San Francisco will require children ages 5-11 show proof of vaccine to access businesses

Children of San Francisco: Prepare to keep your vaccination cards close by. 

The California city has announced that kids ages 5 to 11 will soon need to show proof they have received the coronavirus vaccine in order to gain access to indoor businesses and activities such as restaurants and gyms. 

“We definitely want to wait and make sure that children have an opportunity to get vaccinated,” San Francisco Health Officer Dr. Susan Phillip said Tuesday during a virtual town hall on the city’s YouTube channel. “That will happen no sooner than about eight weeks after the vaccine is available to kids. So there will be a limited time in which there will not be those requirements, but then at some point, 5- to 11-year-olds will also have to show proof of vaccination to access some of those same settings.” 

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San Fran Mayor Defends Partying Maskless Despite Mandate: ‘I Was Feeling The Spirit,’ ‘Don’t Need The Fun Police’

San Francisco mayor London Breed defended herself after being caught maskless at a city jazz club in violation of her city’s own strict ordinance, telling reporters that she “was feeling the spirit” and not thinking about masking, and claiming that San Francisco should not be h “fun police,” even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Breed was caught, last week, “dancing behind a table full of drinks,”  and “not wearing a face covering as she sang and posed for photos,” according to a local ABC affiliate.

“Unmasked, singing, and dancing with an equally unmasked crowd, cell phone video shows Mayor London Breed inside a club in the Tenderloin on Wednesday night,” the outlet noted. “Breed and others enjoyed a surprise performance by Bay Area R&B group, Tony! Toni! Toné!, at the Black Cat on Eddy and Leavenworth Streets. But the maskless moment flies in the face of what [] Mayor Breed has been telling San Franciscans all pandemic long.”

On Monday, Breed blasted back at her critics, claiming that she was following the rules, and also that, in the moment, she was not considering her own mask mandate.

“While I’m eating and drinking I’m going to keep my mask off,” Breed said, though the photo shows her dancing. “And yes, in the time while we’re drinking like everyone else there, we were all having a good time and again all vaccinated.”

Breed will likely know that San Francisco’s mask mandate does not take vaccination status into account. According to the city’s website, individuals “must wear a mask indoors in public places, even if you are vaccinated…You must wear a mask even if you are vaccinated.”

“You should still get vaccinated,” the city’s guidance continues, “because it’s the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19, including the Delta variant.”

Those details, however, are immaterial when you are “feeling the spirit” — at least according to Breed.

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San Francisco mayor caught partying maskless with BLM co-founder at nightclub in violation of her own health order

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has broken her own health order after being seen singing and partying in a nightclub without a mask.

The Black Cat Nightclub’s official Instagram page had posted, and then deleted, a photo showing Breed partying with friends maskless, including Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and singer Raphael Saadiq.

San Francisco’s mask mandate states: “According to the citywide mandate Breed announced in August, the health department requires that everyone wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public buildings even if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, except while actively eating or drinking.”

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New San Francisco Initiative to Pay Individuals Not to Shoot Others

Anew program in San Fransisco will pay people at high risk of shooting someone not to pull the trigger to help alleviate rising gun violence in the city.

The Dream Keeper Fellowship is set to launch in October and pay 10 individuals $300 each month to not be involved in shootings, Sheryl Davis, executive director of the Human Rights Commission, told Newsweek in an interview Tuesday.

Davis explained that the program is not “transactional,” but will rather focus on making investments in communities most impacted by violence.

“It’s not necessarily as cut and dry as folks may think. It’s not as transactional as, ‘Here’s a few dollars so that you don’t do something bad,’ but it really is about how you help us improve public safety in the neighborhood,” she said.

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San Francisco Mandates Vaccines To Engage In Social Life

Unsurprisingly, San Francisco will put into place a government vaccine mandate, meaning no one, including employees, will be able to enter bars, restaurants, gyms, or theatres without having taken the shot.

A negative COVID test or proof of natural immunity will not be an option.

As of August 20th (October 13th for employees), the only way to engage in a social life in the city will be to have been vaccinated.

A “COVID compliance team” will be activated to “reeducate” businesses, according to reports, but the enforcement will be down to business owners.

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San Francisco DA official says crime surge fears linked to racism

A senior official in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office linked fears of a crime surge to racism in a tweet that raised eyebrows Sunday evening. 

Kate Chatfield, a senior director in far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office, downplayed safety concerns amid a nationwide crime spike

Chatfield was reacting to a Twitter user who said that “every single one of my friends right now is considering leaving” San Francisco due to crime fears. “My friends are scared for their children, and their husbands are scared for their wives,” the user wrote. 

“‘Husbands are scared for their wives’ —-your reminder that the ‘crime surge’ crowd shares the same ideology as The Birth of a Nation,” Chatfield fired back, referring to an early 20th-century White supremacist film. 

