“For The People Act” is NOT What it Seems, It Destroys 3rd Parties, Solidifies 2-Party Dictatorship

A new bill recently introduced to Congress and passed by the House of Representatives seeks to make it nearly impossible for any third party or independent candidates to meet the requirements necessary to participate in national elections.

But you wouldn’t know that if you read it’s title or were subjected to the gerrymandering praise of the corporate media. House Resolution 1, the unironically titled, For The People Act, is being promoted as the next milestone for voting rights. In reality, this is not entirely the case. A few barely noticeable caveats show it’s true purpose is a power grab for the two party establishment. While HR 1 does have some detractors in the GOP, it isn’t being met with much opposition outside of paradigm grandstanding. Ultimately it benefits them both.

Green Party US pointed out on Twitter — “Democrats are selling HR 1 as a “voting rights” bill, but they aren’t telling you about a little-known poison pill designed to further restrict voter choice by suppressing independent candidates & parties”.

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