Oops! Teachers’ union chief admits sharing fake list of ‘banned’ books

A teachers’ union chief who worked aggressively to keep public schools closed during the COVID pandemic now has admitted to sharing a list of “banned” books that was a fake.

The response from Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers, to her mistake? “My bad”

Fox News explained Weingarten had posted on social media the list of so-called “banned” books.

The but list, originally posted online by “Freesus Patriot,” said Florida has banned classics like “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and “A Wrinkle in Time,” which it hasn’t.

Weingarten explained, “I should have double checked before I retweeted this list. My bad. Looks like some of the books weren’t banned. Book bans are very real & dangerous.”

The issue of banned books has been triggered by the extreme leftist agenda being adopted by some public school districts, promoting transgenderism for children while concealing that ideology from parents, Critical Race Theory which teaches America is racist and to get rid of that racism more racism is needed, and more. Those theories often are promoted by books that leftist districts install in their libraries and are handed out to children.

Many parents with traditional moral and educational values would prefer that their tax-funded public schools not teach extremes like those. So the issue of what books are available – and promoted – to children becomes significant

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$190,000 payout for Antifa-supporting teacher to resign has critics fuming over union clout

Reports that a California school teacher who was aligned with Antifa was paid $190,000 to resign this year are sparking outrage, leading critics to say it reveals the strength of California’s teacher unions on public education in the state.

Information obtained by the Sacramento Bee revealed that former Inderkum High School teacher Gabriel Gipe was paid $190,000 to resign from his post. According to the Bee, the payout was taxed, and the final check totaled $100,000.

Gipe, an AP Government teacher, was secretly recorded saying he had 180 days to turn his students into “revolutionaries,” as revealed in a Project Veritas video released in September 2021. The conservative organization’s video release sparked intense backlash, and the district announced that it planned to fire Gipe within a few days of the video’s release and started compiling a dossier outlining evidence against him, according to multiple news reports at that time.

The school’s investigation revealed that Gipe rejected the regular AP Government curriculum and “instead led freewheeling lectures about communism,” the Bee reported.

School district Superintendent Chris Evans told the Bee that the decision to pay Gipe came down to “basic math.”

“California is not an easy place to fire a teacher,” Evans told the Bee. “I think everyone knows that.”

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NEA teachers union spending $140K for ‘enemies list’ opposition research of groups turning up heat on schools

The National Education Association passed a resolution during their annual Representative Assembly in Chicago that would allocate thousands of dollars to conduct opposition research on 25 organizations that are supposedly attacking gender identity and sexual orientation freedoms in public schools. 

“NEA shall compile research to create fact sheets about the largest 25 organizations that are actively working to diminish a students’ right to honesty in education, freedom of sexual and gender identify, and teacher autonomy,” the resolution said. NEA’s resolutions are called new business items (NBI) and represent the teachers’ union’s opinions and beliefs. They also open the door to funding.

The cost for compiling the list and for the research would amount to $140,625, NBI 15 said. The research will include probing into groups’ funding sources, the leaders of the organizations, “connections to known entities that are seeking to dismantle public education, organization headquarters and chapter locations.”

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Woke National Teachers Union Agenda Includes Mandatory Masks, Vaccines and Banning the Words Mother and Father

The National Education Association’s (NEA) annual conference is underway in Chicago, and the group is calling for a national policy of mandatory masking, mandatory vaccinations, and rejecting the words “mother” and “father.”

The NEA is the largest labor group in the U.S., with more than three million members, including Jill Biden. Its president is Becky Pringle.

The Chicago conference is chock-full of woke agenda items called New Business Initiatives (NBI). They include progressive language involving issues that seem to have little to do with proper education. NBIs are proposals that delegates must vote on in order to pass. 

Terry Stoops, a conservative education expert in North Carolina, exposed this year’s NBIs in a lengthy post on Twitter.

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NEA Pays Lavish Salaries to Headquarters Officials, but Spends Only 5.4 Percent of Its Revenue Representing Teachers

America’s largest labor union is the National Education Association (NEA), organized in 1906 with a congressional charter “to elevate the character and advance the interests of the profession of teaching; and to promote the cause of education in the United States.”

