Neo-Nazi Pedophilic Cult Member Allegedly Coerced Minors to Make Child Porn

A neo-Nazi affiliated with a satanic pedophilic cult gave himself away on social media, including posting a photo of himself, wearing a T-shirt that read “kiddie diddler” in front of a swastika, police say. 

He has since been arrested and charged with sexually exploiting minors and possession of child pornography, among other alleged crimes. 

After being tipped off to disturbing social media posts, FBI agents raided the home of Angel Almeida, 22, in Queens, New York, in Nov. 2021 and seized a handgun along with occult texts and memorabilia that show his affiliation with Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a satanic group that pushes its adherents to commit depraved acts, including sexually abusing minors. On two separate occasions, Almeida spent months coercing two minors into partaking in sexual activities to create child porn, according to the Department of Justice. 

Almeida was initially indicted on charges relating to the handgun in Dec. 2021 but was indicted on child abuse charges Tuesday. 

On social media, Almeida posted images of himself boasting about his alleged sexual crimes, as well as pictures of dead animals, and a firearm (despite being a felon), according to the feds. 

The FBI was initially tipped off to a Facebook account under the name “Sargent Grey,” that had images of Almeida wearing a skull mask, a signifier of neo-Nazi accelerationist groups in front of an O9A flag. This led authorities to a second account under the name “Necropedocell,” with images of a child bound and gagged and a photo of a handgun with the caption “for the 2k pedophile haters.”

On yet another account, this one on Instagram under the name Stain_Lord_352, the FBI found the picture of Almeida wearing the T-shirt with “kiddie diddler” written on it. The image also included a sign that read, “I am addicted to hardcore child pornography.” The account posted another photo with the caption “no limits evil” alongside a photo of a bloody cat that had been stabbed with a knife. This account also contained several references to O9A. 

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Scientology Strikes Back — and News Org Knuckles Under

Last week, I wrote about the media’s abject failure to tell the true story of Scientology and its relationship with Lisa Marie Presley, who lived most of her life in the notorious cult before breaking away. She died January 12 at age 54.

This week, I received an interesting email from Dodge Landesman — an anchor for KYMA, the  Yuma, AZ, NBC and CBS TV station — who also covered the Scientology angle in the Presley story. He told me that he has been fired. Like me, he wrote about Presley and her role as a possible witness against Scientology in a criminal trial for rape against another celebrity, Scientologist Danny Masterson. 

After the story aired, Landesman explained, Scientology contacted the reporter, as well as his bosses, who bounced it to the conglomerate that owns the station — and threatened to sue them.  The company pulled the story and fired Landesman. 

In place of the original article is this mysteriously vague notice:

Editor’s Note: In an exercise of editorial discretion, NPG of Yuma-El Centro Broadcasting, LLC has elected to unpublish this piece. After careful review, and given information that came to light after the piece was published, NPG of Yuma-El Centro Broadcasting, LLC has determined that it can no longer stand behind the piece because, among other things, it contained aspects of opinion by the author.

If Landesman had written something false — as proven by “information that came to light after the piece was published” — it’s odd that the editor didn’t publish a correction notice. 

KYMA News Director Ernesto Romero declined to discuss the matter, saying, “Our company does not comment on personnel matters and the editorial note included in the article speaks for itself.”  

Although the original report has been taken down, we can still view it here — with the tantalizing headline “Lisa Marie Presley was planning Scientology takedown before her death.” 

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Gloria Trevi Sex Cult Claims Revived in New Lawsuit

NEARLY TWO DECADES after a judge abruptly cleared pop diva Gloria Trevi of charges she lured minors into a secret sex ring in Mexico, the singer is facing a new civil lawsuit in Los Angeles that revives claims she procured underage girls for her ex-producer Sergio Andrade.

The new complaint, obtained by Rolling Stone, was filed shortly before the Dec. 31 deadline for a three-year “lookback” window that temporarily lifted the statute of limitations on childhood sex assault claims in California. Neither Trevi nor Andrade are specifically named in the suit, but it’s clear they’re the top two Doe defendants based on details including concerts Trevi played in the 1990s and albums she recorded.

According to the filing, two Jane Doe plaintiffs allege they were 13 and 15 years old respectively when Trevi approached them in public and lured them into joining Andrade’s purported music training program by promoting it as an elite star-making opportunity. The victims says Trevi groomed them to become sex slaves to Andrade, and that much of their abuse happened in Los Angeles County.

By the time the Jane Does were recruited, Trevi and Andrade already had reached international fame with a series of hits showcasing Trevi’s edgy lyrics and rebellious persona, the lawsuit states. Trevi was dubbed Mexico’s version of Madonna while Andrade was credited as her behind-the-scenes production ace. It would be several years before the once-celebrated duo would seemingly disappear ahead of a flood of sex cult allegations from multiple former protégées. The claims would explode into an international scandal, with Andrade painted as a violent serial pedophile and Trevi his willing accomplice. The two would be arrested in Brazil in January 2000 after an international manhunt.

