Governor Hochul signs novel law that limits cryptomining, for now

New York is taking a first-in-the-nation step to tap the brakes on the spread of cryptocurrency mining, under legislation that Gov. Kathy Hochul signed Tuesday.

The measure comes amid growing scrutiny of the cryptocurrency industry following this month’s collapse of the FTX exchange. But New York’s measure, which passed the state Legislature in June, is specifically concerned with the environmental aspects of crypto.

“I will ensure that New York continues to be the center of financial innovation, while also taking important steps to prioritize the protection of our environment,” Hochul, a Democrat, said in a message explaining her approval.

The new law sets a two-year moratorium on new and renewed air permits for fossil fuel power plants used for energy-intensive “proof-of-work” cryptocurrency mining — a term for the computational process that records and secures transactions in bitcoin and similar forms of digital money. Proof-of-work is the blockchain-based algorithm used by bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies.

The law also requires the Department of Environmental Conservation to asses how cryptomining affects the state’s ability to meet its climate goals.

Environmentalists said New York was undermining those goals by letting cryptomining operations run their own natural gas-burning power plants.

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South Pole Temps Refuse to Cooperate With Global-warming Hysteria

Since daily record-keeping began at the South Pole in 1957, three recent November days broke record minimum temperatures in the land of snow and ice. November 16 dropped to -46.0 °C with the previous low temperature for that date -45.7 °C in 1987; November 17 tied its record cold mark for that date with -45.1 °C, the same as in 1999; and November 18 reached -45.2 °C, breaking the previous record of -44.7 °C in 1985.

The record cold temps come on the heels of a record cold winter in 2021, during which a research station on a high plateau in Antarctica recorded an average temperature of -78° degrees Fahrenheit (-61° C) over a six-month period between April and September of 2021.

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Ctrl+Alt+Delete the Totalitarian State

There are three government narratives pushed today that are not real: (1) fraud-free elections, (2) a looming climate apocalypse, and (3) a COVID health emergency requiring total government control.  If you see through only one, then you’re not looking hard enough.  Or as Bill Engvall might say, “If you now believe COVID is mostly a hoax but are still terrified of global warming, here’s your sign.”  Conversely, if you do see through them, you’re likely being censored for expressing those points of view.  

Here’s our impasse: when governments claim to have a monopoly on truth, then citizens are expected to accept preposterous fantasies, no matter how much opposing evidence they might see.  The narrative is absolute.  Dissent is forbidden.  Total obedience is the objective.  Last century, free Westerners understood these features as telltale signs of totalitarianism.  Today, much less free Westerners have been taught to embrace — without scrutiny or wisdom — the government’s fairy tales as part of our required, if not sacred, deference to the bureaucratic State’s cult of expertise.  Whether citizens grasp this shift in individual freedom or not, the general rule handed down from governments is stark yet succinct: ask us no questions, and we will tell you no lies!

Westerners desperately need to reboot their systems of government before those systems of government delete the public’s power to make changes ever again.  It is not possible for political leaders to claim that their countries support personal freedom when they snatch that freedom away at the first sneeze, cow fart, or unapproved tweet.  It is not logical for governments to claim that they protect “democracy” when armies of unelected permanent bureaucrats run the modern State.  It is not reasonable for Western nations to claim that they cherish “free thinking” and “free expression” when their technocratic surveillance arms actively censor speech and promote State-approved points of view over all others.

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Biden agrees to pay climate REPARATIONS: US will pay up to $1BN to compensate developing countries for global warming – but gas-guzzling China WON’T have to pay into global fund

Joe Biden says the US will sign-up to a UN-backed fund to pay reparations to developing countries worst-affected by climate change.  

The creation of the fund was announced Saturday. It was negotiated at the United Nations‘ COP27 Summit in Egypt, was originally known as a ‘loss and damage’ fund and had been blocked by previous American administrations. 

The nations who’ll benefit from the funds are largely from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. They say they’re set to be worst-affected by rising sea levels and other weather extremes blamed on carbon emissions created by wealthier countries. 

Last year, Biden was granted $1 billion to help developing countries tackle climate change, although it’s unclear if that cash will go into this fund. 

The president also faces having his plans stymied by the GOP-majority house, which would have to approve any funding mooted by the White House.

There will be wrangles with fellow UN members over who pays what – which could well mean nothing gets done until after the next presidential election in 2024. 

And if a Republican like GOP golden boy Ron DeSantis ends up winning the presidency, the fund could face being scrapped again. 

Donald Trump famously pulled the US out of the 2015 UN Paris Accord on climate change, saying it represented a bad deal for America – with DeSantis known to share many of the 45th president’s views. 

China – the world’s biggest polluter – wouldn’t have to contribute to any global fund, because it is still considered a developing nation, despite its vast wealth. 

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Here is a story that most people won’t see because it doesn’t push the radical left agenda. Wildfires are down 85% this year

Most years we hear a lot about wildfires in California. Instead of admitting they are cyclical and natural and that a significant number of them are caused because underbrush isn’t cleared, we are told that they are getting worse and are caused by humans and our abuse of natural resources.

From the following Wall Street Journal article: 362,403 acres burned this year in California versus 2.6 million in 2021 and a  2.2 million average the last five years.

My guess is most people won’t see that good news because it doesn’t scare people into submission to the radical green agenda to destroy America. They wouldn’t willingly give up their gas-powered vehicles and natural gas-heated homes if they were told that the climate is and has always changed cyclically and naturally. 

