80yo Army Vet Facing Fines, Jail for Butterfly Garden He Planted in His Front Yard

In the Land of the Free, as TFTP frequently reports, attempting to use your own property in a manner that suits you but not the government, can and will land you in hot water. Dennis Moriarty offered up his life to preserve the ostensible freedom in this land yet he is now finding out that “freedom” under tyranny is not freedom at all. His “crimes” in this new tyrannical world? Planting a flower garden in his own yard.

Moriarty, an 80-year-old Army veteran who loves butterflies, spends his days looking out from his porch into his 1,500 square foot garden in his front yard. He loves this garden as he’s spent countless hours planting native plants to attract butterflies.

The garden consists of milkweed, coneflowers, culver’s root, buttonbush, and other native flowers that aid in attracting bees and butterflies. As KansasCity.com points out, however, this beauty comes with a price — thanks to government.

“It’s not only gorgeous, but beneficial, using less water than conventional grass, for one thing. Yet the city has ordered him to either cut it down or wind up in court. That’s because Moriarty’s flowers are several inches higher than the 10 inches allowed in the city code against common nuisance.

With all the challenges Kansas City faces — gun violence, homelessness, crumbling abandoned buildings, the lack of affordable housing, trashy vacant lots and so much more — we have one question: Huh?”

Despite actual crime running rife throughout the city, the code enforcers are out in full force to make sure 80-year-old vets don’t have tall flowers. So, after wasting tax payer money to stake out Moriarty’s yard and photograph what he thought were “weeds,” code inspector Leon Bowman told Moriarty that he has 10 days to cut these “weeds” or else.

If Moriarty doesn’t cut his flowers, he will be subject to fines and eventually — if he resists this extortion — a warrant will be issued for his arrest and he will be kidnapped and caged.

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It’s Constitution Day 2021 — Is There Anything Left to Actually Celebrate?

Friday, September 17th marks 234 years since the founding fathers ratified the Constitution of the United States in Independence Hall, Philadelphia. In present-day America, on what should be a joyous day for celebrating our Liberty and independence, both are wholly absent. The harsh reality is our founding document has never been more worthless.

Upon reading such a phrase, nationalists are sure to get their knickers in a bunch. Aghast at the utterance of such blasphemies, but ask yourself — is it wrong? Is such a statement factually inaccurate in any capacity? Name one so-called freedom you have that isn’t taxed, regulated, licensed, or downright illegal. You can’t.

So what makes us free? If we take a look at the Bill of Rights in contrast of the current state of the American Empire; every freedom guaranteed to the people by the framers has been torn asunder by expansion and overreaches of federal power the likes of which could never have been imagined.

The dastardly machinations of statism have given rise to a prolifically wicked entity presuming control over the lives of the masses. In truth, the Constitution has been eviscerated.

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China Says It Won’t Mandate COVID Vaccinations — But US Will Mandate Vaccines for Military and Force Pre-Schoolers to Wear Masks

The American Academy of Pediatrics, an American child abuse agency, called for 3-year-olds to mask up at schools this year.

But Communist China announced it will not force citizens to be vaccinated for the Wuhan Virus.

What’s wrong with these people?

The Global Times reported:

China’s top health commission said they have noticed the local regulations issued by some cities that ban residents who haven’t received COVID-19 vaccine shots from entering some key public venues, stressing that the commission has stepped in and made further guidance.

“Informed, consented and voluntary” are the basic principles for the inoculation program of COVID-19 vaccines, the center for disease control and prevention under the National Health Commission said.

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Nanny State Bans Porsche from Selling New 911 with Manual Transmission

If you are a Porsche fan living in California and happened to order this year’s 911 GT3 six-speed manual option, your voluntary transaction has been nullified.

“The seven-speed PDK gearbox will be the only transmission offered in California with the 911 GT3,” Porsche announced in a news release, according to Car and Driver.

Its six-speed manual option is outlawed.

The prohibition stems from California’s drive-by noise test. While the automatic passes, the manual fails — but not because of the car’s inherent noise level. Instead, the state employs a flawed testing method.

California’s Code of Regulations stipulates that each vehicle must pass a test produced by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The testing methods are intricate, measuring a vehicle’s highest noise level by size, horsepower, peak acceleration rate and gearing.

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