Chatfield locked her Twitter account – making it so only her followers can see her tweets – after her comment about crime fears drew sharp criticism online. Boudin’s office didn’t immediately return Fox News’ request for comment. 

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Senior San Francisco Official Compares Those who Complain about Surging Crime and Looting to KKK Members

Kate Chatfield, a senior director in District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office, compared those who complain about crime and protecting their wives and family to KKK members.

This was after Neiman Marcus store was looted on Monday.

Kate Chatfield compared those who complain and worry about the San Francisco crime surge to those who produced the KKK film “Birth of a Nation” that was given a viewing in Democrat Woodrow Wilson’s White House.

This is today’s Democrat Party. This is where it leads — always.

Kate Chatfield later set her Twitter account to “private.”

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San Francisco Homeless Camp Costs $60,000 Per Tent, Per Year

The news comes as San Francisco mulls renewing the program, which could cost about $57,000 per tent. There are currently about 260 tents, the report notes.

The city is paying “about twice the median cost of a one-bedroom apartment for each tent”, the report says. And the encampment is being funded by a 2018 business tax known as Proposition C. 

The city is expecting to spend more than $1 billion over the next two years on homelessness. Mayor Breed calls it a “historic investment,” according to the SF Chronicle

Supervisor Hillary Ronen said at a budget meeting: “It is a big deal to have showers and bathrooms, and I don’t dispute that. But the cost just doesn’t make any sense.”

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With shoplifting ‘legal,’ organized crime has a field day in San Francisco

With investors and residents fleeing, organized crime has found itself some big business opportunities in leftwing San Francisco.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

Retailers attributed a majority of losses to professional thieves instead of opportunistic shoplifters who may be driven by poverty, with one CVS leader calling San Francisco a hub of organized retail crime. Losses have shuttered drugstores providing vital services, even more critical during the pandemic as some stores give out vaccines.

“This has been out of control,” said Supervisor Ahsha Safaí, who held a hearing Thursday with retailers, police, the district attorney and probation departments. “People are scared to go into these stores — seniors, people with disabilities, children. It’s just happening brazenly. We can’t just as a city throw up our hands and say this is OK. We have to come up with solutions.”

And more to the point, drug stores, groceries, and small retailers are closing rather than let these organized crime theft rings strip them bare.

According to today’s New York Times:

At a board of supervisors hearing last week, representatives from Walgreens said that thefts at its stores in San Francisco were four times the chain’s national average, and that it had closed 17 stores, largely because the scale of thefts had made business untenable.

And yes, the crime was organized:

Brendan Dugan, the director of the retail crime division at CVS Health, called San Francisco “one of the epicenters of organized retail crime” and said employees were instructed not to pursue suspected thieves because encounters had become too dangerous.

“We’ve had incidents where our security officers are assaulted on a pretty regular basis in San Francisco,” Dugan said.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

The cost of business and shoplifting led Walgreens to shut 17 locations in San Francisco in the past five years — an “unpopular and difficult decision,” Jason Cunningham, regional vice president for pharmacy and retail operations in California and Hawaii, said at the hearing. The company still has 53 stores in the city.

Theft in Walgreens’ San Francisco stores is four times the average for stores elsewhere in the country, and the chain spends 35 times more on security guards in the city than elsewhere, Cunningham said.

At CVS, 42% of losses in the Bay Area came from 12 stores in San Francisco, which are only 8% of the market share, Brendan Dugan, director of organized retail crime and corporate investigations, said at the hearing.

So now it’s empty storefronts and fleeing residents in a city supposedly in a boom. The leftists in charge decided that there were so many, they’d try to tax them. That hasn’t stopped the flight.

Meanwhile, the poor old people who can no longer get their medications easily, or the Asian-American shopkeepers, assaulted by organized criminal gangs for trying to protect their merchandise, are significant victims. Nobody leftist cares about them. San Francisco’s rabid-left district attorney, Chesa Boudin, adopted son of Bill Ayers, failed to show up for an event to support an assaulted Asian-American shopkeeper just the other day, going full weasel.

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BLM Activist Refuses To Resign From School Board After Calling Asians ‘House N*****s’ Who ‘Use White Supremacist Thinking’

A pro-Black Lives Matter vice president of the San Francisco school board is refusing to resign after being criticized for a deluge of racist tweets against Asian Americans in 2016 where she said they used “white supremacist thinking” and compared them to “a house n****r.”

School Board VP Alison Collins said in 2016 that “In fact many Asian American Ts, Ss, and Ps actively promote these myths. They use white supremacist thinking to assimilate and ‘get ahead’.”

“Talk to many @thelowell parents and you will hear praise of Tiger Moms and disparagement of Black/Brown ‘culture,’” Collins continued in the tweet thread, going on to say, “I even see it in my FB timeline with former HS peers. Their TLs are full of White and Asian ppl. No recognition”.

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