Trevi, now 54, spent four years in pre-trial detention but was ultimately acquitted when a judge said there was insufficient evidence to support the rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors charges filed against her by Mexican prosecutors. After spending four years awaiting trial, Andrade was convicted of rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors, but ended up spending only one more year behind bars.

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Scientology leader David Miscavige is ‘nowhere to be found’: Prosecutors trying to serve federal trafficking suit against him have tried to reach him 27 times over four months but have failed to locate him

Prosecutors trying to serve David Miscavige with a federal child trafficking lawsuit say that the mysterious leader of Scientology is ‘nowhere to be found.’ 

Authorities have attempted to serve papers to Miscavige, 62, on 27 different occasions over the course of four months in the Clearwater-area in Florida and in Los Angeles, reports the Tampa Bay Times. 

When lawyers appeared at Scientology properties and asked security guards about Miscavige’s whereabouts, the guards said that they were clueless. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit have even hired a private investigator in an attempt to track him down.

At one point, lawyers  even took the direct route and sent an Instagram message to the church’s official account to ask about Miscavige. 

The lawsuit being filed by former church members, husband and wife, Gawain and Laura Baxter and Valeska Paris. The trio say that they were forced into labor on Scientology boats as children after signing a one billion-year contract in exchange for little or no money. 

Paris left the church in 2009 and Gawain and Laura Baxter left in 2012. 

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Tacoma bible college linked to alleged ‘cult’ loses GI Bill approval after FBI raid

A Tacoma seminary program associated with a chain of churches raided by the FBI earlier this year has lost approval to receive federal Veterans Affairs education funds. Former members have described the chain as a cult that defrauds soldiers.

In late June, the FBI served search warrants at several House of Prayer Christian Church locations near military bases, mostly in the Southeast. A former church minister told The News Tribune the Tacoma location on South 54th Street was constructed in 2004 and targeted soldiers at nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

A JBLM spokesperson told The News Tribune this summer the base was aware of the House of Prayer and referred questions to federal law enforcement. The FBI’s Seattle field office confirmed “court-authorized law enforcement activity” at the church but declined to provide additional details.

A spokesperson for the House of Prayer declined to comment on the investigation.

Current and former members have accused the House of Prayer of draining veterans’ GI Bill funds by perpetually enrolling them in bogus seminary classes and pressuring them to gain 100% VA disability then donate their benefits, according to an August 2020 report sent to the VA by the legal assistance nonprofit Veterans Education Success. In the report, members also accused the church of using their personal information and forging signatures to apply for VA home loans without their knowledge.

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Bentley-driving Arizona ‘Mormon prophet’ had TWENTY wives as young as nine including his own daughter, FBI says – and drove them around in a TRAILER with a bucket for a toilet

An Arizona polygamist cult leader had 20 wives aged as young as nine, married his own daughter, and drove his spouses around in a trailer with a bucket for a toilet, it is claimed.  

A new FBI affidavit has revealed shocking allegations against Bentley-driving Samuel Rappylee Bateman, 46, who was arrested in Arizona earlier this year.

Samuel Rappylee Bateman, 46, is accused by witnesses of ‘marrying’ up to 20 women and girls as young as nine, including his own daughter, according to the affidavit filed on Friday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.  

He has been in federal custody on obstruction charges since his September arrest, which unfolded after Bateman was pulled over by cops while transporting underage girls inside a squalid trailer furnished with a couch and a bucket for a toilet.  

Bateman leads a splinter group of the radical Mormon offshoot Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or FLDS — but Bateman is apparently so extreme that he has been denounced even by former FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, a convicted child rapist. 

The FBI affidavit, filed in the Eastern District of Washington, outlines sickening allegations of incest, group sex acts involving adults and underage children, and child sex trafficking. 

FBI Agent Dawn A. Martin, citing witness statements, writes in the filing that Bateman ‘began to proclaim he was a prophet’ and declared his intention to marry his own teenage daughter in 2019.

The affidavit states that Bateman has since gathered ‘approximately 50 followers and more than 20 wives, many of whom are minors, mostly under the age of 15.’ 

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Kanye West was permanently suspended from Twitter last night for vile antisemitic posts that included the swastika symbol of an alien sex cult

Well, you can’t say you didn’t see it coming.

After his bombshell interview with Alex Jones yesterday, Kanye West went on an hours-long tweet-storm in which he posted many anti-semitic and generally insane things on the bird app.

Elon Musk himself stepped in and eventually decided the right thing to do was to nuke the account.

Here are a few of the things Kanye West tweeted and retweeted on his way out.

Ye said, unequivocally, that he loves everybody.

This includes the fashion brand Balenciaga which has been in the news lately for child sexual exploitation.

