The Truth About Biden’s Dancing Nurses Is the Darkest Story You’ll Hear This Christmas

In October, Northwell Health, which is New York State’s largest health care provider, fired 1,400 employees over their refusal to comply with the state’s strict vaccine mandate for employees of health care facilities, as The New York Times reported at the time.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court allowed Governor Kathy Hochul’s mandate, which does not include religious exemptions or regular COVID-19 testing as an alternative, to stay in place, so thousands of workers across the state are likely facing unemployment or have already been fired.

This is in spite of staffing shortages in hospitals so pronounced that Hochul declared a state of emergency in September which would allow her to bring in National Guard assistance to hospitals still grappling with the pandemic.

Other states are facing health care staffing shortages as well, as omicron spreads and public health officials issue dire warnings, so others on Twitter also took a cynical view of the singing nurses in light of the Biden administration’s heavy-handed approach to pandemic vaccine mandates and public health advisories.

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