Oliver Stone Says Fact Checkers Blocked Release of JFK Assassination Doc

According to three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone, America’s fascist “fact checkers” are blocking the release of his new documentary about the assassination of John Kennedy.

The far-left Variety does this thing where they have celebrities interview one another. The latest involved two Oscar-winning directors, Spike Lee and Stone. During their chat, Stone said he has a four-hour documentary about the 1963 assassination all ready to go, but fascist fact checkers are blocking its release:

Spike Lee: What’s the status of JFK documentary?

Oliver Stone: Well, the four hours that we did is very powerful. It’s based on the facts that came out of the of the [sic] movie. The movie kicked off the assassination records review board for five years. They were not empowered to investigate, but they were empowered to clarify. And they did the best they could with these limitations. The facts that they presented, we go into. It makes the case harder, tighter. It’s about real facts that are shocking to people.

Lee: So you can’t you can’t find a home for this doc?

Stone: Not yet. It’s not for the American side of it. Cannes invited us for July, or June, of this year.

Lee: Netflix said no?

Stone: Yeah. Today I just got the word that National Geographic said no.

Lee: What was the reason they said no?

Stone: They said they did their fact check. Yeah. Where are you going to find this information except in this film? If they do a fact check, according to conventional sources, of course it’ll come out like this is not true. How can you go and prove that it’s true? It’s very, it’s very tough. You have to have some imagination here.

Is an Oliver Stone documentary really going to be blacklisted in the United States of America?

Looks like it.

How un-American is that?

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Project Mockingbird / Operation Mockingbird

There have been a lot of rumors and allegations against what “Mockingbird” actually was, but it appears that quite possibly, there were two project names. One has been confirmed while the other remains elusive (if real at all).

Project Mockingbird

PROJECT Mockingbird was a wiretapping operation initiated by President John F. Kennedy to identify the sources of government leaks by eavesdropping on the communications of journalists.

This is the program mentioned in the CIA records below, and The Black Vault also added records from the Gerald Ford Presidential Library on the same.

Operation Mockingbird

OPERATION Mockingbird was a alleged secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was said to be initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, it was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA.

The organization recruited leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA’s views, and funded some student and cultural organizations, and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA.

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Search for JFK assassination truth ruined the lives of a prosecutor and a TV star

The one story that still haunts Barbour decades later is former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s probe of the JFK murder.

Barbour twice tried to get Jim Garrison’s story told to a wide audience. Both times he was thwarted.

He ended producing his own documentary based on the most intensive interview Garrison ever gave. Garrison came to focus on the assassination simply because so many of the key figures had operated in Las Vegas, his hometown, prior to the dark events of November 22nd.

Barbour studied the Warren Commission report which put the sole blame on Lee Harvey Oswald. “He realized that, to believe the Warren Report,  you couldn’t read it, so he reopened the investigation into the assassination,” Barbour said during a 2009 interview.

Garrison focused on a CIA connected New Orleans businessman named Clay Shaw. His prosecution of Shaw was portrayed in Oliver Stone’s controversial movie, JFK.

Shaw was not convicted, in large part because of overt interference from the CIA, including a smear campaign against Garrison and the infiltration of his office by government agents. “If he had nothing, they would have just stepped aside and let him fall on his face,” Barbour said. “Instead, they spent two years throwing roadblocks in the way.”

Among the most compelling arguments developed by Garrison was the absurdity of the so-called magic bullet theory. More importantly, Garrison used the FBI’s own files to prove that Oswald wasn’t the shooter.

Barbour says the mafia was involved, but only at the direction of those in the government who wanted Kennedy dead. “If the federal government thought that the Mafia had killed Kennedy, there wouldn’t be a pizza parlor in America.”

He believes the plot has its roots in Las Vegas. It began when the CIA asked the late Robert Maheu to recruit mobsters to kill Fidel Castro.

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JFK’s ties to the mob fueled conspiracy theories about his assassination

November 22, 2020 marks one of the darkest anniversaries in American history – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Among the many conspiracy theories surrounding the murder, only one suspect was ever prosecuted, an act that destroyed many lives.

In the 57 years since that day in Dallas, the ties between JFK and the American mob have been well documented. Along with Dallas, Miami and Las Vegas played roles in the storyline that has emerged over the years.

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