Man arrested over disturbing graffiti at historic black Atlanta church

A black man was arrested in Atlanta last month after he reportedly vandalized a historic Baptist church with hateful spray-painted images of swastikas as a hanging and other offensive messages, according to several reports.

James McIntyre, 60, was taken into custody by the Atlanta Police Department on February 19 in connection to the shocking vandalism. He was reportedly captured on surveillance cameras creating some hurtful imagery at the Providence Missionary Baptist Church on Benjamin E. Mays Drive, Fox 5 reported.

The front of the church building was tagged with multiple offensive messages, which included “devil worship 666,” “apostate,” “Satan,” “sin,” and at least one unspecified homophobic message. Moreover, the main doors to the facility had a backward swastika along with imagery of a hanging painted on them, 11 Alive reported.

During the investigation, police found McIntyre sitting across the street from the scene of the crime, according to authorities. He was subsequently taken into custody and charged with vandalism to a place of worship.

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Is The Left Harnessing Fake Antisemitic Attacks To Silence Americans’ Speech?

“Speech, expression and assembly” represent the triumvirate for truth.  Short of breaking existing laws around physical violence and incitement to physical violence, the more we have of all three, the closer we come to that more perfect union, offering the most freedom for the most people with the least government interference.  But in an age of internet technology with deep fakes, bots, hacks, and myriad pathways to craft and deliver mis- and dis-information, radical left-wingers can abuse and use those liberties to tarnish conservatives, desensitize our communities to certain phenomena, and squelch our freedoms.  It behooves individuals, our government, and even watchdog organizations to pause before reacting to information from somewhere on the internet.  

As an example, did you know that, on February 25, America’s neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups sponsored a national “Day of Hate”? You probably didn’t hear anything about it unless you are Jewish and your inbox was inundated with emails from various Jewish organizations, synagogues, and even local condo boards, warning of “an online campaign by domestic violence extremists, calling for an anti-Semitic “Day of Hate.”

As it turned out, despite the terror this announcement caused in Jewish households and houses of worship across the country and as far away as Israel, the “Day of Hate” passed without incident, as reported in The Forward, a progressive Jewish publication.

It’s good that nothing happened. The last thing anyone wants, including this skeptic, is more violence. But anti-Semitism is on the march, and we must monitor and be aware of it no matter the source—white supremacists, non-white supremacists, Antifa, or Islamic extremists. The problem for Jews and non-Jews alike, as evidenced by the “Day of Hate” that never happened, is that America’s politicians, journalists, and activists are only concerned with anti-Semitism coming from white people.

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Idaho High School’s ‘White Power’ Graffiti Revealed To Be Hate Hoax Scheme Carried Out By Hispanic Gang

Idaho police officials believe that a Hispanic gang spray-painted the phrase “White Power” on a local high school in a hate hoax scheme.

The Caldwell Police Department said in a statement that detectives think graffiti was not “motivated by hate” but was carried out as “an act of intimidation.”

“At this time, detectives no longer believe the incident to be motivated by hate but rather an act of intimidation between two rival Hispanic criminal street gangs from Caldwell,” the department said in a Facebook post.

Two days after a “Brown Pride” protest was held at Caldwell High School last week, the “White Power” graffiti was discovered. The “Brown Pride” protest was organized after a Hispanic student was forced to take off a sweatshirt with the words “Brown Pride” on it because it could be considered “racist,” the Idaho Statesman reported.

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Democrat Introduces Legislation to Make White People Criticizing Minorities a Federal Crime

It may be MLK Day, but Democrats aren’t here for all that “content of character” stuff.

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, long in the running for being the vapidest member of Congress (oops, did I just commit a crime?), has introduced legislation that could make political criticism by white people against minorities a federal crime.

In what can only be called a convoluted mess, the bill proposes that a white person who “vilifies” any non-white person and has their words end up on social media, accessible by “persons who are predisposed to engaging in any action in furtherance of a white supremacy inspired hate crime,” would themselves be committing a federal crime.

The provision is so broad that you could drive a Mack truck through it. What is a “white supremacy-inspired hate crime” under this statute? How is “replacement theory” defined? Because what Democrats call “replacement theory” as a way to silence Republicans is often not replacement theory at all but is just a reiteration of Democrat-admitted aims to use immigration to influence elections.

Further, the use of “or” in section (B) is important because it leaves “vilifies” as a stand-alone qualifier. What is the limiting principle there? If I post on social media that Shelia Jackson Lee is an incredibly ignorant, abusive person who has a long history of treating her staff like dirt, does that mean I’ve “vilified” her under this proposed law? It would certainly seem so.

Then there’s the conspiracy angle to deal with. It does not appear that there’s actually any requirement that the “two or more persons” targeted under this statute have any real connection to one another. If someone commits a “white supremacy-inspired hate crime” against a person and I’ve likewise been politically criticizing that same person on social media, even justifiably, I would have now committed a federal crime myself.

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Attacks on US churches tripled since 2018, often politically motivated, report says

Attacks on churches in the United States have nearly tripled in the last four years, and many have political motivations, according to a new study.

Evangelical activist group and think tank The Family Research Council (FRC) argues that criminal acts of vandalism against a church, among other forms of attacks, are “symptomatic of a collapse in societal reverence and respect for houses of worship and religion.” With an emphasis on Christianity, FRC researched the trend of criminal acts against churches over the last four years.

