Russian billionaire, 53, is killed in helicopter crash near Monaco in latest crypto mystery death – ‘after another passenger cancelled at the last minute’

A Russian billionaire has become the latest cryptocurrency businessman to die in mysterious circumstances after his helicopter crashed in good weather near Monaco. 

Entrepreneur Vyacheslav Taran, 53, died after the helicopter plunged near the resort town of Villefranche-sur-Mer after taking off from Lausanne in Switzerland.

Taran is the third cryptocurrency entrepreneur to die unexpectedly in the past few weeks. 

Tiantian Kullander, 30, died ‘in his sleep’ last week, while fellow crypto millionaire Nikolai Mushegian, 29, drowned on a Puerto Rico beach after tweeting that he feared the CIA and Mossad were going to murder him. 

Since the crash that killed Taran happened in good, clear weather – and after another passenger reportedly cancelled last minute – mystery now surrounds the billionaire’s death. 

Taran, the co-founder of trading and investment platform Libertex and Forex Club, was flying from Lausanne with an experience pilot in a single-engined H130 helicopter when it crashed at around 1pm on November 25.

A 35-year-old French pilot was also killed.

The deputy public prosecutor of Nice, who visited the scene, said the fault of a third party could not be ruled out. 

Another unidentified passenger had been due to join Taran on the flight, but they cancelled last minute, according to local media. 

Taran, a highly successful offshore specialist who has lived in Monaco for the past ten years, has three children with wife Olga, founder of Hello Monaco media.

Ukrainian news agency UNIAN claimed, without citing any evidence, that Taran  was a ‘billionaire crypto businessman with likely ties to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service’. 

It alleged he was linked to the SVR foreign espionage agency and was responsible for ‘laundering Russian funds through a system of cryptocurrency operations’.

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Belarus foreign minister and Putin ally dies ‘after secret talks to end war in Ukraine’

The foreign minister of Belarus has suddenly died today after reportedly holding secret talks to end the war in Ukraine.

Vladimir Makei, 64, was seen as the only main channel of communication to the West in dictator Alexander Lukashenko’s hardline pro-Russia regime.

His death mysteriously came the day after he met with the Pope’s envoy Ante Jozić where they reportedly discussed a secret peace plan to end the war in Ukraine.

Career spy Makei had been foreign minister for a decade and was due to host Vladimir Putin ’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov in Minsk on Sunday and Monday.

Lavrov’s spokeswoman said Russia was “shocked” at his passing.

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Ellen Greenberg ‘suicide’: Pennsylvania court hears arguments in family’s bid to overrule medical examiner

For more than a decade, the family of a woman stabbed 20 times — including 10 from behind — has battled to have the Philadelphia medical examiner’s ruling that her death was a suicide overturned.

Ellen Greenberg, a 27-year-old teacher, was found covered in bruises and stabbed to death in her apartment during a blizzard more than a decade ago. Despite the blood-soaked crime scene, evidence her body had been moved and stab wounds to the back of her skull, investigators found “no evidence of a struggle in the kitchen area or anywhere else in the apartment.”

Dr. Marlon Osbourne, a former pathologist at the Medical Examiner’s Office in Philadelphia, initially ruled the death a homicide, based on the injuries, then backtracked and revised the manner of death to suicide after conferring with city police, according to a civil lawsuit from Greenberg’s family.

An appeals court heard arguments in a civil lawsuit this week and will decide whether it can move to trial.

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Crypto Developer Found Dead Hours After Claiming CIA/Mossad Were Sex Trafficking In Caribbean

A young crypto developer and millionaire was found dead just hours after making disturbing comments about the CIA, Mossad, and pedophile elites on Twitter.

Nikolai Mushegian, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world, claimed intelligence agencies like the CIA and Mossad were operating a “sex trafficking entrapment blackmail ring” in the Caribbean.

“CIA and Mossad and pedo elite are running some kind of sex trafficking entrapment blackmail ring out of Puerto Rico and caribbean islands. They are going to frame me with a laptop planted by my ex gf who was a spy. They will torture me to death,” Mushegian posted to Twitter on October 28 at 4:57 AM.

