Epstein’s attorney dated the prosecutor in trial where he got sweetheart deal: report

It was a sweetheart deal that has baffled the world — how, in 2008, Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser felony prostitution charge, register as a sex offender and serve just 13 months in a county jail where he could come and go during the day, despite several underage victims testifying he raped them.

It’s now been revealed that one of Epstein’s defense attorneys previously dated one of the top prosecutors on the deal.

Lilly Ann Sanchez “was a member of Epstein’s defense team in 2008 when he was facing a potential federal indictment and life imprisonment for sexually abusing dozens of girls between 1999 and 2007,” according to the Daily Mail.

Sanchez had also dated Matthew Menchel, one of the prosecutors who worked on the plea deal.

The romance came to light after the Justice Department Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) issued a report this week slamming the Florida prosecutors for “poor judgement” in the pedo-perv’s deal.

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Justice Department probe ends with no action against prosecutors who oversaw Epstein deal

A Justice Department investigation found that federal prosecutors who oversaw a controversial non-prosecution deal with Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 exercised “poor judgment” but did not break the law, Sen. Ben Sasse said Thursday.

The announcement followed an investigation by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility into the conduct of former federal government lawyers, including ex-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta.

“Letting a well-connected billionaire get away with child rape and international sex trafficking isn’t ‘poor judgment’ – it is a disgusting failure,” said Sasse, R-Neb. “Americans ought to be enraged.”

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We Cracked the Redactions in the Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition

On Thursday morning, a federal court released a 2016 deposition given by Ghislaine Maxwell, the 58-year-old British woman charged by the federal government with enticing underage girls to have sex with Jeffrey Epstein. That deposition, which Maxwell has fought to withhold, was given as part of a defamation suit brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who alleges that she was lured to become Epstein’s sex slave. That defamation suit was settled in 2017. Epstein died by suicide in 2019.

In the deposition, Maxwell was pressed to answer questions about the many famous men in Epstein’s orbit, among them Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew. In the document that was released on Thursday, those names and others appear under black bars. According to the Miami Herald, which sued for this and other documents to be released, the deposition was released only after “days of wrangling over redactions.”

It turns out, though, that those redactions are possible to crack. That’s because the deposition—which you can read in full here—includes a complete alphabetized index of the redacted and unredacted words that appear in the document. For example, after cracking the redactions, we know that Maxwell was asked about an email that Dershowitz allegedly sent to Epstein. In that email, Dershowitz reportedly wrote that he was “working on several possible articles about unfairness in the legal process that allows false charges to be inserted into legal documents.”

Here’s how to deduce the redacted words, using former President Bill Clinton as an example.

You can see in the index that a word that falls alphabetically between clients and clock appears on quite a number of pages. From this, we know that the word starts with the letters CL.

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The 2016 deposition that Ghislaine DIDN’T want you to read: Maxwell ‘pounds’ interview table in rage as she admits to intimacy with Epstein but denies underage orgies – and says Bill didn’t visit Pedo Island and there was no ‘basket of sex toys’

Ghislaine Maxwell admitted she had an intimate relationship with Jeffrey Epstein in a bombshell 2016 deposition released today, but refused to discuss their sex life as she dodged questions about orgies, underage girls and Prince Andrew. 

The 418-page document was released Thursday morning after Maxwell’s attorneys fought tooth and nail to keep the deposition private. It stems from a defamation lawsuit brought against Maxwell from Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre.  

Over the course of the heated deposition, Maxwell repeatedly lashed out against Giuffre’s lawyers, tried to object to questioning and at one point pounded her fist on the table.

After the fit, she remarked: ‘Can we be clear, I didn’t threaten anybody.’   

The combative Maxwell continually denied all wrongdoing. She refused to answer questions about her sex life with Epstein, denied she participated in orgies and rebuffed questions about underage girls, including a 13-year-old, being in Epstein’s home.  

The 58-year-old became agitated and refused to answer a simple question of whether she believed it is psychologically harmful for an adult to have sex with a minor. 

‘What are you asking me? I don’t know what you are asking,’ Maxwell responded. ‘This has nothing to do with Virginia Roberts.’ 

She denied taking nude photos of Epstein’s victims, but insisted that every photo she took was by request and would have been ‘mainstream type magazine photos’ that ‘could have been very happily and expected to be displayed on your parents’ mantel piece or grandparents’ mantel piece’. 

President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew were also brought up during the conversation, with Maxwell profusely denying Clinton had been to Epstein’s ‘pedo’ island. 

She also skirted questions about Giuffre’s claim that Prince Andrew used a Spitting Image puppet to grope her in Epstein’s New York home. Giuffre has claimed she was instructed to have sex with Prince Andrew multiple times, claims that he vehemently denied.   

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Why Did Leon Black Pay Jeffrey Epstein $50 Million?

Billionaire Leon Black gave his longtime pal Jeffrey Epstein $50 million dollars after the deceased financier got out of prison for pedophilia.

The transfer of funds was made in at least two payments, one of which Deutsche Bank flagged as unusual, according to the New York Times, citing ‘two people familiar with the matter.’

Epstein served as a director on the Leon Black Family Foundation for over a decade, and also accepted a $10 million donation for his Gratitude America foundation from Black’s “BV70 LLC” charity.

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