One hundred and sixteen years later, the average individual U.S. teacher salary is $60,909, just below the median household income of $67,521 for the country in 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Inadequate teacher pay has long been a staple of NEA rhetoric and advocacy, as seen in this April 29, 2019, statement by then-NEA President Lily Ekelsen Garcia:

“Across the nation educator pay continues to erode, expanding the large pay gap between what teachers earn and what similarly educated and experienced professionals in other fields earn.

“Educators don’t do this work to get rich, they do this work because they believe in students. But their pay is not commensurate with the dedication and expertise they bring to the profession.”

Given the NEA’s frequently professed concern about low teacher pay, critics wonder why the union spends so little of the $377 million it received mostly in dues paid by 2.9 million members in 2021 on “representational activities”—that is, bargaining for better pay and working conditions for rank-and-file classroom teachers.

According to its latest LM2 report to the Department of Labor, the NEA spent only $32 million, or 8.5 percent of its total dues revenues, on those representational activities.

Calculated as a percentage of NEA total revenues from all sources of $588 million, the $32 million represents only 5.4 percent. The $588 million figure includes the $194 million the NEA received through the sale of “investments and fixed assets.”

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NEA Board Member Suggests Unvaccinated with Religious Exemptions Deserve to Die

A member of the board of directors of the National Education Association (NEA) posted a message to Facebook that denounced unvaccinated individuals who claim religious exemptions and asserted they deserved to die, according to the Libs of Tik Tok social media account, which shared a screenshot of the post on Tuesday.

Mollie Paige Mumau, a Pennsylvania teacher and member of the board of directors of the NEA, appears to identify herself as an “educator, wife, union advocate, semi-pro wine drinker, LGBTQ ally, and ‘Team Pfizer.’”

Mumau wrote, apparently in response to a specific person, that those who choose not to be vaccinated and obtain a religious exemption deserve to die or be shot:

Screw this guy and screw them all who are all about hiding behind religious exemptions because they don’t want anybody to tell them what to do. People tell you what to do all the time, and you do it. This is such BS. He and his ilk deserve whatever comes their way, including losing jobs, getting sick, and perhaps dying from this virus. But in the meantime, he’s going to put all the people around him in danger. I don’t know why the GOP doesn’t just take those guns they profess to love so much and just start shooting all of their constituents who think this way. It would be quicker and ultimately safer than putting me and my friends and family at risk.

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Biden’s Education Department Wants to Roll Back Effort to Catalog Teacher Sex Crimes

The Department of Education wants to roll back a Trump-era effort to collect data on teacher-on-student sex crimes.

The department’s Office for Civil Rights will not ask school districts questions regarding teacher-on-student sexual assault allegations as part of its 2021-2022 Civil Rights Data Collection, proposed Thursday. The change is designed to “reduce burden and duplication of data,” an Education Department spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon. But critics say eliminating the question is the Biden administration’s attempt to appease teachers’ unions.

“This is the ultimate act of bowing to the teachers’ unions,” Kimberly Richey, who served as acting assistant secretary in the Office for Civil Rights in the Trump administration, told the Free Beacon. “Through this proposal, the Biden administration is actively helping schools cover up these incidents, which we were intentionally shining a light on.”

The Education Department will still ask districts to report documented cases of rape and sexual assault. But it will not ask school officials to report allegations that resulted in the resignation or retirement of the accused. Former secretary of education Betsy DeVos added those optional questions to the 2020-2021 data collection, which was delayed one year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The department also won’t ask districts to report pending cases or cases in which a school staffer was reassigned to another district school prior to the conclusion of an investigation.

Reporting alleged sex crimes in addition to documented cases provides a fuller picture of sexual violence in schools, as the accused may retire, resign, or seek employment elsewhere before a district can reach a conclusion in the case.

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Mass. teachers union says standardized tests have allowed ‘white supremacy to flourish’

A teachers union in Massachusetts claim the state’s standardized testing has “allowed white supremacy to flourish.”

The Massachusetts Teachers Association wants to strip the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) as a part of graduation requirements for students.

“The implementation of the MCAS and other standardized tests has had the exact opposite effect of what was supposed to occur when the system was introduced more than 20 years ago,” said MTA president Merrie Najimy in a statement.

The union is backing a bill to give students “multiple pathways” to show their educational competency apart from the MCAS standardized testing.

“Public schools in predominantly Black and brown communities have been taken over by state bureaucrats who have been using standardized testing as a tool not to improve opportunities for students,” continued Najimy, “but instead as one to pry public education from the hands of the families and educators who know best what their students need.”

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