Cowards at Twitter HQ Cite Foreign ‘Hate Speech’ Law to Punish American Company

Twitter shut down the account of the U.S.-based Christian Post for accurately describing President Joe Biden’s transgender assistant health secretary, Rachel Levine, as a man — and the social media giant cited a foreign law to justify its actions.

The evangelical Christian outlet told its readers on Monday that its Twitter account had been “temporarily limited” because of a tweet about Levine, a man who identifies as female.

The Christian Post said it was told by Twitter it no longer would be able to post anything new and could not like or follow other users or retweet posts.

The outlet was further informed that it would be suspended from Twitter for 12 hours.

The “offensive” tweet was the Christian Post’s March 15 message that read, “USA Today names Rachel Levine, a man, among its ‘Women of the Year.’”

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Congrats, Man! Five Biological Dudes Who Won 2021 Women-Only Contests

Roman Catholic Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said, “To a great extent, the level of civilization can be measured based on the level of its womanhood” — which is bad news for much of the Western world, because in 2021 it would appear all of our best “women” are actually biological men.

As civilization goes to hell in a hand basket, it is difficult to keep track of all the latest leftist absurdities foisted upon the average citizen.

To help document our decline, here are five biological men who won woman-only prizes, listed under their respective category, in no particular order.

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If You Can’t Tell A Man From A Woman, You’re Not A Health Official, You’re A Health Threat

The left became impossible to parody somewhere in between “believe all women” and peak trans. The guys at The Babylon Bee are going to have to quit soon, if not because they cannot get any more bizarre than the left then because it seems like the left is using their headlines as an instruction manual.

Here is what I am reacting to, and it is not made up. It is real.

Not only did Joe Biden appoint a man who claims he’s a woman, and whose poor public health decisions led to thousands of unnecessary COVID deaths, as assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Biden has now made that man a four-star admiral and proclaimed we should all cheer at his administration appointing the “first” “female” “four-star officer.” I repeat, this is not a joke.

This official, Rachel Levine, has zero military experience. He’s as much a soldier as I am (although I am 100 percent more female than he is).

Here is the U.S. “surgeon general” saying “her [sic] service will undoubtedly advance the
@usphscc [U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps] mission to protect, promote, and advance the health and safety of our nation.”

Levine was also awarded the “Public Health Service COVID-19 Pandemic Campaign Medal.” Yes, a man whose pandemic “leadership” included: pulling his mother from a nursing home while forcing elderly people into those homes we now know were COVID death traps; getting promoted out of running a state “health” department that still “can’t find” crucial COVID-19 data; presiding over one of the slowest vaccine rollouts in the country; and openly advocating for the dismemberment and mutilation of children in the name of “health” —  this man has been awarded a “public service COVID-19 pandemic campaign medal.”

In his new position, Levine “will join 6,000 other corps members offering COVID-19 shots and other health-focused initiatives on behalf of the federal government.” How can anyone take seriously any health recommendations from people who are willing to so deeply subordinate reality to political lies that are as obvious as the shape of my jaw?

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‘White Rage’ General Mark Milley And Transgender Health Secretary Rachel Levine Played Football Together In High School

Anti-white liberal General and Mark Milley played football with transgender Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine in high school, Greg Kelly of Newsmax revealed.

In what many have described as one of the strangest connections in American government, General Mark Milley, who “wants to understand white rage,” played football in high school with the transgender Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, Newsmax host Greg Kelly revealed on his show Greg Kelly Reports.

The two both went to Belmont Hill school in Massachusetts. Milley graduated in the class of 1976, where as Levine – formerly named Richard, graduated in the class of 1975. “These two characters are probably the wokest in government,” said Kelly on his show. “What were they teaching up there?”

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Rachel Levine: Transgender Drugs, Surgeries for Minors ‘Health Equity Issue’

Rachel Levine, assistant secretary of the Biden Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), criticized efforts in some states to ban minors from obtaining transgender drugs and surgeries, saying such bans constitute a “health equity issue.”

During an interview last week with NPR, transgender Levine said bills banning young people from accessing drugs, such as puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, and transgender surgeries, such as elective double mastectomies, as well as bans against males competing in women’s sports are all “really challenging to see.”

Levine, born Richard Levine, said these transgender issues are not political, but very appropriate to address by one of the nation’s top health officials.

“I don’t see it as a political issue at all,” Levine said. “I view this as a health equity issue. This is about fairness and equality and about specifically health equity, which is part of my portfolio. So, I don’t see any risk in terms of politicization of this issue.”

In 2017, Levine delivered an address titled “It’s a Transgeneration: Issues in Transgender Medicine” to an audience at Franklin & Marshall College.

The former secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Levine said during remarks that those in the transgender medical industry who are seeing gender dysphoric teens from the “street,” living in homeless shelters, should not go through the usual procedure of first administering puberty blockers to stop normal puberty, but instead immediately prescribe cross-sex hormones.

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Biden’s HHS Pick Advocates Sex Changes For Kids.

Most alarmingly, Dr. Levine has advocated for sex changes for pre-pubertal people, otherwise known as “children.”

A professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Penn State College of Medicine, Levine has given lectures in various settings since at least 2012 on how to perform sex changes and gender conversion therapy on children.

According to Levine, children ought to be given the latitude to choose their own gender. Levine has advised adults to “try not to force them one way or other [sic]” and instead to follow the child’s lead.

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