Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns, Social Distancing

President Trump’s former Covid-19 adviser Dr. Deborah Birx has made several stunning admissions of late – first telling the Daily Mail that Covid-19 “came out of the box ready to infect” when it hit Wuhan, China in 2019 – and that it may have been created by Chinese scientists who were “working on coronavirus vaccines.”

But it goes further than that.

As Fox News’ Jesse Waters lays out, Birx admitted in her new book that she and Dr. Anthony Fauci were essentially shooting from the hip when it came to national directives such as “two weeks to stop the spread,” and social distancing requirements.

According to Waters, Birx “admitted to making things up,” adding that she and Fauci “were lying to the president and to the American people about their COVID protocols.”

With the first lie; ’15 days to stop the spread’ – Birx writes “No sooner had we convinced the Trump administration to implement our version of the two-week shutdown than I was trying to figure out how to extend it.”

“So that 15 days to slow the spread was just a sneaky way to get their hooks into us, so they could lock us down for longer,” Waters opines. “And if you dared to leave your house, Birx told us, the only way to stay safe was to social distance.”

To that end, Birx writes that she “I had settled on 10 (feet) knowing that even that was too many, but I figured that ten would at least be palatable for most Americans – high enough to allow for most gatherings of immediate family but not enough for large dinner parties and, critically, large weddings, birthday parties, and other mass social events…”

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A FEMA document about nuclear explosions reveals the utter fatuousness of our bureaucracy

No matter the purpose for which they’re established, bureaucracies often become ends in themselves, self-perpetuating entities that generate paper to justify their existence.  That seems to be the case with FEMA, at least insofar as its rules for nuclear disasters go.  Some poor desk drone was given the task of updating FEMA documents to reflect the CDC’s ridiculous COVID requirements.  That drone worked hard, with the result being that the FEMA guidelines for a nuclear explosion now include masks and social distancing in bomb shelters.

Once again, Libs of Tik Tok has the news on her irreplaceable Twitter account.  She (or someone with whom she communicates) felt that, with Putin threatening to start a nuclear war, it might be useful to check out the government’s guidance for responding to the fallout from a nuclear attack.  That’s how we learn that someone at FEMA laboriously updated FEMA guidelines with CDC requirements about social distancing and masks.

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Former FDA Commissioner: CDC’s Six-Foot Social Distancing Recommendation “Arbitrary”

A former commissioner for the US Food and Drug Administration on Sunday described how the CDC’s six-foot social distancing guideline was selected arbitrarily.

Speaking to CBS’s Face the Nation discussing his latest book, Uncontrolled Spread: Why COVID-19 Crushed Us and How We Can Defeat the Next Pandemic, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the CDC lacked “rigor” in effecting its policies.

“And you write, the six feet was arbitrary?” asked Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan.

“The six feet was arbitrary in and of itself,” Gottlieb answered.

“But if the administration had focused in on that, they might have been able to effect a policy that would have actually achieved their outcome. But that policy making process didn’t exist, and the six feet is a perfect example of sort of the lack of rigor around how CDC made recommendations.”

Gottlieb went on to explain the CDC’s six-foot distancing guideline was recommended with little to no science behind it.

“Nobody knows where it came from. Most people assume that the six feet of distance, the recommendation for keeping six feet apart, comes out of some old studies related to flu, where droplets don’t travel more than six feet. We now know COVID spreads through aerosols. We’ve known that for a while, so how operative is that?”

He also explained the CDC simply revised its original recommendation of 10-foot social distancing after the Trump White House pushed back, arguing that kind of distancing could shut down society.

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Dr. Scott Atlas: Science Killed Itself Over COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the American people have been told to “follow the science.” Yet for a year and a half, they’ve heard contradicting messages from self-appointed prophets of “the science” like Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We learned that politicians who claimed their decisions were science-driven often ignored scientific findings that didn’t fit certain political narratives. We discovered that scientists are fallible human beings, and some would let personal interests and political views cloud their judgment.

Is science itself one of the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic? I asked Dr. Scott Atlas at the 13th annual Freedom Conference hosted by the Steamboat Institute, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization. Formerly a professor and chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, Atlas is now a senior fellow in health policy at the Hoover Institution.

Atlas has been under constant attacks by the left and the corporate media since he served as a special adviser to former President Trump and a member of the White House coronavirus task force from August to November 2020. The New York Times and the Washington Post ran hit pieces on Atlas, questioning his qualifications despite his distinguished career and scholarship.

Google-owned YouTube also removed a 50-minute video of Atlas’s interview with the Hoover Institute. Twitter took down his tweet that questioned the effectiveness of masks.

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