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JonBenet Ramsey Murder Now Under Investigation By Cold Case Team Examining DNA Remnants

In yet another effort to discover the murderer of 6-year-old beauty pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey, who was found bludgeoned and strangled in her family’s basement in 1996, local police are now going to work with a review team to use new technology to find the killer.

The girl was reported missing the day after Christmas 1996 after JonBenet’s mother Patsy found a handwritten ransom note demanding nearly $118,000; her father John found her body later that day. For years, John, as well as Patsy, who died of cancer in 2006, were suspected by the public of killing their daughter, but in 2008 they were officially cleared.

“The amount of DNA evidence available for analysis is extremely small and complex. The sample could, in whole or in part, be consumed by DNA testing,” the Boulder Police Department and Boulder County District Attorney’s Office stated in a news release.

“The Boulder Police Department will be consulting with the Colorado Cold Case Review Team in 2023. The Cold Case Review Team is comprised of professional investigative, analytical, and forensic experts from across the state,” the district attorney’s office added.

Last May, John Ramsey asked Gov. Jared Polis (D-CO) to move the case from the Boulder police to an independent agency.

“Anyone who would do this to a child is just beyond sick. He may be still out there, and if he is, he’s probably killed other children,” Ramsey said, according to Inside Edition, adding that new technology should be used to identify his daughter’s killer. “Technology has advanced so far in 25 years, that to not go back and apply the latest technology is just foolish.”

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Tiffany’s jewelry tycoon, 71, plunges to her death from Norwegian Spirit cruise ship at 3am off Tahiti coast as it’s revealed gems were stolen from her cabin – and boyfriend took TWENTY HOURS to report her missing

A tycoon who owns Tiffany jewelry empire in Turkey has died after plunging to her death from a cruise ship during a South Sea Islands holiday.

Dilek Ertek, 71 – the distributor of Tiffany in Turkey for more than 20 years – fell into the South Pacific off the coast of Tahiti from the Norwegian Spirit ship on October 26.

Respected Turkish newspaper Sabah reported that her family have urged police to investigate Miss Ertek’s Swiss national lover, who was with her on the trip.

Her son Gokce Atuk says jewelry had gone missing from the safe in his mother’s cabin.

And despite ship CCTV footage showing she probably fell at 3am, her unnamed lover only reported her missing some 20 hours later, according to local media.

Experts seem baffled over how Miss Ertek – who was just 5ft2 and tee-total – was able to fall over the 3ft-high guard rail to her cabin. 

The 74-year-old partner was kept under observation by the ship’s crew in a separate cabin before they then docked in Tahiti three days later.

He was reportedly questioned by police in Tahiti before being released due to a lack of evidence. He has since returned to Switzerland.

A search at sea for Miss Ertek’s body has been discontinued.

Miss Ertek had boarded the vessel on October 24 in Papeete Island, French Polynesia, to celebrate her birthday in Bora Bora, a small South Pacific island on November 5.

The cruise was set to end in Honolulu, in Hawaii.

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MakerDAO co-founder found dead after CIA sex trafficking tweets

MakerDAO co-founder Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian was found in Puerto Rico, according to multiple sources citing a police headquarters report. The 29-year-old cryptocurrency developer reportedly died early Friday after being swept away by ocean currents on a beach in Condado. But some of his tweets prior to the incident suggest there was more to his death than the public realises.

MakerDAO co-founder dies after tangled tweets

Muchgian’s mysterious death comes a day after he tweeted about sex trafficking and blackmail ring being perpetrated by CIA, Mossad and Pedo elites from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands. “They’re going to pin me a laptop that my ex-girlfriend who was a spy planted. They will torture me to death,” Muchgian tweeted.

In a tweet in September, Muchgian said that three possible futures for him are “CIA suicide, CIA brain damage slave fortune, is the worst nightmare of people who’ve screwed me so far, I’m sure those are the only options.”