If the story came out, Governor Newsom would probably take credit for the massive reduction. As the WSJ writes:

One of the slowest wildfire seasons in years has come to an end in the West thanks to well-timed rain and cooler temperatures, bringing a reprieve to a region hit by numerous destructive blazes over the past several years.

The break is giving firefighters an opportunity to focus on prevention efforts such as thinning forests that could lessen damage from wildfires in the future, according to officials.

This year was a very mild year for hurricanes, many fewer than predicted.  Named storms only got to the letter “N”. Of course, the public didn’t get that good news. either. Instead, they were told the false information that the two significant hurricanes in Florida were made stronger by humans and our use of natural resources.

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Covid PsyOps Are Now Being Used for Climate Change

As the eco-zealot group Just Stop Oil continue to break the law and cause mayhem, perhaps it is time to investigate who is pulling the strings of this and other fake grassroots movements. Even a cursory glance will make it clear that the people behind it are not everyday members of the public but a group of highly influential American billionaires.

In a four-part series published by The Conservative Woman, Stephen McMurray demonstrates how psychology and money – not facts – are driving the climate alarmist narrative in the UK.  As well as by “independent” groups of psychologists, these psychological tactics are being deployed by the UK government based on a document produced by the Environment and Climate Committee.  The notorious Covid false narrative duo, Chris Whitty and Patrick Valance, are on this committee.

Stephen McMurray is a member of Free Speech Union. What follows is a brief summary of McMurray’s articles, you can read the four articles in full by following the links provided:

  • Part 1 – Money and ideology HERE
  • Part 2 – Margaret Klein Salamon HERE
  • Part 3 – Psychology to nudge the population HERE
  • Part 4 – Coercive Covid tactics reused for the climate crisis narrative HERE

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Climate Models Can Never Work, Says Computer Modeller

If you cannot make a model to predict the outcome of the next draw from a lottery ball machine, you are unable to make a model to predict the future of the climate, suggests former computer modeller Greg Chapman, in a recent essay in Quadrant. Chapman holds a PhD in physics and notes that the climate system is chaotic, which means “any model will be a poor predictor of the future”. A lottery ball machine, he observes, “is a comparatively much simpler and smaller interacting system”.

Most climate models run hot, a polite term for endless failed predictions of runaway global warming. If this was a “real scientific process’” argues Chapman, the hottest two thirds of the models would be rejected by the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC). If that happened, he continues, there would be outrage amongst the climate scientists community, especially from the rejected teams, “due to their subsequent loss of funding”. More importantly, he added, “the so-called 97% consensus would instantly evaporate”. Once the hottest models were rejected, the temperature rise to 2100 would be 1.5°C since pre-industrial times, mostly due to natural warming. “There would be no panic, and the gravy train would end,” he said

As COP27 enters its second week, the Roger Hallam-grade hysteria – the intelligence-insulting ‘highway to hell’ narrative – continues to be ramped up. Invariably behind all of these claims is a climate model or a corrupt, adjusted surface temperature database. In a recent essay also published in Quadrant, the geologist Professor Ian Plimer notes that COP27 is “the biggest public policy disaster in a lifetime”. In a blistering attack on climate extremism, he writes:

We are reaping the rewards of 50 years of dumbing down education, politicised poor science, a green public service, tampering with the primary temperature data record and the dismissal of common sense as extreme right-wing politics. There has been a deliberate attempt to frighten poorly-educated young people about a hypothetical climate emergency by the mainstream media, uncritically acting as stenographers for green activists.

In his detailed essay, Chapman explains that all the forecasts of global warming arise from the “black box” of climate models. If the amount of warming was calculated from the “simple, well known relationship between CO2 and solar energy spectrum absorption”, it would only be 0.5°C if the gas doubled in the atmosphere. This is due to the logarithmic nature of the relationship.

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FOUR HUNDRED private jets arrived in Egypt during COP27 as climate delegates are accused of ‘hypocrisy’

Climate delegates were accused of hypocrisy after 400 private jets arrived in Egypt for COP27.

Numerous posts on social media criticised delegates for travelling by private jet to the UN climate summit.

Posts and reports included various estimates for the number of such planes bringing delegates to the gathering in the beach resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Climate Action Against Disinformation, a group that analyses trends in false information on social media, said in a report on Thursday that narratives of supposed ‘hypocrisy and elitism’ were one of the main focuses of climate-sceptic messages during COP27.

Egyptian sources corroborated widespread claims that some 400 private jets landed during COP27. 

Some media cited lower estimates by flight-trackers, though there may have been private flights that were not logged by monitoring services.

One misleading post in Spanish claimed there were as many as 1,500 private jets. It was accompanied by an old photograph of planes from an aviation forum in Las Vegas.

‘More than 400 private jets landed in the past few days in Egypt,’ a source close to the Egyptian aviation authorities, who asked not to be named, told AFP on Thursday.

‘There was a meeting ahead of COP27, and officials were expecting those jets and made some arrangements in Sharm el-Sheikh airport to welcome those planes.’

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Facebook launches new tools to “combat climate misinformation”

The world’s largest social network, Facebook, has announced plans to increase its elevation of “authoritative climate information” and expand its “fact checking” of content that it deems to be climate misinformation.

Facebook will expand its fact-checking tools by increasing the availability of its “Climate Science Center” (a page that contains “factual resources from the world’s leading climate organizations and actionable steps people can take in their everyday lives to combat climate change”) to 165 countries and expanding its “Climate Inform Labels” (labels that are added to Facebook posts and link to posts from the Climate Science Center).

The tech giant has also launched a “Climate Science Literacy Initiative” that will “pre-bunk climate misinformation” by running ads that “feature five of the most common techniques used to misrepresent climate change.”

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