Also, Kanye said some very vile antisemitic things on Alex Jones’ show and doubled down on the antisemitism on Twitter.

Yep, it was this tweet with his bizarre swastika inside a Star of David that crossed the line for Musk and Twitter.

If you don’t know (and honestly what sane person would?) that symbol is actually from a ’70s sex cult called “Raelism” that believes aliens named “Elohim” created life on earth.

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Alleged satanic cult killer Ethan Myers arrested after chilling ‘human sacrifice’

Three people believed to be satanic cult members have been arrested for the gruesome alleged murder of a woman as part of a “human sacrifice”.

Sarah Hopson was found brutally slain at her mobile home in Texas, USA, last Sunday during a welfare check, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

The 36-year-old had allegedly been bashed in the head with a rock, while her fingers, toes and ears had been cut off and placed in a plastic bag.

She had large wounds to the right side of her head and forehead, while her lifeless body was reportedly wrapped up in a carpet.

Police arrested Ethan Kyle Myers, 26, on Thursday, after two people – who were also arrested in connection to the murder – asked police to check on the woman.

The pair, Allen Price and Teresa Louviere, reportedly told officers that “Ethan Myers had done something to Sarah Hopson”.

They allegedly told officers that he was staying in their home and had been “acting strange” before fleeing their house covered in blood.

Mr. Price reportedly also told police that Ethan had been involved in “cult activity”.

This claim was also backed up by Ethan’s mother, who allegedly revealed to officers that her son was “hearing voices” and was “satanic” and that he was hiding out in the woods to avoid being arrested.

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Was the CIA Behind the Jonestown Massacre?

“I think the Jonestown incident was an extension of In Search of the Manchurian Candidate. I think those people were conditioned to act in certain ways and would have probably just moved from Montreal [where CIA mind control experiments were carried out under the direction of Dr. Ewen Cameron] to Guyana, in this case. You look at Jim Jones’ background carefully, he had a lot of intelligence contact there for doing exactly what he did. It escalated once they killed Congressman Leo J. Ryan; basically, they had no other way to go, so they just tried to self-destruct the whole mission. And that means the death of hundreds of people. As I point out in the book, the medical examiner there made some startling statements, and we wouldn’t even allow the bodies to be properly examined when they were brought back to the East Coast and turned in. So obviously it was a cover-up. Jonestown I think was an extension of MK-ULTRA from the CIA and there are probably other experiments going on.”– Colonel James Bo Gritz, legendary Special Forces operative who trained Special Forces that went into Jonestown after the massacre.[1]

When someone is duped into doing or believing something foolish, it has long been common to chide them for “drinking the Kool-Aid.”

This phrase derives from the infamous Jonestown massacre deep in the jungles of Guyana when, on November 18, 1978, 913 men, women and children supposedly drank Kool-Aid laced with cyanide poison from paper cups.

They had been instructed to do so by Jim Jones, a preacher with the People’s Temple, a left-wing religious cult which had established a settlement in Guyana that they were part of.

Deeper investigation, however, reveals something even more sinister: That Jones was a CIA agent involved in a mind control project coordinated by one of the U.S. Army’s top chemical warfare specialists, Dr. Laurence Layton.[2] Rather than a mass suicide, most of the parishioners were murdered—it appears in order to coverup the true purpose of Jonestown and Jones’s own connection to the CIA.

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‘Sex cult’ leader who preached Islamic sermons while surrounded by scantily-clad women dubbed his ‘kittens’ is jailed for 8,500 years in Turkey for child abuse, rape and fraud

A Turkish sex cult leader and televangelist who preached Islamic sermons while surrounded by scantily-clad young women has been jailed for more than 8,500 years in prison for child abuse, rape and fraud following a retrial.

Adnan Oktar, 66, is known for holding theological discussions while surrounded by glamorous women who he dubbed his ‘kittens’.

He was sentenced last year to 1,075 years in prison after being found guilty of ten separate charges including child sexual abuse, leading a criminal gang, rape, blackmail, fraud, political and military espionage and causing torment.

This ruling was overturned earlier this year by an upper court. 

But following a retrial, the high court in Istanbul yesterday sentenced Oktar to 8,656 years in prison – an eightfold increase to his previous sentence.

The court held Oktar responsible for the crimes committed by his disciples as he was the head of the cult. Ten others were also sentenced to lengthy prison sentences. 

Oktar, who had pleaded not guilty, welcomed the final ruling, saying it is ‘God’s will’. 

‘We have full confidence in our state,’ Oktar said, reports Hurriyet newspaper. ‘We are happy with the decision. God made the decision. There are good days in our lives. 

‘Islam will dominate the world. Turkey will also be a beautiful country. May the decision be beneficial.’

A number of women who have since left the cult told his trial that they were subjected to sexual slavery. One woman testified that Oktar had sexually assaulted her and forced the women to take contraceptive pills. 

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