Muchgian tweeted multiple times about death threats and elaborate attempts by the so-called CIA and the above groups to frame him. While it’s unclear what connection the cryptocurrency developer had to the groups, a tweet he made using his personal account said that he — Muchgian — “was a threat to the central bank cartel.”

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FBI Now Wants 66 Years Before Releasing Information on Seth Rich – Information They Originally DENIED They Had!

In our previous reporting, The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft reported on the FBI’s refusal to release documents on Seth Rich. To this day we still don’t have good information on Seth Rich’s murder. He was shot in the back twice in the early morning near his home. He died later in the hospital. The police recorded the event as a robbery and yet Rich’s phone, wallet, and personal items were with him when the police arrived.

Some people suspect Rich was the source of the emails that went to WikiLeaks before the 2016 Election related to Hillary and her corrupt actions over many years. These emails were ignored by the corrupt mainstream media but were shared by Wikileaks and on social media at that time.  The left blamed Wikileaks as one reason why Hillary Clinton lost to President Trump in 2016.

A short time after Seth Rich’s death, the Russia collusion story was created. It is also suspected in certain circles that the Russia collusion story was created to keep eyes off of Seth Rich’s murder.

The FBI denied possessing any information or files related to the Seth Rich murder. But that was not true and eventually, the information was discovered.  The FBI was forced to admit they were holding information on Seth Rich.

Attorney Ty Clevenger brought the government to court and last month the FBI was ordered to turn over information on Seth Rich’s computer that they possessed, and documents pertaining to Crowdstrike and the purported hack of the DNC in 2016.

And now, once again, the FBI is stalling!

What are they hiding? Why won’t they turn the information over?

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Mystery as landscapers find car filled with bags of concrete BURIED in backyard of Facebook engineer’s $15m Silicon Valley mansion: Cadaver dogs ‘indicate possible human remains’ in decades-old vehicle as its registered owner is investigated

Police in Silicon Valley are working to unravel a potential murder mystery after a wealthy couple performing renovations on their yard unwittingly dug up a car filled with concrete that also may contain human remains. 

Paul Saab and Christal Condon Saab live in the $15million home with their three young kids. Paul is a software engineer at Facebook and Christal is an angel investor. Records show that they bought the property in 2020. 

Yesterday, while digging up the yard to perform renovations, the couple’s team of contractors discovered a car buried deep in the ground behind the house.  Cadaver dogs were brought in and detected a ‘slight’ possibility of human remains. 

The car was registered to a previous owner of the home and police believe it is from the 1990s. That owner has not yet been named, but police are working to track them down for an interview. has viewed property records which indicate the Lew family lived in the home between 1990 and 2014.  

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Judge Agrees to FBI Request to Delay Production of Seth Rich Records

A U.S. judge has agreed to allow the FBI to delay production of records on late Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich.

U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant, an Obama appointee, granted on Oct. 18 the government’s request, which U.S. lawyers said was unopposed.

Mazzant had ordered in September the FBI to produce information from Rich’s laptop computer to Texas resident Brian Huddleston, who sued the bureau after he said it failed to respond properly to Freedom of Information Act requests.

The FBI previously claimed it didn’t have records regarding Rich, but during the case acknowledged it had taken possession of Rich’s laptop.

FBI officials argued that Rich’s family has a privacy interest that outweighs the public interest in the information from Rich’s computer but Mazzant rejected the arguments, noting that the FBI cited no case law.

He ordered the FBI to produce the information within 14 days.

But the FBI through Department of Justice lawyers asked for a two-week stay, saying it was preparing a motion for reconsideration/clarification “because the FBI is uncertain how to comply with the Court’s order as written, and the FBI is seeking input from a pending appellate consultation regarding the order to properly address this issue.”

The stay would allow the FBI sufficient time to complete its legal consultations and prepare and file the motion, according to Brit Featherston, a U.S. attorney who filed the motion. “This motion for stay is not made for purposes of delay, but so that justice may be served,” Featherston said.

Ty Clevenger, representing Huddleston, did not oppose the motion, according to the government.

Clevenger did not return a request for comment.

Mazzant granted the motion.

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