If The Left Ends Parent Rights, You Might Need A License To Raise Your Own Child

Parents are now more aware than ever that their right to raise their own children is in danger. Recent election results in Virginia and elsewhere testify to that awakening. A lot of the news focused on the public school curriculum of critical race theory, which pits children against one another based on their race. Parents never signed on to that.

But they’re also waking up to a host of other disturbing trends in public education. An extremist sex education curriculum includes pornography and pushes transgenderism. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction tells kids exactly how they should feel and relate to others while using invasive data-mining to collect psycho-social information on them.

COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates are another point of contention. All of these directives hijack the role of parents as the emotional and moral guides of their children.

Parents ought to be asking: What next? If those trends are left unchecked, I think the answer could be the state licensing of parents.

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In Massachusetts, you need a license to be a fortune-teller

Around Halloween time, Salem, Massachusetts, is a popular tourist destination among New Englanders.

The city has capitalized on the notoriety of the Salem witch trials, which creates jobs for the community at about this time of the year. One of the attractions in Salem is a host of different fortune-tellers. However, not just anyone can become a fortune-teller.

To be a fortune-teller in Massachusetts , you must live in the community in which you want to be a fortune-teller for at least one year before applying for the license; you also must pay the town a $50 fee each year for the privilege of being a fortune-teller.

The purpose of the license isn’t safety; the fortune-teller doesn’t conduct brain surgery or do something potentially dangerous. The practice is both ungodly and unscientific, but it’s not a public safety threat. If a fortune-teller touches someone’s hands to see and feel their palms, both people can use hand sanitizer afterward.

If someone wants to move to town and become a fortune-teller, why not let them? Why restrict the opportunity of people to earn a living just because they haven’t lived in town for as long as other people? Perhaps this kind of restriction made sense hundreds of years ago to make sure that people weren’t skipping town and swindling people, but it’s already illegal for a fortune-teller in Massachusetts to use trickery to steal money.

And while the fortune-teller license is not the most burdensome license there is, it’s part of a much bigger problem.

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State retaliates against private investigator for criticizing police shooting

A state has retaliated against a private investigator for criticizing a police shooting that left two people dead by denying him a license, and now he’s taking his protest to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Institute for Justice explained it is Joshua Gray, of Massachusetts, whose comments about a fatal police action drew the reaction from state officials in the Maine Department of Public Safety, who admitted the rejected his application for a license because of his criticism of the department’s employees.

“When the government retaliates against people because of their speech, it violates the First Amendment. That’s true whether the government is imposing a fine, withholding a parade permit, or denying an occupational license,” explained IJ Senior Attorney Paul Sherman.

The IJ explained, “Gray’s problems with the department began after he criticized the conduct of Maine police in the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Kadhar Bailey and 18-year-old Amber Fagre in February of 2017. Believing that the shooting could have been avoided had it not been for police recklessness, Gray expressed his criticisms on his Facebook page. But when Gray later applied for a license as a professional investigator in Maine, the Department denied Gray’s application on the ground that his online criticism contained factual errors, and therefore he lacked the ‘good moral character’ required for licensure.”

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Cops Seize Bikes and Arrest 1 Teen Over Traffic Violations and Bike Licenses

“I told you guys you’re supposed to have licenses,” one officer says in the clip as the cops attempt to get the boys to surrender their bikes. “The sergeant warned you about your bikes, so you guys are warned. I gave you a warning.”

One teen gives in. “Drop the bike or you’re gonna get arrested too,” says another cop in the background, addressing the other boys who are slower to dismount.

In a longer video posted to YouTube, the boys are repeatedly promised that they won’t lose their bikes. The teen who first complied is then arrested, and all of their bicycles are taken by the cops.

“You know that we told you guys to stay on the sidewalk,” the cop says in a video exchange with one of the teens who filmed their conversation when he returned to get his bike. “You guys knew that you were going against traffic. It is for your safety. You think I want to be here taking bikes away? Like, this is so asinine. Like, we have so much better stuff to do with our time.”

She is correct on most counts. It is asinine, and the Perth Amboy Police Department definitely has better stuff to do with their time.

But she didn’t stop there: “Is your bike registered with us? I don’t have to give it back to you,” she notes, harking back to the licensing scuffle referenced during the first confrontation. “You have the receipt to prove that that bike is your bike? I don’t have to give it back to you.”

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Gaming Control Board Threatens Bars: Make your Employees take Vaccine or Lose Gaming License

For over 6 months now, we have been called conspiracy theorists for reporting on the coming Strip-Casino sponsored vaccination programs for event attendees and programs that will force hospitality workers to take the COVID Vaccinations. Last week, we reported on how the Gaming Control Board was threatening smaller casinos to force their employees to take the shot, or risk being bankrupted — telling them that they would keep limited capacity limits in place, indefinitely.

Today, we learned that bar owners throughout the Las Vegas Valley are now being targeted as well by Governor Steve Sisolak, Jim Murren, and their henchmen at the Gaming Control Board. Local bar owners are being threatened that they need to force their employees to take the shot or risk losing their businesses.

In the memo, which can be read here, the Gaming Control Board threatens gaming establishments, including small bars throughout the valley, that if they don’t implement vaccination programs for their employees, the gaming control board will not increase their capacity limits. They told bar owners, “Prepare to account to the Board on your company’s vaccination efforts if you seek increased gaming floor occupancy.”

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