Study Finds Unvaccinated Unwelcome Among Vaccinated Friends

You’ve been through the worst of the pandemic together, but things just aren’t the same anymore. Can you still be friends?

According to a survey by public relations/marketing agency OnePoll, the answer is often no when it comes to friends who refuse to get the COVID-19 shot.

The survey of 1,000 Americans, conducted on Sept. 2, found that 16 percent of respondents had “axed three pals from their lives” since the pandemic began in March 2020.

“Of those who ended a friendship, 66 percent are vaccinated and 17 percent don’t ever plan to receive the shot,” according to OnePoll. “Fourteen percent of vaccinated respondents said they parted ways with friends who didn’t want to get inoculated.”

However, it wasn’t just the unvaccinated who were getting the cold shoulder from their erstwhile vaccinated friends, the survey found.

Having different political views (16 percent) was another reason for ending a friendship, followed by dating or sleeping with an ex partner (15 percent), spreading false information about a friend (12 percent), and lying (7 percent).

“A vast majority of vaccinated people [97 percent] consider their ex-friends to be ‘full-blown anti-vaxxers’ and said they could never get them to understand the importance of the vaccine,” OnePoll said on their website.

“Those respondents shared why their former friends didn’t want to get vaccinated—from not believing in vaccines to claiming the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t work.”

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Get ready for Critical Looks Theory — the idea that attractive people “benefit from a violent system of lookism”!

Critical theory and other socialist-adjacent woke theories are all about jealousy.

Need proof?

Take a gander at this very woke screed against the violence of “lookism” that is perpetuating deep-seated injustices against normal-looking people everywhere:

I have to admit, she used all the proper terminology.

She’s (seriously) saying that attractive people are inherently bad because their beauty makes everyone else look ugly in comparison.

She then equates this to systemic oppression and infers that said system needs to be torn down.

What she doesn’t tell us is how we insert “beauty equity” or “good looks reparations” to tear down this “system”!

If you follow the logic through, she’s saying that beautiful people need to become less beautiful (think through how that would be accomplished) and justifies it by saying they deserve it because they are bad.

Of course this is ridiculous.

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