Queen’s First Reaction to Diana’s Death: “Someone Must Have Greased the Brakes”

The Queen’s first reaction to hearing the news of Princess Diana’s death in a car crash was to assert that, “someone must have greased the brakes,” according to a new book.

The sensational claim appears in Andrew Morton’s ‘The Queen’, which is being serialised in the Daily Mail newspaper.

Diana was killed in an August 1997 car crash that took place in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris while her driver was trying to speed away from pursuing paparazzi.

Queen Elizabeth was reportedly informed that Diana had suffered only a broken arm and had walked away from the accident, to which she responded, “Someone must have greased the brakes.”

According to Morton, the Queen’s reaction “shocked and puzzled her staff, who’d rarely heard her use such colloquial language.”

“Was the Queen implying that Diana had been a target?” asks Morton.

The official explanation is that the accident was caused by a combination of dangerous driving and Henri Paul being over the limit. However, conspiracy theories surrounding the car crash have raged virtually since the night it happened.

Questions about why surveillance cameras in the tunnel failed, the potential involvement of a white Fiat Uno, a strange flash that occurred before the accident, and why it took so long to get Diana to a hospital are often asked.

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Employee ‘Ready and Willing’ to Testify Against Prince Andrew

A former employee of Jeffrey Epstein is reportedly “ready and willing” to testify against Prince Andrew in a sexual assault lawsuit brought on by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Steve Scully, who was employed by Epstein for six years, is willing to testify about what he saw in the Manhattan Federal Court case.

According to a report from The Sun, Scully says he saw Prince Andrew kissing and grinding against a bikini-clad Giuffre by a pool between 2001 and 2004.

“I was working on the phone and he (Andrew) was by the pool with Virginia. As soon as I saw him, I recognised him,” Scully told the Sun. “I thought, ‘If I had a camera in my bag right now, I’d have a $50,000 picture’.”

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Prince Harry joins activist group to fight online “misinformation”

Prince Harry has now gotten his second “job” in the last two days. He is now a celebrity commissioner appointed to “fight against misinformation” at Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder in Washington DC. It is worth noting that Harry and his wife Meghan were very recently accused of spreading misinformation in an interview with Oprah that garnered widespread attention.

Aspen Institute is an organization with a mission to build a “free, just, and equitable society.” It is being funded by several prominent businesses, including the Big Tech social media platform, Facebook. Nonetheless, Aspen Institute ended up accepting over $8 million in federal small-business funds during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in public backlash.

Shortly after, the organization ended up “reflecting” on the decision and returned the funds.

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