The mysterious death of Democratic National Committee worker Seth Rich and the FBI’s battle to keep documents about it secret

A lingering Freedom of Information (FOI) battle involving the FBI continues in the case of Seth Rich.

Rich was a Democratic National Committee (DNC) worker who was attacked and killed on July 10, 2016 by an unknown person or people.

Police implied Rich was the victim in a botched robbery attempt. However, with no suspects in custody or even named, others suggested his death as linked to a leak of controversial DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

The emails were considered harmful to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Some theorized that Rich could have been the source of the leak, and then was murdered in retaliation.

One reason the case received a lot of publicity is that US intelligence officials blamed Russia for hacking into the DNC and giving the documents to WikiLeaks. If the document leak were an inside job, instead, it would mean Russia did not play the role intelligence officials claimed, at the same time some top officials were also fabricating links between Russia and Donald Trump, and at the same time an FBI attorney was doctoring documents to improperly obtain a wiretap against a Trump campaign associate as a “Russian spy.”

Speculation about Rich’s death led to lawsuits filed by the Rich family, who called the theories “right-wing conspiracy theories” that compounded their grief. They received some apologies and settlements regarding the claims, which they said they believed to be false.

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Secret Epstein settlement with Prince Andrew accuser to be made public

A secret Jeffrey Epstein settlement that Prince Andrew believes should protect him against a sex-assault lawsuit is going to be made public, two judges ruled this week.

Late pedophile Epstein signed the deal in 2009 with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the longtime accuser who is now suing Andrew, 61, for allegedly having sex with her three times when she was 17.

The UK royal’s legal team has insisted the civil settlement — which has remained under seal — also shields him and others “from any and all liability” that stem from Giuffre’s accusations.

On Tuesday, Manhattan federal Judges Loretta Preska and Lewis Kaplan signed a joint order outlining plans to make public the document that Andrew’s team submitted in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

“Mr. Epstein, as is well known, is deceased. The Document is well known to Ms. Giuffre,” the judges wrote, noting it has also “been available to all parties in this case for some time.”

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US National Archives Releases Additional 1,491 Documents on John F. Kennedy Assassination

The US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) said on Wednesday it released an additional 1,491 declassified records related to the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy.

The US government over the next year will continue to review 14,000 previously withheld records to determine if any additional records should be made available to the public, however, certain records will be withheld if there is a strong reason to do so, according to the release.

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Delaware Supreme Court Demands Answers on Biden’s Hidden Senate Documents – 1850 Boxes of Records!

Judicial Watch this week announced that the Delaware Supreme Court ruled the University of Delaware must provide more answers on Joe Biden’s hidden Senate documents.

The University of Delaware refuses to release Biden’s records and said that the papers will not be released until two years after Biden retires.

“The collection of former Vice President Biden’s senatorial papers is still being processed, with many items yet to be cataloged,” an email from a school spokeswoman said. “The entire collection will remain closed to the public until two years after Mr. Biden retires from public life.”

Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation initially filed a FOIA lawsuit in 2020 for all of Biden’s senate records – 1,850 boxes of records.

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Here’s Why The Government is Not Letting You See the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the socialite who stands accused of procuring young girls for the sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, began last week.

Though the mainstream media has not focused as heavily on this case as other high-profile trials in recent months, the proceedings have certainly not been forgotten by the general public. But much to the chagrin of that public, the trial will not be filmed.

Some have even painted this fact in a conspiratorial light, a tint that has surrounded much of the story around Epstein, his death, and now Maxwell’s trial.

More specifically, many believe high-ranking officials across multiple governments and celebrities were caught up in the sex ring Epstein allegedly ran, and that the powers that be within our government are invested in preventing these details from coming to light.

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Minnesota Public School District Tried To Charge Concerned Parents More Than $900,000 For Records

A public school district in Minnesota told a law firm representing concerned parents that it could cost upwards of $901,121.15 to complete a government records request, according to communications obtained by the Daily Caller.

An attorney at Mohrman, Kaardal, & Erickson in Minneapolis sent a Government Data Practices Act Request to the interim superintendent at Rochester Public School District in Minnesota on Sept. 20. The request was made on behalf of “Equality in Education,” a concerned parents association.

The request asked the Rochester Public School District to release information on the development of curriculum, conferences, or seminars for teachers and students related to “equity and social justice topics often referred to as Critical Race Theory.”

The request called for records dating back to Jan. 2020 in elementary, middle, and high school, according to the Mohrman, Kaardal, & Erickson letter. Specific words that the group was concerned about included “equity, social justice, cultural competency, race, intersectionality, or CRT.” Many of these concepts are linked to the core tenets of Critical Race Theory.

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