upon their arrival.

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