CNN Accidentally Allows Someone To Tell The Truth On Air

Less than a week after CNN scrambled to do damage control when their chief medical correspondent was wrecked by Joe Rogan over Ivermectin lies, the network may have another fire to put out…

Indeed, just days after anchor Don Lemon tried to ‘networksplain’ Rogan’s argument, host Brian Stelter made the mistake of allowing former NYT Editor Bari Weiss on air to discuss examples of why the world has gone mad.

Stelter’s first mistake, of course, was having Weiss on his show.

His second mistake was assuming she didn’t have receipts when she said the world has gone mad.

Where can I start? Well, when you have the chief reporter on the beat of COVID for The New York Times talking about how questioning or pursuing the question of the lab leak is racist, the world has gone mad.

When you’re not able to say out loud and in public there are differences between men and women, the world has gone mad.

When we’re not allowed to acknowledge that rioting is rioting and it is bad and that silence is not violence, but violence is violence, the world has gone mad,” Weiss said.

When you’re not able to say the Hunter Biden laptop is a story worth pursuing, the world has gone mad.

When, in the name of progress, young school children, as young as kindergarten, are being separated in public schools because of their race, and that is called progress instead of segregation, the world has gone mad. There are dozens of examples.”

Stelter’s third and final mistake was asking Weiss “who” is to blame?

People that work at networks like, frankly, like the one I’m speaking on right now, who try and claim that it was racist to investigate the lab leak theory,” Weiss shot back, adding later that CNN and the MSM’s actions were “disinformation by omission.”

Watching Stelter’s face alone is worth the price of admission.

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CNN Censors an Entire Continent: Restricts Australians from Accessing Facebook Pages

Following a recent Australian court ruling making new organizations legally liable for comments on their Facebook posts, CNN has restricted all Australians from accessing its Facebook page, in effect censoring not only a country but an entire continent.

The Wall Street Journal reports that CNN has restricted access to its Facebook pages in Australia following a recent Australian high court ruling that makes news organizations liable for comments made on their Facebook posts. Users in Australia can no longer access CNN’s primary Facebook page, International page, and pages for its shows.

Following a ruling from the High Court of Australia making news organizations liable for comments on their Facebook pages, CNN appears to be one of the first major U.S. media companies to restrict access to its Facebook pages in the country. According to the High Court of Australia, media companies encourage and facilitate comments from users by creating public Facebook pages and posting news content that encourages debate.

As a result, the court ruled that media companies are then responsible for defamatory content that appears on posts on their Facebook pages as it considers the organization’s publishers of the comments. CNN reportedly asked Facebook whether it could help news organizations to disable comments on all of their pages in Australia following the ruling.

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Fort Meade training exercise prompts national media to report fake ‘mass shooting’

An apparent training exercise at Fort Meade in Maryland prompted a number of national outlets to report that multiple people had been shot at the facility Thursday morning.

CNN, along with at least one AFP reporter and The Sun, reported on the incident.

The AFP and The Sun have since updated that the incident was an exercise.

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CNN’s Don Lemon calls on Americans to shun ‘stupid’ unvaccinated people: ‘Leave them behind’

CNN host Don Lemon called on Americans to shun “stupid” unvaccinated people on Wednesday, saying they should be left behind because they were “harmful to the greater good.”

During a discussion with fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo at the start of his show, Lemon blasted those choosing not to take the vaccine because they weren’t sure about its contents by oddly comparing it to Botox injections and people being unaware of what was in them, but taking them regardless.

“I think we have to stop coddling people when it comes to … the vaccines, saying ‘Oh you can’t shame them. You can’t call them stupid.’ Yes, they are. The people who aided and abetted Trump are stupid because they believed his big lie,” Lemon said, making an unclear comparison between former President Donald Trump and ongoing vaccine hesitancy within some communities. “The people who are not getting vaccines who are believing the lies on the internet instead of science, it’s time to start shaming them or leave them behind.”

