Kamala Harris to Talk ‘Women & Girl’s Empowerment’ with Bill Clinton

Had it not been on the official Clinton Foundation website, the announcement of Vice President Kamala Harris having a one-on-one conversation with Bill Clinton about “empowering women and girls in the U.S. and around the world,” many would have thought it was the title of a piece at The Onion or Babylon Bee. However, the known sexual predator, who’s flown multiple times on the ‘Lolita Express’ to Epstein’s child rape island is actually going to sit down with the vice president and have this conversation.

While there is nothing controversial about focusing on empowering women and girls, the idea that it is happening with Bill Clinton is utterly insane and speaks to the hypocritical nature of the elite and their ostensible #metoo sympathy. Naturally, this announcement has kicked off a torrent of ridicule online.

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SILENCE: Media Outlets Won’t Explain Why Damning Clinton-Epstein Article Was Quietly Deleted

Very shortly after the stories were published, they were quickly deleted from the websites. However, National File was able to retrieve this portion of the Daily Beast article from Google’s cache:

“Bill Clinton’s former body man and aide has cooperated with the federal investigation into the former president’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Radar Online reports. Doug Band, normally reticent to speak about his former boss, spoke with prosecutors for the Southern District of New York around December 2020 about the millionaire sex trafficker and his alleged madam, according to the site. Band made frequent appearances on Epstein’s flight manifests in the early 2000s, at one point traveling with his alleged girlfriend Naomi Campbell to the financier’s private island Little St. James, known locally as “pedophile island.” He also accompanied Epstein and Clinton on lengthy trips through Africa and Asia. Band has claimed he urged the Clintons to cut ties with Epstein and Maxwell for years, but photos as recently as 2007 show him partying with the pair. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s many victims, named Band in a 2016 court filing as one of 70 people who would have knowledge of Epstein’s and Maxwell’s alleged sex trafficking.”

Additionally, users on Reddit posted what appears to be the full Radar Online story, as pointed out by the anti-human trafficking Twitter account known as “An Open Secret.” 

The articles were removed in the early afternoon of March 5. Less than an hour after the deletions, National File reached out to Daily Beast and Radar Online for clarification and explanation, but has not received any response. National File specifically asked if the respective outlets intended to notify readers of a retraction.

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Around the time Band launched Teneo in June 2011, Chelsea summoned Band and his cofounder Declan Kelly to the Clinton office in Harlem. Band walked in to find Bill flanked by Chelsea and her husband, financier Marc Mezvinsky. According to Band, Chelsea said Band’s $2.5 million offer to put her dad on Teneo’s advisory board wasn’t enough. She wanted Band to give her and Mezvinsky an ownership position in Teneo. To Band, it felt like a shakedown. “I thought she was kidding or deeply sick,” he told me. Band looked across the table at Bill, but he sided with Chelsea. Band refused to give up an equity stake. The meeting ended badly. A Clinton family spokesperson denies that Chelsea asked for equity.

Over the next months, the conflict played out in Shakespearean terms, with Bill Clinton, the aging king, caught in the middle. Chelsea heard from foundation officials that Band was “hustling” donors to become Teneo clients behind Bill’s back. Band heard that she accused Band of planting a Page Six item about troubles in her marriage, which he denied. Band, meanwhile, told foundation staff that Chelsea was vastly underqualified to be in charge. He found it especially galling that Chelsea accused him of cashing in on his Clinton connections when, in his view, Chelsea benefited far more from her famous last name. He told people she got paid $1.2 million by NBC, not $600,000 as was reported. She had a driver, security, a $10 million apartment, a wedding that cost $5 million, and traveled on private planes. “Every job she received was based on her name,” Band said, still vexed. “Mine was based on my reputation, experience, and what I had done.” (A Clinton spokesperson denied Chelsea was paid $1.2 million by NBC.)

By the fall of 2011, the rivalry had turned into a war of attrition. Band looked for an advantage anywhere he could find one. The Clintons’ ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell provided one. Band told me he had been trying to push Epstein out of Clinton’s orbit ever since their much-discussed 2002 trip to Africa aboard Epstein’s private 727, dubbed the “Lolita Express.” Band recalled that Epstein had made a bunch of ridiculous claims on the trip, like boasting that he invented the derivatives market. Band said he had no idea about Epstein’s sex crimes back then but got enough bad vibes that he advised Clinton to end the relationship. But Clinton continued to socialize with Epstein and take his money. In 2006 Epstein donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton made more than two dozen trips on Epstein’s jet around this time, Epstein’s flight logs show. In January 2003, according to Band, Clinton visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St. James. Band said it was one of the few trips he declined to go on in his time with Clinton. A Clinton spokesperson said the president had never been to the island and provided detailed travelogue entries of the period in question that did not contain a visit.

Chelsea had ties to Epstein and Maxwell, Band said; he showed me a photo of Bill and Chelsea posing with Epstein and Maxwell at the King of Morocco’s wedding. Chelsea remained friends with Maxwell for years after the press revealed Maxwell was a close associate of Epstein’s. For instance, Chelsea invited Maxwell to her 2010 wedding at the Brooke Astor estate in Rhinebeck, New York, after Epstein had pleaded guilty in Florida to procuring sex from a minor.

“Ghislaine had access to yachts and nice homes. Chelsea needed that,” Band told me.

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Report: Epstein Madam Wouldn’t Help Find Tapes Of Bill Clinton Because It Would Hurt Hillary’s 2016 Run

According to a new book, Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged madam for the late accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, refused to help a CBS producer locate videotapes Epstein had made of Bill Clinton because it might hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency in 2016.

In his new book, “Ticking Clock: Behind The Scenes At 60 Minutes,” former CBS producer Ira Rosen writes of speaking with Maxwell in 2016, saying he asked for footage of Donald Trump that Epstein might have shot, only to have Maxwell respond, “If you get the tapes on Trump you have to do [Bill] Clinton.”

Rosen admits that at his meeting with Maxwell in early 2016, acting on a “hunch” that such tapes existed, he said, “I want the tapes. I know he [Epstein] was videotaping everyone and I want the tapes of Trump with the girls.” He writes that Maxwell replied, “I don’t know where they are,” tacitly confirming the tapes’ existence.

Rosen writes that he told Maxwell to “ask Epstein,” adding the “fate of the country is at stake. … Trump could be elected president and how would you feel if those tapes emerged after he was in office?”

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