Biden Asks If Recently Deceased Congresswoman Is At White House Speech

President Biden’s latest gaffe – no not the pedophile one –  was quite the doozy.

While reading remarks during a White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health, Biden asked if the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) was in attendance.

Walorski was tragically killed in a car crash last month.

“I want to thank all of you here, including bipartisan elected officials like Rep. McGovern, Sen. Braun, Sen. Booker, Rep. — Jackie, are you here?” Biden said. “Where’s Jackie? I thought she was going to be here — to help make this a reality.”

What’s more, Biden issued a statement saying that Walorski’s death left he and first lady Jill Biden “shocked and saddened.”

“We may have represented different parties and disagreed on many issues, but she was respected by members of both parties for her work on the House Ways and Means Committee on which she served,” reads the statement (which Biden totally wrote). “She also served as co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus, and my team and I appreciated her partnership as we plan for a historic White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health this fall that will be marked by her deep care for the needs of rural America.”

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The ‘Massive Conspiracy’ Hiding Biden’s Mental Decline

The media has begun to admit what has been obvious for years: President Joe Biden is in mental decline.

On July 9, Peter Baker, the New York Times’ White House correspondent, broke the mainstream media taboo against mentioning Biden’s increasingly shaky mental state with an article headlined: “At 79, Biden Is Testing the Boundaries of Age and the Presidency.”

“Some aides quietly watch out for him,” Baker wrote. “He often shuffles when he walks, and aides worry he will trip on a wire. He stumbles over words during public events, and they hold their breath to see if he makes it to the end without a gaffe.”

Those concessions have come at a time when Biden’s presidency is severely weakened and some Democrats have begun to turn on him, frustrated by, among other things, 9.1 percent inflation year-over-year, the reversal of Roe v. Wade, and his failure to pass the transformative legislation he promised.

There remains significant media resistance to the idea that Biden’s mental abilities are even a legitimate topic of discussion. For instance, a May Bloomberg article called the assertion that Biden is cognitively impaired a “smear.”

Nevertheless, the past month has been filled with media admissions that perhaps the former vice president and senator from Delaware is not the man he once was.

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Colleagues Say Sen. Feinstein May Be ‘Mentally Unfit To Serve’

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is 88 and still serving in the Senate. Some colleagues are beginning to question whether she is still fit for office.

“When a California Democrat in Congress recently engaged in an extended conversation with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, they prepared for a rigorous policy discussion like those they’d had with her many times over the last 15 years,” The San Francisco Chronicle reported. “Instead, the lawmaker said, they had to reintroduce themselves to Feinstein multiple times during an interaction that lasted several hours.”

“Rather than delve into policy, Feinstein, 88, repeated the same small-talk questions, like asking the lawmaker what mattered to voters in their district, they said, with no apparent recognition the two had already had a similar conversation,” the paper said.

Of course, lawmakers don’t like to simply retire and fade away. They’ve spent their lives in the limelight and disappearing is their big fear. What’s more, when lawmakers die in office, they sometimes lay in state in the U.S. Capitol, a high honor.

But there is concern now that Feinstein is “rapidly deteriorating.”

“Four U.S. senators, including three Democrats, as well as three former Feinstein staffers and the California Democratic member of Congress told The Chronicle in recent interviews that her memory is rapidly deteriorating. They said it appears she can no longer fulfill her job duties without her staff doing much of the work required to represent the nearly 40 million people of California,” the Chronicle said in a piece headlined “Colleagues worry Dianne Feinstein is now mentally unfit to serve, citing recent interactions.”

Feinstein won’t be up for re-election until 2024, but she has filed paperwork indicating she might run again. In January 2021, she filed the initial re-election paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) last week, L.A. Magazine reported.

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Rand Paul Warns Biden Is A “National Security Risk” Because He Is “In Cognitive Decline”

Following Joe Biden’s unscripted blurting out that Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’, and another bizarre appearance Monday where he appeared to rely on cue cards, Senator Rand Paul warned that it is becoming a “national security risk”.

Appearing on Fox News, Paul noted “A lot of times when you’re around somebody who’s in cognitive decline, you find yourself trying to help them with a sentence, trying to help them complete it… but we shouldn’t have to do that for the commander-in-chief.”

Paul continued, “And, it is actually a national security risk because he’s sending signals that no one in their right mind would want to send to Russia at this point. We aren’t trying to replace Putin in Russia. We aren’t trying to have regime change. We’re not sending troops into Ukraine, and we’re not going to respond in kind with chemical weapons.”

The Senator urged that Biden “lives in an alternate universe” where he blurts out whatever he pleases then claims then way it was perceived isn’t accurate.

“So I guess you’re supposed to look the other way. But even the left-wing media is noticing these gaffes,” Paul asserted.

“I do think that it is a real problem, and there’s a humorous angle to this. But it’s really not funny because we’re worried about what he’s saying, precipitating or escalating the conflict in Ukraine into a world war. That’s very serious,” Paul further emphasised.

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Biden repeatedly implies he’s not in charge of when, where he can take questions from the press

President Joe Biden has repeatedly implied that his handlers set the rules and determine when and where he’s allowed to take questions from the press, leading observers to ponder who is actually calling the shots behind the scenes. 

The trend began with Biden’s first formal White House press conference as president in January. Following his remarks about his “Made in America” manufacturing initiative, a member of Biden’s staff was heard calling on specific reporters to ask their questions to the president, something that was similarly done during the 2020 presidential election and the transition period. However, the president has since escalated the practice and Biden has repeatedly suggested he’s not in the driver’s seat when it comes to handling the press. 

“I’m not supposed to take any questions”

Biden declared Sunday he wasn’t “supposed to take any questions” during a visit to the National Response Coordination Center at FEMA headquarters as Hurricane Ida slammed Louisiana. 

“I’m not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead,” Biden said to a reporter before quickly changing his mind when he was asked about Afghanistan. 

“I’m not gonna answer Afghanistan now,” he said before turning his back to the press and walking away. 

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Biden Suffers ‘Awkward’ Dementia Scare in Meeting With Democratic Lawmaker

President Joe Biden, 78, appeared to exhibit symptoms commonly associated with dementia during a recent meeting with a Democratic congressman.

Rep. Mondaire Jones (D., N.Y.) told the Associated Press he was perplexed by Biden’s response to his suggestion that the president become more involved in the party’s effort to pass so-called voting rights legislation.

Jones said he approached Biden last week at the White House while attending a signing ceremony for the Republican-backed proclamation making Juneteenth a federal holiday. The president “just sort of stared at me,” Jones said, noting the “awkward silence” that followed.

The Mayo Clinic website lists “difficulty communicating or finding words” among the common signs of dementia, along with “confusion and disorientation.” An elderly person suffering from cognitive decline may also experience “difficulty handling complex tasks,” such as rallying a political party to support so-called voting rights legislation.

The bizarre encounter, in Jones’s view, was an example of why Democratic activists have become increasingly frustrated with the Biden administration when it comes to so-called voting rights, an issue White House press secretary Jen Psaki has described as the “fight of [Biden’s] presidency.”

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