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Joe Rogan Says He May Sue CNN For “Making Sh*t Up” About Him “Taking Horse Dewormer”

Podcast king Joe Rogan threatened to sue CNN on a broadcast this week, saying that the network is constantly spreading lies about him taking Ivermectin, after CNN claimed that the medicine is horse de-wormer, when it is not.

“Do I have to sue CNN? They’re making sh*t up,” Rogan said during the episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“They keep saying I’m taking horse dewormer. I literally got it from a doctor. But CNN keeps saying I’m taking horse dewormer. They must know that that’s a lie,” Rogan added.

Rogan was prescribed ivermectin to treat COVID symptoms, along with monoclonal antibodies, Z-pak, prednisone, and an IV vitamin drip. Rogan says he got better in three days.

While it hasn’t been officially approved to treat COVID, the medicine is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, and is FDA-approved as an antiparasitic agent.

“What they didn’t highlight is that I got better,” said Rogan. “They’re trying to make it sound like I’m doing such wacky sh*t that’s completely ineffective. CNN was saying that I’m a distributor of misinformation.”

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In a stunning victory for diversity, parody-proof CNN reveals America’s next generation of white supremacists aren’t even white

When news organizations look you in the eye and tell you that the white supremacists of the future aren’t actually white, that can only mean one thing: The racism industrial complex is up to its old tricks again.

CNN writer John Blake put forth an astounding theory over the weekend: that even in a future where white people are no longer a majority in the United States, “white supremacy” will still infect the country, its toxic creed carried on by mixed-race Americans and Latino immigrants.

The article begins with a prime example of what conservative scholar Michael Anton calls the celebration paradox.” In this case, the shrinking of the US’ white majority is celebrated, despite being written off as a conspiracy theory when others speak of it negatively. “I want to believe my country is on the verge of this Brown New World,” Blake writes, pointing to examples of other commentators celebrating the “countdown to the White apocalypse.”

But the celebration is short-lived. Instead, Blake argues that the beige mystery-meat Americans of the near future will still be racist, as “white supremacy” finds new hosts among the country’s exploding Latino population. 

Aside from being a vile piece of anti-white propaganda, the article is confused in its tone. Mixed marriages are presented as an antidote to racism, before being described as a “shield” for white supremacy. Readers are instructed to ignore the “biological fiction” of race, but only after being told that “you can no longer fight racism if everyone believes their country has moved past race.”

Blake finally states outright that the “radical change” America needs is the “uprooting of “systemic racism embedded in our public schools, neighborhoods and justice system,” and a “more equitable sharing of power and resources.” 

There we are. It’s about money and power, and more specifically robbing the white majority of its grasp on both. This Zimbabwe-style redistribution is already endorsed by activist groups like Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives, globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum, academics, and certain sectors of Congress and the federal government itself.

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CNN acknowledges Chris Cuomo joined his brother’s strategy calls on sexual harassment accusations

CNN acknowledged Thursday that anchor Chris Cuomo joined strategy sessions with his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in the wake of sexual harassment accusations against him, through a statement to the Washington Post.

Why it matters: Although CNN said Cuomo has not been involved in the outlet’s coverage of the allegations, the calls detailed by the Post show that the anchor advised his brother’s staff on how to respond to the accusations — which “cuts against the widely accepted norm in journalism that those reporting the news should not be involved in politics,” the Post writes.

What they’re saying: “Chris has not been involved in CNN’s extensive coverage of the allegations against Governor Cuomo — on air or behind the scenes,” the network’s statement to WashPost reads. “In part because, as he has said on his show, he could never be objective. But also because he often serves as a sounding board for his brother.”

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CNN Tells Viewers To “Shun” Friends & Family Who Aren’t Vaccinated

CNN’s Michael Smerconish launched into a rant Wednesday encouraging viewers to “shun” their friends and family who have not taken the COVID-19 shot.

“A lot of folks just aren’t going to do it,” Smerconish lamented, referring to folks taking the COVID jab.

“Here’s an option: There was a USA Today essay that was published by a former prosecutor named Michael Stern – and I discussed this briefly on radio yesterday – he says we’ve got to shun folks, we’ve got to shun people into getting vaccinated.”

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