FRC utilized FBI data for its report, which groups Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox and “other Christians” under Christianity.

The report released earlier this month found a significant upward trend in attacks or “acts of hostility.”

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REPORT: 97% Of Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes In New York Were Committed By Other Minorities

Americans Against Antisemitism (AAA) released a report revealing that 97% of hate crimes against Jews in New York between 2018 and 2022 were committed by other minority groups.

AAA’s report was first posted on AAA founder Dov Hikind’s Twitter account Wednesday. The report documented 194 cases of assault against Jews from April 2018 to August 2022, and, in 99 of those assaults, official reports included the ethnicity of the perpetrator revealing 97% were committed by other minorities.

Black perpetrators were responsible for 69% of physical or verbal assaults, Asians made up 17%, Hispanics accounted for 11% and white attackers committed 3%.

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CURSORGATE: Internet explodes after California Democrat accuses Charlie Kirk of orchestrating a hate campaign in bizarre tweet

Woke and perpetually creepy California state Senator Scott Wiener got lit up on Twitter late Wednesday night after he tried to accuse Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk of orchestrating a hate campaign against him.

Wiener’s preposterous accusation is based on the fact that Kirk called out his record of supporting leniency for child sex predators.

On Tuesday, Kirk tweeted a picture of Wiener Shirtless in the street in a vest and tie and wrote, “Thousands of pedophiles in California are going free after just a few months in jail, thanks to the state’s radically reduced penalties for child molestation. One reason so many of these predators are going free so early is California lawmaker Scott Wiener.”

Wiener posted on Twitter late Wenesday night, “Not even 24 hours after MAGA grifter Charlie Kirk tweeted homophobic lies about me, I received this threat repeating one of his lies. But that was the point: Riling people up against me & other LGBTQ people. Words have consequences & Twitter is becoming a cesspool for this crap.”

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Gay Huffington Post contributor arrested for making threats against Atlanta LGBTQ nightclub

Atlanta police have arrested a suspect who is alleged to have made terroristic threats against local gay nightclub The Heretic. That man is Chase Staub, who is a contributor for Huffington Post, and a college admissions consultant with The Ivy Dean. 

Staub was brought to the attention of police posting a “threatening social media post,” in which he wielded a pepper spray gun, reports Fox News. He was apprehended at his home, and “faces charges of terroristic threats and acts and disorderly conduct.”

Those posts show Staub’s bedroom, in which he is pointing a gun at his bed, posing in a mirror that appears to have writing on it reading “I will judge.” The videos circulated around Atlanta’s gay community prior to the club’s call to police. Employees at the club told police that “they observed threatening remarks made towards their establishment on social media.” 

Staub posted a series of videos, including ones where he had multi-colored post-its laid out with writing on them, saying “Don’t give me something to shoot about,” and noting that Georgia is an open-carry state.

In another video, Staub shares a text message he apparently received, saying “People are calling us saying you bought a gun and are showing it online and they are fearing for their lives. What’s going on? They are getting ready to call police. They are saying you are threatening to kill them. Answer.”

After initial reports of a threat to The Heretic, which followed quickly after a shooting that claimed the lives of 5 people at Club Q in Colorado Springs, many assumed the worst, believing that The Heretic had been targeted because it was an LGBTQ nightclub. No motive has been established for the Club Q shooting, and the suspect’s lawyers have said that the suspect identifies as “non-binary.

Many posted their concerns that the club was targeted for anti-LGBTQ sentiment. These include “Self-identified historian Thomas Lecaque/@tlecaque
called for immediate censorship against rhetoric he dislikes in reaction to the arrest of a gay leftist man who allegedly made terroristic threats against a gay club in Atlanta,” Andy Ngo reported.

“This is not an accident,” Lecaque wrote, “the rhetoric that pushed the Club Q shooting has been amped up even more since that terrorist attach (it was an act of stochastic terrorism), with the goal of pushing more such attacks. Something has to be done to shut down the rhetoric immediately.”

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The ‘Nazi’ Who Threatened Attacks on NYC Synagogues is Actually Jewish

The “Nazi” who was recently arrested and charged with plotting attacks on New York City synagogues is actually Jewish, and his lawyers claim he’s the descendant of holocaust survivors.

22-year-old Jewish man Matthew Mahrer, of Manhattan, is facing a charge of criminal possession of a weapon, alongside an alleged accomplice, 21-year-old Christopher Brown, of Aquebogue, NY. Brown faces additional charges of making a terroristic threat and aggravated harassment. It’s unclear if Mahrer will be charged with more crimes related to the “Nazi” attack investigation.

According to a statement from law enforcement, the two men were arrested by the Metro Transportation Authority (MTA) at Penn Station, before they were “turned over to the NYPD and FBI.”

Police say they seized “a large hunting knife, an illegal Glock 17 firearm and 30-round magazine, and several other items,” including a Nazi armband.

According to CNN, which has painted the situation as being indicative of a massive Nazi militancy of angry Americans fixated on hurting Jewish people, community organizers and Democrat politicians responded swiftly to the arrests, making public statements to “denounce antisemitism.”

“The message is clear,” says New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “Anti-semitism has no home in New York City.”

“If you come here to perpetrate acts of hateful violence, you will be stopped by the finest police force in the world. Thank you to the NYPD for their quick work in bringing these bigots to justice,” Adams went on.

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