As Left and Right Argue Over their ‘Waves’, the Legal Weed ‘Green Wave’ Continues Despite Federal Prohibition

Voters in two more states approved ballot measures legalizing marijuana on Tuesday despite the ongoing federal prohibition of cannabis, continuing a 50-year history of efforts by the state to nullify the feds, cities to nullify the state – and individuals to nullify them all.

Maryland and Missouri both passed ballot measures legalizing marijuana for individuals 21 and over. That brings the total number of states that have legalized recreational marijuana to 21.

The movement to take down marijuana prohibition started in the 1970s accelerated after California legalized cannabis for medical use in 1996. Since then, states have advanced the issue every year. This happened in spite of a 2005 Supreme Court opinion supporting federal prohibition, at least 12 years of relentless year-to-year increase in spending and enforcement efforts by the federal government through three presidential administrations, and ongoing, complete prohibition at the federal level.

In California, individual and local action started long before the passage of Prop. 215 legalizing medical marijuana in 1996. Other states followed their lead. Many states started with modest medical programs and then expanded them over the years.

We’ve seen the same progression when it comes to adult-use marijuana.

Each year, new state laws and the loosening of old laws help expand the market, and each expansion further nullifies the unconstitutional federal ban in practice and effect. With state and local actions accounting for as much as 99 percent of all enforcement efforts according to the FBI, the feds rely heavily on state and local help to fight the “drug war.” That help has rapidly evaporated in the last few years with marijuana legalization and decriminalization.

As marijuana becomes more accepted and more states, localities, and individuals simply ignore the federal prohibition, the feds become less able to enforce their unconstitutional laws. After more than two decades of state, local and individual resistance and nullification, the federal government’s unconstitutional prohibition of cannabis is beginning to come apart at the seams.

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Woman who escapes month-long captivity says other Black women killed by abductor

A 22-year-old Black woman in Missouri who escaped after a white man abducted, tortured and held her captive for weeks in a basement has said several other Black women were killed by her captor – less than a month after police dismissed community concerns about a serial killer as “completely unfounded”.

The woman, who has not been named, escaped on 7 October after about a month in captivity, still wearing a metal collar locked with a padlock that authorities had to remove.

She told Kansas City police that 39-year-old Timothy M Haslett had imprisoned her in a basement room in Excelsior Springs – a city just north-east of Kansas City – where he whipped and raped her repeatedly. She escaped while Haslett was dropping his child off at school, and she sought help from neighbours whom she told that her friends “did not make it out” and were killed by Haslett.

Around the time she went missing, several prominent community leaders raised concerns about the disappearance of multiple Black women and girls. Last month, the Kansas City Defender, a nonprofit newsroom, published a video of Bishop Tony Caldwell saying that he had received information that the missing women had all been kidnapped from Prospect Avenue in Kansas City.

The police dismissed the concerns outright as “completely unfounded”, saying in a statement that “there is no basis to support this rumor”.

In fact the survivor, who is referred to as TJ in court documents, said Haslett picked her up on Prospect Avenue in early September.

Haslett, a scruffy looking white man with dark brown hair and a greying beard, was detained and last week pleaded not guilty to charges including rape, kidnap and assault.

Excelsior Springs police are now investigating the possibility that at least two more women were similarly victimized.

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Former Missouri State Representative Cora Faith Walker Suddenly Dies After Attending Tishaura Jones’ Birthday Party

Former Missouri State Representative Cora Faith Walker, 37, died unexpectedly last Friday morning after attending cop-hating leftist Mayor Tishaura Jones’ birthday party.  There was no known cause of death and this will not be known until toxicology results come back in about a month.

According to St. Louis Medical Examiner, Dr. Michael Graham, who conducted an autopsy on Monday, “There were no physical injuries or signs of trauma to the body.”

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Hate Hoax: After Student Walkout Protest – Black Student Admits to Posting Racist Graffiti at Parkway Central High School in St. Louis County

Students at Parkway Central High School in St. Louis County held a walkout protest last Thursday after racist graffiti was found at the school last week.

On Tuesday School Superintendent Keith Marty admitted to parents the culprit was identified and that the student is black.

Yet, another hate hoax.

Local grifters participated in the rally.

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