CBS Deceptively Edits Reporter’s Interaction With FL Governor Ron DeSantis. Here’s What He Really Said.

CBS’s “60 Minutes” deceptively edited an exchange that reporter Sharyn Alfonsi had with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) two weeks ago about the way the Sunshine State has rolled out its vaccination program.

In the clip, Alfonsi suggested that Publix, the largest grocery store chain in Florida, had engaged in a pay-to-play scheme with DeSantis where they donated money to his campaign in exchange for him awarding a contract to the grocery store chain to host vaccinations.

CBS edited the interaction between DeSantis and Alfonsi when she showed up to a press conference a few weeks ago and repeatedly confronted the governor. The network cut out a lengthy portion of DeSantis’ response in which he explains what happened and how decisions were made.

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Racist Hollywood Anti-Semite Gets MTV Job Back…Called Whites, Jews Soulless “Subhuman” “True Savages” and More…but Conservative Voices Must Be Censored, Labeled Terrorists

Nick Cannon is a well-known former celebrity host of ‘Wild N Out’ on MTV who worked with ViacomCBS in major programming since 1998, including as host of America’s Got Talent.  He was fired last year and has now been rehired by ViacomCBS.  This comes after a longwinded apology for previous rants about his penchant for anti-Semitism.

Yet, he never seemed to apologize for his equally despicable long-winded remarks about white people. What’s going on here?

Last year, Nick Cannon, a celebrity that you are wiser for not knowing, was fired from his important celebrity duties at ViacomCBS.  This happened due to an elaborate web of intricate and stunning anti-Semitic and anti-White racist statements.  Like any good person who is contrite for having done something wrong, he penned a 1,500 word diatribe demanding that ViacomCBS apologize to him for his firing and give him complete ownership of his former show:

“According to a nearly 1,500-word post that he titled “Truth and Reconciliation” on his Facebook page, he now demands a public apology from ViacomCBS as well as the complete ownership of his MTV and VH1 series “Wild ‘N Out.” Cannon crafted the brand “Wild ‘N Out,” he said, and it has been ruined without his leadership.

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