Biden, CNN’s Cooper mocked after breaking social distancing rule during town hall commercial break

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday were mocked on social media after a former producer at the network flagged that the two men moved closer to each other, breaking social distancing guidelines, as the network went to a commercial break during a town hall event.

“Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper are making a point of social distancing during the CNN Town Hall while on the stage. But when they think they’ve gone to commercial break, they get so close to each other that Biden is whispering in Cooper’s ear,” wrote former CNN senior digital producer Steve Krakauer in a tweet that included video. 

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Scientists warn it may be years before students can return to school without masks, social distancing

Experts say it may take a couple of years before students can resume classes without the risk of an outbreak,especially among grade-school children. They say a combination of herd immunity, a coronavirus vaccine and hygienic practices are needed to bring the virus down to low enough levels and allow schools to safely return to normal.

“You’re really going to need all three moving forward,” said Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Offit, who was a member of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, added that social distancing measures are difficult in some school settings. 

Public health officials say herd immunity is not likely soon, adding at least 60% to 80% of the population need to have the antibodies to fight off new infections, leaving the virus without enough new hosts to infect.

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