Harvard Researchers Expose Google Targeting and Manipulating the Minds of Children

With the curtain pulled back on the Twitter files this year, the gears of the debate machine have been grinding relentlessly on the topic of censorship and perceived liberal establishment bias within social-media behemoths like Twitter and Facebook. And while they’ve undoubtedly earned their place in the critical spotlight, the focus on them has allowed a far more devious predator to lurk largely unchecked in the shadows: Google. Recent revelations cast a disturbing light on the truth — it’s not just invading our privacy and appropriating our data — it’s aggressively targeting the impressionable minds of children.

Enter stage left, Harvard Ph.D., Californian Democrat, and research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, who has dedicated the better part of a decade to illuminating the murky underbelly of Google’s Machiavellian manipulation strategies, sweeping up everything from newsfeeds to search results, and even YouTube suggestions. The insights gleaned from his pioneering research, which he recently shared with The NY Post, provide an unnerving look at the disturbing degree to which Google wields its power to manipulate the collective mindset and steer election results in a direction that conveniently aligns with its liberal corporate agenda.

Despite its continued denials before Congress, this trillion-dollar tech titan exploits its unparalleled monopoly in the search engine domain to inflate liberal ideologies, stifle conservative voices, and most alarmingly, manipulate the malleable minds of our children.

When we consider the facts, the grim reality of manipulation packs a powerful punch. Remember the controversial suppression of The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop stories by Twitter and Facebook? Well, that’s just the iceberg’s tip. Consider this: what about the jaw-dropping 6 million votes covertly swayed in Joe Biden’s favor during the 2020 election by Google via its calculated online content manipulation? Epstein points an accusing finger at Google, alleging it used biased algorithms to shape search results and slanted Get Out The Vote messages primarily to court Democrat voters.

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Google Accused of Manipulating UK News Results With ‘Anti-Conservative Bias’: Whistleblower

A Google whistleblower told The Epoch Times that the Internet giant has an “anti-conservative bias” and search results are “reconfigured to what the establishment thinks.”

He added that “we have to use whatever democracy we have left to stop this.”

It follows allegations from a Daily Mail study that articles from mostly left-wing outlets were returned among the most searched terms on Google about UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, prompting the country’s culture secretary to say that it “tells us what many have suspected all along.”

On June 10, the Daily Mail showed that searching for Johnson on Google presented far more results from news sites hostile to him. The Guardian came up 38 times, The Independent was cited 14 times, and BBC News came up 24 times. More conservative-leaning outlets such as The Daily Telegraph came up four times, the Daily Express three times, and MailOnline twice.

The response was noted by UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorres, who is setting up the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) that will oversee a new regulatory regime, and who is currently looking at various platforms to understand how algorithms can impact users’ online experiences.

“I have raised the issue of bias and algorithms distorting democratic content and opinion with Google,” Dorres told the Daily Mail. “They have promised to revert to me with evidence that this is not the case which I have yet to receive.”

“This evidence published by the Mail is fairly conclusive and tells us what many have suspected all along. We are looking at how we can address unfair bias and distortion in the forthcoming Digital Competition Bill,” she told the publication.

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The Psychology of Manipulation: Lessons Learned From the Master of Propaganda

Edward L. Bernays was an American business consultant who is widely recognized as the father of public relations. Bernays was one of the men responsible for “selling” World War 1 to the American public by branding it as a war that was necessary to “make the world safe for democracy”. During the 1920s, Bernays consulted for a number of major corporations, helping to boost their business through expertly crafted marketing campaigns aimed at influencing public opinion.

In 1928, Edward Bernays published his famous book, Propaganda, in which he outlined the theories behind his successful “public relations” endeavours. The book provides insights into the phenomenon of crowd psychology and outlines effective methods for manipulating people’s habits and opinions.

For a book that’s almost 100 years old, Propaganda could not be more relevant today. In fact, its relevance is a testament to the unchanging nature of human psychology.

One of the key takeaways of the book is that mind control is an important aspect of any democratic society. Indeed, Bernays maintains that without the “conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses”, democracy simply would not “work”.

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If It Feels Like You’re Being Manipulated, It’s Because You Are

If you’ve got a gut feeling that your rulers are working to control your perception of the war in Ukraine, it is safe to trust that feeling.

If you feel like there’s been a concerted effort from the most powerful government and media institutions in the western world to manipulate your understanding of what’s going on with this war, it’s because that’s exactly what has been happening.

If you can’t recall ever seeing such intense mass media spin about a war before, it’s because you haven’t.

If you get the distinct impression that this may be the most aggressively perception-managed and psyop-intensive war in human history, it’s because it is.

If it looks like Silicon Valley platforms are controlling the content that people see to give them a perspective on this war that is wildly biased in favor of the US narrative, it’s because that is indeed the case.

If it seems like a suspicious coincidence that Russiagate manufactured mainstream consent for all the same shady agendas we’re seeing ramped up now like cold war brinkmanship against Moscow, internet censorship, and being constantly lied to by the mass media for the greater good, it’s because it is a mighty suspicious coincidence.

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‘Something That’s Frightening’: Robert Epstein Warns Against Big Tech Manipulation

A senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, in California, Robert Epstein has been researching and looking at how the biggest tech companies influence human behavior, and conducting extensive monitoring projects of bias in these companies’ products, with a particular focus on Google.

Epstein called his findings “frightening” because of the tech companies’ ability to manipulate and change people’s behavior on a global scale.

“Now, put that all together, you’ve got something that’s frightening, because you have sources of influence, controlled by really a handful of executives who are not accountable to any public, not the American public, not any public anywhere. They’re only accountable to their shareholders,” Epstein told host of American Thought Leaders Jan Jekielek during a recent interview.

“And yet, they hold in their hands, the power to change thinking behavior on a massive scale, the power in close elections anyway, to pick the winner in the country after country after country.”

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