Conspiracy theorist suspected to be behind the cult that believes Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic child molesters are controlling the world moves to Australia

A prominent US conspiracy theorist rumoured to be behind the QAnon movement has been spotted in Australia with evidence he might be staying Down Under.

Ron Watkins is the site administrator of 8kun, formerly known as 8Chan, an internet image board that’s become a base for conspiracy theories, the far right, white supremacy and Nazism.

The American, under the anonymous account name ‘Q’, played a major role in spreading the QAnon conspiracy theory that claims the world is controlled by Satan-worshipping cannibalistic child molesters on the websites 4chan, 8chan and 8kun.

Watkins also promoted misinformation about Covid-19 and the conspiracy theory that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential election due to electoral fraud.

QAnon Anonymous podcast host Julian Feeld shared a post to his Twitter account on Wednesday alleging that Watkins was in Sydney and was intending to live in Australia.

Feeld, who has spent years researching and debunking conspiracy theories, says he got the information from a source that wished to remain anonymous.

‘Ron Watkins was in Sydney, Australia with the apparent intention to settle there on July 26th,’ he wrote.

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I’ve been in this “game” since the ’90s and went deep down the rabbit hole, including many dead ends, detours, and distractions. There is a LOT of nonsense out there in the “conspiracy world” as well, not just the MSM and official cult-ure. Many truth seekers are stuck in over-simplified black and white thinking – out of body, disassociated, glued to the computer screen. Or they claim that their “intuition” and “feelings” tell them that this person or that event is a “psy-op”, “controlled opposition,” or “shill.” Feelings and perceptions can be very deceptive, and people tend to mistake all kinds of impressions, feelings, perceptions [unconscious shadow projections], and thoughts for their “intuition” or “gut feeling.”

I’m not taking myself out of the equation. I had done it too at times, primarily when I was only focused on external information and not engaged in any sincere self-work. I still have my subjective blind spots because I’m not enlightened, i.e., awake in the word’s true meaning.

In this day and age of global upheaval, it is also important to zoom out and understand the greater cosmic forces at work in light of the evolution of consciousness: diving deeper into esoteric work, understanding occult/divine laws, esoteric evolutionary astrology, the cycles of the ages, the different levels of being within humanity, the process of soul evolution, etc. At the same time, I would never claim to have “figured it all out.” The learning never stops, and the mind can become a prison in this information war.

Many “red-pilled” folks tend to project their unconscious shadow and unresolved unconscious stuff externally. They claim to know precisely what is going on with very rigid ideas of what is “true” and what are “lies,” who are the “good guys,” and who is a “shill” and “controlled op” or “psy-op.” Sometimes things can be self-evident, but often, it is not as simple, far from it.

I have had to eat humble cake many times to realize that truth is a much more delicate process and way more nuanced, deep, subtle, and complex [going way beyond what the mind can comprehend] than these superficial labels and accusations that are thrown around by the social media conspiracy “red-pilled” community these days – especially over the past two years since the p[l]andemic started.

Moreover, seeking the truth is an internal job, first and foremost. Yet, most people are mostly externally focused with a very superficial level of information gathering, not realizing how they are getting trapped in their minds. In its essence, the matrix is a mind program working through us/you.

Don’t get me wrong; there are definitely “controlled ops,” “psy-ops” and COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Programs) in the 3D matrix, as I’ve written about many times as well [even back in the 90s]. However, these terms are highly abused these days by overly paranoid “everything-is-a-trap” fringe conspiracy folks who have not done much self-work at all to be aware of their psyche, mind, conditioning/programming, shadow, projections, and trauma responses and childhood wounds which we ALL have.

Ironically, “the matrix has them” too, as Neil Kramer once said; they are caught in the “2nd matrix,” as he coined it, prisoners of their own paranoid mind.

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Meet the Conspiracy Theorist Behind Twitter’s ‘Crisis Misinformation Policy’

Twitter’s pick to stop the spread of misinformation in times of crisis has a history of pushing falsehoods.

Yoel Roth, the head of Twitter’s safety and integrity unit, unveiled the site’s “crisis misinformation policy” on Thursday. In a blog post, Roth outlined how Twitter will place warning labels on tweets deemed to contain misinformation and prevent them from being “amplified or recommended” in times of armed conflict, natural disasters, or public health emergencies.

Roth is a questionable pick to launch the policy, given his own track record with misinformation. Roth oversaw Twitter’s decision to block the sharing of an October 2020 New York Post report on emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. Roth told the Federal Election Commission he made the decision based on “rumors” shared by the United States government’s intelligence community that the Russian government might release materials hacked from Hunter Biden.

There has been no credible evidence that Biden’s laptop was hacked, or that Russia played a role in publishing emails from it. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey later admitted that blocking the article was “a total mistake.”

Roth came under fire earlier in 2020 for referring to Trump officials as “actual Nazis” in a 2017 tweet. He also called Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) a “bag of farts.”

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Conspiracy Theorists Proved Right As Science Heads Into The Abyss

One undeniable outcome of the pandemic is that the public’s faith in scientific and medical authorities is perhaps at its lowest point in living memory, and no objective observer can truly be surprised.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the US President’s Chief Medical Adviser Dr Anthony Fauci and US Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams told us not to wear masks, until they instructed us to wear one everywhere we went.

The Covid vaccines were declared to be effective at preventing the spread of disease until breakthrough cases around the globe proved that wasn’t so, and that effectiveness was downgraded to ‘against hospitalization and death.’

Both The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, two of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, have issued embarrassing retractions to widely publicised papers eventually found to have too little validity to be published.

Anyone who suggested that the pandemic originated in a Wuhan laboratory and not a Chinese wet market was labelled a conspiracy theorist by official sources who later had to admit they were possibly correct. The same proved true for everyone who accused Fauci and the National Institutes of Health of funding gain-of-function research at the lab: they were crazy until they were right.

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists urged all pregnant women to be vaccinated, asserting that the new injections were completely safe. Now, a new review of that same data suggests that one in eight women spontaneously aborted her pregnancy after getting the jab.

Even medical terms, such as herd immunity, and the word ‘vaccine’ itself, have literally been redefined over the past few months. All this has shocked a great number of informed, educated people around the world. Should it, though?

In fact, a brief glance through the history of science demonstrates that scientists being completely and utterly wrong, in retrospect, often comically so, is the norm, not an aberration. It’s long past time for modern scientific researchers to discover a proper sense of humility and to step down from the pedestal of the secular priesthood they’ve ascended.

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14 ways official reports agreed with “conspiracy theorists” on 9/11

As part of our season marking the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 “terrorist attacks”, OffG is going to be highlighting some of the research papers and scientific studies done over the years.

These studies have been key in pointing out logical flaws and impossible physics used to support the official narrative.

Our first paper is “Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction”, which was first published in 2008.

Authored by five key names in the 9/11 truth movement, Steve Jones, Frank Legge, Kevin Ryan, Anthony Szamboti and James Gourley, this paper collates all the statements from both FEMA and NIST that actually agree with the so-called “conspiracy theorists”, and highlights the holes in the official story. Holes that the government experts admit exist.

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